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Ukraine Is Celebrating Its Independence From Common Sense

This is a new worthwhile translation by FT contributor and our friend, Nemo, aka, Stanislav Sokolov. It includes a translation of a piece by Rostislav Ishchenko, who’s one of the top Ukrainian analysts (now in exile in Russia). Ishchenko is Lada Ray approved and recommended.

chrestniy khod disrupted near kiev by oun nazis

Ukraine celebrated its independence – from what?

Posted on August 31, 2016

Rostislav Ischenko wrote an article (in Russian) “Lost Independence”, about the recently celebrated in Kiev Independence day. I want to start this post with a translation of a short fragment from that article, followed by a report from Donbass – how Poroshenko’s words that he “loves Donbass” manifest into mortar shells falling onto people’s heads.

Ukraine celebrates the 25th anniversary of its independence. Independence from what?

From oil Tyumen and Yamal gas, from Yakutia diamonds, and from gold of Kolyma, from the world’s largest reservoir of fresh water – Lake Baikal, and from the incalculable riches of the Arctic shelf. From all this, and many other things has Ukraine been independent for the last twenty-five years. But two and a half years of Poroshenko’s reign achieved new accomplishments. Now Ukraine is also independent from Crimea with its unique climatic conditions, and from Donbass – two regions which gave more than 30% overall and nearly half of foreign exchange earnings to the budget.

Over these two and a half years Ukraine got independent of several millions of its citizens. Optimists say that of five, the pessimists – that of fifteen. Even during the Great Patriotic War, Ukraine was “freed” from Ukrainians with lower rates. So there are things in which Ukrainians can be more effective than Germans and their allies, who built a “united Europe” in the first half of the twentieth century. Back then, too, the Europeans wanted to see Ukraine in Europe, and neither did they promise that the Ukrainians would get there together with Ukraine. As a result, the country was cleared of 20% of its population over the three years [of Nazi-German occupation]. The current government cleared it by 25% over two and a half years.

At this rate, by 2025 Ukraine will become independent of its entire population. Presumably complete happiness will then come. No opposition. No dissatisfied. Only the eternal peace, reconciling the right and left, the Russian-speaking and the Surzhik-speaking, “Eurointegrationalists” and Eurasians, Orthodox and Uniate, rainbowy fanatics of homosexual love and the harsh traditionalists.

All this happened because first of all Ukraine got independent from common sense, having become a country of victorious absurdity already in the beginning of 1992. Opponents of exit from the USSR accounted for the majority of the population. They controlled the parliament. Executive power was so diligent and so quick to execute commands of the Union center (even before they were given) that Ukraine in the years of perestroika, was called a “stagnation reserve”, being contrasted with the “democratic Belarus”, in which social life was flourishing.

Ischenko’s conclusion is that Ukraine was a failed state from day 1 – because its elites were creating the state for their own enrichment and not for the benefit of the population, and now, when there is nothing left to plunder they are looking towards either US, EU or Russia to fix their problems:

But how well it all began. The largest, bigger than the Russian, European army, huge arsenals of the most modern weapons, half of the strategic aviation of the USSR, the third in the world (after Russia and the US) nuclear arsenal. 40% of the Union’s machine-building industry, about 50% of the Union’s Agriculture, 60% of the Union’s GDP. Ports, both commercial and military fleet, gas pipeline system, higher education institutions and world-famous scientific schools, highly qualified workforce and population, which ranked first in Europe in terms of education, social welfare, health care.

It seemed like it would never end. And yet, just 25 years later – the emptiness, catastrophe.

Now we say that the state has not materialised. But it didn’t happen now. It did not materialise from the first moment and hasn’t been a valid state for even a minute. Because, if the Ukrainian state manifested, at least at one point of its existence, it would never have reached such a life as now.

A state that somebody needs can’t not manifest. But a Ukrainian state is not even needed by the Ukrainian Nazis. They come as scavengers upon an already dead carcass, to have time to grab a piece of rotting flesh, and die next to the remains of Ukraine. For the Nazis, too, can not exist without a state. But they are finishing it off as they have nothing constructive to offer – in comparison with the program of the oligarchic elite, which they are coming to replace – except for “take everything and divide”, while dividing it in a new way.

