Trump on Who Was the Hardest to Deal with as President: Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea? The Answer Will Shock You! // BIG CHANGES COMING!


in February I’ll be announcing some big changes to my various platforms, including the exciting MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSITY (MDU) programs! Read more below!



Original post: Trump on Who Was the Hardest to Deal with as President: Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea? The Answer Will Shock You! // BIG CHANGES COMING!

Trump was banned from all US social media. Instead he took to the streets. His recent rally somewhere in the south, I think in Arizona, gathered 50,000 people in the midst of COVID! 

He also moved fully to Florida, or shall we say ‘fled from New York,’ and looks like he’ll be running for Congress as Floridian. That’ll be interesting, at least that’s speculation. But he also plans to run for president again in 2024, another speculation. We’ll see how it goes. 


PERIOD 9 – a side note!

Do it like Trump?

Note that he moved to Florida, the USA’s quintessential south, right on cue! Remember my Period 9/South predictions (SEE WEBINARS 4 AND 14!)? People like Trump smell the changing energy with their very nose, and then they act on it without delay – that’s why they are often so successful! 

The move to Period 9 is so fundamental and groundbreaking that this needs to be talked about a lot more! And I will, BIG TIME!

Either this or next year, we’ll have some workshops on the transition and how to best benefit from Period 9! 

All announcements will be in the MDU section of!



On the video below he’s shown speaking at that famous 50k people rally, and answering the question who it was the most difficult to deal with as president?

Snippet from a Russian talk show:

Санкции вместо безопасности. (Sanctions Instead of Security) – as you see, Russians aren’t happy with the Western approach. 

Click to watch – Trump snippet starts @9:22. (Before that they show the lies of Stoltenberg/NATO and Nuland)


People often ask me, which country was the hardest to deal with? Russia, Iran, China, N. Korea? 

I say, NO, the toughest country to deal with was the United States of America (yelling, laughter in audience)! 

We have some crazy people here who create falsifications: Russia, Russia. It’s all fabricated. 

You’ve got to admire the guy, sometimes he’s OK! What’s that with Western politicians? They seem to regain reason and logic once they leave office, lol. 😉



As usual, I am taking a few days off for the Chinese New Year 2022, Year of the Tiger, which starts on Feb 1! 

As you know, I am a Feng Shui Master and in Feng Shui we change the energy, redo our feng shui and prep for the New Year between the end of January and Feb 4. We also celebrate the CNY at home as we are a part Chinese household. 

I will be off and preparing for the new year and its changing energy between January 29 and February 4.

Therefore, this is the last post for January and we again restart in February: I should be back by Feb 4-5! Many very serious and in-depth topics to cover! 

Much will continue changing and shifting in earnest, as predicted since 2012-14! But expectation is one thing – now we are starting to LIVE my predictions, as they materialize before our very eyes! 

I also have some articles and reports saved from previous months that I mean to post for you! I’ll do more of those throughout February and March!


I’ll begin announcing some of my MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSITY (MDU) programs!


There will be other exciting changes and new offerings on and my YT channel, which I’ll tell you about next month!

See you in February!



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