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Below, read my first inside scoop: how the Accidental Spy began and how I imagined the Jade Snow and Alexei Moguchev characters.

Also in this first installment:

  • What each Accidental Spy book is really about – super-concise!
  • Secret plans revealed: what future Accidental Spy adventures are on the table!
  • Complete with the captivating preliminary synopses for both, which you don’t wanna miss! 
  • As usual, the future Accidental Spy books are filled with mind-bending twists and turns — and my trademark: unexpected endings that will ‘blow your socks off’, to quote one reviewer!


Read complete story:



What exciting new books are on the horizon?

The story I always wanted to tell

In 2006 I was flying from Asia back to the US through Dubai, where I met an American journalist returning back to Iraq. He turned out to have done his journalism studies at Bard College in Red Hook, NY, one of my favorite schools, where my daughter was a young scholar at the age of 16-18 and which I visited frequently. We exchanged some stories from our travels and as we said goodbye, the idea of Jade Snow, a spunky, smart and incredibly blessed, yet strangely cursed international journalist, turned stay-at-home mom, turned accidental spy extraordinaire, flushed in front of my eyes.

The GREEN DESERT, 1st Accidental Spy Iraq adventure novelette was born, which, as I wrote it, took an unexpected turn of the butterfly effect!

The Green Desert prequel led to next manifestation of Jade Snow in the 1st Accidental Spy full-size novel, now as married yet lonely, what with absentee world-traveling husband, stay-at-home mom-to-be, who lands in a perfect-façade backwater paradise, STEPFORD, USA, to reveal the truth, solve a cold case and bring closure and justice to the victim and wrongfully imprisoned man. 

The next adventure, GOLD TRAIN, was my inspiration. I created a story I personally enjoyed very much, in which an epic treasure hunt for the lost gold of the Russian Empire and a dangerous global conspiracy against Russia blended with something forbidden and passionate, a star-crossed relationship between Jade and FSB operative Alexei. Frankly, that was never planned, but once I began writing, my characters demanded me to go in that direction.  

Generally, the characters in this series behaved very willfully, not always performing the way I planned. The author is sometimes at the mercy of character development logic, even if they break the mold and decide to stray off on their own adventure!

I wanted to create an off-beat, free-spirited, willful protagonist, who has a huge heart, being brave, fiercely loyal, truthful and caring to a fault, yet with a rebellious and inquisitive streak that often gets her in trouble but also delivers miraculous results… And a red-head, with eyes like the ocean on a breezy summer day, Jade Snow appeared, fitting the bill perfectly.

I also wanted to create a hero who would be worthy of Jade’s affections, and Alexei Moguchev, aka Prince Obolensky, appeared. In truth, Alexei exceeded my expectations and became more than I hoped for. 

Now that my books are getting a new life through re-publishing with a different publisher whom I love, I begin to work anew on the next adventure, DRAGON GATE, where Jade and Alexei experience an unexpected, yet destined reunion. The beginning chapters of this adventure were first written in 2012, following GOLD TRAIN, and I am preparing this unfinished manuscript (first 8 or so chapters) to be included in the new ACCIDENTAL SPY 3.3 OMNIBUS EDITION! 

I have another idea formed back in 2012, and now it may get a new life. The promising beginning was written a long time ago, and the working title of this book is RUSSIAN ROULETTE. I am very excited about these new Jade and Alexei adventures and I can see where they are both going… Also, more air time will be given in the future books to Jason (Stepford USA), Rachel (Stepford, USA and Gold Train) and Comrade General (Gold Train). Little Lara and the amazing cat, Princess Lily, will also show up. 

The new stories are already written in my head, I just need to put them on paper! There are explosive twists and turns my characters and I have planned, and more passionate and otherworldly romance too, the kind of a relationship most can only dream of! There will be more gorgeous places and jaw-dropping conspiracies throughout! Maybe even a bit more of a treasure hunt…

**A warning! The steamy intimate parts are definitely R-rated, but I can tell you that: 1. I personally think they are awesome and very logical for the characters created. 2. The original intimate scenes have been toned down, but not sterilized, in 2nd edition of Gold Train and the future Dragon Gate. 3. The original, uncut, full romantic and intimate scenes from Gold Train and Dragon Gate will be published as a separate compilation, sold exclusively in the ✍️BOOKS bookstore.