However, there is nothing left to divide.

Meanwhile, the sad state of things in the East – how people of Donbass survive Poroshenko’s “love”. Watch the following documentary fragment of Vesti from 28th of August 2016, translated by me…

Read / watch complete report by Stanislav

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Ukraine as anti-Russia: full list of goals for the 2014 Kiev Maidan and takeover of Ukraine


A couple of images below may be disturbing, but they show the truth so many are conveniently trying to forget today!


They start brainwashing them from an early age! Young western Ukrainians, 2014.  Written on the wall: “Ukraine for Ukrainians.” 

HitlerJugend Salute

HitlerJugend Salute, Germany, 1939

Lvov UPA Hitler salute

Lvov (Lviv), western Ukraine, 1941
Pro-Bandera Western Ukrainians in national costumes greet German fascists occupying the city with the same salute 

Bandera in SS uniform

Stepan Bandera, the UPA ukro-nazis’ tsar and god, after whom they name streets and whose monuments they erect all over Ukraine, in his SS uniform

 Ukro-nazis massacre of Poles in Volyn

Western Ukraine Nazis, part of UPA/ SS troops executed the massacre of Poles during WWII in Volyn, western Ukraine

Ukro-nazis and germans killing prisoners

Mass grave: Bandera ukro-nazis and German Fascists kill peaceful citizens in Ukraine, 1941-1944

These same dark entities, serving foreign interests, are killing today!

On February 20-22, 2014 the Ukraine Maidan coup took place, unseating Yanukovich. It established the rule of the oligarchic Kiev junta and ukro-nazis, marking the beginning of an open political takeover of the country by the USA and other foreign interests.

In my 2014 and 2015 articles and Earth Shift Reports I have described the goals of the USA in Ukraine. I also described on many different occasions how it was done, what strings were pulled and what forces were used as fronts for the puppeteers. For example, the ukro-nazi battalions were trained in Poland and in western Ukraine by Polish and Canadian instructors. Canada and USA supplied and trained college and school teachers, PR and media specialists.

​The trainers and supervisors were normally of Bandera ukro-fascist (aka, western Ukraine Nazi – my term: ‘ukro-nazi’) origin, whose ancestors served in concentration camps and committed other crimes during World War II, having escaped justice to Canada and USA after Hitler’s defeat. Consequently, they held enormous grudge against those who caused this defeat, namely, Russians. Some of these people lived in Canada or USA all these years, dreaming of vendetta generation after generation. Their unevolved and vengeful nature is being exploited very well by the puppet masters.

A comprehensive plan existed for the systematic brainwashing of the populace and re-molding of the entire country’s psyche. The attempts to remold a branch of the Russian people residing in Ukraine into a Russophobic anti-Russia was attempted since 1980s, the times of Gorbachev and Perestroika. These efforts intensified a hundred-fold after the destruction of the USSR and creation of separate Ukrainian state in 1991.

Soros was involved deeply through the re-writing of school books to depict Russia as enemy No. 1. Jewish oligarchs and Jewish fascists whom most people know as Chabad were involved as well. I describe in detail how it all worked in my two Earth Shift Reports: ESR3: OLIGARCH WARS and ESR6: NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE? (Chabad, American Zionism & the NWO Agenda).

