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#Sochi2014 and Prometheus. Olympic flame tops Europe’s tallest peak!

#Sochi2014 #Russia. How symbolic: long, long ago, it was here on #Elbrus, in the #Caucasus Mountains, that the gods had chained #Prometheus for giving humans the fire. Today – after having visited Outer Space, North Pole and the bottom of Sacred Lake #Baikal, Olympic flame tops Europe’s tallest peak, Mt. ELBRUS!

This was a magnificent, one of a kind and record-breaking torch relay, as unique as the city-host itself. How often does a sub-tropical resort get to host Winter Olympics? I enjoyed every facet of this torch relay, which showcased the vast, rich and diverse land that is Russia, as well as reminded of its technolgical achievements, such as Space, deep water and North Pole exploration.

The Sochi Winter Olympics begin on February 6, 2014! Best of luck to all athletes; peaceful and joyful Olympics to all!

More about the subtropical city of #Sochi, #OlympicFlame and its record journey through #Russia, North Pole, to the Bottom of Lake Baikal and into Outer Space:

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