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Born in Russia, Lada Ray is a linguist, financial consultant, Feng Shui Master, and mystical futurist. She is the author of three novels and several novelettes, most notably, Amazon bestselling thriller Gold Train (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) about the conspiracy connected to the disappearance of the Russian Empire’s gold reserve; and the top-rated prophetic mystical thriller The Earth Shifter, set in Moscow, Lake Baikal in Siberia, NYC, and hidden realms of Heaven and Earth. Lada’s popular blogs: Lada Ray Blog (books, Russia, China, feng shui, world cultures); and her new project FuturisTrendcast (geopolitics, Earth Shift, Lada Ray’s mystical futurism and predictions). Subscribe to Lada Ray Live on Youtube and follow her on Twitter.



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  1. I am impressed and excited to read your books and your commentaries on the world events that are transpiring. I think it’s brilliant what you are doing with your fiction, ie: American heroine investigating on world stage…there is a possible impact with the American people as Jade Snow investigates many aspects of other cultures in her adventures. And to bring some alternate perspectives to the bought and paid for media of the west…your political investigative endeavors are wonderful, so important for all of us from the west to see the other side of the story. Thank you!

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  2. Hello Lada Ray,

    I am now signed up on both your personal blogsite, as well as the Futurist Trendcast blog. Thank you for your insights, foresight, and line of sight connecting us from our tainted Western perspective, to a mirror reality in the East. With your diligent efforts, you are building a bridge of truth between our two cultures experiencing somewhat similar struggles. We here in the US are “orphans”, political POWs and refugees within our own homeland — pawns ourselves in a demonic game being played where “they” win, and we are dead not soon enough. You are holding up a mirror to our hearts with each and every well documented post. We do need our audio/visuals here in the US, being so hypnotized by mind control electronic gadgetry. My own heart has found resonance with your labors of love. I look forward to learning more about the hidden history of Russia — I feel there’s so much to understand, which perhaps ties into the history of civilizations (cultures) and maybe some common roots as a “family”.

    Soon I hope to obtain all of your books, which I suspect contain a lot of truths hidden in plain sight. Right now I’m privileged to have all 9 of the Anastasia books (Vladimir Megre) which literally sang out to me when I read a review about them, but haven’t been able to delve into yet because of all the daily “current events” — especially your very current events, which are a study in themselves. Thank you for your reply to a comment I left on Jean Haines blog. As you can see, I’m JR, and what I wrote came from my heart. Some of my comments, though, come out of a Gemini rising dual personality “evil twin” whose mind is somewhat jaded.

    Please continue with your excellent updates, and building a true understanding of the newly rising Eurasian Union. We need to be educated beyond our own geocentric worldview, and prepare to embrace the emerging multipolar, yet united (as humanity) reality. Sadly, we in the US may have to confine ourselves to within our own borders for a while until we have learned our hard lessons, and until the rest of the world can forgive the grievous and horrific actions of those under whose “leadership” we ourselves have been used and abused, and murdered. We the American people will probably have to bear the stigma of their crimes against humanity for some time, as well as the scars of the cruelty and brutality used against us, the citizens in this land of the free, and home of the brave.

    Love all your videos of nature and celebrations accompanied by heavenly music (from Russian composers ??). Love your “tuxedo” kitty, as I once was owned by one. Sadly I couldn’t save him from the death blow of the jaws of the mountain lion that I cornered to try and rescue him. The lion dropped him to take his last breath in my arms, and tore out the screened-in porch to escape my finger pointing in its face and shouting “You let him go.” This was years ago, and yet the love of my tuxedo friend is still with me, and I still miss him. Have you tried to play catch with your kitty? Tuxedos are known to catch an object when tossed, and my cat enjoyed playing catch with a wadded up piece of paper.

    I have done this with Jean Haines before, and asked her not to post a particular comment, as the information contained might be too extreme for other readers, or because there might be too much personal information. Where I started rambling and reminiscing probably has gotten too personal, if not rather boring !! Please feel free to let this all go by the wayside.

    Will be doing a more thorough reading of your sites with relish !! Planning on ordering your books ASAP, probably 1 or 2 at a time as the “budget” allows. Thank you Lada.

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    • Hi JR. Thank you for your comment. I found it very, very interesting and educational. I agree with a lot of what you say. Your observations are very keen.

      Thank you for taking an interest in my writing – both fiction and non-fiction. Means a lot. I’ll continue doing what I can to build the bridges. 🙂 There is still so much to build and so much to reveal. It’s very rewarding to have intelligent readers who understand the deeper message.

      So sorry about your kitty. My kitty, Lily, is wonderful and I love her dearly. She has been my faithful companion for 19 and a half years. But now, she is getting old and has a lot of trouble moving. I hope she stays with me as long as possible.

      I don’t mind posting your comment, but if you don’t want me to, just let me know and I’ll delete it.

      Thank you again. I very much enjoy hearing from my readers.

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  3. Congratulations on your breaking news “Will of the People” story being picked up by RT !! Perhaps you will become not only a bridge, but also a hub of news information.

    No need to delete the comment — personal information just equates to making yourself vulnerable to others’ reactions. Thank you for sharing your kitty Lily with me. I can see that she is a cherished well-loved member of your family, and not just a fur being sharing your home space.