But no matter how much money and effort US, Poland and EU put into it, their efforts largely failed. A Gallup poll of 2008 conducted in Ukraine for an unrelated reason confirmed as a side-effect that 70% of Ukrainians identified themselves closer with the Russian culture and preferred Russian language to Ukrainian. When given a choice of filling out a form in Russian or Ukrainian, 70%+ picked Russian.
Knowing how polls are conducted, it may have been organized specifically to find out how far Ukrainization has gone and whether Ukraine was or wasn’t ready for the role of anti-Russia. Let’s recall that 2008 was also the year when Georgia, nudged by the US, attacked S. Ossetia. That was another ‘poll,’ so to speak – a very bloody one. They needed to check how the young and inexperienced President Medvedev would respond, especially considering then PM Putin was at the time at the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

They were checking to see if Medvedev would be as pliable as Gorbachev once was. To they severe disappointment, it turned out that the ‘pussy cat’ Medvedev was ready to make tough decisions. We all know the result of Saakashvili’s 2008 adventure: permanent loss of S. Ossetia and Abkhazia, together constituting 1/3 of former Georgia’s trerritory; loss of US military contracts and the US base in Poti, together with the destruction of the Poti port itself (which US used to build up military presence in Georgia for the planned attack on Iran). The total loss of Sakashvili’s reputation and credibility followed, leading to his ousting as president and universal hatred in his own country.

Currently, Saakashvili is the governor of Odessa, having been relieved of his Georgian citizenship; Interpol is very interested in him and he may be tried in the Hague Tribunal for war crimes. Will he really be prosecuted in Hague or will the US manage to bury the case? This remains to be seen.

I’ll tell you what may cause him to be prosecuted: it won’t be the real pursuit of justice, as the man is truly guilty and should be in jail. The Hague prosecution will only happen if and when EU decides to show the US and their own citizens that they are capable of conducting independent policies. In other words, only if there is a rebellion against US in the EU, Saakashvili may be prosecuted.
Below in this report I talk about what happened on 08/08/2008 and how it is all connected to what happened in Ukraine in 2014.
Additional (rare and telling) intel about Saakashvili today and his connection to Odessa will be in ESR8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT.

Now, back to Ukraine.

I can see how the real beneficiaries of that casual 2008 Gallup poll, those invisible puppeteers from across the ocean, were dismayed to find that 20 years of efforts to remold the Ukrainians’ psyche still didn’t achieve the desired result. I can see how finding out at least 70% still thought in Russian spurred them into action. The onslaught on the poor people’s psyche was doubled, tripled, quadrupled.

It was determined by puppet masters that those segments of Ukraine population that grew up in the USSR, where they were one with Russia, were almost impossible to convert. So, they concentrated mainly on young people. The generation that grew up during the hard 1990s and 2000s had lost their ancestral memory. The young, pliable minds were easy to remold; not having any real education and frame of reference, having been fed the re-written Soros and ukro-nazi history, these young people didn’t know what to believe. Seeing the dire situation inside their country and the good life in the West, they would be easy to sway.

Besides, these young people haven’t worked, haven’t seen life yet. They didn’t understand what was behind anyone’s prosperity – a lot of hard work, keeping your head down and creating something that will eventually yield results. They thought that money grows on trees and that the moment they are ‘admitted into Europe’ their life will improve, they will magically have more money, their roads will fix themselves, investors will pile in of their own accord and they will all live in luxury condos. Or as some enthusiastic girl’s banner on Maidan said, “Can’t wait to join Europe – I want my lacy red underwear!” This demonstrates the low-level of maturity and awareness of the young generation left over in Ukraine (as I often say, ‘all the smart ones left and turned off the lights’).

Simultaneously, the simpleton Ukrainians were told that as soon as they sign the association with EU all their troubles would dissolve of their own accord. The deceptive Ukraine propaganda fed directly and deliberately from abroad, told them that ‘once they sign the association agreement, retirees would be getting pensions on par with European.’ One retiree from Kiev, who was on Maidan, said that he wanted the EU association because then instead of the monthly pension of 1000 grivnas he would be getting a pension of 1000 euros. Today this poor duped grandpa’s pension of 1000 grivnas equals about $37, or about 33 euros, based on the 2/16/2016 course of 1 grivna to $0.037. Before the Kiev coup, in January 2014, this naive man’s pension was worth $90-$100. Therefore, one of the proudest achievements of Maidan was to crash the grivna through the floor, leaving the elderly without any means of survival.

