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Below are three variations of one of the most magical songs ever written, from a Soviet children’s 1985 TV production, GUEST FROM THE FUTURE. The 5-part TV film is about a boy from 1985 Moscow, who by accident travels 100 years forward, where he steals a valuable artifact to protect it from the space pirates, and the girl Alisa from 2085 Moscow, who travels back to 1985 to retrieve the stolen psychic crystal generator which allows anyone to read thoughts. Alisa finds many friends in the past, who help her find the stolen property. The film is as much about the dream of a better future, as it is about friendship, self-sacrifice to help others and courage to stand your ground.

This famous song is called “Glorious Future,” or as I would more accurately translate it: “A Beautiful Far Away.” Comes with English subs. There are many variations of this popular song, and usually, once posted on YT it quickly gets millions of views.

And as you’ll see from the lyrics, for millions of Soviet people, it proved prophetic!

Here’s a comment from a YT video of this song:

Когда шёл этот фильм, во дворах никого не было. В Алису селезневу были влюблены все мальчишки того времени. Мне 41.всем привет из СССР

When this film was on the streets were empty. All boys of that time were in love with Alisa Seleznyova. I’m 41, greetings to everyone from the USSR.

I only discovered the film and the song several years ago on YouTube and immediately fell in love with the music. I couldn’t believe I missed it when it first came out. In 1985 I was in Cuba; then I traveled abroad more than I was ever at home. A few years later I left the country permanently, so I missed quite a bit in the everyday life of the last years of the USSR. When I first discovered it around 2015, I was shocked at how awesome the song was (and the film, although slow and simple, was charming and nostalgic). In a way, Alisa became for many of those born in the USSR an icon of the beautiful far away – that ideal future that was destroyed when the USSR broke up.

Ever since I found it, I listen to this music when I need a pick-me-up. It invariably improves my mood and resets my energy to a higher vibration. After listening to Russian songs I again feel like myself; any negative energy – and there’s lots of it lately in this 3D-lower-4D reality – gets cleared up. The Russian/Soviet music, films and children’s cartoons have a magical quality to them: they can reset the energy to 5D and above.



A reminder! On December 25, exactly 30 years ago, the USSR officially broke up and ceased to exist. Some to this day consider the secret agreement between Yeltsin and two then leaders of Belorussian and Ukrainian SSR an act of treason. It certainly was illegal and contrary to the laws.

Many cult fans of the Guest From the Future would apologize to Alisa Seleznyova under the film and song videos posted on social media, saying they were unable to preserve that ‘beautiful future’ as portrayed in the film.

It’s a paradox many seem unable to grasp! The truth is: the new post-1991 reality was brutal but necessary, so that Russia the Great Balancer could shed the dead weight of carrying other republics and half of the world on her shoulders, and be reborn to her new 21st century leading role!

At this time, Russia the Great Balancer is again back in her power and is rebalancing the world for the Earth Shift! My 2012 and 2014-2021 predictions have shown it and the events of December 2021 are confirming it!

We discuss in-depth these and many other things, I show the real life in the USSR and give you the real meanings of the events, beyond the obvious, in my latest



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What happened in December 2021? We’ll be talking about that in the next few days in the new article, The “Quietly” Explosive December ’21 & Putin’s Ultimatum to the US and NATO, on Lada Ray Patreon site! It’ll be a part of my new Patreon-exclusive TRIPOLAR WORLD series, which will continue in January, where we’ll discuss the Putin-Biden, Putin-Xi and Putin-Modi meetings and how the world is being reshaped in 2022-24!



The original film song, 1985 ~ Прекрасное далеко – песня из к/ф Гостья из будущего (1985), beautifully performed by one of the girl singers from the Big Children’s Choir of the Soviet TV & Radio. On the video: the main character from the future Moscow, Alisa Seleznyova, is leaving back home through the secret door.

Contemporary version, Dec 31, 2020 – Rosatom All-Russia New Year’s Flashmob, sweet performance, with pretty Moscow holiday lights! ENG SUBS (click on CC on screen, to activate eng subs).

Instrumental version by two Russian girls – very nicely done!



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