    A lot of information that I choose to pursue often just happens to cross my path. The ??s they pose lead me to further investigation. Today, while researching a huge pentagram in Kazakhstan visible on Google Earth that I saw on YT (what’s that all about ?? can’t seem to find any leads yet), I fell into and under the mesmerizing and alluring spell of Astana. What’s that all about ??? That city is mesmerizing in its otherworldly beauty. And, yet, there’s so much “occult symbolism” all around and out in the open, that it’s difficult not be dazzled by the outward appearance of its grandeur, and forget about the obvious weirdness. I’ve never seen anything like that city, and there probably isn’t anything else like it on the planet now. Within my mentally filed-away-for-later bits and pieces of things I’ve read somewhere at sometime or other, I remember info that was put out stating, that when Agenda 21 was fully realized, and the population reduction to 500M achieved and relocated to their zones of habitation, that the elite would relocate their “empire” to Russia, leaving the USA as a natural playground — a museum of flora and fauna, natural wonders, under the care of their slave population. My question at the time was, “Where would they go in Russia?” Russia was to become the new pristine homeland (after they trashed the US) and bread basket of their world, as well as their headquarters. Astana starts me leaping to conclusions, or perhaps more accurately — confusions. The whole city of Astana seems to have sprung up at once, rather than by layers. Will definitely keep asking questions while researching much, much more. There are lots of great videos, as well as the typical tourist targeted info. I want to go deeper. The UFO looking bank ?? Winged Isis ?? Masonic symbols ?? Also, going to look into who created Astana, and why. And, you probably are so very aware of this city of the sun, while most everyone else is completely in the dark !!

    Another Russia mystery for a wondering western mind !! Have you seen the strange anomaly showing up on the (or is it a .com) website “over” Russia ?? It’s been there for over a week that I’m aware of, and such an image has never been seen before. The map can be moved around so that you can look all over the world to see what’s going on, and what’s going on over Russia is — WHAAAAAT ??? Very interesting, so I check in on it every day now.

    Thanks for taking your time to wade through another lengthy “reply”, even though it poses more questions than it has answers or explanations.

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    • Thanks for an interesting comment, JR. Yes, Astana is a very interesting and mysterious new city. I think you can throw out the theory that it will be the HQ for the western globalist elite, lol. This is a little funny, you’ve go to admit.

      But Kazakh prez Nazarbayev is actually a very wise and astute man. He was the one who masterminded and built Astana – with the oil money, of course. He could also be called the godfather of the Customs Union, which he proposed as early as 1990s, but Yeltsin rejected it at the time, while Putin accepted it later. Smart people will be smart people.

      There is much more and maybe we’ll talk about it sometime.


  4. Lada, I really enjoy your new videos. Sometimes it works best for me to just sit back and listen.
    The voice volume on your latest video, “Prediction: Russia-China Deal …” is very low to the point it’s quite difficult to listen to. The intro, however, is quite loud. Just a heads up!

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  5. Hello Lada,
    I was reading an article written by Brandon Smith titled: “The New World Order And The Rise Of The East” published Wednesday, June 4 2014 from the following link:

    It made for depressing reading to be honest. He wrote:

    “Both sides [the East and West] are merely puppet pieces in a grand game of global chess, and any conflict will ultimately benefit the small group of men standing over the board. They include the international financiers who have influenced the very policy fabric of each government toward a climactic crisis which they hope will finally give them the “New World Order” they have always dreamed of.”

    He is suggesting that both sides, the East of Russia/China versus the West of Washington and Europe, are being manipulated by international financiers into a conflict that in the end will benefit the global elites by bringing the “New World Order”.

    If that is the case, then once again, we are screwed. I honestly don’t know whether China and Russia are actually pretending to be against the New World Order and are either willingly or unwillingly being manipulated towards that end.

    I started supporting Putin and Russia when I slowly realized they are a major power standing up to the New World Order elites – the globalists and financiers. I really don’t know enough about Putin and Russia to know if once again I am being naive about it all with regard to politicians in all countries.

    What are your views on this Lada?

    Are we going to be ultimately screwed again by the New World Order financiers or is there light at the end of the tunnel? I am reminded of Edgar Cayce’s prediction on Russia and wonder if that will be accurate:

    “”Russia will become beacons of hope for the world.” – Edgar Cayce”.

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  6. Hello Lada;
    I’m glad I came across your web-blog site…Although I’ve been “awake” as we say for a few years now, and considering the load of alternative news on the net. that one can access to, it is hard sometime to have a clear picture on everything. But you have a way of presenting the TRUTH (I sure hope it IS the truth….) which is easy to grasp and absorb. So, first of all, thank you for your contribution to the “human family”. And since you mentioned as a good link Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, I’ d like to have your opinion on this article that he posted recently:
    Is the “illegal corporation of crooks” installed at the White House really thinking of carrying such operations ( as mentioned in the article) as “first strikes” in Russia & China ? Is this madness actually being planned? Where does Putin stand in such a scenario? (BTW; I respect Putin very much…Although I’m a bit perplexed for example, at the fact that he just “received” someone like the ex-president of France , Sarkozy, an “arch-zionist” & corrupted Western puppet!…)
    I certainly would like to have your thoughts about this, and do read Roberts link.
    Take care!

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  7. Hello again Lada,
    I presume that you are quite busy, as you haven’t answered my previous comment…I really would like to have your view about what I had asked you about.
    Once again thank you for your work!

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    • Hello, TY for the kind words. True, I AM quite busy as I try to post new articles & videos, work on my books, prepare for interviews and upcoming special reports, among many other things. Due to a limited time, I am much more likely to answer a comment by a frequent contributor to this blog and to the EarthShift Channel: those people who actively post likes, regular comments, shares and reblogs of my posts and videos.

      What IS the truth to you, you can only decide for yourself. My role is to offer my extensive knowledge, my vision and ability to explain things to all my readers. I cannot make you believe anything I say. This is up to you.
      PCR is good, and his role is to warn people, but it doesn’t mean I agree with him on everything.

      If you want to know my position on all this, the best thing for you to do is to carefully read my past articles on Ukraine and PREDICTIONS page. Also, listen to my interview on Ukraine, where I discuss and predict what will happen.

      New predictions coming soon.

      Sarkozy is good at smoothing out intl conflicts AND he acts as a messenger to the NWO crowd from Putin. Putin is a true diplomat and master chess player, if you read my articles. He knows what he’s doing. More about that in the upcoming GUEST POST BY RUSSIAN PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN.

