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A must read, as it goes well beyond Greta and touches on Multidimensional wisdom and my solutions for humanity! It also gives you a very good idea on how I do my quantum calibrations, how I calibrate soul level and dimension, as well as soul mission; how I calibrate QC, CHI, heart chakra QC and CHI, how I psychically access Akashic Records and energy signature, look into one’s character, soul, karma, destiny, future and more, as part of my CONSULTATIONS and MULTIDIMENSIONAL QUANTUM CALIBRATION REPORT

This report opens a window into the MULTIDIMENSIONAL UNIVERSITY (MDU) world, which I’ll be unveiling very soon! 

The MDU is my new baby, my new endeavour, which I’m sure you and I will enjoy for years to come! I plan, workshops, courses, and other programs. I am designing my own proprietary mediations like you’ve never seen before, and my MHAP – Multidimensional Healing & Activation program is getting a new license on life! I am very excited and hope you are too! 

The report provides a wonderful taste of some of the things and ideas we’ll be covering in our MDU workshops, courses, meditations and Healing and Activation program! 


Lada Ray MONTHLY LIST: Explosive April 2021 & Eventful May Preview! Huge Changes, Shakeups & Transformations Underway!




Our traditional Monthly List of notable articles, posts and events, summarized for your convenience!


How Jupiter’s Move into Pisces on 5/13 Affects Us All🌸The High vs Low Manifestation: Expansion of Consciousness vs Confusion🌸(Open MDU/MHAP)

Why Am I shocked? THE UNIVERSE IS INFINITELY WISE & WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, whether we see it, or not… (Open MDU/MHAP)

THE MAGIC OF 5TH DIMENSION! Let’s Begin Unveiling the Mystery… (Open MDU/MHAP)

How Will Bill & Melinda Gates Divorce Affect the Earth Shift? Why the Cosmic Gates Plan Failed? (Lada Ray Psychic Multidimensional Report w. QC & Soul Dimensions!)

FREE POST HUGE SPRING SALE on Complete Webinar Series 4 (The Future of the US, Europe & China)!

Debunking Misrepresentations of Russia and Why I Stopped Writing for Western MSM! (Lada Ray Report)

Australia Spy Scandal & ‘Grey War’ with China: It’s About Much More than Australia! IMPORTANT NEW GLOBAL PREDICTIONS! Updates! IMPORTANT: PURCHASERS OF EARTH SHIFT WEBINARS, ESRs & Other Products – READ THIS!

FREE ARTICLE! The Real Reason the Collective West is So Unapologetically Russophobic! My Earth Shift Teachings Summarized & Explained in a Nutshell!


FREE ARTICLE! Poland: Russian Flag Deliberately Removed During World Championship Match to Cause Russian Player to Lose! + Ukraine Still Alive: Immortal Regiment Inside Kiev Rada!

MULTIDIMENSIONAL ZOOM MEET w. LADA Apr 28, 2021 – complete live event! (Past Life Regression, Soul & Power Animal Retrieval, COVID Update)

FREE ARTICLE! American Mercenaries Committed Atrocities/War Crimes in Donbass, Now Wanted by the US!

Urgent – All Patrons! New Patreon policies on COVID, QAnon & freedom of speech!

COMPLETE LIVE MEETNOW w. LADA 4/14/21! Snowden’s Influence on Russia-US Relations; Assange, Triggers & Awakeners; Patreon Status; + Subscription/Webinar/Workshop News! (LRC event)

URGENT! Lukashenko Accuses Biden of Assassination Attempt against Him & His Children. FSB Averts Armed Coup in Belarus! Coordinated Attack vs Russia, Belarus & Donbass!

Stop running and pause to enjoy the good stuff! New High-Vibration Consciousness Music Library: Opening Gates to Possibilities, Miracles, Success, Wealth & Prosperity (MDU/MHAP)

Joe Blinked First! Biden Urgently Calls Putin & Offers to Meet! REBALANCING UNDERWAY!

Crucial & Precise QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS! SAFETY & EFFICIENCY OF COVID VACCINES (3 Russian, over 3 Western, Chinese & Indian)!

Do I Foresee Any Long-Term Health Effects for Those Who Contracted COVID?

IMPORTANT PREDICTIONS! What I Foresee on Mandatory Vaccinations & When COVID Restrictions Will End? (STATE OF THE WORLD ENERGY April 2021)

ULTIMATE NORD STREAM-2 PREDICTIONS! Unprecedented Military Attack Against NS2! Will It Ever Be Finished?

