🍎 ✍️Lada’s cool Forbidden Linguistics & Forgotten Origins | ☀️Inverted Collapse TG Highlights

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🍎 ✍️Lada’s cool Forbidden Linguistics & Forgotten Origins | ☀️Inverted Collapse TG Highlights


Thought it was a good idea to highlight some of the latest Telegram posts @RealLadaRay https://t.me/RealLadaRay

Those of you who follow me on Telegram have probably seen them, but some may have missed it. Here’s the 1st compilation. 🙂 

I compile these by theme and logic, so it presents a story. 


Some don’t buy western propaganda:

❗️🇫🇷”StopKillingDonbass” action is taking place in several cities of France simultaneously, to say NO to Macron government’s support of Kiev regime and participation in war in Ukraine  https://t.me/RealLadaRay/1172

❗️🇪🇸”Stop NATO” — “StopKillingDonbass” action in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain  https://t.me/RealLadaRay/1173



🖌📖The Basque Country is located in the north of Spain. Basques are quite different from the rest of Spaniards, complete with a very different language, the root of which—wait for it… is actually Georgian language. 

⛵️Georgia is located in Caucasus, on the eastern-most shore of the Black Sea, and it’s a very fascinating story how the language got in the ancient days to the opposite side of Europe: western Mediterranean and from there, to the northern-most shore of the Iberian peninsula. It’s amazing that to this day, Georgians and Basques can understand each other: I was a witness of Georgians and Basques speaking to each other in their native tongues and managing to communicate quite well. The Basques, very proud people, managed to preserve their language and identity through the Roman and Medieval/Arabic invasions! 

❗️Basques are freedom oriented and want independence from Spain, and they tend to be much more pro-Russian than an average Spaniard, seeing Russia as the counterweight to the EU and US. 

⚡️Something similar, perhaps, is happening in Catalonia, which also has its own Catalan language, and which also wants to secede from Spain. **And another similarity is northern Italy, which also tried to secede.   



❗️ Crimean Bridge restoration work – full speed. 4 sections of the bridge installed. 


❗️🇷🇺 🇮🇩 RUSSIAN DELEGATION IN BALI, INDONESIA, WAS MET WITH NEW MAP OF RUSSIA, including not only Crimea, but also DNR, LNR, Kherson and Zaporozhie oblasts. 

“Welcome to G20, Russia!” reads the sign. 👏 How nice when people pay attention!

😊 See the new flag: https://t.me/RealLadaRay/1151


❗️ Ukrainian government recommends that Ukrainians spend the winter in European countries, where they get free lodging and monetary aid. —  The idea is: “Hard winter is coming to Ukraine, no jobs, food, heat or electricity. Europe can carry the load.” 

I’m sure European taxpayers are “thrilled” at this prospect. **Per reports, in Poland, Italy, Bulgaria and UK Ukrainian ‘refugees’ are being asked (sometimes with police) to vacate the hotels and resorts they were placed in and their money allowance cut, because Europe itself is in a crisis and funds are running out. 

Winter is coming for everyone, you know… 



Testimonial from the defenders of Donbass):

“During the last battles – we saw no Ukrainians!! Mercenaries. Most often Polish speech!”

In some sections of the Kremennaya-Svatovo direction, foreign mercenaries have already completely replaced the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Polish flags hang over the trenches and on the positions of “Ukrainian” troops.

“In general, this does not change anything. Hundreds of them are shredded, but the enemy drives more and more to be slaughtered. The advancement attempts, often downright suicidal, do not stop.”

“I want to note the high morale of our guys, stemming from many reasons, as well as the hugely mounting and pointless enemy losses.”



🇨🇦“Spud-dering” is what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now called after a public dressing down from Xi Jinping. https://t.me/c/1280483869/3241 

P.S. ‘spud-dering’ means a ‘small potato’ 

⚡️“Justin Trudeau was insulted right in front of the cameras at the G20 summit <…> He respectfully listened while the head of China spoke, at times it even seemed that he was bowing rather than nodding his head,” the article says. The authors of the material suggested that Trudeau better monitor body language. https://t.me/RealLadaRay/1159


❗️THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR! 🇺🇸🇺🇦 CNN (a major US network) rejoices at Kiev’s ‘liberation’ of Kherson, showing the footage with ukro-nazi, complete with Nazi greeting — They don’t even try to hide anymore whom they support in Ukraine! 

Video: https://t.me/RealLadaRay/1131



 🇬🇧 Currently per reports, in Britain there is a serious shortage of chicken eggs – supermarkets have already limited the norm on hand: in Asda they sell a maximum of 2 packs per person, in Liddle – 3, and in Tesco – no eggs at all. 

While experts argue what might the reason be…

🔥What can I say, people. They can argue all they want, but the thing is… you can’t outrun THE INVERTED COLLAPSE OF THE WEST! (a Lada Ray term)


The Inverted Collapse will manifest one way or another in each country of the West! In some, it’ll be shortages, in some strife, in some madness of the elites, or all of the above!  

Image: https://t.me/RealLadaRay/1164


And to that, let me also add! 


Other countries defy the past hegemons and assert themselves, like in the Indonesian story with the ‘expanded’ Russian flag https://t.me/RealLadaRay/1151 

And previously untouchable leaders have to humbly listen to admonitions by China, as it happened to Blinken and Trudeau https://t.me/RealLadaRay/1159


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