4 GIANT REASONS the World Seems to Be Going Mad, Especially in the West! (original excerpt) + Some Awesome NEWS!

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4 GIANT REASONS the World Seems to Be Going Mad, Especially in the West!


The rapid transition into lower 4D generated a lot more ability to make everything that’s happening public via the internet. This means things that were hidden before are now in the public eye. It was a lot easier to hide things and direct the narrative when there was one central government and several MSM sources, and when most international negotiations were conducted in secret.

In reality, the world always had plenty of madness in it, but some was hidden from us, which allowed us to sleep better. And some was simply different as we were in the 3D reality. 

Now, anyone with access to the internet can post and say what they want.

This is a major breakthrough for humanity and victory for the forces of good!

However, as always, with the good, come the bad and the ugly, who seek to take control one way or another! This newly found ‘freedom’ often gives birth to attention-seeking and sensationalism, as well as tons of scare-mongering and false info. Now everyone, incl. many govts and MSM, are also engaged in that. That’s why there is a sense that the world is going madder every day. Too much info, much of it suspect. Not enough truth and clarity.

The rare voice of truth is lost in the cacophony of lies and crap. I happen to know this first-hand!

I’ve been warning you guys from the start in 2014: 


Since I first said those things it actually got much worse! All this because human minds do not like to accept reality, truth and facts, therefore seeking to play mind games, to avoid something they are terrified of accepting. 

I speak a lot about that in consultations, too. 

I personally am extremely selective in who and what I listen to, or read. I have to keep in touch with events, as you know, but I use only the sources I trust at any given moment (and those sources also changed somewhat since 2014). 

You know that here, on Lada Ray Patreon, LadaRay.com and FT you’ll only get the most important things and only the truth, including the higher-dimensional view and guidance!


And one more advice! Stay in joy and positive emotions as much as you can, no matter what! This helps your body, mind, and spirit to vibrate as highly as possible, thus attracting better experiences into your life! 

Speaking of which…




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