Real Estate Boom & New Russian Law: Foreigners Can’t Own Property in Crimea


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Multidimensional EARTH SHIFT & Thinning of Veils Between Dimensions (New Age & Doreen Virtue story)

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New CAYUGA LAKE TALK, with lovely Ithaca marina and lake views!

Lots of multidimensional revelations & insight, using the fascinating and controversial New Age and Doreen Virtue story as a case study!



Multidimensional EARTH SHIFT

& Thinning of Veils Between Dimensions

(New Age & Doreen Virtue story) 


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3 Unbelievable Stories & Amazing Historic WWII Videos! 1st Red Square Victory Day Parade; Nazi generals ‘walk of shame’ through Moscow; 1st Victory Train from Berlin! 



As my annual tradition since 2014,

I am continuing my Virtual Victory Day Marathon & flashmob

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#Victory75  #VictoryDay  #May9  #ImmortalRegiment


The very first Victory Day Parade on Red Square. It actually took place on June 24, not on May 9. It was only much later that May 9th parade became a tradition.

Watch the famous footage of the defeated Nazi armies’ banners being thrown to the foot of the Kremlin & Mausoleum, including Hitler’s personal banner, starting @ 33:05!

There is a remarkable story and symbolism attached to it: the soldiers throwing the banners are wearing black gloves, which were sewn especially for the occasion, so they would not touch the ‘brown plague of Nazism’ with their bare hands. After the event, the gloves were burned.

VIDEO 2 – amazing story of Russian courage, higher consciousness… and sense of humor, despite extreme adversity!

The walk of shame of 57,000 captured German Nazi generals, officers and soldiers through Moscow, July 17, 1944. (They marched them through Tverskaya (back then Gorky) Street – the street they planned to invade Moscow through!

This story is truly remarkable. In 1941, the German Nazi command was preparing to capture Moscow. The German troops were 30 km from Moscow. Several heavy cargo trains were sent from Germany, loaded with parade uniforms for the ‘victorious German parade’ and granite to build the monument to German army on RED SQUARE!

It seemed all was lost. But the government never moved out of Moscow, Stalin never went into hiding, even though he was advised to do so. And on the night of November 6th to 7th, the red ruby stars on top of the Kremlin towers were uncovered and lit up, despite bombings. The famous November 7, 1941 Red Square parade lasted only 25 minutes. For the parade the regiments were pulled from the frontlines, and regiments of Moscow volunteers and cadets joined the ranks. From the parade all of these people went straight to the front lines, and many of them never returned. But the parade and the lit up red Kremlin stars made such an impact on troops that the German advancement was stopped and Moscow was saved.

In 1944 most, or all, territory of the USSR was already liberated and it was clear: next stop, Berlin! In July 1944 the Russian government made an announcement regarding the ‘walk of shame’ of half a million captured would-be-invaders. ‘Those individuals were looking forward to visiting Moscow since 1941 on their tanks,’ said the announcement, ‘and generous Soviet people decided to grant them this opportunity, albeit as captured war criminals and enemy combatants.’ Thousands upon thousands of Moscovites came out to watch those who tried to enslave them, those who killed 27 million of Soviet citizens, being convoyed on a sunny day through Moscow. That included many generals and high-ranking officers.

Watch the footage below: Russian people were extremely, remarkably calm and forgiving. In any other country, any other reality, after what Germans and other Nazi/fascist aggressors did to Russia/USSR and its people, they would be torn to pieces right there. And no one would blame the people.

The symbolism is rich and very telling. At the end, after the walk of shame is complete, the street washing machines, a Moscow tradition since 1930s, had washed away the ‘brown plague’ of Nazism, symbolically cleansing the streets of that deadly malaise. Later in this documentary beautifully made on the spot, people are shown returning to their peaceful daily routines.

The POWs shown were made work to rebuild Moscow and many of the cities and towns they had bombed, destroyed and burned. After that, many of them were allowed to return home, to Germany. The mercy shown to them, in my humble opinion, was out of this world and way above and beyond the call of duty. It was a totally different story with the Russian/Soviet POWs Germans had captured. It only came out in the past 20 or so years that in 1941, during the first several months of aggression, Germans and their allies, such as Romanians, killed between 1.5 and 2 million(!!!!) Soviet soldiers they had captured!!!! It was only later that they realized that by killing everyone left and right they created an enemy that resisted them to the end. They started sending them to concentration camps instead, where they were worked and starved to death. Any captured Soviet generals and officers were tortured and killed when they refused to cooperate with Nazis. Very few Russian/Soviet soldiers, if any, ever returned home. MOST GERMAN POWs DID SURVIVE and returned home!

