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Distorted Reality: Ukraine is a Disposable Lemon to Be Thrown Out

Below is a very educational exchange. As you will see, the view-point of the commenter is a typical Western brainwashed style, with added traumatic personal experience of her ancestors, which she still holds dear to her heart and upon which she bases all her present attitudes and opinions. If you see me being pretty straight with her, this is for the benefit of the readers. A surgeon has to cut through tumor in order to expose and remove it, especially if cancer spread too deeply.

These were posted initially in comments to: The Real Truth About USSR: Golodomor and Collectivization in Ukraine. It is obvious, this commenter can’t accept my story about Russia, Ukraine and collectivization, although the whole thing goes much, much further. It becomes a debate about the present day Ukraine and its role, the West, Russia, geopolitics, and the distorted reality. If you haven’t read this controversial article (also check out other comments), it is certainly advisable as this will give a better understanding of the facts.

Now, to the point!

Distorted Reality: Ukraine is a Disposable Lemon to Be Thrown Out

  1. Lilli Kehler 

    I’m just wondering what planet you are living on, Lada? I was in the Ukraine in September of 2013 to discover “my roots” and get a sense of where my parents grew up. I visited Zhitomir and the “alley of blood” where thousands of ethnic Germans were killed in the 1930′s for no other reason than that they corresponded with German relatives in Germany. My mother’s family lived in Ukraine for four generations, but suddenly they were “enemies of the state”, collaborating with Hitler, and spies for the Nazi’s. My mother’s first husband was killed, as were many other relatives and friends of German background. They had given up their farm to the state, worked their butts off in the kolchozes, and their reward was now to be killed or shipped to Siberia. Wonderful ideology. . .this communism, and “Father Stalin” almost deserves sainthood. When my mother finally arrived in Canada, she kissed the ground and thanked God for allowing her to escape a madhouse she had lived in for 25 years. I’m sure you’re very sincere; it’s just too bad that you’re so misguided.

    Lilli Kehler

    • Thank you for your point of view. Lilli – what a nice name, and what a horrifically warped comment!

      Certainly, terrible things like that did happen, and these are very difficult to understand from today’s point of view, especially if you live in serene Canada that NEVER new wars and invasions, if you were always taught hatred towards Russia, and a deliberately distorted perspective on history. It doesn’t help, Lilli, when your world vision is so tiny that you don’t see beyond the tip of your nose.

      Should you not have been blinded by your hatred and the grudge you manage to hold on to for generations, you would have seen that MY ancestors had to give up much more than yours, but they managed NOT to hold the grudge. Same goes for the testimonial in the comment section by Victorya from Germany.

      Further, before and during WWII, anyone who corresponded with Germany was suspect. Those were not the times of peace – it was an extraordinary situation. I seriously doubt you even understand what I am talking about.
      But let’s say, considering Germans killed 27 million Soviet citizens, and EVERY single family in the USSR lost someone, only a paid-for shill would say my statement is incorrect!
      I had deaths in my family, including both of my grandfathers, from the hands of GERMANS during the war! Just imagine how the Russians were KISSING THEIR OWN LAND after they finally chased Germans out of theirs.

      Incidentally Hitler had big plans for Ukraine, and my mother’s family had suffered under German occupation of Ukraine. However, I manage not to hold a grudge against Germans. In fact I like German people.

      While anyone being displaced because of geopolitical reasons is a personal tragedy, I am pretty sure your ancestors’ correspondence wasn’t that innocent. Perhaps they indeed were spies, which your mom conveniently forgot to tell you. Or perhaps they were expressing hatred towards Russia in their letters – also a form of espionage, especially before the world war, if you think about it. Humans generally have a very selective memory when it comes to their own wrongdoing.

      By the way, I never said in my post that Stalin was innocent. You are just hearing what you want to hear, as to you, words USSR, collectivization and communism are like a red to a bull. See red – charge – kill! There are many like you in the West – conveniently brainwashed and charged with rage and hatred. People like you are SO very easy to manipulate on any issue that involves Russia – as we are seeing in your comment. Thankfully, my readers are much more evolved than that.

