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CATHARSIS, Legend of the Lemurians

GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia #2)

STEPFORD, USA (Accidental Spy Small Town #1)

GREEN DESERT (Accidental Spy Iraq prequel)


ACCIDENTAL SPY CONFESSIONS! ​​New books on the horizon?

The EARTH KEEPERS SERIES gets second wind!




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A guide to Lada Ray Fiction Books

Reader question: In what order should I read Lada’s books?

You can read them in any order you like, or you can read them in the sequence suggested below. The list of books: 1 epic novel THE EARTH SHIFTER (104k words – 390 pages), 2 full-size novels: GOLD TRAIN and Stepford USA (about 69k words – 290 pages each), and 2 novelettes, Green Desert and Catharsis, which are smaller than novels (12k words – 30-40 pages each). It is also useful to check out book descriptions and reviews for each book on Amazon. Click on each book cover below to visit its Amazon page!

Accidental Spy Series:

GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) #2 – intense, revealing and fast-paced spy thriller & treasure adventure novel, Amazon bestseller 2012. STEPFORD USA (Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure) #1 – a lighter-toned mystery/thriller novel for cat and dog lovers, as well as lovers of truth and justice, humor and happy ends. Green Desert (Accidental Spy Iraq Prequel) #0 – short, but dramatic ‘butterfly effect’ read that makes you think about the world around us.

While you can certainly read just one or two Accidental Spy books, it helps to read these sequentially (#0 – #1 – #2) in order to better understand character development and follow the events. This series is united by the main heroine, the jet setting, truth-and-justice-seeking American journalist with Russian roots, Jade Snow, and several other characters. Other than that, each adventure is different. Please read synopsis below to decide whether you would like to read all of these, or just the ones to which you are most drawn.

Earth Shifter & Earth Keepers:

THE EARTH SHIFTER – consistently reader top-rated. Prophetic, mystical  adventure/thriller. The main book of this series (more books are projected, but no dates as of now), it is Lada’s depository of mystical knowledge and visionary wisdom – her cornerstone novel. Set in Moscow, Lake Baikal, Siberia, New York and Princeton, as well as the mystical realms of Heaven and Earth, this book is filled with spies and clandestine global agendas,  adventures and drama, shamans and higher consciousness prophecies. Much can be said about this book; however, it’s better to actually read it!

Catharsis (Legend of the Lemurians), Earth Keepers #1 – a short, but cosmic in action & feel, mystical adventure. Written as a brief, alternative history prequel and companion to The Earth Shifter. Earth Keepers share the higher wisdom and altruistic feel of The Earth Shifter. More books will be added to this mini-series of novelettes eventually.

For more on each book, please read synopsis and stats below. International buy links can also be found below.



ES COVER ebook

A Prophetic Mystical Thriller – Top-rated

THE EARTH SHIFTER in itself is Earth’s record-keeper, a warning, and a prophecy.

Prophecy of the Key: “Every time human civilization reaches a crucial threshold, the Key of Destiny appears to open the coveted door into the future of unheard potential for humanity. It has happened before…and it is about to happen now. Except the new Key is unique and precious, even by the Cosmic Key of Destiny standards. Its perilous path is fraught with mystical discovery and mortal danger, as many powerful and ruthless forces line up to prevent the Key from fulfilling its destiny.”

Comet of Karma tasked with destroying a failing civilization… Earth Keepers agonizing over the ultimate decision…. Protectors risking their lives to keep the world intact… Global conspiracy attempting to usurp power on Earth… Old spy organization with a secret human weapon… Shifters, with power over mind, matter, time, and space… And three teenagers, two of whom are born to become the all-important Key of Destiny, if they succeed in keeping their souls uncorrupted, and if they manage to come together before it’s too late!

Major themes: 1. Massive conspiracy to control the world by a group of powerful and ruthless individuals who remain in the shadows, except their pointmen, CIA boss and a Russian oligarch; 2. Remote Viewing and Russian Intelligence; 3. Time travel and Siberian shamanic powers; 5. Underworld populated with mysterious beings whose true power and motives are unknown.

