“Ukraine Won’t Survive Winter Without Russia!” No Gas, Coal, Heat or Power!

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The news from Ukraine couldn’t have been gloomier: they suddenly all woke up and remembered that winter is upon them and they won’t survive it without Russia. But first they burned all the bridges with both Russia and Belarus (watch the spectacular ESW 19 on Belarus and Lukashenko, as well as how Kiev and CIA tried to play Russia against Belarus, and how they failed!). 

What can be worse than stupidity? It’s stupidity multiplied by a destructive blend of naivety and maliciousness, and that’s the current Ukraine president’s and authorities’ MO. Kiev till last second believed that US and EU will save them and make ‘those Russians’ give them gas, coal and power for nearly free, that Biden and Brussels bury Nord Stream-2 and make ‘bad Russia’ send all the gas through the Ukraine pipe, so they could steal as much as they want for themselves. 

Turned out the EU is begging Russia and US for more gas, while the US is sending all of its extra LNG shale gas to China. 

My original 2014 prediction that there will be shortages of gas for Europe is materializing, as the gas gets re-routed to China and Asia!

And the clincher! Xi announced that he would buy gas, coal and power at any price. The Russian energy sales to China doubled in the past two weeks (probably tripled by now). Even if Russia wanted to, there is no extra power or coal left to sell, it’s all going east. Russia has more gas, but Ukraine managed not to sign any contracts with Gazprom. At this point, no one will sell gas to Ukraine, and even if they did, the price would be impossible for Kiev to manage.

If they signed a long-term contract they could be fine. Actually, Medvedchuk, the only sane political leader in Ukraine, did strike a deal with Gazprom for gas at a very low price of $175-200. But Ze, fearing Medvedchuk, froze his accounts, shut down his TV channel and put him under house arrest. 

Currently, four opposition channels in Ukraine have been shut down by Ze and his cronies. However, as you’ll see below, those channels got second birth on YouTube, with commentary videos going viral within days. Dictator wannabie Ze even tried to personally convince Google to shut down YT channels he didn’t like – to no avail. His behavior started rattling even his overseas masters. 

The Medvedchuk agreement was forgotten. Kiev thought they could continue calling Russia ‘aggressor’ while stealing Russian gas and hiding behind the US back. But Washington has other plans and one of them is: US Offers Russia Ukraine on a Platter in Exchange for China! (Nuland in Moscow).

Not needed by Washington, the Ukraine has turned into a 100% failed state. The dumb and dumber are in power and every next crop of wannabies is worse than before. They are about finished destroying the country. Their actions are beyond criminal, they are idiotic, and many in Ukraine say this aloud. Besides, they simply don’t have the money. They used to steal gas from the pipeline, but now that the gas to Europe is being rationed, there’s no possible way of stealing any more. 

In other words, chickens have come to roost. What was predicted in 2014 – Ukraine will turn back to Russia, but first its economy will be completely destroyed – is beginning to happen!

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I couldn’t have timed it any better if I tried! The current situation in Ukraine, Europe, Moldova, Baltic Vimirati, and even Belarus, confirms to a T everything I talked about in ESW 21!

Literally, the webinar includes:

“How Russia in her guise as the USSR carried the rest of the republics on her shoulders, depriving her own population” 

“Farewell of Slavianka – what happens when Russians Leave”

“Truth about life in the Baltics with and without Russia”


“Enough freeloaders – swim on your own, my dears! Russians won’t come!”

We talk about much more, of course. For years I’ve been saying that it was Russia and Russians who carried not only all ex-republics on their shoulders, but also many of the poor countries. While leaching off Russia all those exes could afford to behave like this, insulting Russians at every turn for a very simple reason: the West paid them to do so. In other words, you got handsomely compensated if you were a Russophobe, but you were sidetracked or even fired if you weren’t. A simple, sad and very low-calibrated formula, from the reality that’s somewhere between 2D and lower-3D. Not even high-3D, which is a much higher octave of the physical reality. 

However, as pointed out in ESW21, Russians finally got sick and tired and gradually stopped  allowing to be taken advantage of. This is the lessons all Russians have to overcome: doing a huge job for very little reward, no thank you, and often, being abused in return! And sometimes, having to sacrifice everything! But this ship has finally sailed. And now balance will be little by little restored not only in the post-Soviet space, but all over Europe and the world! 