      My suggestion to you and others like you, who still live in hatred: do inner work and root out your shadows, because these are your shadows and a collective karma that was thoughtfully dumped into your impressionable child’s psyche by your parents, and Western MSM and schools. Sins of the fathers comes to mind. If you don’t know what I am talking about, google it. Or don’t – and carry your karma into your next life, to be re-lived again. Up to ya, m’dear.

      Finally, considering the fact that I went to school in Odessa, Ukraine with several local German girls, who came from Ukrainian German stock, I seriously doubt your story is true! NOT all Germans were deported, only those who indeed were spies or collaborators on some level, or who were suspected of that.

      Was it nice – no, was it because of extremely tough and crazy times – yes. Look what Hitler did to anyone who disobeyed him? HE, and his cronies were German, like you – and I don’t see you criticizing him. Are you by any chance from Alberta, CA – a hotbed of anti-Russian hatred, where banderovtsi ran after Hitler lost (members of the dreaded west Ukraine Galichina SS division, who killed half a million Russians, Ukrainians and Poles)?

    • Since you bring up the subject of displacing the whole ethnicities before/during WWII, let’s see what the kind Americans did at the same time:

      USA herded all Americans of Japanese origin before WWII into CONCENTRATION CAMPS, and I don’t see you complaining about that.

      Notice, Germans, who were suspected in collaborating with nazis, were moved by evil Stalin to SOUTHERN Siberia and Kazakhstan, where they were given land and lived freely. Southern Siberia and Kazakhstan climates are WARMER than Canada’s, where you live – so don’t give me this bulls**t about hardship in Siberia!

      Meanwhile, American-Japanese, who did absolutely nothing, except looking different than white Americans, were behind barbed wire the entire war! Some of those US rounded up were actually Chinese, because to Americans all Asians looked the same.

      These concentration camps contained 6 million people.

  2. Lilli Kehler 

    Hello Lada,

    I think it’s safe to assume that you and I will never have a meeting of the minds, but I did want to clear up one or two things.

    First of all, I hate no-one. I am a Christian, and as followers of Jesus, we are taught to love one another. That doesn’t mean that I have to love an ideology that was responsible for killing most of my parent’s family.

    It sounds to me (having glanced at some of your sites) that you enjoy and advertise your new age religion and meta-physical beliefs. Believe me, had you tried to do that in Russia in the 1930′s, you would have suffered the same plight as many members of my mother’s and father’s families (especially the ones who were pastors): an enforced trip to Siberia or to get shot. And perhaps parts of Siberia are warm, but I don’t think they noticed it in the salt mines.

    Fourthly, and now we move into the current situation in Ukraine. We trekked through approx. 20 villages and several large cities in the Ukraine (including Kiev) in September, and what we kept hearing from so many people was: We have Western hearts and Western souls; in spite of our bad economy, we have experienced freedom in the last 20 years, and we will never be under Russia’s thumb again. And it sounds to me like the new government is trying to listen and address the complaints in the eastern cities like Donetsk.

    And last but not least, my parents are long gone, but they left me a legacy of love, courage, and faith — not in “a system” but in a God whom they deeply loved and worshipped. This country has been good to our family — and I am grateful. Your truth is not my truth, but I’m so glad we live in countries where we can “agree to disagree.” Wishing you all the best in the path you have chosen.



    Dear Lilli,

    First, since I have ignored your previous comment, and you are still bombarding me with long replies, it is safe to assume you are a troll, therefore you future comments will be marked as spam.

    Second, if you are a Christian, then everything becomes clear. Every time your tongue turns to say you were taught to live in love, remember how many MILLIONS, upon MILLIONS, upon MILLIONS of people were killed in the name of Christianity. This includes all those who believed something different than the church wanted them to believe, or who simply told the truth. I hope that stops you from making hypocritical statements. Although, I am confident it’s too late for you to learn.

    I am also confident that what I write is way over your head, otherwise, you would not be repeating your propaganda. However, I will respond just this once for the benefit of others, who do learn.

