POLL 1: QUANTUM REPORTS! Your opinion & do you want more?

Everyone’s invited to take my 3 new polls!

Go here to take part in poll #1:

POLL 1: QUANTUM REPORTS! Your opinion & do you want more?


We haven’t done polls for a while, and I decided to create a series of three polls on several burning subjects! I very much appreciate your participation!

POLL 1: QUANTUM REPORT! Your opinion & do you want more?

I’d love your opinion on my Quantum Reports and what kind you like best! 

To view them go here: QUANTUM REPORTS

Note that Lada Ray QRs are used to study the world around us, well beyond the obvious! Sometimes we use events, countries, big names or celebrities as case studies! We can learn about various multidimensional species, psychology, emotions, geopolitics, as well as global relations and our future!

The poll questions are about current QRs, and topics for the future QRs! It’s your opportunity to weigh in and shape future content! Do we continue QRs – it all depends on you!


1. Since QUANTUM REPORTS are open to general public on LadaRay.com, I organized this as an open-ended public poll! However, VOTING IS ANONYMOUS! Your name is concealed for privacy!

2. Who can vote: to take part you must be either LADA RAY PATREON Paying Member (all levels of contribution) or be a Follower of LADA RAY PATREON (Free). 

If you are currently not a member or follower:

To become a paying member or free follower GO HERE! It’s easy!

3. Poll: 

Please mark all the boxes below (on the left of the text) that apply – you can mark as many as you like for the accurate picture!

Please feel free to leave your comments under the poll, with additional opinions or suggestions!

Both members and non-member followers can vote and leave comments below!

4. Privacy: if you have a comment but feel a need for additional privacy, LADA RAY PATREON Paying Members (all levels of contribution) can also send me private messages or emails that only I will see! I may choose to reply publicly, but I won’t mention your name if you don’t want me to! 

If privacy isn’t an issue, kindly please leave your comments under this post!

5. The end date for this poll is June 20, 3pm ET.

I appreciate your taking a moment of your valuable time to answer questions below, so I can serve you better! Thanks so much!

Go here to take part in poll #1:

POLL 1: QUANTUM REPORTS! Your opinion & do you want more?

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