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Dec 7, 2017



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Oct 5, 2017

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Best of luck and see you on FuturisTrendcast.


March 12, 2017

UPDATED FT COMMENTING RULES. As of today, the following rules are in effect:

The comments have been turned off for a few days, but now they are back online. Please leave comments responsibly and according to BLOG RULES. Any trolling, frivolous or off-topic comments will be deleted. Trolls or shills, as always, will be banned without second glance. Comment Section on FT is reserved as a forum for relevant on-topic discussion and support of Lada Ray and her work. FT Comment Section is NOT an external link bank; therefore, links will be published only when they are highly relevant to the subject at hand and only from approved by Lada Ray and her moderator Az reputable sources. We do not guarantee your link and/or your comment containing such link, will be published. Exceptions are the official FT Contributors (Stanislav/Nemo, 1EarthUnited/Maddie, Kauilapele/KP, Masaki/Akaida1) as well as our recommended sources (RT, News Front, Official President of Russia Site, and a few others listed in RESOURCES), whose links are allowed. When in doubt, don’t include a link with your comment. We always welcome on-topic discussion and supportive, positive comments!

March 16, 2016

Update for people who complain they have trouble subscribing to FuturisTrendcast via email:

There should be no problem with entering your email to receive notifications of new posts via email.

If you have tried email subscription and it didn’t work, there is something in your email service blocking the process. Could be some setting of yours.

Our advice: try using a different email. You may want to try and forward your gmail emails to your primary email.

Another way: RECOMMENDED! is to open WordPress account and then you can easily follow FuturisTrendcast from your WP account. You don’t have to start the actual blog – just open an account, that’s all.

If you sign up for WordPress (WP) account, following Lada’s posts on FT becomes an easy one-click affair (more on this page below). Besides, it will then be easy for you to like Lada’s posts and comment. The only thing you will have to remember is to write down your WP password, so you can again get in later.

Good luck

-FT Admin

August 6, 2015 

Tips for readers: we always have a lot of interesting revelations and info posted in the comment section of each article. So not to miss anything valuable, make sure you follow FuturisTrendcast and sign up for ‘Follow Comments.’ Comments for any article are closed after 30 days. In that case, post your comments under the latest article.

March 28, 2015

Blog rules explained and clarified further:

March 14, 2015

A new, very persistent troll has appeared on my blog, and he was banned after second infraction. He had the audacity to call me “Citizen Stalin.” This really didn’t help him.

Reminder for any trolls and shills out there: you will not only be banned, but also outed for the whole world to see, per my earlier, “How to train your troll” article. I have neither patience, nor energy to spare for idiots, ignoramuses and deliberate provocateurs.

As the stated mission of this blog is to spread the truth, those posting false information will also be banned. Remember, I was there and I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS AND WAS GOING ON – and what never did. So, if you are the product of western propaganda, or a shill, you have no place on my blog.

This blog is for the enlightened, the open-minded, the forward-looking, the thinking people of the world – for those who see and want to see the truth. All of you are very welcome.

Read BLOG RULES below.


January 25, 2015

New update:

For additional info, read new post: Educational Demo: How to Train Your Troll

Please note, any disrespectful comments will be deleted. If you have interesting thoughts or ideas you think are worthy of being posted on FT, have courage, intelligence and self-respect to defend them with dignity.

Shills, trolls, crazies and such, will be banned and rooted out without second chances.

FT admin

December 15, 2014

How to Follow/ Subscribe/ Receive email notifications from FuturistTrendcast:

1. If you do not have a WordPress account, sign up for email notifications by clicking on the “FOLLOW” Tab on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. As the tab opens, the ‘enter email’ signup form will appear. Add your email address and click follow. Then go to your email and confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link.

2. If you are a WordPress user, make sure you are logged on with your account. Then go to the top right hand corner of the sidebar and look for “FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL”. Type in your email address and click follow. Then go to your email and confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link.

See BLOG RULES below for more info.

FT  Admin


September 6, 2014

The following reminder and reinforcement to the blog rules is effective today. Please also make sure you read full BLOG COMMENTING RULES below!