      All the best

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  8. Thank you so much Lada…I’ll be looking forward to all your new posts (although I’ll also be traveling as of next week, WITHOUT my PC…)
    I also believe that Vladimir Putin is the only one who can actually defeat the NWO…The only leader who deserves to be called as such, and I really hope & pray that he won’t let himself and all his team be “corrupted” by the “darkness” powers that have engulfed our world for way too long now…
    All the best to you…

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    • Don’t worry, Putin won’t.
      But he, and all of us who do the work so the change could happen, need everyone’s help. This is not the time to sit on the sidelines.
      That’s why I ask all my reades and fans to spread the word and share my vids/articles everywhere, like, and support my blog and channel.

      Best to you too.

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  9. Lada, help… is this stuff @ Putin and Euroclear true?

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  10. How do we merge East and West in a protected, liberated manner?

    Thank you, Lada Ray, for your birth and work. I am so happy to have your insight. I would like to know what I can do to bring this bridge of change we need more than the air itself.

    Thank you again.


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  11. Hi Lada,
    While reading your predictions I caught myself that you described exactly my understanding of unfolding events in Europe (from the subtle energy point of view).
    I had an idea to make my own similar website but after a long contemplation decided to stick with what I do – research on subtle energy and healing.
    I am glad your website is gaining popularity and thank you for the wonderful implementation of similar idea.
    Good luck!

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  12. I very much appreciate your work at bringing Light to the Ukraine situation. I just posted this:

    which includes my very frank email letter to President Obama.

    Thank you, Kp

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  13. Not sure where to post this… so, I put it here and you can move it where you like if you feel it’s useful to show visitors to your site.

    Warning: following video is emotionally wrenching in parts… and there are lots of dead bodies (some up very close), sometimes bodies blown into several parts, etc. –

    “Ukraine: Atrocities committed by the US-Supported Ukrainian National Guard”

    And the youtube channel [GlobalResearch TV] which presents it – has lots of other videos on Ukraine (which it sometimes refers to as the fictitious world of “Nulandistan”):

    If someone has already posted these links anywhere on this site then please feel free to delete this post.

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    • Thanks, X. My nature is so contrary to violence that I normally refrain from posting this kind of graphic stuff, although of course, having to follow closely all the horrendous news from Ukraine, I unfortunately see a lot of it. I will keep this on my blog for the readers’ reference – and thank you for the useful links.

      The most appropriate place would be one of the past articles about the suffering of people and Kiev atrocities in Donetsk, Lugansk and Odessa. In the future, I suggest simply posting a link instead of a video with a brief description. People need to know this is happenning.

      For those readers who may not know: “Nulandistan” refers to the infamous neocon Victoria Nuland of the US State Dept who was instrumental in creating this disaster in Ukraine and who bragged openly that US spent $5bln to subvert Ukraine.

      Thanks again for your support 🙂


  14. Sarel Meyburgh

    Hi Lada,

    My name is Sarel Meyburgh from South Africa. I really enjoy your discussions in the clips that I have seen so far. I especially enjoy your fresh viewpoint and also the roles that Russia, China and Brazil play in the world and BRICS.
    I was wondering if you are prepared to say how do you see South Africa fits into BRICS and the world (especially Southern Africa).
    Please keep on doing your good stuff.

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  15. Hello Lada. I’ve been listening to your latest interview on The Plane Truth and I was most interested to hear you talk of missing soul parts. I’m an Earth angel (starperson category – Doreen Virtue’s description of those fits me to a T). I see you do private consultations and I wondered if you might be able to help a friend of mine. The bad guys have been attacking her since 2012, taking her soul parts every night. When the attacks end, her people collect the parts and put them back. She find this most distressing and I wondered if you might be able to help her. She’s definitely missing some parts of her soul and that might be why the opposition is able to access her so easily. BTW, she’s MK Ultra and is stuffed full of implants. This is really a long shot but my philosophy is that if we don’t ask, we never get.

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    • Dear Lada, are you able to recommend a shaman who can do a soul retrieval remotely, please? You have my email address.


    • Thank you for your interest. Presently, I don’t accept any new clients. Should this situation change, I will let you know. I am not sure it is soul retrieval that is needed based on the situation described. Sounds like you need to start with fs protection, but if you are interested in soul retrieval, I suggest you google Sandra Ingerman. She may have a list of qualified practioners on her site.

      Best of luck.


  16. Dear Lada,
    I just subscribed to your blog. Enjoying your writing. One problem, I wasn’t able to access to ‘Open letter from Netherlands to Putin’ …..any help?
    Also, your articles are very valuable. I will forward link to a number of my friends.
    Kind Regards

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  17. Hi Lada, Its great to find your blog. Your insights are interesting and educating on geopolitical developments pertaining to Ukraine. Venkat

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  18. Hello Lada, all your books are brilliant. When will your new books be available? Can’t wait to read them. Thanks.

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  19. Perhaps you, Lada, {and any reader here who might notice this comment} will find the below LinkedIn Blog Post as a useful tool. It is meant to provide an understanding of Why the illusion functions as it does, and How it does what it does.


    Most will find it is antithetical to their core beliefs or understandings and thus may be a challenge. It is not meant that way. Everything we can know from within our reality comes from the kernel core equation that has been running our perceptions and our understandings. Most call it reality. Some call it illusion. Some refer to it as one of many possible “multiverse” dimensions.

    As the so called “multiverse” set of all supposed possible dimensions, I know it as something else.

    [as to the hidden and unspoken question of: “Who the heck do you think you are, and why should anyone pay attention to what is in the blog, anyway?”…. It might be useful to say i am only a contract on assignment… but not from within this “place”; or any of its “multiverse” dimensions.]

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  20. Your articles are very important to read and while i looked forward to the audio casts, I am
    not able to hear them. Perhaps the speakers on my computer are not good enough although I have turned up the volume as far as it will go. Can you post a transcript of the
    talks ? When I watch a u-tube with captions, it helps somewhat…but often the words are
    not even mildly related to what is being spoken. Sometimes it is very FUNNY !

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    • Sorry, this is as loud as I can boost the volume. We have no problem listening on our computers. Please try to up the volume on your computer and at the bottom of your YT screen. You can also buy a pair of additional USB external speakers from Amazon for about $10 to increase the volume. Thank you.


