Revealer of the Human Soul: 150 Years Ago Dostoyevsky Said This Prophetic Thing about Liberalism! (200-Year Anniversary of the Great Author!)

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Exactly 200 years ago Fyodor Dostoyevsky was born in a simple family in Moscow. On 11/11, 2021 we marked his 200th anniversary. There are three 19th-early 20th century Russian authors I adore, and to me, they stand head and shoulders above most others. These are Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Chekhov. 

Dostoyevsky was one of the three great Russian authors who would shape and influence the world’s 20th century literature, theater and film, not to mention psychology and global social/political movements, in Russia/USSR, Europe, USA, India and much of the world. 

You don’t have to take my word, just check out what the Encyclopedia Britannica says below!

The big three, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Chekhov, along with others, such as Gogol and Turgenev, brought the idea of humanitarianism, the revelation of the human soul and human nature into everything they wrote. 

One of the things all three are remarkable for is that they revealed to the world a unique phenomenon: the true nature of the RUSSIAN SOUL. 

Ever since, the West has been whispering about the ‘mysterious Russian soul,’ not fully grasping at all what it is, but marveling at the enigma, nevertheless. Since we have been talking so much about Russia and USSR, and how it’s so much misunderstood, I decided to give you guys a valuable tip! If you really want to understand the Russian soul, who Russians really are and how they live, love, feel and think, it’s a great idea to read Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy and Chekhov. Of course I’ll be showing you many of the goodies through the great Russian films and songs, as part of my Russian Music & Film Festival on FuturisTrendcast… 

But no one in the world ever did it deeper and bigger than the BIG three! Read them if you really want to understand the truth vs lie and good vs evil.

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Revealer of the Human Soul:

150 Years Ago Dostoyevsky Said This Prophetic Thing about Liberalism!

(200-Year Anniversary of the Great Author!)


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