All this was coupled with a massive infusion of cash to ‘subvert Ukraine,’ as was freely admitted by Victoria Nuland in December 2013 to the Washington Press Club. But the $5 billion spent to turn Ukraine into anti-Russia, of which Nuland bragged so proudly, was only the tip of the iceberg. This is only the publicly admitted expenditure by the US State Dept. Just imagine how much was spent off the books, from slush funds, by Chabad, Poland, Canada, Soros and others! Just imagine the magnitude of the deception! Just imagine how much they wanted to subvert Ukraine!

Those who observe the events surrounding Ukraine closely, yours truly included, have been noting that all this massive investment paid off only for the briefest moment in time. They succeeded in subverting Ukraine and generating hatred for a couple of years. But as the country’s economic situation worsens and as Ukraine denizens start figuring out that they simple have been used, they start remembering who they really are.

Sure, the process is slow and arduous. But there is progress. The junta is distrusted, ukro-nazis hated and the majority can’t wait for either DNR/LNR army, or Putin to come and restore order. This at least is the prevailing mood in the East and South. Even western Ukraine questions if they should remain under Kiev. Bottom line, except the poor and rural central Ukraine concentrated around the capital, no one wants to be under Kiev.

Since the above scenarios have exhausted and discredited themselves badly during the past two years, Plan B… or ‘Plan BS’ was needed. What I dubbed ‘Plan BS’ is spelled out ‘Plan Black Sea.’

What does it mean? Ukraine was once an industrial powerhouse. But little of that former might is left after the oligarch looting and destruction of economic relations with Russia. Now Black Sea ports and surrounding territories are the most valuable assets left in Ukraine’s possession. USA and their allies know they won’t be able to hold on to the entire Ukraine. Recall my prediction: Ukraine will slowly drift back towards Russia over he period of 2016 through 2018.

Consequently, there is a noticeable effort on the part of USA, Turkey and others to fortify positions around Black Sea. Odessa is the jewel of the Black Sea and that’s where a lot of American activity is concentrated. They couldn’t hold on to Crimea – they want to at least latch on to Odessa. This is evident in the ousted Georgian president of Georgia Saakashvili – a known agent of the US – being the governor of Odessa. The clandestine games and convoluted, yet important events happening around Black Sea, Odessa, Moldova, Pridnestrovie and other surrounding areas, will be discussed in the upcoming Earth Shift Report 8: BLACK SEA GAMBIT.

Ukraine as anti-Russia: full list of goals for the 2014 Kiev Maidan Coup and takeover of Ukraine

1. Creation of anti-Russia out of Ukraine and permanent area of instability on Russia’s borders.
2. Putting a wedge of hatred and distrust between branches of one Russian culture, Russians and Malorossians/Novorossians, making Russians in Ukraine hate Russians in Russia.
3. Putting a wedge between EU, primarily Germany, and Russia. Also re-introducing mistrust and suspicion between Eastern Europe and Russia.
4. Sabotaging the Silk Road project from China through Russia into EU and Germany and undermining the formation of the new power triangle: China – Russia – Germany.
5. Complete isolation of Russia on all levels.
6. Step by step sabotage of the Russian defense. For more read: Dmitry Rogozin Reveals All: US Thought Ukraine Was an In to Russian Defense Secrets and ESR 6: NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE?
7. Complete takeover of Crimea and establishment of the US super military/naval base there. The story of Crimea is so interesting and convoluted; its value to Russia, USA, NATO, Turkey and ISIS-Daesh is so great that I will write a separate Earth Shift Report to reveal it all! Don’t miss ESR9: CRIMEAN AGENDA (the Battle for Crimea has only begun!)
8. Killing Russian economy, and consequently, creating internal discontent, which would lead to the removal of Putin, bloody revolution inside Russia with subsequent dismemberment and disappearance of Russia.
9. After Putin and Russia disappear, the takeover of Eurasia and the world.