And after this, they have the nerve to whine that Russians were somehow ‘not nice’ or that Russians ‘occupied’ them. Or the lie of lies, that Russians ‘raped’ a million German women??! No, they raped a billion – the bigger a lie the better. This is a common re-writing of history to whitewash their own sins and crimes: the victim, Russia/USSR, is portrayed as aggressor, while the aggressor, Germany and its allies, are portrayed as poor, innocent victim. And how desperate the EU and West in general are to reverse these polarities, to re-write history, especially now, during the 75th anniversary of Victory!


You’ll find more here:

IMPORTANT THOUGHTS & QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS OF NAZISM // Putin postpones 75th Victory Day Parade // The rise of neo-Nazism & new history re-write

75 Years Later, Nazism Won in Europe? Czechia Demolishes Monument to Russian Marshal Konev, Liberator of Auschwitz & Prague! (LADA RAY REPORT)


It happened before – many, many times! But it won’t happen this time. The truth is out there, and it refuses to be overridden!

Actually, German women felt their men betrayed them and their country by starting a war they had lost and destroying their lives. Therefore, it was natural they were grateful to Russian soldiers, who actually fed them and did no harm. (SEE 75 Years Later, Nazism Won in Europe? FOR MORE!)

Russians did not start that war! They ended it and made sure it sticks! As Russians always do! And that’s very much UNLIKE what Germans did in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus! (SEE EARTH SHIFT & RUSSIA THE GREAT BALANCER!)

Frankly, I am disgusted at the comments I sometimes get. Whether people in the West really are that ignorant and don’t know about the extreme atrocities committed by German Nazis and their allies from all over Europe, or they don’t want to know?… Sure, your history books and media lie. But boy, there is internet, and the truth is available, for example, on this blog!

And unfortunately Russians were silent for too many years, which has allowed all kinds of dark forces to take over the internet, books, news and narrative, twisting the uncomfortable for most Europeans truth and perpetuating the convenient lies. But now more and more truth and good info does come out!

**As I said, all you have to do is visit this blog or or Lada Ray Patreon


Watch the walk of shame video – lots of captured German generals here:


1st Victory Train from Berlin, Belorussky Station, Moscow, May 10, 1945.

Very famous footage. Its story is equally fascinating. They say thousands were awaiting Victory Train #1 from Berlin for hours, but it kept being delayed. Traffic in all directions, from and to the USSR was extremely active, as people and troops were moving back and forth. The train was detained near the border and stood on auxiliary platform for hours. People waited and waited at Moscow’s Belorussky Vokzal (Belorussian train station). Trains from various directions arrived. Each train said: “We are from Königsberg” or “We are from Warsaw.” But the long-awaited Berlin train wasn’t coming. Finally, the word on the street was that it was arriving and crowds streamed to the platform. Sure enough, the arriving train, which was immediately covered with flowers thrown by the crowds, said “We are from Berlin!”

The war was officially over, the extreme joy was palpable. Some families were re-united, while others never saw their loved ones.

Watch this unforgettable footage:




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For prior years posts, go to category WWII & Great Victory – lots of new great pieces by Stanislav – don’t miss!


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First in series, Earth Shift Webinar 11 will be up soon!

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Pandemic CURE in a Cupboard: The Miracle Foods & Herbs to Stay HEALTHY & STRONG! (Practical Solutions with Lada & Az)

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Happy International Women’s Day!

CROP March8







FULL ARTICLE! Earth’s ENERGY Portals and Vortexes & How they Turn Light or Dark

“In reality, it is the harmony between light and dark, or yin and yang, that creates the necessary balance, and therefore supports life, expands consciousness and facilitates a better future. 

The truth is that it is a severe imbalance of yin/yang and light/dark that is creating catastrophic situations on our planet. The problem of the Earthly human society is that we have a severe imbalance of the yin and yang energies, which is what creates the preponderance of negatively charged dark energy. This is where the true problem lies, and this is why Russia – the Great Balancer has such a hard time trying to keep this world spinning.” 


This article was first written and published 4 years ago, in April of 2017. Not only it revealed the deep multidimensional truths, but it predicted what would happen today!