  21. Hello Lada. I’m new here and happy to read your analysis and predictions.
    Putin NWO? – “I have read and met quite a few real deal alternative journalists and alternative analysts (and alternative media). Please choose to listen to the ones who know what they are talking about! Discard the rest.” – Yes, that’s the problem: who and what alternative media are trustworthy? Spontanous judgement often leads astray. I’m sure you have your own lists. Have you anywhere shared your preferences?
    Огромное спасибо за Ваш совет :).

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  22. Зравзтвуйте, Лада Рэй
    Спасибо за комментарии!
    Я хотел найти Вас на русском языке, а мне не получилось.
    Баши замечательные тексты не важны для русских и других, которые говорят по-русски? Я считаю не все понимают NWO язык… 🙂
    Удачи, Рудольф

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    • Sorry, I don’t have Russian font at this time.

      Ya dumayu vazhni, no pohozhe v Rossii menia eshe (yet) ne znayut. Yazikoviy barier eshe silen.
      Language barrier is unfortunately still strong.

      Spasibo za dobrie slova. Vsego horoshego.
      All the best. 🙂


  23. Hi Lada. Thanks for the interesting predictions. You are writing about America and its karmic role in the world but one questions remains open to me: You hardly ever say anything about Americas “ally” (if not to say “boss”), the “only democracy in the Middle East” (that’s what they want us to believe) who seem to have an unprecedented influence on American and western policies, if not to say they are making now America’s policies, together with their powerful pressure groups on American soil – in politics, money (e.g. FED, GS, the oligarchs in Ukraine, Russia etc.), media, movies, porn etc. Why do they not play any significant role in your writings, despite their incredible weight? The ordninary American seems to be, on the other hand, mainly a victim in the power game, just like the ordninary Ukrainians in their country. After all Putin himself had to contain these people after they got lose under Elzin and apparently tried to transfer large parts of the Russian assets to the city of London (Yukos) and to the USA. Now some of them live in that artificial Middle Eastern state, others in London and two also in Switzerland (Khodorchovsky, Kolomoysky – before his assignment to Dniepropetrovsk). Would America be that warmongering if she did not stand under permanent pressure of the chosen ones? What about the fate of that country with so much blood on her hands and her people in America and all over the world? Will they continue to wreak havoc on this planet for many more years to come? Well, I just wonder…

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    • The Anglo-American world and the Jews have been in a symbiotic relationship for several centuries. No secret there. Israel and Jews are a very complex structure and some Jews are anti-zionism. Russian Jews in Russia and Israel are usually pro-Russian for example. In the US they are the most vicious anti-Russian and pro-NWO. It is also true about the Russian oligarchs being for the most part Jewish. I do mention this a lot of my articles, btw.
      Jews tend to ccumulate lot of financial and media power. This happened historically due to their persecution in Spain and before that. It’s a long story, but you can read it in a history book. Jews found the best opportunity and home in England after Spain sicked inquisition on them. Because England also welcomed their money and allowed them to make more of it, thus developing a dominant banking industry, they allied with England, and later with the US. Ever since this symbiosis persists.
      You have to understand that the Jews aren’t monolith. Therefore, painting them all with the same brush isn’t going to work. Israel can’t do anything without the US support. As US support wanes, Israel has already started looking for new allies, including Russia. This should give you a hint who is really pulling the strings.


  24. I tried the above to follow your blog, but no email presented itself. Please put me on your list.

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    • Thanks for letting us know, Kevin. Following is supposed to happen automatically once you enter your email in the upper right corner of the right side-bar. If it didn’t happen, then there is a glitch in WP system. We’ll look into that and let you know.


    • Hello Kevin, this is FT Admin, I can help you follow FuturistTrendcast blog via email.

      1. If you do not have a WordPress account, sign up for email notifications by clicking on the “FOLLOW” Tab on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. As the tab opens, the enter email signup form will appear. Add your email address and click follow. Then go to your email and confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link.

      2. If you are a WordPress user, make sure you are logged on with your account. Then go to the top right hand corner of the sidebar and look for “FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL”. Type in your email address and click follow. Then go to your email and confirm your subscription by clicking on the confirmation link.

      Thanks for subscribing!


  25. Hi Lada,
    I’ve only recently discovered your site but I have been thoroughly enjoying your insights and perspectives particularly on the situation in Ukraine. Thank you so much.

    I just came across this video on under the headline:
    “Dozens of protesters were killed by unknown sniper in Kiev, rifle found with now reigning opposition”

    The title in YouTube is: “Тайна со снайперской винтовкой Сергея Пашинского уходит корнями к Арсену Авакову”

    It’s in Russian and I think it might be important. If so, perhaps you can share the gist of it with us.

    Blessings from Bali, Indonesia


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  26. Is this your only place for tip submissions? This has all the stench of false-flag slap-your-face retaliation to it.
    Huge Russian Library Containing Historic Texts, 14 Million Books Burns Up In Moscow

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    • Thanks, Les. Yes, I’ve seen this.
      The best place for such comment is in the latest article or post, or any other post you feel is most appropriate for this topic. This way more people will see it and you’ll see that’s what readers normally do. Contact page is usually reserved for business communications.
      Please re-post under latest article.


  27. Hi Lada!
    I am really enjoying your insights into geopolitics! I am a 71 year old American that has seen the country I loved be transformed into something I can no longer admire! I too have traveled in my career to most places on this planet! Please understand that a good deal of US citizens like me don’t endorse what our federal government has been pursuing lately! Please keep up your very informative videos! Just hope my government will allow me the access to them in the future!
    All the Best!
    Esten Spears

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  28. Ukraine Army Officers Promise to Return to Kiev and Take Down Poroshenko

    check this


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  29. I can see how the West benefits from the “Putin is replaced” story, which is similar to the Putin has autism story. But how do they benefit from the “foiled nuclear attack” story?