Setting: Sacred Lake Baikal in Siberia, Moscow & New York.
The Earth Shifter is filled with impressive cast of characters, punctuated with mind-bending twists, and wrapped in a fabric of profound revelations.
Recommended for most ages; most readers are adults, but it’s suitable for teens as well. 104,000 words, 394 print pages. 
Genre: visionary/metaphysical, historical fantasy, geopolitical/spy thriller


CATHARSIS (Legend of the Lemurians)


Karma can be a beautiful maiden or a bitch… 

This metaphysical fantasy/sci-fi novelette is a prequel/companion to THE EARTH SHIFTER, and first in the new mini-series. As the red planet Catharsis faces its destruction, the race of the Lemurians is saved from the catastrophe by the goddess Mu and taken to their new home, Earth. We follow the altruistic adventures of Morf, the leader of the young Lemurains both on Catharsis and as the nebulous inter-dimensional craft brings him and his tribe to the promised land, later dubbed Lemuria. In the following books we’ll also meet the neighboring race of Atlanteans and witness the appearance of the first Earth Keepers, leading the mini-series to its explosive conclusion.

This top-rated read, containing powerful and timely messages, is great for most readers. While the majority of readers are adults, teens 12 and up are also invited to check it out.

Genre: visionary/metaphysical, fantasy/sci-fi, alternative history.  11,000 words, 32 pages



GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure)

2012 Amazon/Kindle bestseller! Based on true historic events
Begin your secret love affair with Russia! GOLD TRAIN is a fast-paced thrill ride, complete with deadly conspiracy, FSB spies, dangerous romance and an unexpected mystical element. 
Think Jason Bourne & Russia House fusion with a mystical twist…
1918: Civil War in Russia. The entire Gold Reserve of the Russian Empire vanishes without a trace. 
Today: Jade Snow, international journalist and stay-at-home mom turned spy extraordinaire, travels to Russia to reconnect with the half-forgotten country of her ancestors and investigate tantalizing mystery of the Gold Train. Instead, she lands in the midst of a deadly international conspiracy threatening to change the fate of one of the world’s most powerful nations, and finds forbidden love that she had never looked for. Embroiled in a net of intrigue, secrets and royal glamor, and refusing to be a pawn in a struggle of forces beyond her control, Jade must choose between her worst friends and best enemies… and the world’s future just might depend on her choice!
A close-up look at Russia’s turbulent history and its fast-evolving present, this spy thriller is in fact a love story. Yes, there is an intense love intrigue between the two protagonists, Jade and Alexei. However, there is also something much more profound. The secret love developing between Jade and Alexei is a symbol of the forbidden and confusing love affair, which has always existed between some people in the West and Russia. The mysterious Russian soul and the mystical attraction of this country is what Jade experiences fully during her Russian adventure.
Gold Train is a fast-paced thrill-ride adventure based on real historic and recent events. As such, it is geared towards all those who want to know the truth and who are not afraid to look it in the eye!
Genre: historical mystery, geopolitical/spy thriller, action/adventure. For readers 16+ due to a couple of steamy (but tasteful) romantic scenes. NO adult language or overt violence. Spectacular setting and tons of valuable information about history and Russia. 68,000 words, 288 print pages

STEPFORD USA (Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure)


Some conspiracies hide in small towns with perfect facades…

Experience Jade Snow’s humble beginnings as a sexy international super-sleuth in “Small Town USA,” before she turns spy extraordinaire in GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure)! 
Jade Snow, international journalist who braved Iraq and Afghanistan, arrives to the idyllic Berkshires, MA. But Stepford is the perfect town where nothing is what it seems. The idea is for Jade to get her rest before the arrival of the baby and while her husband is on a dangerous assignment to Somalia. However as usual, Jade finds a life-threatening adventure where no one else would look. She must get to the bottom of the unlikely local conspiracy, free up a rape victim from her terrified silence and rehabilitate the wronged man. All this, while managing to stay sane and alive. Camouflaged as a cozy mystery, including the incumbent knitting club and a cool super-sleuth cat, Stepford USA digs much deeper, including the ironic look at a typical American small town setup, complete with kindly, yet utterly clueless local knitting ladies, and a stinging satire encouraging the reader to acknowledge the corruption and failures of the American justice system.
Beautiful setting, a wisp of romance, mystical element + humor included at no extra charge. For readers 14 through adult. Includes Accidental Spy Sampler: excerpt from GOLD TRAIN + excerpt from future DRAGON GATE, Accidental Spy Asia Adventure

Genre: women sleuths, mystery/thriller, action/adventure, a bit of paranormal/metaphysical. 70,000 words, 292 print pages


GREEN DESERT (Accidental Spy Iraq Prequel novelette)