Mar 4, 2020

Seeker has asked me how and why some places, such as Ukraine, or other examples we’ve recently addressed, turn into ‘black holes?’ What makes it happen and is it possible for any random place on the planet to suddenly lose its consciousness and plunge into abyss? Teresa and several others at different times also asked me whether something that’s happening in Ukraine, Syria or Turkey, etc., is predestined, and why? Specifically, why I said that the territory we today call Ukraine tends towards destruction, unless and until Russia steps in. (Re. the whole picture of what’s happening these days in Turkey, Syria, Ukraine and Belarus, see my reports and video talks published on Patreon between January 4-March 2, 2020. Links at the bottom).

In the future I plan a dedicated article or video specifically answering and expanding on these excellent questions. Today I am offering you enhanced and updated repost of an article I once published on FT. The reception of this valuable and unique material back then was rather lukewarm, but here on Patreon we have advanced souls, and besides, since 2017 the consciousness everywhere has progressed. Let’s see what response we get today!

P.S. I do feel like Nikola Tesla much of the time: today it’s fashionable to call cars after his name and some humans demand ‘free energy,’ citing Tesla’s work! Meantime, it’s mindboggling what kind of indifference and lack of recognition (and sabotage) he went through during his lifetime, while it’s humans who had collectively co-created THIS reality!

Your LIKES signify how much you approve of me sharing this kind of material and whether you want to learn more and deeper in the future. This allows me to better gauge what to share and how to structure my work going forward! I also want to hear your opinions and feedback in comments!

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Originally published on FuturisTrendcast on Apr 17, 2017

Article Link: Lada Ray on Earth’s Light and Dark Energy Portals, Knots and Vortexes

Republished with enhancements, updates & preface on Lada Ray Patreon on Mar 5, 2020.

 Available to all my PATREON & FUTURIST TRENDCAST subscribers!  

Another Ask Lada episode in response to the article: Trump and US Syria Attack: Hate to Say I Told You So! Keeping with FuturisTrendcast’s predominant theme of the Great Earth Shift, today let’s talk about important cosmic and earthly energy matters.

Nancy asks | April 7, 2017  Re. Spirit Science August, 2016 post: “Liberating Syria’s Ancient Pentagram Vortex & its Geopolitical Effects”. This essay asserts that in addition to trying to secure a pipeline through Syria to disrupt Russian gas flowing to Europe, removing Syria’s elected government & other power goals, part of Washington DC/Isis goal is to gain control of the 5 cities comprising the “Syrian Pentagram Goddess Vortex”.

**The Syrian energy vortex is actually a pentagram. In the hands of the Light forces, this pentagram is an instrument of good that can transform the whole Middle East and can be a huge transmitter of positive feminine energy. In the hands of the dark, this pentagram can create much suffering, as people in Syria have experienced in the last few years. All five points of Syria pentagram are key towns in Syria that had a strong connection with the Goddess energy in their rich past. The five cities include Homs, Aleppo, Raqqa, Palmyra and Manbij.** Palmyra is the birthplace of Zenobia, the queen who lead the revolt against the oppressive Roman empire.

I would like to Ask Lada for your Earth Shift assessment of this view. There does seem to be a lot of back and forth on Palmyra and ongoing efforts to cut off water supply to Aleppo.




Dear Nancy, an excellent question. In our haste to keep up with major geopolitical developments, the pace of which is greatly expedited during the Great Earth Shift, we often forget about looking at the problem from the multi-dimensional perspective. But only by rising above the ‘battlefield’ Earth, only by elevating ourselves above what is perceived as important when we brew in the karmic soup of human emotions, can we glean the broad cosmic picture and gain a perspective of truth that can help us define our future.

One of the truths impossible to deny, regardless of what creed you subscribe to, is that everything in our world is energy. The constant energy exchange is how our world – and the multi-dimensional universe we live in – breathes and evolves.

This energy exchange can be positively or negatively charged. Who determines what constitutes a positive or negative charge? Criteria are very different, depending on what dimension you are in and what ‘realm’ you are from.

In human 3D – lower 4D society, currently in existence here on Earth, we very briefly may define ‘positive charge’ as that which supports and creates life and allows for growth and expansion of consciousness. 

A ‘negative charge’ is the opposite: that which threatens or destroys life, as well as any possibility of positive growth of consciousness.

