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The official President of Russia site English

TASS (Russian News Agency)

Lada’s April 21, 2016 update:

Some of the sources below I recommend, and some are notable FYI only. The presence of a source on this list does not mean my endorsement or agreement with the views of the source’s authors. Please use your own judgment and make good decisions! There will be some substantial changes to the list below soon, in order to expand and adjust the list to the evolving personal goals and global circumstances!

FUTURIST TRENDCAST CONTRIBUTORS: (new feature: our contributors will be added here)  Stanislav lives in Norway. He is doing a very big and important job of translating to English many of the Russian texts, interviews, geopolitical and history articles and videos in order to provide an opportunity for the English-speakers to understand the Russian culture, history and reality. In the past, FuturisTrendcast featured Stanislav’s articles and translations. I encourage you all to visit his blog and discover his contribution for yourselves. I trust Stanislav’s judgement; you can confidently believe you are getting truthful and high quality information from him. Please support Stanislav’s valuable and important work by visiting his blog and spreading the word!

Kauilapele Blog – Consciousness/awareness/spirituality/geopolitics

1EarthUnited Blog – the awakened blog: lots of good reblogs and info re. spirituality, consciousness, current events

Blogs/Analytics/News Portals

Global Research  – geopolitical analysis

The Way of Love Blog

Recommendations on how to get truthful info w. Eng/German subs: Desperate for Up-To-Date Truth About Ukraine and Novorossia?

RT site/channels

RT YT channel – Russian    RT YT channel – English

RT America



Lada Ray Channel – English

News Front – best truth and news source re. Ukraine, DLNR (DLPR), Crimea, Eastern Europe -Russian (new recommendation)

Nikolay Starikov (geopolitical author, politician) – Russian

Time Monk Radio (The Plane Truth Show & Cat’s Eye on the Future) – English

FYI: Forbidden history and linguistics

KOB, polnie lektsii – Rus (Fomenko/Nosovsky New Chronology) Rus

A brief guide (aka, where you can find lots more of Lada’s insight, including:

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FYI: Free links and charts:

currencies, precious metals, oil, gas, other commodities, BTC, crypto-currencies

Note: Lada Ray does not endorse any of the links and/or investment types below. All this is provided for info purposes only. Everyone must make their own decisions about their finances and investments.

All crypto:

All about BTC:


BTC-E (BTC/LTC)    Max




Bitcoin, Ethereum & crypto-currencies

I’ll eventually get around to talking about crypto-currencies, whether they are for real or just hot air and what they mean for the future of mankind. Prob one of the future ESRs – stay tuned!


Related: Earth Shift System & Guide to Multi-dimensional Universe

Till then, I’m posting FYI videos re. BTC, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies, with differing opinions. Enjoy!

2014-15 vids

3 minute explanation of Ethereum by inventor Vitalik Buterin:

Keiser Report: New Crypto Phenomenon Ethereum (E569) Mt Gox and Bitcoin problem. Plus: corruption and money laundering in US, Australia, UK and Canada, as well as China.

Just curious – Keiser Report: MaxCoin – demo of how altcoin genesis block is initiated.

How Bitcoin works under the hood

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency crash course


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