    You read my blogs? Then why didn’t you see these posts – easily visible among “Recent Posts,” and containing eyewitness videos:

    You didn’t notice this: “these people are also cruelly bombed, killed, or driven out of their homes. Millions in #Donbass, eastern Ukraine now live in ruins, have no running water, electric and gas; many children and women have to flee across the Russian border, while Ukrainian snipers are awaiting them in the shadows. It is truly shameful, in my opinion, that only Russia helps the refugees, children, women, and peaceful citizens of eastern Ukraine, while the WEST fully supports the bombings by the Kiev junta!

    A picture of the east Ukraine child, blown to pieces by Kiev junta military, and still alive and crying from pain, went viral all over the internet. It is too horrific to post on my blog, but I am sure you can google it. Another child just died in Donetsk. Doctors struggled for 5 hours to save a little boy, but it was impossible to remove 30 bomb pieces stuck in the child’s head. Eyewitness report about the dead child and his dead mother. Ukraine army just shelled the RUSSIAN border patrol checkpoint, shooting across the border! One Russian wounded. Link:

    The new government is showing that they want peace and try to listen to the East? It must be so much easier to listen through the sound of bombings of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Lugansk and Donetsk! Actually, they do – by a lip-service ceasefire to satisfy dupes like you in the West, so they can meanwhile shell and bomb more and more people, including the RUSSIAN territory! This you obviously don’t see.

    Could that be because you only see what you want to see, proving my initial point that you have been thoroughly and permanently brainwashed for life? There are lots like you in the West, but some are actually honest, so when they see the real facts, they start awakening. I feel very sorry for you actually. You are a poor, unfortunate soul, stuck in your little parallel reality tunnel, which you dug out for yourself.

    Your comment about “New Age” is so beyond everything, I can’t even begin… Please leave alone the subjects you have zero idea about (which unfortunately are all of the above and below). New Age didn’t start until 1960s, so you know. Since you have zero idea who I am, or what New Age is – god, please do yourself a favor, and just don’t talk about it. Please, please, do yourself a huge favor and stop demonstrating your ignorance and small-mindedness for the whole world to see. Incidentally, you poor little thing who can’t understand anything beyond your tiny little world, I write extensively about a Siberian shaman, who WAS a subject of Stalin’s repressions, in one of my books. His story is based on historic facts. Unlike you, I don’t choose what I want, or don’t want, to see.

    Lastly, but absolutely, certainly, confidently, not leastly, LOL: When you were in Ukraine, they showed you exactly what you wanted to see. A portion of Ukraine desperately wants to be with the West, always has. I said that in a number of my articles, including the very first one where I gave a thorough breakdown of the four parts of Ukraine and their different aspirations and character. This info can also be found in my video interview about Ukraine with The Plane Truth under “Interviews.” I bet you have no idea what these four parts of Ukraine are, and generally, what I am talking about.

    Leaving aside the 23 years of gross distortions of history and Western propaganda overload in Ukraine, which you are also a product of, do you know WHY they want to be a part of the West?

    Because they hate themselves and don’t trust their own ability to get out of the perma-crisis they created by mismanaging their economy during the 23 years of nezalizhnost (means independence in Ukrainian – LR). This is a very well-known viewpoint of those with slave and victim mentality. Don’t want to take any action or responsibility = don’t trust yourself and wait for the kind uncle to come and save you.

    Knowing profoundly (unlike you, who knows her personal family history only) the realities and historic background of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Baltics, Central Asia, Caucasus, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Yugoslavia/Serbia/the Balkans, the rest of Europe, China, Mongolia, USA, Israel, South America, I can say very confidently how this warped and unrealistic mentality occurs and where it leads in reality.

    They live in misery and they simply want to live better. This is coupled with deliberate propaganda – from school history books financed by #Soros, and straight into adulthood with NGOS/MSM, also financed by Soros, Western governments and oligarchs – that the West is good, Russia is bad. They must employ people much like you, to spread this propaganda. Works very well in poor countries with disastrous, pre-collapse economies that hold a grudge.

    Do you know what these people REALLY want? They want to have salaries and pensions like in the West, drive cars like in the West, etc. They see oligarchs who have that, while they don’t. In their simpleton minds they think the miracle they stopped hoping for will happen and they will have all that, if they simply “join the West.”

