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A couple of days ago I published this free video/commentary on LadaRay YT channel:

PUTIN’S Peaceful Jan 2020 REVOLUTION! New Constitution, New Government, New Russia!

This free piece on YT is P2 of the complete



Anyone who has followed me at all and paid any attention, should know that this is how my ESR system has worked for years! It’s 28 reports and counting! I ask for a donation for a major report on an important topic and people contribute what they can. It’s all transparent, fair, and democratic! Those who can and want to support me, contribute more, those who can’t, can contribute what they are able. It’s all explained on the ESR page – click on banner to read!

Under my YT PUTIN’S Peaceful Jan 2020 REVOLUTION!  video I got this comment:

i know you need to make a living so sorry….when i hear that you will not give the whole story without a (donation) sounds like the MSM..airwaves used to be free…

This is not the first time! I received similar ‘comments’ from individuals I don’t know from Adam, telling me how to live and what to do, previously on YT and FuturisTrendcast. Something like: ‘Consumers, when they see a demand for money, don’t want to pay.” Can you imagine the retarded juvenile ‘logic!’ So what, when there is no demand for money, they do want to pay? Yes, that other person, who recently left a similar comment on FT, was calling people who read my work, ‘consumers.’ As if we were talking about a new pair of sneakers from Amazon, or McDonalds junk food. And to my great sadness, unfortunately, there are many people who think similarly, specifically in the US, UK and elsewhere in the West! They think they are owed everything, but they owe nothing in return. Perhaps they also think that I am in the same position as a giant government organization or CNN, or that I get paid for ads and commercials… or that money grows on trees… or whatever goes through their warped and confused, and seriously low-calibrated little minds.

FYI: on this FT blog, it is the host WordPress who gets paid for whatever ads they place here, of which I have no control, in exchange for my blog being free. On YT, they do not pay at all for geopolitical and political videos, especially, if they mention Russia and Putin, because they block the ads for that. On everything else they pay so little that there is no way to even cover the costs of making and posting videos for free. Moreover, I could be blacklisted or shadow banned, which I have been a lot. That’s my reward for speaking the truth and opening people’s eyes since 2014!

I am risking much, just posting any info! Instead of appreciation that I do it anyway, to spread the truth and knowledge, I get the indifference, plus trolls and worse!

My only source of income, and it’s very little, is when people actually donate here! ( under tab INFO). Or if people join me on Patreon.

I rarely ask people to do that, but any time I do, there are always very unpleasant, dark and angry attacks!

Once more, as I always do:



These are my replies to that @RickPearson on YT, and to all those who think similarly:

Lada Ray

Do you work for free? Do you live in a gutter and starve? Do you think I should, so you could get everything you desire, while giving nothing back?!!! STINGY AND EGOTISTICAL INDIVIDUALS LIKE YOU IS WHY I STOPPED SHARING EVERYTHING FOR FREE! I wrote and spoke 100% free for years on Futurist Trendcast and elsewhere, only to see how ungrateful people like you are! And getting attacked by god knows who! And now YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU’VE PAID FOR! There are always hidden costs, and if you think you are smarter than anyone, believe me, the stingy pay twice or thrice! have a good life!

Lada Ray

FYI: THIS IS NOT FOR TIRE-KICKERS! IT’S FOR THOSE WHO WANT TRUE KNOWLEDGE! I put a tremendous amount of work into this ESR28 report; the video/spoken part alone is over 2.5 hrs, plus written article. I am sharing a generous piece with you for free on YT. Instead of a thank you, I get comments like the one @Rick Pearson demanding everything for free? THOSE UNABLE OR UNWILLING TO APPRECIATE MY WORK, MY UNIQUE WISDOM & PREDICTIONS, PLEASE MOVE ON! THIS CHANNEL ISN’T FOR YOU, AND NEITHER IS MY KNOWLEDGE! I AM DOING IT FOR PEOPLE WHO APPRECIATE WHAT I AM DOING AND WANT TO HEAR MY OPINION! Those who came here for the McDonalds-like ‘junk sensationalist news ‘ – go where they serve that!



I seriously feel like Nikola Tesla! He wanted to show the way to a better future, but it’s the inferior way that won! Why, because low human consciousness was unable to perceive THE VALUE OF WHAT THEY WERE GETTING!

It is because of the ungrateful, selfish and know-it-all low-calibrated individuals like the above that I nearly stopped sharing my knowledge for free on FuturisTrendcast and LadaRay YT channel. And I considered closing them down for good. I thought people would be grateful to hear the rare truth – apparently not!

PLEASE KNOW! Going forward I will do what’s right for me and for those people who respect me and appreciate my unique wisdom! If you came here for the junk news, you are at the wrong place!

If you do respect and appreciate my work and wisdom, regardless of whether you can or cannot contribute monetarily, you are invited to my realms (FT, LadaRayYT and, my Patreon and other YT channels)!

The way to show your appreciation is to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE.

If I saw participation, I would share more. If not – NOT.

It’s that simple and it’s honest.

Very few in this world appreciate truth and honesty. People in the West are so spoiled, so used to games and marketing ploys, they do not see the truth and honesty when it hits them in the eye.

Those who write comments like this, think they are the smartest of all, they think they are rebels against the system and ‘woke’, as they call themselves. In reality, they are part of the same rotten system of rampant Western consumerism, when they want to gorge on a lot of junk, and all for FREE! And don’t want to pay for anything or give anything back! But these people will always pay in hidden costs much more – now or later! And serves them right!

I never was and never will be a manipulating Western person. If you appreciate honesty and transparency, welcome!

I am sick and tired of such trolls and low-calibrated entities.

After trolls like this, I may return to my original 2019 plan! I am again thinking that I probably will only share my geopolitical stuff on Patreon exclusively!

My new attempt to share for free with everyone PUTIN’S Peaceful Jan 2020 REVOLUTION! New Constitution, New Government, New Russia! has clearly backfired! Instead of a thank you and an interest to learn more, I get disgusting trolls and sabotage! I planned to release some of my exclusive Patreon articles and videos for free, so more people could see them, but now I decided otherwise!

Want to hear and read what I have to say, join me on



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