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I was watching a card reading by the The Nordic Light, from Sweden.

**Video shared as fair-use, as an illustration and confirmation of the discussion below!**

You may be wondering what all this is about and why I’m telling you this? Read on — all’s explained below, and I think you’ll find it fascinating and synchronistic. Also, later, you may want to try to pick your own pile, for fun, and see how it resonates with you!

This is pick-a-card reading, which, some of you may remember, I’ve done a bit on my YT channel Timeless Empath Readings some time ago. Try some of mine and see how they work for you, as well! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time on my hands currently to continue doing those readings, although I very much enjoy them. I do some for myself, and sometimes I pull confirmation cards for clients before the consultation — more for fun — and after we discuss everything, I reveal the cards, which usually confirm our session’s revelations. It’s amazingly uncanny: the cards pulled before the session predict what revelations will occur during the session! 

But overall, in CONSULTATIONS and elsewhere I find that cards only slow me down. I get faster and more profoundly to the point simply through claircognizance, clairvoyance, Multidimensional psychology and Quantum Calibrations. (**The latter two are Lada Ray-coined terms.)

That said, for relaxation, meditation and fun, as well as for the artwork, I LOVE the Tarot and Oracle cards, and I have quite a collection at home. Some of the artwork is stunning; I collect based on the best artwork, for the best wisdom value and the cards that are of the highest-dimensional intent. And of course, I calibrate each deck ahead of time. 

I’m sure, some time I’ll share my collection with you. 

I opened the reading in question because I had some time to relax and because I was intrigued by the title.

How pick-a-card works: you pick a pile you are drawn to out of several choices presented by the reader. Sometimes the piles may not speak to you, but if they do, it’s often a treat. Pick-a-card readings are timeless, you can pick yours at anytime, if it’s meant for you, it’ll resonate.

This time, I picked the No. 2 pile (“Give Birth”) and my jaw dropped. The reader was exactly describing me and my life’s mission in a way that truly resonated! Listen to No. 2 option and see for yourself! Except for the mention of food, the rest is absolutely spot on and goes to the core!

🍓Pile 2 starts @ 30:44 (Give birth), ends around 48:10

Listen to the end of Pile 2 – it’s especially accurate towards the end!

Sometimes it felt like it was a private reading done only for me, down to the key words like: giving birth to something new, balancer, leader, being unique, doing things in a new way, pioneer, leading through love, balancing feminine and masculine, nourishment (aka, support I offer to my clients), going deep, revealing secrets and exposing shadows, writer and investigator, revealing truth, healing karma, being a teacher, helping children (many clients’ higher-dimensional children are also my clients), being a lightworker, creating a special community, and much more. And even ‘having many projects / things to share’ is mentioned! Even the Robin Hood analogy is pretty spot on! 

Quote: “You are the teacher, leader, innovative changer of the world”


I recommend watching the video, #2 pile, first, it’s only 18 minutes. 



The resonance is uncanny! I am floored — and humbled!

1. From my newest FREE ESP with Lada Ray podcast mission statement

“Welcome to the revolutionary ESP with Lada Ray podcast, where we unite what was previously considered separate: the 3D reality and Multidimensional consciousness. ESP stands simultaneously for: “Extra Sensory Perception” and “Earth Shift Podcast.” The Great Earth Shift is a term coined, described and taught by Lada Ray.

Learn why we are going through the exciting 2000-year mega-shift in all areas of humanity and planet Earth’s existence, and how we, as souls who chose to incarnate during this revolutionary time, can grow through it!”

2. From FREE Telegram

“Lada Ray’s Geopolitics, Quantum Calibrations, Multidimensional Universe & acclaimed Predictions.”

3. From

“Quantum Calibrations, Geopolitical Predictions & Earth Shift!”

**Illuminating the shadows and revealing truths; injecting light and love into the darkness of the 3D word and geopolitical struggles!

How’s that for balancing the yin and yang, moderating the ‘devil’ with the light and love!


