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What if… Don’t miss this – some of the comments are invaluable!

Friends, thanks so much for the awesome testimonials and comments! 👍👍 I already posted the best ones on the QUANTUM REPORTS​ INFO PAGE. Thought I’d post them here, as well!


My parents left a communist country to come to Canada for a better life. Now I’m considering leaving a rapidly approaching communist country to possibly return to the former communist country they left in order to be more free. How ironic. Thank you Lada. We are amongst the luckiest people in the world to know this info and plan accordingly.

Anka & Ljubo Bosanac

We couldn’t agree more with your definition of freedom. Thank you very much, Lada!❤️


Great report, Lada! Positive for the planet, but it will be ugly for us in the West. Worst thing is that the majority of the people – min the next 15 years – will still believe everything is ok here (ok enough not to do anything about it), otherwise the calibration number would go up. Conversation at family dinners etc. will be like walking in the desert looking for water.
Promising to learn about the future impressive rebound of Ukraine, it shows it can happen in any country. Some of us will be observing the collapse from the inside, which in itself is an experience (hopefully they do not cut off the internet!).

Emil Resmann
Great report! This is a must read for everyone who wants to understand the level of freedoms in the world. It shows the dire straits the west is in. If you consider relocating, this report is an eye opener! I can testify that the calibration for Scandinavia is spot on! (even though I suspect Sweden is below this number, dragging the rest down).



Latest: release Sept 24, 2021

For those interested in the Truth, Freedoms & Lada Ray’s Quantum Calibrations + Predictions!


Release Aug 8, 2021

For those interested in World Future & Russia’s Great Re-Balancing + Lada Ray’s Quantum Calibrations & New Predictions!




As you see, the QUANTUM REPORTS format is different from the reports I’ve done in the past. The QRs have their own distinctive flavor, and they center around Quantum Calibrations! All of them will be written reports and I’ll try to keep the price low: most QRs will be priced at $19.88 (some may be a bit less, or more)! I will be releasing more QRs in this new series: a new piece expected to be out every 1-2 months!



In the next few days, I’ll be posting some excerpts from Quantum Report 2! And later, from Quantum Report 1!

First excerpt  up today: CANADA, NZ & AUSTRALIA: What is the State of Freedoms? (Quantum Report 2 bonus!)

More coming Monday and Tuesday!


INTERESTING COMMENT by a Quantum Report 2 reader, Seeker. 

He gleaned this quote from someone else online, and it perfectly illustrates the situation in the world today. I’m happy what I’ve been teaching you guys for the past years through LADA RAY ADVANCED COMMUNITY and CONSULTATIONS, is bearing fruit! It’s a higher-dimensional common sense, really!

  • We’ll greatly expand on this knowledge and go much further on the path to awareness and enlightenment, through upcoming MULTIDIMENSIONAL WORKSHOPS. Announcements coming later this Fall!

 “What IF …    What if not having a v passport meant that you could no longer go to a restaurant and instead were forced to have picnics and dinner parties?    What if not having a v passport meant that instead of supporting huge supermarket chains where 80% of the food is rubbish, you instead had to turn to your local farmers and green grocers?    What if not being allowed to fly meant that instead you get to explore your own beautiful state or road trip through the country, bringing business back to small towns along the way?    What if losing your job working for a company that submits to the agendas meant that instead you got to start building your passion and vision and start your own business and got to keep the income generated for yourself?    What if instead of running straight to the doctor you started looking into other healing modalities that focused on the cause instead of the symptoms?    What if instead of being stuck indoors training in a gym you trained amongst nature and in the fresh air and sunshine?   What if… instead of living in fear, you lived in faith and you started to RealEyes that this could all be blessings in disguise? Reframing leads to Peace.”




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