Peaceful Co-Existence, Freedom & Happiness Are Interconnected (the Story of a Dog and a Leopard)

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The story of a dog and a leopard was sent to me by someone via email, and I think it has a great meaning. 


This incident is from the resthouse adjacent to the Kombaru sanctuary in Karnataka.

**Karnataka is a state in southwest India, with Arabian Sea coastlines.**

A leopard was chasing a dog. The dog entered the toilet through a window. The toilet was closed from the outside.

The leopard entered behind the dog, and both got stuck in the toilet. When the dog saw the leopard, he panicked and quietly sat in one corner. He didn’t even dare to bark.

Even though the leopard was hungry and was chasing the dog, he did not eat the dog. He could have had dinner by tearing off the dog in one leap.

But the two animals were together in different corners for almost twelve hours. During these twelve hours, the leopard was also quiet.

The forest department zeroed in on the leopard and captured him using a tranquillizer dart.

Now the question is, why didn’t the hungry leopard tear off the dog when it was easily possible??

The wildlife researchers responded to this question: According to them, wild animals are very sensitive to their freedom. As soon as they realize their liberty has been taken away, they can feel deep sorrow, so much so that they can forget their hunger.

Their natural motivation to feed the stomach begins to fade away.

Freedom and happiness are connected. Freedom to think, act and live in a way that we wish.

But there’s more! 

This is about mutual respect and peaceful co-existence in one space, an effect known to us historically and from literature.

There is a real-life echo here from the Oscar-winning film ‘Life of Pi,’ where the boy and the tiger had to survive together for days.

There is also a viral real-life Russian story of a goat and a rare Ussurian tiger from the Far East. The goat was supposed to be tiger’s food, but instead, they became friends, sleeping together and every day roaming together their spacious enclosure at the wild life sanctuary.

It also reminds me of an old Russian film that made waves in its day (don’t recall its title). It was about a Red Army soldier and a German Nazi soldier during WWII, both heavily wounded during a battle, stuck together in a Finnish woman’s hut, who nursed them to health. 

Neither of them spoke each other’s language, but the three of them had to co-exist, despite being mortal enemies. The Russian soldier remembered very well how much sorrow and destruction the Germans brought to Russia, while the German had to tone down his aggression. They both helped the woman to fix her crumbling house, doing the chores together, as they recovered. 

After both soldiers got better and left, unbeknownst to them, the Finnish woman ended up having twins, whom she called after both of her strange guests. And she told her children the stories about them.


~ Lada

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  1. Great story, Lada! Thank you for sharing. Isn’t it interesting what animals can teach us. In this case, that Freedom is more important than anything. Amen and amen.

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  2. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Very cool story Lada, thx 4 sharing many of life’s valuable lessons! The Russian movie is titled:
    The Cuckoo (Russian: Кукушка, translit. Kukuška) is a 2002 Russian war comedy drama film directed by Aleksandr Rogozhkin. It takes place during World War II, and the action is seen from the opposing perspectives of a Soviet soldier and a Finnish soldier stranded together at a Sami woman’s farmhouse.
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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    • Thanks for clarification. That is correct, the Cuckoo, I remembered it also – later. 🙂
      Right, a Finnish soldier, not German, but it has to be understood he was fighting on the side of the Nazi Germany. That was the point of the film: enemies forced to co-exist together. ~ Love, Lada


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