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  30. Hi Lada,

    if you still care for a German translation of The Cranes, here it is:

    Die Kraniche

    Manchmal, so scheint es mir, als ob die Soldaten,
    die nicht von den blutigen Felder zurückkehrten,
    nicht nach unten auf den Erdboden fielen,
    sondern sich stattdessen in weiße Kraniche verwandelten

    Von der fernen Vergangenheit
    bis zum heutigen Tag
    fliegen sie und rufen uns zu
    Ist es nicht deshalb, daß wir so oft
    und mit Traurigkeit verstummen
    und den Blick zum Himmel erheben?

    Am Himmel sieht man einen müden Schwarm fliegen
    und fliegen,
    Im Nebel fliegen am Ende eines Tages .
    In ihren Reihen gibt es eine ganz kleine Lücke
    Vielleicht ist dieser Platz für mich bestimmt

    Es wird ein Tag kommen, an dem auch ich
    schwimmen werde
    durch diese blau-graue Dunkelheit
    mit dem Schwarm,
    und ich rufe euch zu wie ein Vogel
    von Himmel
    all diejenigen unter euch,
    die ich auf der Erde zurückgelassen habe

    Manchmal, so scheint es mir, als ob die Soldaten,
    die nicht von den blutigen Felder zurückkehrten,
    nicht nach unten auf den Erdboden fielen,
    sondern sich stattdessen in weiße Kraniche verwandelten

    Thanks for everything you do
    With love from Germany


    P.S. There are alot of Germans who do NOT agree with the politics of Fr Merkel. It´s just that she and her cronies don´t give a sh…..Not sure if the masses see through the war mongering since we do not have a free press (MSM), but there are alot of alternative media who do and more and more people are waking up to the manipulation by the media.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much, Michelle. I really wanted to have a German translation.
      I know a lot of Germans aren’t fooled. So are many people in other countries.


  31. Dear Lada, thank you for following Blue*Star*Lady* if there is a contact address for you I can send the most recent Elohim message as well

    Bless,4 Alle Gute,
    DAPHNÉ Kachinabluestar

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  32. Hello Lada.

    I’m Nigel. Hailing from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Chinese Malaysian I would say, since our government insist of racial segregation, just going with the flow 🙂

    I’ve been following the events that unfolded in Ukraine since Dec 2013. Which led me to my admiration of your President. Vladimir Putin. Since then, one thing led to another and I became more intrigued by what is really going on in Russia and Putin. I read and follow articles by PCG, Saker, Pepe Escobar, or the shortcut button “Russian-Insider” which pretty much links me to other sites as well, in which ultimately led me to yours. I read everything while keeping an open mind. Then make my own personal opinions, doubts or whatsoever, that I only keep to myself, for the truth is ever changing. Which is why I emphasize reading everything with an open mind.

    To be frank, I think I’ve learnt a lot more from reading the comments related to article rather the actual article itself. After filtering thru the troll comments, you get to see other peoples views, some may share links and so forth. Which is why I appreciate the comment section. Of course, credits goes to the original article itself. What I’m trying to express is that by reading the main article itself, which is mostly 2 pages or so, you learn something. Then reading a couple of hundred comments (wading thru and filtering out the trolls), we get more information to absorb with an open mind.

    Just sharing with you all these, as these were what led me to your site eventually.

    I made a small donation. Regret I couldn’t make more, but the currency exchange rates between the MYR and USD are not towards my favor unfortunately. Not doing too well either, but I’ll be fine in due time.

    Nevertheless, will be continuing to support your site, keep up the great articles. I’ll continue the support, not just with words.

    Once again, keep it up. Now to read up on the backlog of articles here I have yet to read.

    Gonna be a long interesting day.


    Nigel Lee
    From Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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  33. What is a chembuster CD?
    Thank You

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s my speak for our system of pulses/sounds we use for chembusting. It’s extremely effective.
      I will have it for sale on store as MP3 file at some point so anyone can download it. I was going to introduce it together with my online Orgone Generator (super-Chembuster/environmental harmonizer) training course next year. But if there is a need and interest now, I may do it sooner.



  34. You will be able to read the description when it’s posted. The rest is up to you. TY.


  35. In regard to your article…”85 subjects of the Russian Federation”, could not help but notice the beautiful bright blue skies in the photos you posted within that article and was wondering if Russia experiences chemtrailing which is occurring in the skies of many nations of the world. Is your water fluoridated? What is the situation with vaccines? Are holistic practices allowed to treat illness? Am hoping that your your leaders’ rejection of GMOs is indicative of true care and concern for the well being of the Russian people in total!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello, Season. Lada usually replies to questions posted within the relavant article’s thread. You should repost in the referenced article’s comment section to be noticed. CONTACT is for general and business inquiries.
      Thank you.

      LR admin


  36. Great blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Hi Lada – by good fortune I managed to find links to “President” on your site the other day and subsequently downloaded a Novorossia video called “Аэропорт_ Симфония войны [18 ]”. Problem is that the English subtitles were missing after the download and I wonder, whether there is not a way to embed the subtitles so that the file then automatically downloads the subtitles too.. I’m not a techie, so would have no idea whether embedding subtitles is possible. Forgive me clumsy way of explaining… but millions of us globally are desperate for the truth about Russia and what happened and continues happening in Ukraine…

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Hi Lada,

    I enjoy your site very much. Great job on the accurate predictions. I was just wondering what your thoughts are on the view of many of a huge crash coming before the end of year. Correct me if I am wrong but you don’t seem to think there will be a huge crash of the financial system and will be more of a gradual decline of the west.

    What are your thoughts on people predicting a financial crash (perhaps after the Fed raising of rates in September). Thoughts on predictions of the coming Shemitah and how the elite do things on certain biblical days.

    Thank you! Keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Lada,

    If you have not seen this. ARD is a major German TV channel.

    Berlin is quiet but southern Germany is having real difficulties, including in hospitals. The “refugees” continue their fights here and have big expectations!! The Syrians are apparently very polite. The German news does not report what is really going on. FAZ is of course a CIA newspaper (youtube video of Udo Ulfkotte in English). The best sources for information come from the US and Russia.

