POSITIVE CHARGE! The Ancient Kaluga, Russia: 650-Year-Old Modern Space Travel Capital! #RussianMusicFilmFest 6


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You guys were asking me on LRpatreon how to keep your vibration high and mood positive! That’s how: listen to the Russian songs and watch Russian movies during our


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It certainly helps!


In August 2021 the ancient City of Kaluga, located deep in Russia’s heartland, celebrated its 650th birthday. Russian/Soviet scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky worked there for 40 years. **The founding father of modern rocketry and cosmonautics (astronautics), Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, 1857-1935, was a Russian and Soviet rocket scientist who pioneered cosmonautic (astronautic) theory. It were the Tsiolkovsky’s 1900s-1930s theories and calculations that became the foundation for Russia sending the world’s first unmanned Sputnik in 1957 and first man in 1961 into space, therefore, pioneering the era of space exploration by humans.**

(This is to the answers as to what Russia/USSR contributed to the world, the level of education in Russia and the level of scientific development. The discussions held in the latest webinar and Q&A: EYEWITNESS USSR Q&A and the complete ESW 21 TRUTHS ABOUT THE USSR ​& POST-SOVIET SPACE.)

At the same time, the Soviet-built science town of Obninsk, located in Kaluga Oblast, turned 65!

Watch three videos, featuring some awesome Russian songs, beautifully performed by talented residents of Kaluga City, Obninsk and the towns and villages of the Kaluga Oblast! Some nice sights of Kaluga, the oblast’s small towns and the nature around it! All Russian songs have a very nice melody and some profound, meaningful lyrics! A pleasure to listen and watch!

1st two have Eng subs; turn them on by clicking on CC at your screen’s bottom right corner.

A famous Soviet Space Travel song, 1983:

The Earth in the Pothole, aka, The Grass by Our Home ~ Rus: Трава у дома (performed by the City of Kaluga and Kaluga Oblast residents)

Beloved Soviet/Russian song, 1970s:

I’ll Get off at a Far Away Station ~ Rus: На дальней станции сойду (performed by the City of Kaluga and Kaluga Oblast residents)

On the Road of Good ~ Дорогою добра. Поют жители г. Обнинска! (the song was created circa the 1960s or beginning of 1970s, USSR – from the Soviet film ‘The Little Muk’)

Sweet and Cool! Performed by the mayor (it’s the lady @ 2:25), town council members, local companies’ CEOs and execs, local musicians, teachers, students, vets, retirees and children of the town of Obninsk!

Since this one doesn’t have eng subs, here’s my translation:

Ask the tough life, which way to go?

What road should you choose when you wake up at dawn?

Follow the sun, even if that road is less traveled!

Travel, my friend, always travel the road of good!


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