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Why Ukraine Radicals Marked Maidan Coup Anniversary by Attacks on Russian Banks


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Ex Ukraine PM: West expected Yanukovich to die like Gadaffi

Emotional ex Ukraine PM under Yanukovich, Nikolay Azarov, presented his new book detailing the February 2014 Kiev coup. Almost crying while talking about the tragedy in Donbass and Odessa, he put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the EU and US; specifically, the former EU commissioner Stefan Fule, who threatened him with regime change if he didn’t sign the EU agreement. He also talked about personal pressure on him by US State Dept’s Victoria Nuland. (And let’s not forget the prominent role in this whole story by the EU chief diplomat Catherine Ashton and other politicians from Brussels, Lithuania and Poland, as I discussed in a number of prior articles – LR.)

Take a listen:

In this piece in Russian Azarov admits that: negotiations with Russia were always difficult because of gas price disputes, but they always proceeded with mutual respect and in the spirit of cooperation. Russia never put pressure on the Ukraine government. It was the opposite with the West. Ukraine government and Azarov personally were under constant severe pressure from US and EU. When Nuland arrived in December 2013, she started pressuring Azarov into forming the so-called “government of national unity,” staffed with people “the nation trusts.” Azarov laments that she was not concerned at all with the fact that his own government received a vote of confidence in both December 2013 and January 2014.

I think the above is self-explanatory, should anyone still need a confirmation that Ukraine was a managed colony of the West well before the February 2014 coup, still under Yanukovich… Incidentally, this should also help those who still think that Yanukovich was a pro-Russian politician. In fact, Yanukovich was never pro-Russian. He was only a bit more balanced than others. But it was Yanukovich who announced 4 years ago that the direction of Ukraine is towards integration with the EU. Russia worked with him, just like they tried to work with Timoshenko when she was PM, trying to keep a bad peace in the family and settling for a lesser evil.


These revelations are just the beginning. As the conflict in Ukraine continues growing and getting out of hand, as the explosion leading to the new, cleansed Ukraine – completely different from today’s nazi regime – nears, more and more revelations will be coming out. Also see my PREDICTIONS for a complete picture.

The artificial entity that is today’s Ukraine, could never self-govern. The fact is, Ukraine in this configuration (frankly, in any configuration) could only be successful being a part of Russia, as history shows. For a complete picture on that read: FREE Earth Shift Report 2: Ukraine, Russia and Falsified History.

The fact that Russia in the past 20 odd years was hands off and looking the other way was used by the West to take over Ukraine quietly via oligarchs, NGOs, MSM, falsified/Soros-sponsored history books, Catholic church and 2004 Orange revolution. The moment Yanukovich refused to do what they wanted him to do, they executed an openly nazi coup and created an area of permanent instability on Russian borders. The problem with this approach is that when you sleep with the devil, be ready to wake up in hell. Eventually, such things backfire. US once created AlQaeda and trained the Taliban against the USSR. Years later, these entities acquired a life of their own and turned on their former handlers.

To add to the picture, here is my response to a reader that resonates with the above. The issues discussed are whether Ukraine may let Donbass leave to save the Kiev junta’s grip on the rest of the territory; and whether, should this happen, the rest of Ukraine will be left anti-Russian for a long time.

My reply:

The revolt is brewing inside Ukraine in many areas, including Odessa, Kharkov and Zaporozhie, and even Western Ukraine. 1.5 million Ukraine citizens already escaped to Russia from mobilization, etc. This means that if Donbass is allowed to leave, others will want to secede as well.
Anti-Russian Ukraine won’t survive for long because it’s unnatural – change is coming. US and EU created a monster they will be very sorry about.
A great example is Chechnya: considering the gravity of a 1990s conflict, it did a rather quick turnaround from anti-Russian rebellion to a staunchly pro-Russian position. These switches of the public mood happen extremely fast, often the moment the status quo changes. This is human nature and there are tons of historic examples of same.

The Kiev junta is finished the moment they admit Donbass is separate.

I will also briefly add that the geopolitical game is much bigger than between the parts of Ukraine. The stakes are between the old and the new and what the future of mankind will look like. What happens in Ukraine is really being decided between Washington and Moscow. I will write about that in the upcoming Earth Shift Reports. Stay tuned!

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