For short, people often refer to these charges as ‘light’ vs. ‘dark.’ This is an expedient shortcut and usually serves its purpose. However, I have to mention (this is well outside of today’s topic) that this is not always exactly accurate.

We actually need a balance of both light and dark in our lives in order for our world to possess harmony.

Light and dark, in their pure form, can also be identified as yang and yin. By themselves, these are neutral categories of energy. It is how we use them that makes all the difference.

In reality, it is the harmony between light and dark, yin and yang that creates the necessary balance, and therefore supports life, expands consciousness and facilitates a better future. 

The truth is that it is a severe imbalance of yin/yang and light/dark that is creating catastrophic situations on our planet. The problem of the Earthly human society is that we have a severe imbalance of the yin and yang energies, which is what creates the preponderance of negatively charged dark energy. This is where the true problem lies, and this is why Russia – the Great Balancer has such a hard time trying to keep this world spinning.

This problem, which many feel on an intuitive level but cannot put their finger on, becomes tangible and visible to a naked eye if you learn to quantify energy through Lada Ray QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS. The new Geo Calibrations theory further expands this ability.

Our universe is relative and based on contrast. Therefore, when you translate any problem into a comparative numeric scale, and if you systematize and define your criteria, you’ll learn a great deal about your subject and the world around you. On a very down-to-earth, rudimentary level, this is what Quantum and Geo Calibrations allow us to accomplish (of course, there is so much more to it).


Now we are getting into the issue of energy portals and energy vortexes. Since these are new notions for this human civilization, there is no agreement on terms, so far. Of course, the main premise is always the same: energy exchange and how said energy exchange is used by us. In that, I am in a complete agreement with the aforementioned article.

Here is how I define the energy portals and energy vortexes (and you’ll see below why my definitions are important):

ENERGY PORTAL is a geo location which serves as a gateway and focal point for Mother Earth’s energy exchange.

This energy exchange is threefold: 1. for the benefit of all entities populating Planet Earth in 3D and other realms, 2. for inner Mother Earth’s needs, 3. between the Cosmos (or universe, or source) and Mother Earth.

Depending on the condition of human society, levels of energy and pollution, how actively and by what forces such portal is being used, it may be well-functioning or not; it may posses the preponderance of the energy of light or dark, or be neutral. Due to the adverse human factor and in order to protect the Mother Earth, many formerly active portals have been sealed. For the same purpose, many portals are also well-hidden from the human eye.

Energy portals have the ability to move around the planet. Some fresh energy portals have opened up and now are predominant (by fresh I mean less than 2000 years; the youngest may be a mere couple of hundred years old). At the same time, other, formerly very important ancient portals lost their potency due to human abuse.

ENERGY VORTEX is the powerful energy created and transmitted by a presently active, well-functioning energy portal (or series of portals). Energy vortex represents an alive and actively breathing, pulsating portal, through which a substantial energy exchange is taking place. On human level, energy vortex possesses a substantial, or spectacular, power to influence and moderate energy on Earth.

As I understand, the article quoted above does not provide a definition of a vortex, however, it implies a different meaning (a vortex is a combination of focal energy points or knots?) than the definition I am offering you.

ENERGY KNOT is an energy entanglement as a result of many contrasting energies converging in one geo location. Energy knot may on occasion be generated by a variety of energies, including cosmic, alien, multi-dimensional, and/or the imbalanced energies of the Earth. But most often such knots occur as a result of imbalanced and self-serving human activity and/or as a result of a long-term human abuse of a portal.


It is important to understand that our beloved Planet Earth is a living, breathing, evolving being, which hosts us, humans, like she hosts all other types of life. In this regard, it is painful to watch what humans, in their fear, greed and hatred, do to our beautiful planet. This is a very big and difficult topic indeed, and I will leave it for another day.

Today, I want to focus on energy portals and energy vortexes. As you know, I always look at things multidimensionally and globally. In this regard, it is hard to separate what is happening in Syria from the rest of the world.

As I pointed out, our Earth is a magnificent living, breathing being. Therefore, the entire body of Earth is covered with energy portals, as well as energy lines connecting important portals and energy points. These are called either Dragon Lines or Ley Lines.

Energy portals may be perceived as chakras of our planet – they allow for energy exchange. As such, they exist all over Earth.

Therefore, technically, energy portals/vortexes are located in many places on Earth. Now, this begs the question: why don’t humans perceive them? Why, based on articles such as the one quoted by Nancy, it appears that they are a rare and exceptional occurrence?