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Like on cue, this is happening in Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Poland, etc. – not to mention Europe – as we speak! They all are begging ‘bad Putin’ to sell them ‘bad Russian gas.’ In Ukraine the hysteria is on: only the lazy don’t bash Zelensky and say ‘Putin is right.’ Experts and politicians blame Zelensky and say all at the same time that there is only one way to survive this winter: go and bow to Putin. The only question is: will Putin talk to them. 

In the past 7-15 days several new important news hit the wires: Russia first stopped supplies of coal to Ukraine. Then it was announced that Russia stops electric power sales. And since Ukraine never signed the gas contract, this also includes natural gas. 

Supposedly Kazakhstan was selling Ukraine some coal. The fake news appeared that ‘Russia isn’t letting the trains with that coal through.’ This has been dispelled since. Kazakhstan was unable or unwilling to secure enough trains and locomotives and this coal is delayed due to some sort of shipping problem. However, it can actually be even more interesting! Kazakhstan suddenly could have realized that China will pay much more and sent their coal east instead of west. 

I decided to simply give you an overview of the Ukrainian content, which illustrates everything I talked about in ESW19, 20 and 21, and all those predictions I made ever since 2014, better than I could’ve dreamed. 

Below are the telling headlines and videos from Ukraine. These are all Ukrainian TV channels! The situation is absolutely ridiculous, due to the ban of Russian language and various anti-Russian quotas. Usually the interviewers and hosts speak in Ukrainian (they have to if they want to keep their jobs), while guests almost without exception answer in Russian, which is the native language for them all! That’s Russophobia taken to the absurd, paid for by the US State Dept and Soros! I guess Soros will also pay for their gas and power this winter!

The headlines from Ukraine are to die for (laugh or cry, all the same). They all suddenly woke up and remembered, winter’s coming… 

At the same time, another news came from Belarus. Lukashenko agreed to sell electric power to Ukraine as an emergency measure. Kiev begged him to sell energy, after calling him ‘dictator’ and trying to sabotage his elections, plus attempting to put a rift between Russia and Belarus. Lukashenko magnanimously replied that Belarus will help out Ukraine, it’s a Christian thing to do.’ However, he’s selling this electric power to Ukraine at 4 times the usual price. There may also be some political advantage Belarus will demand from Ukraine. 

Clearly, this move couldn’t have been not approved by Moscow. Russia and Belarus are moving swiftly towards the Union state and Lukashenko is about to visit Crimea, for the first time since it returned to Russia. For years Lukashenko took a position of ‘neutrality,’ basically saying that Crimea by law isn’t a part of Russia, but de-facto is. This never sat well with Russians, and it was a part of the near rift that almost cost him election. After much sitting on two chairs with one a.s.s, he is finally recognizing Crimea. This is good news but to me, Lukashenko is still Lukashenko and this is too little too late. I wouldn’t trust him ever. However, Belarus is a solid and valuable to Russia area and Belorussians are loved in Russia. Lukash remains the only one who can make the Union state happen at this point.

Let’s see what Ukrainian ‘experts’ say – the topics are so hot that these vids keep popping up in my timeline and they often get hundreds of thousands of views within a couple of days:

Россия, Беларусь, а теперь и Казахстан — Украина рассорилась уже со всеми! — Мороз

Deputy from Opposition Platform: Russia, Belarus, now Kazakhstan – Ukraine made enemies everywhere. Next step, collapse.

Посыл Москвы чёткий и понятный! И это уже конец Зеленского — Корнейчук

Moscow made her views known and this is the end of Zelensky, he’s already packing suitcases. Washington by disclosing Ze’s offshores with billions in them, is hinting: he’ll never be president again. His only goal now is to somehow cling on to his seat for the full five years. 

Елена Маркосян, политический эксперт,Что такое Россия и Путин — наша власть не понимает! 218K views

Our govt has no faintest idea what Russia really is and who is Putin, really. For Putin the interests of his country come first. 

Adding my own thoughts here, resonating with what Elena Markosyan is saying: 

By arresting Medvedchuk (Putin is godfather to a Medvedchuk’s child) they thought they could  blackmail Putin and Moscow into okaying the next Normandy Format summit, which Putin refused. For Zelensky’s legitimacy he desperately needs to be seen at least once next to Putin, the king. No matter how much Kiev calls Putin enemy or aggressor, without legitimization by Russia, Ze isn’t perceived as a real leader, and he knows it. Putin repeatedly said no to a summit. Ze and his band of idiots thought they could take the closest to Putin person in Ukraine hostage and Putin will give them something for nothing. 

Markosyan adds: They don’t get it: Putin will never backtrack on his principles.  

