🥂HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 FROM LADA RAY! +3 of My Faves – Awesome Russian New Year’s Films!

Dear friends,

Happy New Year 2022!

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful year,

filled with everything you ever wished for! 

I’ll see you all next year, in the first few days of January right here,

on Lada Ray Patreon and LadaRay.com!

~ Blessings from Lada


And now… Watch with us! 

SOME OF MY FAVE RUSSIAN NEW YEAR’S FILMS FROM DIFFERENT ERAS! Full of lovely songs (as our George correctly pointed out), uplifting comedy and positive mood – and VERY HIGH CALIBRATION! Per our family tradition, we often watch them on New Year’s.

Карнавальная ночь – THE CARNIVAL NIGHT (1956) 

Eng subs. One of the oldest beloved classics, charming, cute, lots of great songs and musical acts (it’s a party after all), including two famous and beloved songs: 5 Minutes and the Song About the Good Mood. Starring the young Lyudmila Gurchenko – this film made her into a star and a household name.

Гусарская Баллада –  THE HUSSAR BALLAD (1960) 

Eng subs. The story of a cheeky and brave young Russian gentry girl, Alexandra, who joins the army pretending to me a man, to fight against advancing Napoleon troops during the 1812 Napoleonic invasion of Russia, along with a love story and many funny moments. You’ll meet Marshal Kutuzov and see how the Russian landed gentry lived. Great songs, as usual. A very cute young star Larisa Golubkina wonderfully plays the main role. 

Ирония судьбы, или с легким паром! – THE IRONY OF FATE, or Enjoy Your Bath – 2 parts 

A charmingly funny, yet incredible story that could have only happened on New Year’s night, full of comedy of errors, heartache, new love, soul searching and real life in the USSR in the 1970s; and punctuated with some of the most beautiful Russian poetry, melodies and songs, to boot. Beautiful performances by Russian star Andrey Miagkov and Polish actress Barbara Brilska, as well as the whole cast. Some of the film songs performed by Alla Pugacheva. 

The TV film so legendary and so nostalgic that every self-respecting Russian watches it to this day for New Year’s. This has been Russian tradition since the seventies when it first came out. There is an old joke, stating: “to properly prep for New Year’s, make Olivie (a really famous Russian New Year’s salad, a staple in every household), and do it to the tune of Ironia Sudbi (The Irony of Fate).” 

The Irony of Fate PART 1 

The Irony of Fate PART 2 


There are lots more great Russian New Year’s films, and many other masterpieces. Next time! 

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See you for much more in 2022! 

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