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Original post: THE EYEWITNESS USSR Q&A is Ready! Want your input!

The post will go public in a couple of days on LADA RAY PATREON!

Friends, I have recorded THE EYEWITNESS USSR Q&A! 

It’s ready to be released either as part of ESW21 TRUTHS ABOUT THE USSR and/or as a new FREE SPECIAL VIDEO EVENT!

Currently, you can see my announcement HERE!

I diligently, sometimes humorously and sometimes incredulously answered ALL the questions a number of you posed. The whole thing is a hefty 1hr 55 min, a lot longer than I ever planned! But guess what! There was much more left to say! I had to try to limit my answers, while being as thorough as possible. 

As you know, I grew up in the USSR and so the answers have that honest, first-hand eyewitness feel you won’t find anywhere else, especially in the format of the real truth/geopolitical/psychological and higher-dimensional balance you’ve come to expect from me! To be sure, all the questions answered in this segment about Russia/USSR were negative and even outrageous, except two, and I still answered them. I also lightened up the answers in Q&A P2 especially, with humor, irony and laughter. I think I managed to make a very juicy lemonade out of all those lemons! 

I can release this piece any time. I also planned to release it free to everyone on LadaRay.com, and maybe on YouTube and FT blog. Before I do, I want your input!

Seeker was commenting on my Putin at Valdai piece on Patreon, saying that a German economist who wrote positively about Russia began receiving nasty trolling comments. Looks like western audience, fed to the brim with Russophobia, does not even perceive the positives about Russia or USSR. In this context, it feels like I am talking into the void. It’s an epidemic: hardly anyone appears to be interested in anything real, positive or truthful: only in sensationalist, scandalous, delusional and fake content. It goes deeper and frankly, I’m sick and tired of it all; I don’t want to deal with people who’re either vicious trolls, or hold a grudge because they didn’t like the answers, or demand for all my content to be free. I wonder, do they work for free?

I fully intended for this piece and many others to be released for free, but when I hear something like “you are in it only for the money,” I lose interest in following through. If I was in it for the money, I’d choose a profession where it’s a lot easier to make money! Oh wait, I had one: I was a financial consultant at Smith Barney; the money was great, but I left because I was disgusted and disagreed with Wall Street’s approaches! 

I often sit through the night, typing or recording the content for you all, often at the expense of my hurting back, hands and throat! 

I also don’t want to deal with those who seem only interested in some sort of new fad or agenda. If I am detached from all that and just telling the truth, trying to educate and enlighten, show the way, etc., then the masses, incl. those who consider themselves either ‘awakened’ or ‘woke’ aren’t interested. I know Jesus felt just like that.

I don’t want to withhold this giant info-piece and a ton of work that went into it. The info is absolutely precious for anyone who has no idea about real life in the USSR, plus, we have some valuable predictions, too! Such as:

We talk about the future of the Russian language, from a different perspective than in THE FUTURE OF WORLD LANGUAGES! (So these two really go well together!)

And we also talk the past/present/future of the Germany-Russia relations!

Same goes for the entire ESW21 TRUTHS ABOUT THE USSR

Everything said so far obviously does not apply to all of my dear patrons here on Lada Ray Patreon! I love and trust you guys: you’ve been a total rock for me, and I happily return the favor! 

And this is why I’m asking you, the members of Lada Ray Patreon community, for some advice!

1. I’d love to know: how may of you are interested in THE EYEWITNESS USSR Q&A?

2. Should I release it for free to my Patreon members only?

3. Or make it a part of Webinar 21 – Series 5: RUSSIA, EURASIA & GREAT REBALANCING! and post it for those who bought the whole series or ESW21only?

4. Or make it free for everyone and post on YT and blogs? 

Your feedback will really help me out! Thanks so much!



I am trying to wrap up my final Earth Shift Webinar! This FREE Q&A is P1. Next I would record and release the positive side (and some more juice) as P2.

Currently, you can go to LadaRay.com home page for the USSR Q&A announcement on top!

And go to NEW SERIES 5

for the final webinar: ESW 21 TRUTHS ABOUT THE USSR & POST-SOVIET SPACE 



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