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Video call snapshot 78Lada Ray byline:
Born in Russia, Lada Ray is a linguist, financial consultant, Feng Shui Master, and mystical futurist. She is the author of three novels and several novelettes, most notably, Amazon bestselling thriller Gold Train (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) about the conspiracy connected to the disappearance of the Russian Empire’s gold reserve; and the top-rated prophetic mystical thriller The Earth Shifter, set in Moscow, Lake Baikal in Siberia, NYC, and hidden realms of Heaven and Earth. Lada’s popular blogs: Lada Ray Blog (books, Russia, China, feng shui, world cultures); and her new project FuturisTrendcast (geopolitics, Earth Shift, Lada Ray’s mystical futurism and predictions). Subscribe to Lada Ray Live on Youtube and follow her on Twitter.



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Find out more about Lada and what she does on Lada Ray Blog

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