    They think if they sign the worthless association agreement with EU, they will become a part of the EU – a lie deliberately spread in Ukraine for the past several years, in which the former president Yanukovich was implicated due to his own ulterior motives. Then, they think, they will be able to be a part of the EU. They want to have the ability to go to the EU freely and take the high paying jobs there, or to move there to collect social benefits without contributing to society, like people from Poland, Baltics, Romania and Bulgaria do today.

    In reality, of course nothing of the sort will happen. But the poor dupes from Ukraine don’t know that. They will kiss anyone’s a.s.s. who comes from the West, like you. They will show any “archives” you want to see. They will present themselves as these little miserable victims – so you would go back and write letters to your government, or report, if you in fact are on payroll, that yes, Ukraine people are 100% behind us – we can start the coup now and it will succeed.

    That’s how CIA and MI6 work. US/NATO/EU/UK base their assumptions on such “reports on the ground” when they start wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia bombings, Libya, etc. In Ukraine, it’s a proxy war of course. All because stooges with their own ulterior motives tell them the population is 100% behind the Western invasion. They ignore any other reports that contradict this picture. They, like you, only see what they want to see.

    Western governments need this moral justification because of the farce of “democracy.” Otherwise their people will not support their constant invading and interfering with sovereign countries. So, you need to thoroughly brainwash your people. This is why Syria invasion, which was being prepared by the West in 2013, failed. People saw through propaganda and didn’t support it, in biggest part thanks to Russia’s smart moves, and to the courageous whistleblowers/ global alternative media.

    And this is why the West is so confused now: Crimea referendum, where 97% voted to be with Russia? This must be fraud! Don’t trust your lying eyes and all those cameras installed in polling stations. Donetsk and Lugansk – 89% and 94% respectively for re-unification with Russia – this is fraud too, despite MILES long lines of people gathering to vote – all caught on film. They never expected that. They never expected people in the Donetsk and Lugansk to stubbornly refuse to join them. In Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhie, Kherson they would gladly join Russia too, if their protests weren’t brutally suppressed, if people weren’t being killed, burned alive and kidnapped. There is dissent starting even in Western Ukraine, but that’s also a lie of course. Ukraine should be behind them 100%, shouldn’t it?

    Those who protested on maidan wanted a better life and to get rid of their oligarchs? If you do a revolution with absolutely zero understanding of what you are doing, you get the distorted result. Live in illusion – die in illusion. They got not only nazis, who burn people alive in Odessa, kidnap, torture, kill, loot; but also, even worse oligarchs in power, who in fact are unabashed marionettes of the USA, and your beloved country, Canada.
    They wanted better pensions and salaries? Old people’s pensions are now cut from $160 to $80. 30,000 social workers and doctors laid off as part of the IMF austerity package. Ukraine GDP down 30% since the beginning of 2014. My prediction: it will be down by another 35-40% before the end of year. Grivna down by over 50% since maidan – will soon be worth even less.

    You, together with all Western governments, will gladly close your eyes to all that because it doesn’t fit into your narrow tunnel world view.

    In reality, do you know what the West really wants from Ukraine? Its resources. Not even its prized chernozem agricultural lands. They want to frack up Ukraine into oblivion to drain its shale gas, thus destroying the prized chernozem. Read:

    They don’t want Ukraine to be a rival to the EU agriculture – so Ukraine agriculture has been designated for destruction. Ukraine industry cannot be a rival to the EU industry – it will be destroyed, too. Considering Ukraine industry, ALL concentrated in the South-East, feeds the whole country and is historically geared towards trade with Russia – the West wants to destroy Ukraine industry and harm Russian economy as well.

    Ukraine to the West is a disposable lemon that will be thrown out having been mercilessly squeezed and relieved of all its juices. Ukraine is a super-convenient and completely useful proxy to get to the really big prize: Russia.