Корнійчук: Влада готує народ до великої ЗРАДИ – прямої закупівлі газу в Росії.

Ukraine political expert: Kiev is conditioning the populace to a new ‘treason’ – preparing to buy gas directly from Russia, after yelling for years that Russia is ‘aggressor.’

С русскими договориться вряд ли получится… – Лазарев

Too late to make a deal with Russia! Russia has already re-routed all extras to China!

Бортнік: Росія не забороняла транзит вугілля з Казахстану до України. 

What I said! “Russia didn’t ban the export of coal from Kazakhstan to Ukraine, it’s a shortage of carriages!” This is from Bortnik, one of the few Ukraine energy experts who make sense.

Доигрались: Украина запрещала импорт российского газа, а теперь его не сможет купить – Суслов

Game over, too late to yell and demand! Ukraine was banning import of Russian gas, and now can’t buy it! Russia sold its gas to the East – Suslov, ex-minister of economy of Ukraine

Мы не будем унижаться, Путин и Миллер принесут нам все на блюдечке – Дудкин о мнении Зеленского

Dudkin, the military/political expert: Zelensky thought that ‘Putin and Miller will bring everything to Ukraine on a platter because US and EU said so.’ And now the EU has shut up. 

Любовь Титаренко, актриса театра и кино, режиссер, художник-Поздно лихорадочно бегать и думать, как договориться с Путиным! — Титаренко

Lyubov Titarenko, Ukraine actor, director, producer, who has been prosecuted for supporting Medvedchuk, telling the truth and for not being Russophobic: “Winter coming and now they remembered Russia?… It’s too late to frantically run around, trying to find a way to negotiate with Putin!”

A bit more from me: A popular in the end of the 1980s Odessa joke has now become a meme all over post-Soviet Space: “Last person leaving, turn off the lights.” As I often say, we all left and turned off that proverbial light. Not much light is left in Ukraine and many other ex-republics after all the best and brightest moved away. 

Those normal and smart enough people who still remain are all in sharp opposition to the little clown Ze. But nobody knows what to do and how to fix it: the country is too far gone. The US and EU have done a great job helping the destruction process along. 


A brand new and very funny story. There is a very influential Russian stand-up comedian and parodist Maxim Galkin, who worked extensively with Zelensky when he was on Russian TV/comedy programming in prior years. As far as I know, Galkin brought Ze on the big screen and made him what he is, a rich and famous man. Ze made a ton of money and received lots of fame and benefits when Russians invited him for high-profile programs and films. I actually never liked that clown, always slippery, always too eager. But knows how to kiss ass too well and how to seduce the public. 

So, he was sort of like a protégé of Galkin. Also, Galkin is married to Alla Pugacheva, one of the most powerful show biz persons in Russia, a pop singer who was one of the top voices in the 1980s and who still holds a lot of sway. Both Pugacheva and Galkin never were pro-Putin and they often were in opposition. 

A couple of days ago Galkin did an innocent parody on Zelensky, in which he very surprisingly spoke Ukrainian well, and maybe better than Zelensky. In the parody, Galkin alluded to Ze using narcotics. For that Galkin was just declared persona non grata in Ukraine as one of those who threaten national security. Before that Kiev banned pretty much all of Russian actors and show biz personas, including those who have Ukrainian roots, most Russian books, films, not to mention politicians, TV personalities and pretty much everyone and anyone. Recently Kiev banned as ‘a threat to national security’ a little girl from Donetsk, who writes children’s fairytales. This is Ze and ‘beacon of democracy’ Ukraine, according to Washington and EU! 

Максим Галкин намекнул, что Зе наркоман. Теперь он стал «угрозой нацбезопасности Украины» – Galkin hinted that Ze is on narcotics. Now he’s a threat. 

Here’s Galkin’s parody, he has copied Ze’s voice very accurately – see @ 2:48. It’s pretty funny, but only if you understand Ukrainian. While offering a poll to the population, Ze is leaving the set a few times, apparently to partake. He also asks whether people think if ‘the population of Ukraine should be reduced to 300 deputies.’ He congratulates the people of Ukraine on the fact that while he’s been their president he received the platinum button from YouTube, which probably means he has millions of subscribers. It’s our mutual victory, says Ze. So for this innocent little thing Galkin is now persona non grata.

I can’t imagine Putin ever reacting to the many parodies Galkin or the same Ze, or anyone else did about him… A small little clown will always be a small little clown.

Ah well, every country deserves its rulers.


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