The answer to this is multi-fold:

First: Due to the karmic issues resulting from excessive materialism and rejection of a true connection with the spirit (or source) most humans lost the ability to see and perceive energy.

Second: In fact we all know of large energy portals and powerful vortexes. It’s just that the majority of humans don’t perceive them as such due to the fact that these very important and powerful geo locations have been claimed by certain power structures, allowing them to exert their power over large groups and territories, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. As a few examples of such ‘claimed’ vortexes: Pentagon and CIA headquarters in the USA; the Vatican; the Moscow Kremlin in Russia.

Third: Energy portals on our planet are of different sizes. Due to many factors, some are a lot bigger and much more important than others. A large and powerful portal/vortex is easier to perceive than a smaller one.

Fourth, and perhaps most important!

Humans had screwed up a huge number of great energy portals in the past, and they continue damaging and polluting them in the present. Therefore, many portals have been sealed by Mother Earth to protect them from human invasion.

This certainly limits the ability of humanity to evolve, but it is a must to protect the Mother Earth.

Other very important portals have been hidden in such areas on our planet where humans cannot reach. I will give you a hint: many important ancient portals are located in northern Urals, Siberian Taiga, Lake Baikal, and Russia’s Far North, where few humans ever venture. There are some others, located in Antarctica and at the bottom of oceans. Again, these hidden vortexes allow Mother Earth to breathe.

There used to be vortexes hidden in the South American rain forest as well as in Australia, and some are still there. But every year they get more and more polluted as human greed and predatory Western capitalism reaches deeper and deeper into previously pristine geo locations. I am not even going to bring up the painful issue of the oceans and its catastrophic pollution levels. All this clogs and drains the energy of vortexes.

There is so much more to the story, but even from this perspective alone you can see why Russia – the Great Balancer has to possess such large territory and why no aggressor was ever able to take over Russia. For a long time, Russia’s dominance over such large territory has kept pristine and breathing the hidden energy vortexes of Siberia and the Far North.


In Syria and Middle East’s case we are dealing with Energy Portals, rather than Energy Vortexes. According to my definition of the difference between the two, energy vortexes are presently active and well-functioning energy portals. Clearly, except a few locations, Syria/Middle East hardly possess any such vortexes. The portal may be there, but it’s either sealed or diminished.

Due to centuries of strife, neglect and misuse, most, if not all, energy portals of the Middle East are either severely damaged, sealed or dead. The Mother Earth has since relocated elsewhere much of the power associated with the majority of those ancient portals.

The greed-and-aggression-based energy abuse of the past centuries resulted in a very heavy karma for the region. In turn, this resulted in a severe loss of Life Force. The obvious result of such Life Force loss is mass migration out of the region (for more read Mass Migration: What Happens if a Country Gains or Loses its Life Force? (US, EU, Russia, China, Ukraine, Syria).

However, due to human genetic memory often expressed as a built-in longing for the ‘good old days,’ there is still a lot of value attached to ancient portals of the Middle East. Due to their important geo location and historic significance, Syria portals are a big prize among them.

Yes, on a geopolitical/economic level there is a fight for the gas routes to Europe. However, this is only part of the story. It goes much deeper. On the energy level, the region’s past prosperity and glory remains a deep-seated human memory. Palmyra was once magnificent and the region was once a prosperous and bustling geo location. But it’s all in the past.

Currently, there is a fight based on the memory of what was, and wistful longing for what could have been.

Note, there is a great deal of difference to how the human energy vs. the Mother Earth energy would feel to us. In the case of Syria and Palmyra portals, it is human energy that is predominant (NOT Mother Earth energy). In most cases there is a confrontation between various human energies, oftentimes also either assisted by or conflicting with the Earth energy. It is these screaming for help, ailing and swollen energy knots that may be perceived by some as ‘vortexes.’

However, as I pointed out above, there is quite a bit of the phantom memory of the past glory. Much of the positive energy has been long depleted. Instead, what’s left has turned into negatively-charged energy knots, fortified and expanded due to negative charge of various human forces converging in the region, such as ISIS and Al-Nusra, US/West, Turkey, Israel, Saudis and Qatar.

