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🎁🔔🎄WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN DECEMBER 2021! NEW on Lada Ray Patreon, FuturisTrendcast &!


Some far-reaching new predictions, calibrations and explosive conclusions coming your way in December on Lada Ray Patreon

Here are the articles and reports I am publishing in the last month of pivotal 2021!

~  Inverted Collapse Spreads! Fat Pig BoJo = Reincarnation of senile Soviet leaders 2, but MUCH worse!

~  Will Afghanistan/Iraq withdrawal chaos lead to separate EU Army within 5 years? My New Predictions & Quantum Calibrations!

~  Jacinda Ardern’s Fall from Grace? HOW EARTH SHIFT CHANGES PEOPLE!  ~ Following my book and in reply to some people! Let’s set the record straight once and for all!

~  Will NATO End in 5 Years? “The Matrix” & the Mentality Shift / My New Answers, Quantum Calibrations & Predictions!

~  007 & How the Aquarian Age and Shift to 4D are Reshaping Movie and TV Industry! (1st Lada Ray Predictions) ~ This is in reply to Seeker and Emil’s comments and requests!

~ Also, this December 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Breakup of the USSR! 

Review all Series 5 webinars, USSR Q&A and especially ESW21! 

Series 5 and ESW21 are on sale! 

**And see the Russian Festival below!

Also, a surprise or two coming your way!


FuturisTrendcast (FT)

Visit and support our ongoing RUSSIAN MUSIC & FILM FESTIVAL!

Positive and treasured films and music, with my cool stories!

In December we’ll have a joyful and positive all-Holiday program, with uplifting and charming  films and music! 

Plus we are doing a deep dive into the amazing reality of a country that’s gone, to discover its gifts to humanity!

Visit the songs and stories I posted so far. A really nice latest: POSITIVE CHARGE! The Ancient Kaluga, Russia: 650-Year-Old Modern Space Travel Capital! #RussianMusicFilmFest 6



MDU: Multidimensional University Launch! 

Multidimensional Workshops Begin!

Look for announcements in the beginning of the month here: HOME page and WORKSHOPS 

First workshop will take place in mid-December 2021, to be followed with January and February workshops!

Topics announced soon!

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