By Your Requests! My FREE ARTICLES on Hot Topics: Gay Issue and LGBTQ, Hoaxes, Alt Media & more! A REALLY POWERFUL ARTICLE & MORE INFO INCLUDED!


ORIGINAL POST: By Your Requests! My FREE ARTICLES on Hot Topics: Gay Issue and LGBTQ, Hoaxes, Alt Media & more!


In the past years I wrote several articles on various hot and controversial topics, explaining things in 3D from a higher-dimensional / multidimensional perspective. Those articles were written by multiple requests from my FUTURIST TRENDCAST and LR PATREON audience. Some of you asked me recently to re-share them. 

The point of view is Multidimensional and Higher-Dimensional!

All pieces from FUTURIST TRENDCAST – click the links and read full repost below! 

Also note – as usual! We never do and do not condone any sort of bashing, xenophobia or any phobia towards any group on Lada Ray Patreon or FT, or any of my platforms! 

Always be respectful to all people and groups, and mind other people’s feelings! We always tell the Multidimensional truth, but we do not do lower-dimensional and low-brow stuff here! I once had a very good LRP member and follower, who happened to be gay and a very good person, smart, spiritual and Multidimensionally aware. He left, I think, because some people, perhaps inadvertently, were not very respectful in their comments regarding gays! This applies to any group and I hope my hint is more than clear! 

With any controversial and ambiguous subject such as this, I would be very careful!

That said, there is a highjacking of the agenda happening for political purposes. And people get banned for saying things certain entities don’t like. There is also such a thing as ‘being fashionable,’ thus mimicking what they deem hip, among certain groups of the population. Yet others resist it, again creating friction and divisions, which sends the Earth back to lower 3D. 

I say more in article below, and even more – in a Cosmic/Starseed understanding sense – in the GEOPOLITICAL REALITY Special Q&A Event found here:

Here are some FREE articles I recommend for review on FT – they all relate to the main subject!

1. New Hoax about Putin and Russia Dispelled by Lada Ray! 

2. How to Tell a Hoax from Targeted Info Dump (Navigating MSM and Alternative Media):

**NOTE for #2! In 2014-2018 I talked about Russia not sending troops to Ukraine to oppose Kiev, but you can see that it was in fact the whole insidious agenda, despite Russia’s unwillingness to do so. They needed to pit Russians and Ukrainians against each other after completely taking over Ukraine. In that regard they succeeded, except the result will be very different than some imagined! In reality, as we see, Russia isn’t fighting Kiev in Ukraine, whose army is just a pawn. Russia is fighting the collective West. (I have more on that on my Telegram.) My original predictions were that Ukraine will eventually turn back towards Russia, and that’s what’s happening – with a delay of a few years, but it’s happening.

3. Feminism vs. Sacred Feminine – Male Chauvinism vs. Sacred Masculine – highly recommended Lada Ray original Multidimensional piece!


Last but not least – this is the article many asked about!

How PUTIN views gay people and gay issue? A COMPLETE MULTIDIMENSIONAL TRUTH! 


I did not change a word in the article, but I did update the links! This was my view in 2017! Today my view has evolved even further as more higher-dimensional info has become available to me! I may share more with you at some point – TBD!

Please note how the thoughts expressed in 2017 resonate today!



In addition to the repost below, I talked about this topic from a different angle, which was a cosmic soul/ starseed incarnation angle, in the GEOPOLITICAL REALITY Special Event found here:

This angle represents a true Multidimensional view of the subject – without it you won’t understand the issue properly!

Along with that, I discussed QAnon, the karmic debt of the USSR vs USA, and many other issues. Read description by scrolling down to the earliest event. Unlike the free articles discussed here, this video event is paid, only $11.99. It has over 90 min of answers to big questions. I think many people somehow missed that special event – I recommend it! Others on the same page are just as enlightening.

All Special Events are found under Programs




How PUTIN views gay people and gay issue? A COMPLETE MULTIDIMENSIONAL TRUTH!

This is one of the questions submitted for WORKSHOP 2: INVERTED COLLAPSE

which is part of the


Lada, I wanted to ask you a question.  I was wanting to ask you about your thoughts on Putin’s views on gay people.  – Thanks, J.


Dear J,

Frankly, I never intended to talk about this, as this is NOT one of my CORE subjects. However, I get such questions more often than I’d like. Therefore, even though you wanted it answered privately, after a consideration, I have decided to set the record straight once and for all publicly, and I trust this answer will put this issue to REST FOREVER. I do not intend to get back to it in the future!

Me personally — I feel strongly that the gay issue should be a complete non-issue, an entirely private matter. We, as humans, should always respect each other regardless of faith and orientation, for as long as the healthy boundaries, law and a greater good of society are observed by all sides. This is how I would treat it, and this is how any wise and healthy society should.

However, years ago, the cabal discovered that the gay people could be used very productively in the globalist plan for a full spectrum dominance of our planet.

From this perspective, I feel equally sorry for the REAL gays. Unfortunately, there are too many of those who are simply fakes and exhibitionists, or those who decided to jump on the bandwagon of the latest fashion. And of course, there is a lot of money nowadays in being gay.

The REAL gays, some of whom may be nursing intensely private real life traumas, have become hostages of the situation; these poor people are used as convenient dupes and globalist props; they have been dragged into this and put on display for all to see, whether they want it or not.