    Three cheers for Russia and Putin (also for his birthday). Thank goodness there is someone who is on the side of humanity.

    Best wishes from Berlin



  40. Hi Lada,

    What are your thoughts on Sandy Hook? It is a big issue and if exposed can awaken the U.S. population on the false flags the U.S. government is a part of.


    Liked by 1 person

  41. Lada, with all the talk about oil, I was wondering if you have
    been following Mehran Keshe, during KfSSI Blueprint Week,
    with the release of their Magrav Power Unit? Will it have as
    great an effect on the world as he expects, in your opinion?

    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Hi Lada. Here’s a link to an excellent story on New Eastern Outlook that I just read:
    Why The West Can Never Defeat or Forgive Russian by Andre Vitchek

    As I read it, I was reminded of your writings and what you’ve said many times regarding the Russia’s role in maintaining the balance of the planet. I think you and your readers will appreciate this validating perspective.

    Another article that’s up our collective alley is:
    Eighty years ago Edgar Cayce predicted Putin’s role in stopping WW3
    Posted by Buck Rogers of Waking Times

    Warm regards,

    Liked by 2 people

  43. I love what you said about Justin Trudeau’s heart chakra – that its pretty big for a politician as they generally can’t have big heart chakras. I read this article today and it made me think of that comment you made and how right you were..

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Dear Lada,

    I do not see any other viable possibility of contacting you (your mail address seems intended for business purposes only) so I am posting my question here.

    I cannot recall having read from you about the TTIP, a really hot topic for all Europeans who care. Some info about this nefarious plan:

    What’s your take on this? This should be right up your alley since the author suggests that this plan is, amongst other motives, geared towards driving a wedge between Europe and Russia / Asia.

    Thank you so much for your ongoing work and your fresh perspective on things.

    Love from Germany

    Liked by 2 people

  45. Just read your article about the May 2, 2016, memorial in Kulikovo Pole. I was one of three Americans who attended this event. You can read about our observations and experiences at Thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you very much.
      I’ve visited your site. See main page only, with Kulikovo pic. Where is the actual report about May 2? Direct link would be helpful. I could link it up.


  46. What are your thoughts on water fluoridation?

    Liked by 1 person

  47. If you’re into ingesting neurotoxins, fluoride is one of the best. While doing nothing for your teeth except turning them black, it also turns your brain into a toxic lab specimen.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Short of declaring you MIA, you are missed. Send SITREP.


    • Thanks for asking, Paleo. I’m fine. 🙂
      Was masterminding a few things I am currently working on.
      New updates coming up, incl. article re. your question on what is the significance of Ekaterinburg and why Lavrov met there with German FM.
      Plus new ESR: THE CRIMEA FACTOR, coming soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  49. Looking forward to ESR Crimea Factor!! Never without a question… Why does Russia treat the illegal, rogue “government” in Kiev like they were in any way a real government? It just seems they give them too much respect and credibility, as if Porky, et al, had any business there at all. If I answered my own question, I would say an open channel is better than no channel at all and that this would be in consideration of the citizens of Ukraine who are currently a captive audience. But if Putin continues to let the eastern part of the country get hit every day with an obvious war against civilians, then I will be disappointed. Glad you are well.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. Does the orgonite protect against Zika spraying? I live in Florida, and they’re beginning to spray some scary chemicals to (supposedly) “protect” us from the dreaded Zika!

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  51. Love your site. Just donated via PayPal (which was working) but it did not have a section for me to explain what it was for–re Earth Shift Report 16, which I am really looking forward to. Love your work!

    Liked by 1 person

  52. Love your site. Just donated via PayPal (which was working) but it did not have a section for me to explain what it was for–re Earthshift Report 16, which I am really looking forward to. Love your work!

    Liked by 1 person

  53. Dear Lada– Just two a quick questions–

    1) The lies upon lies about Russia, Putin and Gazprom’s gas supply to Ukraine continues– problem is when one knows that it started around 2000 or even before that– Have you perhaps written an article carrying the whole story behind it– because its again in the news now?

    But looking for the full story and the truth– all one seems to find is only more anti-Russian/VVP lies that one finds, which in South Africa with its western controlled MSM, people here continue to believe, while slowly and slowly I am managing to set the record straight with my friends, while Russia’s war against the terrorist scourge in Syria, could not but bring admiration here–

    2) The proposed Rosatom/SA nuclear deal– caused an uproar here, but as usual with Rosatom and Russia/Putin blamed as corrupt– I am just so sick of it– because this is far from a deal– simply because nuclear deals all over the world are subject to very stringent safety protocols and backroom deals impossible. Only found this article, which although written by a S African journalist, did not make the puppet press here:

    Yes the “r in ‘rosatroms’ is real in the link!

    So if maybe you have a link to a piece you wrote about this botch up too, you have no idea how much I’d appreciate it, because we remain so out on a limb here in the southern most corner of Africa…. Thank you again for all your hard work. I am so worried that Jacob Zuma and his cronies made such a mess of it all– if we’d had a leader committed to all South Africans, we’d not be in the real danger now, of becoming a complete captive to the NWO cabal– we would’ve escaped via the gap being a member of BRICS gave us– but owing trillions to the WB and IMF– don’t think Russia and China would consider us worth it… what is your gut feel about it, if I may be so forward as to take up even more of your precious time?

    Sure God is twinkling down at all you do in complete approval … and sure you make Him laugh out loud at your novel ways many times …. you bring hope to world Lada Ray– right name you have too…

    Liked by 2 people

    • I wrote about the Ukraine stealing gas saga in a number of pieces in 2014. Can’t remember which – there were many. You can search by keywords on FT. Also try Ukraine related Earth Shift Reports 2 and 3. There’s a full scoop there on the real Russia-Ukraine story. Why Russia hasn’t pulled the plug: I had lots of pieces on that: look for South Stream, Turkish Stream pieces, they explain everything. The most complete scoop re. Ukraine pipeline is in Earth Shift Reports 7 and 13.
      I also might mention it and what to expect this winter, in my new YT video, upcoming in a week.