Persistent, negative and demanding comments by a couple of readers in the past 2-3 days, which were borderline stalking, have made me post this new message. Please note, I value my readers’ feedback and comments. Most of my readers are truly wonderful and considerate, and if you are in this category – this does not concern you! However, as always, there are a few who spoil the party.

Therefore, let me be even more clear than before:

1. All comments will continue being moderated.

2. Any negative, belligerent or disrespectful comments will be deleted.

3. With a rare exception, I will not answer any reader questions asking me to critically evaluate someone else’s theory or point of view, or analyse anyone else’s work, unless I approve of that work.

4. External links issue: To preserve the integrity of the FuturisTrendcast blog and Lada Ray’s reputation, and also because FT Admin has no time to check every link posted by readers in their comments, the number of external links in comments is to be limited to a minimum. There are sources I approve of, but there are many I don’t approve, or the ones unknown to us. Just because they seem credible to one reader it doesn’t mean they are in fact “credible.”

Because the mission of FT is to spread TRUTH and dispel lies, as well as enlighten and elevate people, we will not allow the links, or linked videos, that serve someone’s private agenda that is inconsistent with our mission. Therefore, I ask every commenter to be careful with links, to avoid deletion. Specifically:

Comments containing excessive (unless they directly enhance the article at hand) links will not be allowed. Comments containing links only, or comments centered around the promotion of an external link will not be allowed. Comments containing links to ‘info’ that I know to be false, manipulated or misleading will be deleted without a second glance. Please don’t be offended if you failed to comply. No exceptions to these rules!

I don’t want to disallow links altogether as once in a blue moon someone posts a comment containing a good and/or interesting one.

5. PLEASE REMEMBER: THIS IS THE COMMENT SECTION OF THE FUTURISTRENDCAST BLOG, not an external link bank! Please post relevant comments, and try to do so without the link crutch. Thank you for your understanding.

More about external links in RULES below.

6. TROLLS – don’t even bother. Any trolling comments will be spammed and you will be banned from commenting ever again. Going forward, I will not respond to any trolling or negative comments. They will be either deleted, or spammed – no exceptions. Deletion will allow you to comment in the future; spamming of a comment bans you from commenting.

As I said before, this doesn’t concern most readers and commenters, only those few who have a malicious intent, or those who don’t seem to have any boundaries and don’t seem to grasp the meaning of the original rules posted below. Unfortunately, these are the few who also cause most mayhem and trouble.

7. I cannot respond to every comment and every question, although I usually will be happy to respond to most of the good, highly calibrated, interesting and legitimate ones. If you wrote a wonderful comment, but I have not responded for whatever reason, I assure you, I have read it and appreciated. In a rare instance that a comment gets sent to spam by WP by mistake, we will eventually retrieve it.

I always appreciate supportive and considerate readers. Please feel free to comment!

This is for a different kind of comments: Do not pursue me if I have not responded, or if FT Admin decided not to post your comment. Go back and review what you wrote and next time do not violate the RULES… or consider writing a more interesting comment that might catch my attention.

8. I spend a lot of my limited and valuable time to share my knowledge, wisdom and vision with all for FREE. My time isn’t infinite.

9. Therefore, if you feel you have additional questions and crave additional knowledge that wasn’t covered in my free articles/videos: If you are committed and interested in a deeper understanding and learning; if you have profound questions that you want answered for your personal and professional growth/better living/preparation for the upcoming Earth Shift (incl. Geopolitics, Predictions, Earth Shift, Feng Shui and Shamanism), you can schedule a PAID PERSONAL CONSULTATION by contacting me via my Private Contact Form. Consultations page will be added to this blog and eventually.

As always, yours,


August 10, 2014

Dear readers, the email subscription button on the side bar has been fixed. You can now subscribe by email via the new subscribe box on the side bar. (It turns out WP previous widget was corrupted, which I only found out due to complaints from readers). I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused – Lada

August 3, 2014

Effective today, there will be changes to commenting rules on FuturisTrendcast as follows: only comments relevant to the topic will be allowed, including feedback, praise, questions and additional/corroborating info/facts/personal opinions that add to the discussion and full picture; all comments will be moderated; this is a discussion forum, not an external link bank, therefore, there will be emphasis on commenting – links being secondary. I feel that there has been an overuse of my allowing links on this blog (which not every blogger does). Some commenters seem to be using the comment section to flood it with external links.