The gay issue is an artificial brainwashing construct for the sheeple, designed to keep tension in Western society, especially in USA and British Isles. It is also a handy tool for the destabilization of any traditional, conservative society around the globe. This is an incredibly brilliant and subversive ploy to divide and conquer by increasing tension in any society.

As we discussed in EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 2: INVERTED COLLAPSE, this is part of a war-like, confrontational, immature, ill-adjusted and greedy lower 3rd DIMENSION, in which the lopsidedly yang West has been brewing for millennia, and which they try to impose on the rest of the world.

As such, this issue should be ignored by wise people, and that’s what I normally do. I simply don’t understand why I get all these questions — what is it that’s making people ask them?

You have to understand that the gay issue is merely used as a proxy to subdue and enslave others, both domestically and globally. So when you give it energy and ask me these kinds of questions, you validate what the cabal is doing and lend it some of your energy.

However, out of consideration for the fact that you are one of our valued subscribers to the EARTH SHIFT & INVERTED COLLAPSE (thank you!), I want to answer it for you as an exception — as honestly and fully as possible.

As a wise person, Putin’s view on gay people is neutral, as far as the social life goes. Many Russians feel more or less the same, as long as there are no public displays — ‘don’t ask don’t tell.’

However, the Russian Orthodox believers, patriots/nationalists and the Russian government rightly feel that the gay agenda is being used as an aggressive proxy and one of the biggest info war tools by the West, a tool to vilify and provoke Russia, and to destroy Russian unity and faith. Due to the pro-western grant-eaters, who constantly yell and scream about it, the problem gets resurrected all the time artificially.

It’s still vivid in many Russians’ memory how their society was almost destroyed and terribly corrupted by the West in the ’90s. They won’t let that happen again. From this perspective Russia has to act tough and defend herself by adopting certain child protection/anti-gay-propaganda laws.

Putin tries to balance various views to keep it level and stay away from conflict in the society. He has achieved it and the ‘howling’ in the West subsided, having failed in much of its goals, but not before the gay discrimination vilification label was firmly attached to Russia in the psyche of the Western sheeple.

THAT SAID, on a personal level, Putin is a conservative, and a devout Russian Orthodox Church believer. As such, the church dictates a certain view of the subject, so he won’t condone it. But as I said, as a wise leader and person, Putin’s view of gay people is neutral, as is that of many Russians — as long as their children aren’t bothered by aggressive western attacks, masterminded in order to destabilize Russian society.

Therefore, what we see here is a shameful exploitation by the West of an extremely delicate issue, and, typically of the yang/aggressive West, they don’t care how many people they offend and how many lives they break as a result.

But people aren’t blind, and neither are they stupid. An interesting paradox occurred once the West began in 2013 its vicious howling regarding the ‘gay issue’ in Russia, and Russia, as a result had to defend herself. The conservative people in Russia and the West, as well as many conservative societies around the world, became even more convinced that the West cannot be trusted, and only Russia and Putin can. Instead of a vilification they hoped for, all the West achieved was yet another spike in the Russian and international popularity of Putin.

Recall what I’ve been predicting since 2014, when I first began FuturisTrendcast! Whatever the West does going forward against Russia, will always backfire and expose them as the ‘naked king.’ It is yet another proof that the Western way of rampant globalism and predatory colonialism has painted itself into a corner, discrediting its outdated model irreversibly. It’s on its way out — it will continue crumbling and withering, and nothing can stop that.

Dear friends,

If you value your well-being and your future, you should be now seriously considering relocation out of harms way and to greener pastures; you should be working on securing your assets; you should heed my advise and prepare by learning my timeline and predictions for the future crucial events! You can only find the real collapse timelines, predictions and unique multidimensional wisdom, which will help you navigate the turbulent waters of today and tomorrow, in LADA RAY’S




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I just got the chance to read the comments and I am very glad that some see through the manipulation. It is the disgustingness and the darkness of this manipulation / exploitation that makes it one of the least favorite and least productive topics for me to talk about. It is even worse, in my view, that so many gladly fall for it on both sides.

The only thing that will work long-term is being awake, educating oneself, and being respectful and considerate of each other in all circumstances. Once the 5th Dimension consciousness level is achieved by enough humans, such issues automatically evaporate. But every time we have the hope of our consciousness rising sufficiently, I immediately see relevant dark forces taking over and exploiting the subject (any subject), thus keeping it in the confrontational lower 3D.

Same had happened with many other social issues in the US/West, including feminism and women’s rights — so much crazy manipulation and mind games, so much silly confrontational lower 3D… And due to all that, yet another controversial topic! I bit the bullet and did a piece to clear up the confusion. READ THIS OLDIE BUT GOODIE OF MINE: 

Feminism vs. Sacred Feminine – Male Chauvinism vs. Sacred Masculine

Hope this answer helps. Please share this article and any links found here with others, if you want them to know the truth! THIS IS COMPLETELY FREE TO PUBLIC!


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I hope you enjoy this piece. 

Since I am in the process or releasing Course 1 HOW TO ADAPT & THRIVE DURING THE GREAT EARTH SHIFT!, in the next 10 days I’ll be focusing on completion of Workshops 2 and 3, and on public promotion of Course 1! I’ll continue publishing both exclusive Patreon articles and freebies! However, for the time being I will primarily focus on guiding you in a positive way through my workshops, not so much on the negative politics! 

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