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Extremely RUDE AMERICAN ‘journalist’ keeps interrupting Putin, not letting him say a word + MY INSIDE RUSSIAN INTEL! #Helsinki2018

Fresh Russian intel!

By inside accounts of top Russian journalists present, during joint Trump-Putin press conference, American journalists were very pushy, dismissive and aggressive. For example, they would refuse to give up microphone after their question, and would keep asking more questions for 5 minutes at a time, at the expense of Russian journalists present.


ALL American journalists’ questions WERE ABOUT THE PAST, mainly centering around the 2016 ‘Russian meddling.’


See Putin-Trump press conference and more in #Helsinki2018 here:

As I was saying in response to a McCain-Hillary troll (yes, not kidding): sad day for America, sad day. See the whole exchange HERE.

Putin gave an interview to an American journalist on the sidelines of the summit, and the same story, which happened during Putin’s interview to an Austrian journalist before Putin’s meeting with Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz, has repeated. In Austrian interview, the Austrian journo made a world record by interrupting Putin 13 times, one up from American Megyn Kelly. Putin was forced to calm down the Austrian by asking him nicely and politely in GERMAN to be patient and to listen. Much like one would try to calm down a silly, moody 2 year-old, who doesn’t get reason or manners. I think a normal 2-year-old would get it much better than these ‘journalists,’ who think they’ll earn a badge of honor at home by being exceptionally rude to Russian president.

Putin’s Helsinki interview with the rude and aggressive American ‘journalist’ from Fox. A 3min snippet. Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’ – rightly. We should start calling Fox ‘the rude and aggressive fake news.’ What’s the dif? 

I haven’t seen, but I can only imagine how different and respectful was a Russian journalist’s interview with Trump. 

This one from Fox (no idea what his name is – don’t care) is doing the same, but with even more anger and aggression, forcing Putin to tell him he is disrespectful – actually, this is the first time I’ve seen Putin say this. I’m sure this Fox talking head was trying to make Putin angry and lash out at him, so he would have something sensationalist to write. Putin’s patience is absolutely angelic when dealing with global idiots and freaks such as this one. To which American replied incredulously, ‘Disrespectful?! Who, me??’ I don’t think he ever looked up in the dictionary the meaning of the word.

Anyway, I simply admire Putin’s angelic and out-of-this-world presence of mind and patience with these malicious 2-year-olds from hell, who somehow were given a disproportionate amount of power in our world.

As Russian FM Sergey Lavrov once said to the rude and screaming American journos, during a presser with Kerry: ‘Where did they teach you manners?” The US journos looked very confused: I don’t think they ever knew there was such a thing as ‘manners.’

You must know, my dear American, Western and global readers that in Russia the rudeness and unprofessionalism of American and European journalists, as well as politicians, is a subject of endless jokes and mockery. So is the faux Western democracy, and lack of any sense of reason. 

I guess my patience is also angelic, although not as angelic as Putin’s. So, here’s my nice and kindly advice, because I care about peace and mutual understanding in the world: 

Would you like to change this perception? Start by boycotting your MSM, exposing them and telling them what you think about their attitudes. And start by voting out of office the idiots in power in the West (and I mean practically everywhere, except maybe a couple of countries, which we previously discussed). 

The point Putin managed to get across in the interview — through all of Fox freak’s yelling over him — is this:


Excellent point from Putin!

But those who follow me, know there is MUCH MORE! The process of extreme division and animosity within the US is due to THE GREAT EARTH SHIFT and to Russia the Great Balancer rebalancing the world, along with China and some other forces. This is what makes them so extremely angry, and this is why they fight between themselves and accuse Russia of all mortal sins. The right thing to do would be to look in the mirror and see that they are doing it to themselves, but they aren’t evolved enough for that.

Incidentally, it would be very useful to show how many times in the past and how (unfortunately) successfully US interfered into the affairs of Russia, and continues attempting to do so.


All about that in two of my bestselling webinars:




I could recall how Yeltsin 1996 re-election was falsified by Americans – an absolutely blatant interference in Russia’s internal affairs, very well remembered by Russians. I did a post on that on Patreon and I might do another dedicated post.

There were and are many other cases, among them, of course, many color revolutions and especially the subversion of Ukraine / Kiev maidan 2014.

Current hot case: that of Hermitage Capital and Bill Browder, whom Putin mentioned in the joint Putin-Trump press conference. Incidentally, the Hermitage Capital case is ongoing and Browder is wanted in Russia on some very serious charges of money laundering and tax evasion on the amount of $1.5 bln. Putin threw that point at Trump on purpose – a brilliant move by the global chess master! I will discuss what this move means, along with a number of other brilliant moves by Putin at the Helsinki summit — REPORT COMING TO PATREON IN A FEW DAYS!