“Being in the wrong place at just the right time is my specialty.”
Meet Jade Snow, kick-ass international journalist, turned stay-at-home mom (Stepford USA), turned spy extraordinaire (Gold Train). Set in Iraq, this is her experience before the start of the Accidental Spy Series.
Jade Snow, a young, beautiful and ambitious international journalist, arrives to Iraq circa 2007. In war-torn Baghdad she witnesses a dramatic suicide bombing. As two unlikely letters from the opposite sides of the conflict literally drop in her lap, she sets upon a clandestine journey to reconstruct the events and uncover the shocking connection between the suicide bomber, a young Iraqi girl, and American sergeant killed in the attack.
A short, but riveting read for readers 14 through adult, incorporating psychology, world events, adventure, karma, and even some humor! Do you want to know the truth about the Iraqi war? As one reviewer put it: “This story will rock your world.” Bill Tillman

With comprehensive Accidental Spy sampler, including excerpts from Stepford USA, Gold Train, and from the future Dragon Gate (Asia Adventure)! Genre: thriller, action/adventure, war & peace. 12,500 words, 34 pages

  1. My review of The Earth Shifter on

    ***** 5.0 out of 5 stars Very Good and Very Interesting Story!, October 1, 2014
    This review is from: The Earth Shifter (Paperback)
    Very good and interesting story! We know nothing about Russia here in the West, now do we? So this is a great book, and her other books for that matter, to learn more about the history of this immensely big and unknown land!
    Next to history this book is about Shamanisme, Mind control, Remote Viewing, and Esoteric and Karmic issues, so very interesting for those who are, or not, familiar and/or interested in reading about all these fascinating topics!
    Very well done, Lada Ray, I’m looking forward to the next installment!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I have them all and await more! If you get yourself cloned, one of you could write books while the other takes care of the rest of the responsibilities. Just don’t fight over use of the computer, and don’t one of you get jealous about the success of the other. Talk about family fights!

    Liked by 2 people

    • LOL. Nice pre-holiday comic relief – TYVM. And happy holiday cheer to you too. 😉
      Wouldn’t that be nice, but here’s a snag – we’re in the limiting 3D. As it stands, I have more computers than clones. So, whenever I do get the chance to self-clone, at least the computer fight won’t be an issue.
      My hubby may rejoice as well, lol. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I very much enjoyed the Earth Shifter.. but where’s part 2?!?! or do we have to live it first?

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Dear Lada
    I just wanted to comment on your all absorbing books! You cured me of ‘ I can’t read another book..’! I devoured them with joyfull suspence and abundance! Well written, the story lines completely had me captivated. My father, being involved in the second word war in Russia (he always said he was very grateful he never had to kill any person while in Russia) he always used to say how precious the Russian people were, without ever saying anything more.. I grew up appreciating Russia without knowing why. Maybe I’m beginning to understand that better now due to your wonderful descriptions and expressions in your books. Now I want to travel to Russia!! Thank you Lada Ray! Blessings to you …! When can we read Dragon Gate?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Really appreciate your very sweet testimonial, Marion. There can’t be anything better for a writer than to know her work is loved by readers!
      Should you feel so inclined, you might want to post what you’ve said here as reviews for my books on Amazon. I’m sure potential readers would want to read your opinion.
      Dragon Gate and other books: books take a long time to mastermind, write and publish. I presently don’t have release dates due to so many other events I have to write and speak about. However, any of my announcements and news will always get posted on this blog and

      Blessings right back,


      Liked by 1 person

  5. Lada Ray…Lada Ray…hmm, recognize the face, name is familiar…wasn’t she the one going on vacation some time ago, Hong Kong, I think, never did get a post card from her, good of her to write, of course, glad to hear from her. You know, she can write very well, it’s just that she found a readership she likes better than us. Can’t wait to be invited to her house, wherever that is now, and see the Kodachrome slide show of her travels.
    We may often agree but not always, but you are always good to read!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, you know I love all of my readers. It’s just that there is only one of me and only 24 hours in a day. I have several books started – some partially written and some in concept form. But stars have to allign to finish and publish them.

      You are always welcome to visit and participate on my blog forum, here on FT. I’ll be happy to see you, as all of my readers! We have lots of great discussion happening with every article I publish. Give it a chance! 🙂
      New interesting stuff is appearing on too.


      Liked by 1 person

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