Killed Sept 25, 2022 in Herson, by the Kiev strike from an American HIMARS.

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RIP ALEXEY ZHURAVKO, ex-Ukraine Rada deputy and one of the most prominent citizens of Herson oblast, who worked tirelessly to defeat Ukro-Nazism and to return his native Herson to peace. (**Scroll up to see my text, several related images and videos above!)

I knew Alexey since 2014, when he was forced to flee Ukraine to Russia due to ukro-nazis’ threats, having been an outspoken critic of the results of Kiev Maidan coup. Despite being severely handicapped, missing an arm and a leg, he served as an anchor of truth and hope for many, and he never lowered himself to hatred against those who took everything from him.

Alexey returned to Herson to help with the referendum and deliver his native land back home.

He was so dangerous to ukro-nazis that they targeted the hotel where he stayed with their ‘precious’ American HIMARS! Two missiles were fired, one shot down by defenses, but another hit the hotel, directly targeting the room where Zhuravko stayed on the second floor.

He was the best of the old guard, one of those who never lost their memory, honor or dignity, and who always focused on a better future for the people.

🌟 Rest in peace, Alexey. You’ve been an inspiration!

~ Lada Ray


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