      Rosatom deal is no big deal at all, but it has geopolitical value. It’s a good move. Not sure what the hype is about – but VT always hypes up everything.
      No one even talks about it in Russia. There are much bigger deals, such as deals with Turkey, India and Iran.

      BRICS is here to stay, but it won’t be a flagship organization for the Earth Shift as was once hoped. I’ll talk about it in 2017. We’ll have either a radio show or webinar on that.
      To give you some good news about S. Africa: your time (same goes for all of Africa, India and S. America) will come in several years. When exactly, how and why? I will have several very important LADA RAY WEBINARS in 2017, where I will explain everything so my followers are prepared for what’s to come.
      Official announcements on 2017 webinars are coming in the videos I’ll have up in the next couple of weeks on YT.

      Thanks for the good words 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  54. happy Now Here, lada ray, merry everything and happy always ❤

    been following your work esp. over the past year and like most of what you do.

    one of your last posts though (which, from my pov, carries a QC of 235, lots of judgments in it) left me a bit confused.

    you determined obama's quantum calibration under 100. when i check on him, his QC is around 535 (while i could confirm the other 2 people whose values you posted), and his chi is around 330.

    i do ask for the being that lives in the body of this person, here and now, in our collectively shared time line.

    thus i'm asking mySelf who is biased here, me or you?
    i had actually wanted to contact you privately on this, but this doesn't seem to be possible.

    during the past 8 weeks, i made a list of a few national leaders (and the US candidates), dated nov.20, with calibration values of the now, and their values at the time of their inauguration (campaign start). that was already interesting, some people seem to have greatly shifted.

    day before yesterday, i added new values, dated dec.30. there are some significant changes here with certain people which i don't want to make public (as yet), but would like to commune about with you. there's something big time going on…

    any way, may you be blessed, dear heart, and may you be a blessing in the world ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for the good wishes and wishing the same to you, Devapriya.

      Obama’s calibration is nowhere near, and never was anywhere near, what you are presenting.
      As of right now, his calibration is C: 85 – grief, Chi: 180 – pride. Chi did go up, prob because of the holiday and him being more relaxed. But that won’t last.
      Obama and the level of Love – got to be kidding me. Chi on the level of willingness? Funny.
      Love and willingness of what exactly? Wars, lies and stupid childish tantrums that serve no purpose except to stroke his ego, such as expelling Russian diplomats? You’re kidding, right?

      I appreciate it that you follow me and use my scale and terms. ‘QC’ is good, by the way. It was on the surface, I should have noticed 😉
      May start using this abbreviation instead of ‘C.’
      I don’t know what techniques you use, of course, and what meanings you put into my values.

      Sorry to say, I think you mean well, but you in fact are calibrating your idea, YOUR PERSONAL OPINION, of these men, NOT the actual values.

      Another possibility: Obama is a good actor and he’s been able to pull the wool over many people’s eyes – you may be calibrating his fake facade. I could even calibrate this statement and show you what you are in fact doing wrong – but not now.

      I’ll be magnanimous. I’ve said enough, stopping at that. I’m sure readers will surmise the rest.

      Please read my Quantum Calibrations page on + watch corresponding videos on YT.

      Many have asked me: I’ll eventually have a training to teach how to calibrate correctly and all other details. QC Book may also come out in 2018.

      Best wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

    • P.S. Daily changes in QC values are meaningless. There is no point in doing that, unless there are big events. If you monitor world events this way, that’s sweet, but you are prob doing it wrong. I don’t base my predictions on calibrations.
      Intrinsic QC and CHi are a lot more important. Also, as I said, during holiday calibrations of everyone who normally would have low values, are bound to go up temporarily – any change accounts for that.

      I also see a lot of confusion here. There is a difference between someone’s, say Obama’s, intrinsic calibration and one’s calibration at any given moment. You have to discern these things.

      Stay tuned for the training.


  55. thank you for your quick and patient reply, lada ray.

    i’ve watched your videos and studied your site on quantum calibrations before i started determining them with mySelf, people and things.

    muscel testing and pendulum are tools i’ve been using for the past 30 years. i don’t use them from the rational mind but connect on a 5d+ level when doing this work. if it was my opinion of the people i’m calibrating, i would not have noticed sudden rises in certain people during the past week, and a heavy fall in one.

    i’m certainly not free of error. nor are you.
    when i hear you speak about obama, it reads indeed like a strong emotional opinion. may i suggest to leave a tiny bit of doubt that what you tell me “but you in fact are calibrating your idea, YOUR PERSONAL OPINION, of these men, NOT the actual values.” might also count for you?

    have you considered that a dolphin in a shark bassin has to play shark games, in order to survive and get at least a little bit done of what he came for? and that, after many years in sharky waters, his own skin gets dirty? could it be possible that your calibration relates to this “fake facade”?

    while i would have enjoyed to discuss the sudden changes i observed with you, i respect that you can’t take me serious when your opinion is so strongly opposed. please forgive me for stealing your time. keep up your good work…

    Liked by 1 person

    • To your latest, which is deleted. Yes, it’s hard to do what I do. It’s a lot easier to play ‘a wise alec,’ using my own proprietary copyrighted info against me. Not appreciating at all being used as a guinea pig and judged as an interesting case study by someone who comes out of nowhere and pretends to ask a question about my work. If you really wanted to talk to me re. my opinion, and not to bait me, you’d find a different tone. And, cosmically speaking, you’d be allowed to connect with me privately. Others do, when they need to. Since the way to connect with me was hidden from you, I’m sure, as such a terribly ‘spiritual being’ you can surmise why.

      And yes, I did calibrate my responses, which are perfectly appropriate when it comes to dealing with ‘spiritual trolls.’

      If you did look into the soul of things, you wouldn’t do what you’ve done. You are talking to the level 90 empath, who sees through layers you don’t even know exist. I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about, since I never put this info in writing.