ISIS terrorists destroyed what was left of Palmyra’s ancient monuments; it’s now almost restored to pre-ISIS condition thanks to Russian help:

That’s not to say that, for instance, Palmyra portal may not become healthy again at some point in the future. However, this won’t happen under current circumstances. The energy is presently highly polluted and damaged; it is negative and dark. Basically, the ongoing fight is about the dominance of either light or dark over these ancient portals turned energy knots. Energy knots usually exert much regional influence by spreading the energy around through Ley Lines and inducing more negativity. It is true that if such energy knots fall into the wrong hands, the whole region will be plunged into even more darkness. The back and forth fights over Palmyra and other Syria locations are a sign of very significant swollen energy knots formed in the region.

The complex Syria situation is akin to the global Earth Shift and geopolitical processes in miniature: the same ping-pong goes on between US/West and Russia, and USA and China, albeit with less blood and with much higher stakes. In this regard, the importance of Syria as a litmus test for mankind cannot be underestimated.

Generally, one has to be careful about overusing one of the sacred geometry symbols, in this case a pentagram, to prove a point. There are other energy portals in Syria, most notably the Khmeimim Air Base, which are presently more important and in better condition. The fact that the base is currently under Russian control is indicative of the beginnings of a positive shift in Syria, Middle East and Mediterranean. By extension, it also indicates a shift of the balance of power in the world.

Ancient Palmyra is the biggest energy portal in the area and it’s in horrific condition. This is why the situation around it has been in so much flux. Sensing this, to fortify the portal and infuse it with a surge of positive energy, Russians not only helped liberate Palmyra, but also tried to raise the energy by Gergiev Orchestra performing in the ancient Palmyra ruins. They succeeded, albeit temporarily – the neglect and abuse of the portal is too severe; it’ll take a while to reverse the damage. Russians also made a lot of effort to restore Palmyra’s ancient sites – for the same purpose. As we see, the Palmyra chakra is still severely ailing, but the energy knot is being slowly unraveled. (Raising Chi and Healing Syria: Gergiev Orchestra’s Classic Russian Music In Palmyra Ruins).

It has to be said that its terrible state is in big part due to the general state of the Middle East. There is too much infighting, mutual hatred and rivalry between peoples who should be close relatives. Instead of working together and living in peace, they try to undercut or eliminate each other. This severely weakens energy centers, such as Palmyra, which have to constantly absorb this kind of deadly energy.

Many of us are angry (as we should be) at the dark and negative role the US/EU/NATO/West play in Syria and generally, the Middle East. As it has been for centuries, the West makes the bad situation worse.

(Find Geo Calibrations for various Middle East countries, as well as the rest of the world, in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 17: Quality of Life Worldwide). 


The Earthly energy portals have paramount importance not only for our planet, but also for all of us. They are, in fact, energy wells into which humans, animals and plants can tap to replenish their energy and borrow more energy, if needed. But energy portals have to be maintained, protected and respected.

When they are severely weakened or damaged due to excessive and mindless abuse by humans, as is happening almost everywhere in the Middle East, as well as Ukraine, it leads to wars and cataclysms.

It also wide opens the door for the negative dark forces to come in and tear apart those poor tribes, nations or countries that disrespected their heritage and/or their own people. In our day and age, the forces of radical Islamism, fascism (such as Ukro-Nazism) and the aggressive West usually play the part of such dark forces.

Palmyra’s portal is presently too weak, too drained and polluted to replenish the people who are supposed to defend it. This is the reason Palmyra is so hard to defend: it actually drains her defenders, rather than empowering them.

Palmyra’s undecided fate is a strong indicator that the world is constantly shaking and swaying and can’t find its balance during the Earth Shift.

More so, it is an indication that the Great Earth Shift is sorely needed. Unless humans raise their consciousness and heal their karma, there is no future for mankind. The Great Earth Shift is a consequence of human abuse of themselves and their environment. But it is also our greatest hope for a better tomorrow.

In conclusion, I also want to mention that during the Earth Shift there are geo locations in the world that tend to provide stability in the quickly changing world. However, there are also geo locations experiencing stronger turbulence: they are the crossroads of the world. Syria, Turkey and Ukraine are some of the contemporary crossroads. EU may be becoming one, as well. Such crossroads tend to become the knots of violence during Earth Shift.

Just like energy portals that shift around the planet, the knots can suddenly form, but they may also suddenly dissipate. Today’s crossroads and knots may unravel tomorrow, while the new ones may form elsewhere on the planet, where it’s least expected. Of course, it only seems sudden to those who do not pay attention. Those who do, see it coming well before it happens.

The good news, much of our future depends on us, humans.

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