Comments containing nothing but external links, or multiple links (unless they provide valuable addition to the topic at hand), will not be published. Only relevant links, and links contributing to the discussion, will be allowed. I encourage readers to post opinions, questions and other feedback in their own words, instead of relying on the link crutch. I spend a lot of my time to share my vast knowledge and information with you – the least you can do in return is to give me the same courtesy.

Similarly, do not provide links, asking me to read this or that unrelated article, watch video, or translate. As I indicated many times, my time is limited and I am unable to do so. If I watched all the videos/read all articles everyone sends me, I would be doing only that all day long. Since I have to write and do other things as well, this is not an option.

What saddens me is this: in the course of the past month or so, I had to point out the above, seemingly obvious, things to two different persons, who, I felt, were abusing my kindness and consideration of responding in detail to various reader comments (which, I assure you, very few bloggers and writers would do with such meticulous regularity). These two persons wrote back that I was rude and unhelpful, and one of them used a few stronger words, which I won’t repeat! I simply do not appreciate such usury and unsavory attitude, and anyone displaying it will not be allowed to comment at all. I realize that the vast majority of my readers aren’t like that, and I thank everyone who takes the time to post an encouraging and positive comment. It is unfortunate that 2 rotten apples can leave such an aftertaste.

If you’d like my opinion, you can briefly summarize the nature of your question and/or provide a brief quote in your comment. If you have an interesting or legitimate question, I most likely will find a way to answer it. But if you want me to do a lot of work for you, while you in return don’t want to put even a tiny bit of effort into formulating your question with your own words, don’t expect your question to be heard, and your comment to be published.

My readers and fans are important to me and I love hearing from you! Thank you for your understanding!

For an example of what acceptable comments should look like, go to the comment section of my previous article. This comment section is now fully compliant with new rules (I did cut some slack for some links). Thanks to all those who contributed good comments to Predictions. Kiev Junta Losses, Botched False Flag, Foreign Mercenaries, Shale Gas in Ukraine Goes Puff, How Long Has the Kiev Junta Left?

Older articles’ comment sections were not affected by new rules.

I do appreciate comments that simply say hello and tell me that you found my article, interviews, books interesting and/or helpful. Apart from saying a lot of good things about your class, this in turn, helps me get the required feedback for my future work. I respect most those readers who show their respect for me and my work. The golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated.

Finally, to answer some readers’ questions:

a. To answer a question about subscribing to my blog: you can subscribe by email via the subscribe box on the side bar. This the a new, updated widget. It turns out WP previous widget was corrupted, which I only found out due to complaints from readers that they were unable to subscribe. It’s now fixed.

b. It is a good idea to post comments if you want to stay in touch. I enjoy hearing from you and will usually find a way to say a return hello to a sincere comment. Please do not use my business contact form for that. Take a leap and comment! My private contact email is reserved for business inquiries only. For more on that see CONTACT.

c. If you have a wordpress account, you may also follow on top bar. To open a WP account you don’t need to start a WP blog. Make sure you adjust your WP settings to receive confirmations of my new posts.

d. Make sure you add me/wordpress to your email list, as some email services may send subscription confirmation email from wordpress into spam.

  1. Marty Rubenstein

    Hey Lada I find your blog most fascinating and informative keep up the good work your language reminds me of my mother and her battle with English she was born in Vilna and migrated to Australia in the turbulent 50’s I am sure if she would be alive you would be top of her list of social commentators cheers Marty

    Liked by 2 people

  2. News item on RT (21/9): “those marching on Sunday deny Kiev’s and Washington’s responsibility for the events in southeastern Ukraine and “see Russia as the aggressor; as the party that is undermining a chance for peace” in the region.”
    Well, Evgeny Alexeevich was right, after all…


  3. Lada, don’t be discouraged! If you receive negative comments, I would have to believe they come from the Zionist-Troll type of people who continually try to discourage Light Bearers such as yourself. Your information is on-point! I just transmitted to you a donation.


  4. Dear Lada,
    have a short look at

    May be interesting…

    Best Wishes
    Ralph Netzker


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