An hour ago I came to my blog with the intention of posting FREE a large excerpt or even two from today’s big report, containing many new, more defined and surprise revelations TRIPLE CROSSROADS: HOW TO COPE? | Australia & NZ During Period 9 & Earth Shift | New, More Definitive Lada Ray Predictions & Multidimensional Advice (Geo Analysis/Predictions + MDU/MHAP).

This report is my exclusive content for loyal Patrons contributing $10+, $25+ and $100+. However, I wanted more people to read some of the revelations and new predictions about the TRIPLE CROSSROADS we are all facing as part of the current situation. And I wanted to also share some of the higher-consciousness tips on how to cope with this major 1000-year shift, no one alive has experienced!

The world around us is changing very rapidly, as predicted by me since 2012-14, as part of my teaching of the Earth Shift and Great Rebalancing! I post important and valuable info on Lada Ray Patreon so those who want to support me and my continued work and teachings, could get my latest; so they can look confidently into the future, plan their moves and anticipate what’s coming.

Every day I get lots and lots of thankful comments on Lada Ray Patreon. Here’s just one example from this morning’s report:

“Another fantastic report Lada! Seeing what’s happening in Australia is indeed a cautionary tale to all of us. I was hoping the resignation of Gladys Berejiklian would cause more waves but so far not much in MSM as usual. Am hoping that it is true that she was accepting bribes from the pharmaceutical companies and that this will come to light and wake up more people around the globe. However, it is our own responsibility to stay strong and keep our own vibrations up—definitely a challenge during these times!”

So, I wanted to share part of what I wrote today with everyone for free here on FuturisTrendcast. Imagine my surprise when I saw a disgusting, vile comment, full of lies and insinuations, posted by a troll. After that, I don’t feel like sharing my hard work for free, if it’s not only unappreciated, but also maligned! That was one of the main reasons I paused posting free reports four years ago: too many ungrateful people who want everything free, yet give back nothing, and on top, they demand, accuse and malign. Of course, it’s because of their own internal problems, but they spill their problems onto others, poisoning, in this case, my day!

I almost never bother you with any negatives in my life. And frankly, because I choose to be positive, very little negativity sticks to me. But sometimes someone who is himself confused or not well will post a trolling comment to ruin my day. This happens rarely, but when it does, as an empath and a person who gives her whole heart to what she does, it is hard.

I spam trolls immediately, but their vile stupidity still saddens me. The West has done a number on so many people, making them feel entitled. This really saddens me to no end and this is why the karmic payback will be a real bitch to those who think that way. Keep digging your grave…

Coming to MY blog and choosing to ruin my day as a ‘thank you’ for me posting a generous and positive announcement about upcoming free events?! It’s like coming to visit someone and pooping inside their home. So you all know, I don’t negotiate with trolls, whom I consider ‘internet terrorists.’ I just spam and ban them. For this one, I’d recommend therapy, but I think it’ll fall on deaf ears.

For me: something like this just makes me re-think if I should share my hard work and heartfelt things for free, after all.

However, despite this troll poisoning my day, I choose the high road. I realize that one or even ten trolls are still only a minority. I hope most people are good and decent, and it is for you I am going to do some very cool free events on FuturisTrendcast and LADARAY.COM!


Exciting Special Video Events & Festival of Russian Music & Film  Coming to & FuturisTrendcast!

Time in 3D | What I’ll Publish in October & My New Exciting Offerings

In addition, as I frequently do, so as many people as possible can taste some of my predictions and exclusive in-depth material, I try to post as much as I can for free on my FT blog. However, as always, my main material is on Lada Ray Patreon! This is the structure I’ve chosen for many important reasons I previously shared more than once, not the least of them is trolls like this one.

I am comfortable with this structure and you are welcome to join our awesome and private community any time!

As mentioned, I was just going to post some excerpts from today’s big report:

TRIPLE CROSSROADS: HOW TO COPE? | Australia & NZ During Period 9 & Earth Shift | New, More Definitive Lada Ray Predictions & Multidimensional Advice (Geo Analysis/Predictions + MDU/MHAP)

At this point I’ve lost enthusiasm – blame the troll. I don’t know, maybe I’ll post some of the report later… TBD.

That said! I wish those hypothetical decent people supported my free content here on FT, so I know they exist. When I only see troll’s comment, it makes me wonder…

I never ask anyone for likes and supportive comments here on FuturisTrendcast, but if you want to see more of my work, free shares, the Russian Music and Film Festival, etc., let me know here and under my other posts by LIKING, COMMENTING AND REBLOGGING.

If you support me and make me feel good about my work for you, I share more with you – that’s how it works! The other way around also works: vile trolling and lack of support = I don’t feel like going all out.

Trolls and those who think the world and I owe them everything and they owe nothing in return: feel free to leave the premises. Good luck with all the lies, half-truths, sensationalism, manipulations, fear-mongering, confusion, and other crap out there!


The good people – always welcome!


My PREDICTIONS TRACK RECORD speaks for itself!

However, no one, not even god, can be 100% right, especially when words are taken out of context. The famed prophets of old were only right 50-70% of the time, if that. My track record is in the high 90s%! It’s especially valuable and impressive during these fast-shifting times, when timelines shift and collide all the time. Any smart and wise enough person would recognize that.

It’s juvenile to keep pestering me time and again about ONE assessment of one politician, who, according to one’s warped imagination, ‘isn’t behaving like I said’ back in 2018, before COVID. “You said she was positive, and she isn’t. You are bad!” Three-year-olds talk like that!

I am not some obscure politician’s keeper, who’s located on the other side of the globe. If she is unable to hold her own, it’s her problem, not mine. And come think of it, many people aren’t passing the Earth Shift test of COVID right now, starting with the aforementioned sad troll!


FYI and ICYMI Some of the crucial reports I’ve just published for my patrons on Lada Ray Patreon!

Published this morning – complete 2-PART BIG REPORT! TRIPLE CROSSROADS: HOW TO COPE? | Australia & NZ During Period 9 & Earth Shift | New, More Definitive Lada Ray Predictions & Multidimensional Advice (Geo Analysis/Predictions + MDU/MHAP)

Previous reports:


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About Lada Ray

Lada Ray is a linguist & former financial consultant with Smith Barney. Born in Russia, Lada lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents. She is the internationally certified Feng Shui Master and author of 3 novels + multiple novelettes; most notably, top-rated metaphysical thriller THE EARTH SHIFTER & bestselling thriller GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). Lada has extensively written re. Russia, world cultures, geopolitics, empire collapse, feng shui and consciousness. She is known for her accurate predictions. Lada's Blogs: FuturisTrendcast - geopolitics and predictions. Lada Ray Blog - books, writing, world cultures. We are presently working on expanding Lada Ray Youtube channel to include Lada's original geopolitical analysis and far-reaching global predictions, as well as her mystical futurism. The world is going through a massive tectonic shift of consciousness on all levels and in all aspects of life. Make sure you are prepared! Subscribe!

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