Putin, by throwing some very interesting and beneficial to Trump hints, is very exquisitely and very masterfully giving a hand to Trump and republicans, helping them win midterm elections 2018. Of course, republicans are too dumb to get it, but Trump got it — and he played along!


Helsinki2018 Putin-Trump Quantum Calibrations, Analysis, Inside Intel & Predictions coming to

Lada Ray on PATREON


P.S. My prediction that Trump will experience huge pressure upon returning to US and that he may reverse what he said during a meeting with Putin is already coming true: LIVE Fox news: President Trump Says He Misspoke During Russian Summit

‘Huffington Post Terminated Me For Questioning Hillary’s Health’ (w. Truth and Quantum Calibrations!)

To me it’s something very symptomatic of how the US reality today continues evolving into degradation. I’ve decided to use this example as a case study for my Great Earth Shift Theory and Quantum Calibrations.

I follow this guy, David Seaman, on YouTube to keep in touch with the news on Bitcoin and Ethereum.  He just posted a video about how ‘Huffington Post terminated him for questioning Hillary Clinton’s health.’ The poor guy has completely freaked out and I understand how he feels (that said, I can tell him that he can relax – I don’t think anyone’s coming for him, as he implies in the vid). Have a quick listen:

The Great Earth Shift Reveals Hidden Truths and Exposes Lies!

Frankly, I have no idea why he is so surprised. This had to be anticipated. This kind of behavior by various power structures and entities in the West, starting with the White House and Congress and all the way down the food chain to publications like Huffington Post, is very symptomatic of the Great Earth Shift that we are experiencing. It is the time when old structures and stereotypes crumble and the truth of who these entities really are becomes visible to all.

It had been very easy and convenient to pretend there was ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘democracy’ in the US when all went well and it was possible to print dollars, while dictating to the rest of the world. But times have changed: no amount of petrodollars can save the US economy, the world has grown tired of the US, and even former allies are rebelling. And to add insult to injury, they simply can’t push through their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, no matter how hard they try. If it’s not #DNCleak, or Wikileaks, then it’s her health.

They simply don’t know what else to do as the reality slips between their fingers. It’s under such extreme stress and duress that the real face of such entities becomes visible.

Lada Ray Quantum Calibrations

I never had any illusions about Huffington Post because all I had to do was calibrate their level of consciousness and Chi using my Quantum Calibrations, which tell me the whole picture. That, plus I always knew of their profound Russophobia. All I ever needed was this two-prong litmus test – and the rest was crystal clear. This is why I never even attempted to offer my articles to Huffington Post, although they were looking for authors. Absolutely no point.

Examples of how I calibrate:

Huffington Post calibrates at: 100 (fear); Chi 110 (also fear).

In fact, Huff Post exudes an absolutely hideous energy, which, incidentally, is a norm for Western MSM. The minimum positive calibration on the Quantum Scale is Courage at 200. A very long way to go from 100; in fact, the positive level can never be achieved by an entity such as Huffington Post.

For comparison’s sake here are the energy/ consciousness calibrations for RT (Russia Today):

Calibration 280 (neutrality/friendliness), Chi 198 (yearning/striving). They could use a tiny bit of help with raising their Chi level, but even as is, it is much higher than any of the rest. RT’s calibration level is simply unheard of for a major global MSM outlet!

What about other MSM outlets? You don’t want to know!

Quick example:

CNN calibrates at: 85 (grief), Chi 185 (pride). Ouch, just ouch! VERY Bad! What kind of fair, unbiased coverage can one expect from an outlet with such awfully low calibration? And they are all like that! This is why I practically never look at Western MSM, with very rare exceptions.

Level of Consciousness rule of thumb: The lower the calibration, the less of a truth there is in a subject. The lower the calibration the less you can trust someone to be fair, unbiased, reasonable, balanced, peaceful, loving, etc, etc. For MSM this kind of low calibration automatically implies a profoundly non-sensical and biased position on issues. This spells disaster for a society relying solely on such MSM to find out what’s happening in the world. And unfortunately, it’ll only get worse.

Thank goodness for the alternative and citizen media. Alas, the alternative media is also getting more and more corrupted, more and more biased (I talked about this problem in my past articles re. hoaxes and targeted info dumps). So, as always, be careful who you listen to, try to calibrate and use your inner guidance/intuition.

Incidentally, I calibrate using my Chi Kinesiolgy method (based on David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force). I have greatly expanded and enriched David Hawkins original scale, creating my own system in the process. Read about it, with scale, examples and videos on

In the future, I plan to begin releasing books expanding on my Earth Shift System and Quantum Calibration method. Please stay tuned for more news on this front!

All seeing Eye and Space

P.S. Thought I’d add these two links from RT that just appeared, confirming everything I previously warned about (and predicted since 2015) about Clinton:



Go to 

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