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Now the Ball’s in Your Court: HOPE FOR THE BEGINNING OF RUSSIA-US NORMALIZATION (Best Video Collection) #PutinTrumpSummit

I’m sharing with you Lada’s Best video collection of today’s Putin-Trump Summit in Helsinki!

We have lots of discussion and predictions on this topic and much more, in my latest 



(Special Multidimensional Astrology & 4D Geopolitics Report)

Also this week on PATREON we’ll have Quantum Calibrations of the PUTIN-TRUMP SUMMIT – coming Tuesday. In addition, I’ll have a separate analytical piece on the event – most likely Wednesday. For over a month now on PATREON we have been discussing Trump, US-EU relations, NATO, Russia and Putin, with quantum calibrations and much more. Check out all these posts, if you haven’t yet, by scrolling down the POSTS lineup.



Full 2 hour Putin-Trump presser after Helsinki summit, July 16, 2018


The same presser from CBC perspective


Putin arrives to Helsinki. Putin’s Limo: First public appearance of new Russian Aurus outside Russia


And here’s that ugly TRUMP’S NEOLIBERAL GLOBALIST STRAITJACKET REARING ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN — 100% according to my prediction since 2016 – early 2017 (ESW1: WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM)

Western MSM in panic over the summit: what if Russia and US do end up getting along for a change? What horror, what treason!


And incidentally, what did I tell you months ago (since 2015-16 really) in my predictions about the SHIFT of Israel! Others are only beginning to talk about it now!

**Those who read my Patreon articles and watch my Webinars will also recognize some of my predictions about what Putin will get out of this summit vs. what Trump will get out of it. Although I said much more…

(Incidentally: my hint — Putin won’t bargain at Iran’s expense, that fantasy is completely off the table. But Putin will listen if US and Israel want to help clear Ukraine from the ukro-nazi junta contamination, and if US wants to get its troops out of Syria.) 

Listen to the hint in this video: Trump Enters Helsinki Amid Press Storm: Europe Terrified Russia and US Might Find Common Ground


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