But no spoilers, all in good time!

Yours, Lada Ray


And now, an inside look



(Accidental Spy Iraq prequel 0, a novelette/short)

The first Jade Snow adventure, despite its small size packing action and surprising twists throughout, all the way to the riveting end! A young American journalist Jade Snow lands in Baghdad at the height of the Iraqi war, on her first serious international assignment. Against advice, she leaves the safety of the Green Zone and gets caught up in a suicide bomber attack. Before all clues are gone, the race to uncover the real truth someone’s covering up, begins.
Tracing the tragic life of a young Iraqi and his family leads Jade to a shocking discovery of an impossible karmic link between the bomber and an American sergeant killed in his attack. 

(Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure 1, a novel)
Some conspiracies hide in small towns with perfect facades

In the first full-sized Accidental Spy adventure, now pregnant Jade Snow lands in an idyllic and restful paradise hiding a hideous conspiracy, an ugly crime for which an innocent man was jailed.
Amid the small town charm which behind its perfect facade conceals death, danger and buried secrets, Jade must uncover the uncomfortable truths, bring closure to the victims and free the wrongly accused! Along the way, Jade will discover her psychic gift and find predestined relationships she’ll treasure for life.

(Accidental Spy Russia Adventure 2, a novel)
Now it gets really interesting!

The Gypsy Rada’s prophecy: “You’ll find something very valuable, but lose something even more valuable instead.”
In the following bestselling novel, Jade Snow, now a wife and mom to an adorable toddler daughter, on a quest to rekindle her practically dead international journalist career, goes to Russia, to discover not only the alluring mystery of the world’s largest treasure, the lost Gold of the Russian Empire, but also a shocking international conspiracy that, if not stopped, could lead to WWIII.

On top of it, she finds something she was never looking for, a passionate star-crossed relationship that will become her destiny! 
Packed with thrilling twists and turns throughout, complete with an entirely original ending that’ll ‘blow your socks off,’ as one reviewer pointed out!

**Sample cover © 2012

(Accidental Spy Asia Adventure 3 – an unfinished novel, in progress) 
**First several chapters, full of tantalizing twists and turns, included as part of the Accidental Spy 3.3 Omnibus

In the following adventure, Jade is called to solve a mystery which will reveal a deeply layered, world-shattering international conspiracy, well-hidden in the most unlikely of places.
Amid spies, secrets and lies, a divinely guided encounter throws Jade and Alexei yet again together, to prevent a looming catastrophe that could wipe out a small Asian village, or set the whole world on fire.
Along the way, they’ll uncover some inspiring truths about themselves and real love that defies reality, time and space, but at the same time, they’ll have to make the biggest sacrifice of their lives!

(Accidental Spy New Treasure Adventure 4)
**Working title **The idea and beginning written – book in progress
**Russian Roulette’s riveting beginning included as a bonus in Accidental Spy 3.3 Omnibus

Following the reality-bending and heart-stopping Asia adventure, Jade returns to New York, where she lives with her little daughter Lara and cat Princess Lily, trying to mend her aching heart and pick up the pieces of her life. But something’s always missing. Jade’s best friend, Dr. Rachel Weise, continues with her thriving psychoanalyst practice.

One day, Jade surprises Rachel and Lara with a trip to a luxury tropical resort, planned as a well-deserved break for overworked Rachel, her rock all these years, and an opportunity to forget about Jade’s own turbulent past. It all begins very idyllic, but quickly falls apart when a completely unexpected ghost from the past, whose words could never be ignored, delivers the shocking news: they are in danger and must drop everything!
As Jade and Rachel try to come to grips with their new reality, Jade gets a disturbing premonition of a disaster about to befall Alexei and his family. A race to right the wrongs, prevent yet another major conspiracy, find the missing pieces of the treasure puzzle and ultimately save the day, begins!

Sometimes even the biggest heroes need help, and this time it’s up to Jade to be the rock!
In the end of this adventure, much will be lost… but even more will be found, changing everyone’s lives forever!


The original story link: ACCIDENTAL SPY CONFESSIONS!

All content COPYRIGHT © LADA RAY 2006-2023. All rights reserved.



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**The partial manuscript for the future DRAGON GATE and the beginning of RUSSIAN ROULETTE will be included in the ACCIDENTAL SPY 3.3 OMNIBUS – coming soon!

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