    This is the crucial difference between Russia on one hand, and Ukraine/ Ukraine’s Western backers on the other:

    While the West wants to squeeze Ukraine and throw it out, Russia is offering Ukraine an equal partnership via Eurasian Union, which will support and grow Ukraine economy. Russia is ready to continue supporting Ukraine economy and continue living with them as one family. Ukrainians are treated in Russia as brothers, while SOME Ukrainians treat Russians as enemy. 6 million Ukrainians live and work in Russia, which is the only way they can earn much, much more than they can ever dream of earning at home, and live in peace, too. At the same time, Ukraine government kidnaps and kills Russians in Ukraine, including Russian journalists. Russia has been for years subsidizing Ukraine economy by buying its products when no one else would, and without asking for anything, but normal relations, in return. They never asked Ukraine to cut pensions to grannies, as the West does now. They never zombified Ukraine with anti-Western propaganda. US/EU has been zombifying Ukraine with anti-Russian propaganda since 1990s. Your beloved country, Canada, participates in all this.

    Russia built the entire industrial/port/tourism complex of Eastern and Southern Ukraine – all that provides the vast majority of Ukraine GDP, keeping the undeveloped, poor, destitute agricultural areas of central and western Ukraine afloat, including the Zhitomir area your family is from, Lilli. By the way, if only you knew what kind of jokes float around Ukraine about the place you talk so proudly about – Zhitomir. You have no idea what you are talking about as usual. Zhitomir is one of the most backwards and poor areas of Ukraine. No wonder thay have such inferiority complex towards Russia and eastern Ukraine, who by the way feed them.

    Russia has been supplying gas for free to Ukraine since the beginning of 2014. Ukraine owes Russia $5bln for gas alone, plus $35 bln in other debts, which it flatly refuses to pay, nudged by the US, Canada and UK. For years, Ukraine has been stealing Russian gas, and it does it today as well. Everyone knows that. At the same time, Ukraine/Kiev attacks Russian embassy, headed by the FOREIGN MINISTER of Ukraine, who swears at Russia and Russian President while lauding the attackers of the Russian embassy. Kiev blows up the Gazprom pipeline and blames Russia for all mortal sins.

    Russia is constantly blamed for invading Ukraine, and although it is invariably confirmed that Russia did nothing of the sort, neither Ukraine, nor the MSM and politicians in the West, including Canada, ever apologize, or correct themselves!

    Meanwhile, this is what the West does in Ukraine: there are thousands of confirmed Western mercenaries in Ukraine, including from Canada, killing the people of eastern Ukraine. The infamous fourth floor of the SBU compound in Kiev – security services of Ukraine – is given to the US staff. No Ukrainians are allowed there. From there, all the military and security orders are given to the stooges in Kiev government by the US. Canada and EU nationals also work there. The flag of the US is placed on top of SBU building together with Ukraine flag. One of the floors of the Ukraine government building also is given to US – all workers from that floor had been removed. Same drill – no Ukrainians allowed there. Consequently, Ukraine is theofficially occupied country by the US, and by extension by NATO – therefore, Canada as well.

    The dupes in agricultural, poor, underdeveloped central and western Ukraine will realize too late what the West’s real goals are. People in the South-East of Ukraine are smart and they already figured it out. That’s why they will not live under Kiev junta. See, they don’t have the same slave mentality as those you spoke with. When you visited, no one would let you speak with people who think THIS way. You are the victim of propaganda – a very willing one.

    I realize all am saying is falling on deaf ears. You are a finished product of the Western propaganda. I am writing this for the sake of those who already awakened, or have the hope of doing so.

    P.S. We live in countries where we can agree to disagree? Tell this to those journalists and politicians in Ukraine whom Kiev killed, kidnapped, beaten, tortured for simply telling or showing the truth. Tell it to Ukraine presidential candidate and Rada deputy Oleg Tsarev who was beaten almost to death, whose house was burned down and who had to flee the country with his children and family; tell this to the 2 killed Russian journalists; or the other two who have raptured ear drums and hematomas from torture; tell this to the former head of Ukraine’s main TV Channel 1 beaten and forced to resign in his own office by DEPUTIES of UKRAINE PARLIAMENT! Tell this to your government, which has helped install, and which now supports/ finances the regime that does such things.

    P.S. I have started a new page RUSSIAN FILMS. Do check it out.


    Video version: Distorted Reality: Ukraine is a Disposable Lemon to Be Thrown Out


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