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NATO Soldier With Grenade Launcher Taunts Russians, Climbs WWII Monument in Estonia!

Urgent from Estonia!

NATO drills, with 10,000 soldiers from 13 countries taking part, are being conducted ON PURPOSE next to Russian border, in the center of town where the majority of the population is Russian-speaking, and during May 9 Victory Day celebrations!

Some children in town got scared, asking their parents if they were at war. To top it off, NATO soldier climbed the monument to the fallen Russian soldiers from WWII. But he wasn’t arrested or disciplined. And it is being concealed what country he belonged to. Must be one of those neo-Nazi wannabees, such as the ones who infested my blog several days ago.


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Two-Faced Euro-Fascist Estonia Sends Chills Down My Spine: Estonian President Suddenly Visits Putin

Estonia, together with Latvia and Lithuania, has been screaming the loudest about anti-Russian sanctions, and it works the hardest at expelling Russian language and denying the rights of Russians in the country, who are the largest minority, at almost 1/3 of the population. But the moment Estonia needs something from Russia, its president is in Moscow, asking for a meeting with Putin, however brief.

What do they need this time? Tiny Estonia, 1.3 million population, is trying to secure a temporary spot on the UN Security Council, and they hope for Russia’s support… WHAAT??! After all Estonia and this smiley lady have done? She personally once said that keeping the Russian language and schools in Estonia is a danger to national security.

Oh, I can tell you, it’s not just the coveted UNSC spot! Estonia is suffering from the Russian transit, trade and business withdrawal, same as Latvia and Lithuania, and of course same as Ukraine (I’ll tell you later about the new Russian sanctions against Ukraine). But low consciousness, resulting in Russophobia and US/NATO/EU meddling, make these little ex-USSR republics act crazy. Per polls, the majority of these countries’ populations want better relations with Russia, but sold-out elites working for the US, want the opposite. The darkest and most corrupt forces have crawled out of all holes and landed on top, as a result of the USSR collapse.

I admire Putin the peacemaker, always a gracious host, always at his best. Welcomes her without blinking. I could hardly look at this person without vomiting. And by the way, she grew up in the USSR and she speaks Russian. But she brought a translator with her. Also a clear sign… No one’s fooled by the fake, well-rehearsed smiles.

And she broke the protocol. Instead of laying the flowers to the tomb of the unknown soldier, as all foreign leaders do, she went to the monument of ‘victims of oppression.’ She and her country should know. They oppress Russian-speaking minority in their country. They removed forcibly the monument to the Soviet soldiers, who liberated Estonia in WWII, and they put activists in jail. It is Estonia and Latvia who together glorify Nazism and welcome SS veterans’ marches.

But there’s much more! The whole Baltic region: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but especially the former two, are in bed with NATO. They serve as a forefront of the hybrid war against Russia. The US established new major centers for spying and infowar against Russia on their territory. And lately, more and more NATO troops accumulate near Russian borders.

US and UK, notwithstanding, France is also at the forefront of the whole NATO plot. This is the new scandal re. France: French NATO troops arrive to Estonia to be stationed near Russian border:

So what’s she doing in Moscow anyway? Does this mean Estonia is simply schizophrenic, like most of the EU/US/NATO/? The right hand doesn’t know what the left id doing?

The confusion is evident on many levels, and the attempt to restore relations somehow, or at least timidly try, is a sign of the INVERTED COLLAPSE AND OF THE EARHT SHIFT.


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