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BEHIND DARK STATE! Revealed: Hollywood and US Sports Abuse Scandals



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On several occasions since 2016, including in her interviews, articles and webinars, Lada Ray proposed the term “Dark State” instead of “deep state,” which in her opinion describes its essence best! She is glad that the term she has coined took off — and how! For example, on Twitter the following hashtags are now trending: 


Revealed: Hollywood and US Sports Abuse Scandals

By Masaki Miyagawa

Charmed Alyssa Milano Rose McGowan

Lada’s 2 cents: This was part of the Hollywood fame and fortune lineup at its peak in late 1990s – early 2000s. This last shining moment was still Period 7, but already transitioning into Period 8, when the waning of Hollywood would begin! Charmed co-stars: Phoebe – Alyssa Milano (center – original character), Paige – Rose McGowan (right – she was added on in later seasons) 


The Hollywood abuse / sex scandals continue to roll in, an interesting news bit came out recently in a Rose McGowan interview (one of the main accusers of Harvey Weinstein). When asked about Alyssa Milano – who started the #MeToo movement, McGowan said she’s fake and is working for CAA (Creative Artists Agency), one of the most high-powered entertainment Agencies in Hollywood. Milano also helped start #TimesUpNow a legal defense fund for victims of sexual harassment in the industry.

Charmed Alyssa Milano Rose McGowan 2

Lada’s 2 cents: How interesting: on the above pic Rose McGowan (left) appears very chummy with Alyssa Milano (right), and rather cozy in her company. Not too strange really if you recall that Hollywood is ultimately based on lies and pretense… And of course on cut-throat competition and dog-eat-dog principle. There are some honest ones, but probably very far and in between.

What is truly strange though is that the majority of humans never noticed these obvious facts until just recently… Why is that? I explain in detail in EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 4: GLOBAL PERIOD 8 PREDICTIONS! The slow death of Hollywood is happening right in front of our very eyes, as discussed in the same webinar!


What many do not know is Alyssa Milano’s husband Dave Bulgari is an agent for… CAA. Besides creating a huge wave of anger at men and ‘patriarchy’ (missing the point that Hollywood is built on a wholesale system of abuse that affects men and young boys as well as women), the hashtag movements that Milano spearheaded smack of co-opting and damage control. By placing themselves as the ‘saviors’ and in the centerpoint of handling abuse claims, CAA stays one step ahead and has more leverage to ‘control the message’.

An interesting side note about the Creative Artists Agency – their headquarters located in West LA is totally occult. Pyramids, Eye of Horus are prominently displayed in the architecture. Say CAA three times fast, kind of sounds like CIA!

USA Sports Scandal

The USA Gymnastics Association is at the center of an emerging firestorm, involving hundreds and possibly thousands of young athletes over several decades. At the center of the allegations is Dr. Larry Nassar’s reported ability to get injured athletes back into competition in rapid time made him a favorite.

Aly Raisman Testimony

To add to the bizarre nature of the story, young gymnasts were sneaking into Nassar’s office on the Michigan State campus afterhours to get therapy. The victims included young boys and men – another aspect which is being downplayed in the media (similar to the Hollywood situation). Nassar presented himself as a safe haven from the harsh regimen of the athletic coaches, even giving gymnasts snacks which is against their strict diet rules – this is typical abuser behavior, playing the savior role.

Michigan State authorities turned a blind eye to the whole situation which has been boiling for years, the same behavior as the USA Gymnastics Association – which seems to be a center of pedophile and abuse activity.

The investigation has now moved on and the Texas governor has ordered the Karolyi Ranch – the home of Bela Karolyi and his wife Marta Karolyi – shut down and put under investigation. The Karolyis rose to prominence coaching Nadia Comăneci for their native Romania in the late 70s, and after their defection to the USA, produced superstars such as Mary Lou Retton, Kim Zmeskal, and Kerri Strug in the 80s and 90s.

Previous to the introduction of the communal / communist training regimen the Americans never did well in gymnastics, but with the Karolyi’s Soviet / Communist regimen the USA gymnastic program was pushed to the next level. The ranch is very isolated and a perfect setting for cult abuse type activity, as the investigation has been building for at least a year any evidence they hope to find has most likely been hidden or destroyed.

There are several key points around the investigation – the FBI has known about the current allegations for over a year and these accusations and rumors of abuse go back several decades. California Senator Dianne Feinstein made a special effort to meet with the gymnasts and propose legislation on the abuse of young athletes. This seems somewhat similar to the CAA case of top elites moving in to control the message and reinvigorate confidence in the system.

None of these scandals exist in a bubble. The West is built on a cannibalistic system of exploitation and desire to dominate at any cost. Abuse and mind control are very common in Hollywood and Sports, and is often admitted publicly if you know what to look for. Tiger Woods is one product of this system, he was hypnotized at a young age in military fashion to be a golf prodigy:

Being born and living most of my life in Los Angeles, these themes are very prevalent in American society, and are only now coming to public view. Ultimately it is not only totally corrupt, but self-defeating as we see now!

It’s not a happy subject but necessary in the Great Earth Shift – to shine the light and clean house! The Shift is here.



Masaki Miyagawa is an artist and esoteric consultant based in Los Angeles. He has a line of orgone energy pyramids, numerology readings, and meditation classes soon to be taken on tour in 2018.





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