The image and the slogan on


Latest QUOTES – more confirmations

QUOTE 1 – From the CONSULTATIONS page:

“​Lada Ray is a higher-dimensional soul, here to help humanity expand consciousness and discover ​a path to a better future. ​
​Her consultations are permeated with the energy of healing, joy and higher truth – ​to help you zero in on transforming your life.”

QUOTE 2 – From recent free post:


“Celebrate any joyous and positive occasion with all your heart, despite what may come in the 3D reality around us!

We owe it to ourselves and the world! The more positive and hopeful energy to go around, the higher the vibration and better the future of our Planet Earth!”

~Lada Ray

QUOTE 3 – From post:

YOU ARE HERE TO USHER IN NEW EARTH | Spiritual Messages Download (Open MDU/MHAP)

“YOU ARE AMONG THE LEADERS and CREATORS OF THE NEW EARTH! You are here to help create, in your unique way, the New Earth.

What is the New Earth? It is what will emerge — in fact, it’s emerging already — as a result of the Great Earth Shift, as envisioned by me and other visionaries of our world!

Everyone who resonates with this message is in a big or small way contributing to the Earth Shift and creation of the New Earth.

And some of you also told me that you don’t feel comfortable here on Earth. Or if it’s not you, your children don’t feel comfortable. This is because you, or your children, are here to help shift the vibration to the New Earth frequencies, from the Old Earth 3D paradigm. You aren’t supposed to feel comfortable in the old paradigm. You vibrate on a very different frequency!

This is why I created this unique in our world Lada Ray Patreon site! So the unique people like us could find friends and the community of like-minded souls.

Lada Ray Patreon is more than a community. It is a SOUL FAMILY!

In the next months you’ll see me talk more and more about spiritual and multidimensional matters of the universe and planet Earth!


I began the official ESP with Lada Ray podcast, where we’ll primarily focus on the Earth Shift, Extra-Sensory Perception and Multidimensional Universe!

Keep your eye on some new BOOKS I’m planning this year and in the years after!

And I am also beginning a new Series of Workshops @ MDU on!

**Watch for announcements in late March – April on my new MDU program re. Multidimensional Species and Souls of the Universe! I’ll talk about demonics, reptilians, greys, dragons, angels, elementals, starseeds, lightworkers and much more! How to recognize them, their goals, missions, etc.”

QUOTE 4 – And finally, this REALLY brings it home!

From THE BIGGEST MISSING PIECE! Spirituality vs. Geopolitics – Law of Attraction vs. Reality! (Open MDU/MHAP)

“I think that for many of us – those who are closely monitoring the events in the world, yet at the same time are highly spiritual, higher-dimensional beings – this becomes a central question. Do we take on too much pain of the world that’s not ours? Should we more focus on ourselves, and stop so closely following world events? Should we focus more on the future than the past, spirituality instead of reality? And conversely, are those people, who only focus on spiritual or esoteric matters and shy away from geopolitics and politics, hiding their heads in the sand? Is the reality only an illusion, as some teach?

  • The currently predominant point of view is that you are either spiritual or your live in the so-called ‘reality,’ which in fact is the: ‘I only believe that which I can see, touch and feel’ 3D reality.
  • Spiritual people hate and/or despise ‘reality’ and those who live in it, considering themselves above it.
  • The ‘reality’ people’ think ‘spiritual’ people are flakes, who live in la-la land and hide their heads in the sand.
  • Both of these opposing views only confirm what I call the ‘yin-yang contrast’

And here is the REAL CONCLUSION!

In higher-5D and dimensions above, there is simply no separation, and the whole world, with all the light and dark, is perceived as one flow of the universal consciousness. This is why both geopolitics/reality and consciousness/spirituality have an equal place and value in it!

This is why it’s equally important to talk about both, which is what I am trying to do through my work.”


**If you are interested, you can also pick a pile for yourself, and yours may be very different from mine – let us know how accurate it’s for you!

(**By the way: a shoutout to Judy – to our discussion!)

~Lada Ray


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