      And incidentally, I do not appreciate your spoiling my nice New Year this way. I also do not accept your fake apology and your fake sympathy. I already said, stop playing your mind games – my last good advice to you. Or keep playing them – your problem.

      Since you’ve really asked for it:

      Your calibration:
      QC 210 (confrontational courage – hence your confrontational energy that peeks through, no matter how much you try hiding it behind your pious facade),
      Chi 180 (pride – 20 points below min positive level; on this level one may have an exaggerated sense of self-importance and lack of humility),
      HEART CHAKRA 85 (this is the most telling! grief, despondency).

      By definition, a person who calibrates this low is unable to discern right from wrong in cases when they are emotionally invested. Such person will come up with warped calibrations to justify their stigmas. Examples: Hitler could calibrate above 200 and Jesus may calibrate below 100.

      These calibrations and their interpretations are my parting New Year’s gift to you – perhaps you’ll learn some modicum of truth from that, and learn some humility, accordingly.
      Incidentally, I am not interested in hearing any more from you. Any further reply gets you banned.

      For those readers who are new and want to learn true LADA RAY QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS:



  56. p.s. what just became clear to me is that we are simply on different time lines, lol. you’re checking in with the being on your time line and i’m checking in with the being on my time line.

    ok, so there’s nothing wrong here, all is well. and this gives me another lesson, to never look to the outside, not even to those who are teachers in their field, but completely trust my Self. thank you for the opportunity, lada.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear, did you ever calibrate yourself, by the way? You may learn even more if you do.
      And another thing: why do you spell your name in capital letters, but mine in lower case?
      Rhetorical questions for you to figure out, not for me, since I know the answer – please don’t reply.

      For me the lesson is: next time not to waste my valuable time.


  57. Yep, as I thought: a secret Obama admirer, but afraid to admit it, and hence angry at anyone who might see it differently.
    Suggest you stop playing your mind games. Truth is a lot better to live by.

    ‘Different timeline’ – way too funny, lol. More mind games.


  58. Hello Lada
    I’ve just read your very interesting article “Lada Ray Reveals Putin’s Secret! Why Putin Did Nothing After US Expelled 35 Russian Diplomats?” Convincing! Thanks a lot!
    And then I read your devastating response (this is no reflection on it! 🙂 ) on January 2, 2017, to “Devapriya Joy” and there, under “Your calibration”, this sentence “Examples: Hitler could calibrate above 200 and Jesus may calibrate below 100.” Though I’m not extremely religious, this leaves me smitten with surprise…
    According to your “LADA RAY QUANTUM CALIBRATION SCALE”, this would mean:
    – a life-threatening level (0-99) for Jesus (whom I would have seen in the area of “Buddha consciousness”) and
    – a life-affirming level (200-399) for Hitler.
    Have I gotten something wrong?
    My best wishes to you for this upcoming year and, above all, good health!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t understand your question. You seem to have misread something: my examples are of how people see black as white and vice versa, in those instances when their own calibration is low. Thus, they see the distorted picture of the world. Looks like you have just taken my words out of context. I think Jesus had the same problem. Now you know how I feel. 😉

      Jesus during much of his life calibrated at:
      QC 580 – high creation;
      Chi – 595 – same;
      Heart Chakra – 980 – buddha consciousness

      Last day before death:
      QC – 995 – buddha consciousness – this means ascension;
      Chi on average, as it changed very much within last 24 hours, from high to low – 45
      (guilt, close to death, which is understandable, he knew he was about to die).

      I ask all well-meaning people to please not take my words out of context – re-read what I said, if need be.

      I will have online QC training and my Q Calibrations book released eventually, prob in 2018. They will explain the full picture and my entire QC system step by step, with all bells and whistles.

      Liked by 1 person

  59. Thanks for the clarification, Lada. I well guessed there must be some misunderstanding on my side. All the best to you!


  60. Lada Ray,
    This question is not tied to any previous post you did. But i have to pose it. My wife has hashimoto which is a thyroid autoimmume disease. I wont get into the specifics but among the factors impacting the thyroid is suggested that electro smog is a potential aggrevator. thats why i came out on shungite. which is a russian stone often used in precious stone therapy and stuff. According to almost all websites i find in the western sphere it negates electro smog from wifi, cellphones, electronics. wich are abundant here in the west. It also reduces stress, boosts your immume, eases emotional trauma and more. All of wich could help my beloved wife.

    Now, considering hashimoto means an immume uproar attacking your tyroid. what is the potential effect of shungite on thyroid or this disease being worn around the neck, or being present inhouse. Do you have more info on this, or russian only info. what is your view on this? Does it cause harm or not?

    Liked by 1 person

  61. Dear Lada Ray, I live in The Netherlands. I have a question about our news (our media is very anti Russia) about Amnesty International claiming that 13.000 prisoners have been hanged at Saydnaya Prison (!) Ofcourse the “regime” in Syrie is responsible for these hangings! Can you give any comments? Warm greetings Lia

    Liked by 2 people

  62. I don’t listen to CNN, but in The Netherlands it was Hot news in our newspapers and on the News. I personally know it is not true, buI just wanted to know do you have anything that I could put out there to show them that the news is totally a lie? It is like the ongoing misinformation about MH17.

    Liked by 2 people

  63. I wish you to know that the amount, I am able to help, has no relation to the absolute high
    value I place on your effort. I thank you dearly . W.M.

    Liked by 2 people

  64. Do you have an RSS feed for your website?

    Liked by 1 person

  65. “I believe that in order to be willing to accept the solutions that are necessary, people need to have full understanding of the true severity of our problems”
    – Hans Carlsson (

    Liked by 1 person

  66. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about! ThanksBest10

    Liked by 1 person

  67. Greetings from comoros islands.
    I am looking for a video I saw in your website but can’t seem to find it anymore. 3 artists, one woman the singer and 2 guys dressed in Soviet uniforms and singing Soviet songs about 45 min duration.
    If you figure out the video i’m referring to, Can you please provide me with the link?

    Liked by 1 person

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