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Bad things happen when good people are silent



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Timely discussion before the official release of Lada Ray’s new book, which features prominently the USA and Trump, as well as dozens of other countries and world leaders:



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This is the discussion from yesterday’s post: Record-Breaking Number Of Americans Want To Get Out Of U.S. Forever! Thoughts?

OPEN DISCUSSION! More thoughts and opinions welcome! FEEL FREE TO POST IN COMMENTS! Please be nice and courteous!


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If they want to leave I say, “Adios! Don’ let the door hit ‘ya… If they either can’t or won’t help then getting out of the way is the right thing to do. As for me, I’m staying. She’s the land of my birth for better or worse. I’m not going to abandon her when the going gets tough. I think she’s worth saving, and evidently a lot of other people have thought so too. They gave their lives for her.

I like the quote by Hunter S. Thompson: “When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.” (That man knew something about weird.) There’s a lot of spiritual-type work to do here. I was weird enough to come to help, so maybe by the time we’ve gotten the ‘ol gal going in the right direction I will have turned pro.


Well…what I’m seeing here is a mass of Trump Haters…as far left as anyone can get. They have ZERO idea of the truth about DJT. What he’s done FOR our nation is absolutely unfathomable, and last night, during the State of the Union Address Trump had a 76% approval rating. But what made it greater, is that the Main Stream was forced to report the truth…it was their polls. Even many on the Dem side had no idea of his successes. Why? Because our main stream media LIES….and lies, and lies, and lies even more.

Take 90 minutes and listen. You’ll know exactly ‘why’ conservatives and former democrats who’ve switched over to Republican, love him so much. He ‘is’ a man of peace, he does ‘not’ want wars, and is why he’s pulling back all of our troops, no matter what they say.

Lada Ray 

Pearl, I’d agree with a lot of what you say about neo-libs, democrats and mass media. But how’s Fox any better?.. And c’mon! Trump ‘is a man of peace, he does ‘not’ want wars, and is why he’s pulling back all of our troops’ ?..

Pulling from where? From Syria, only because the US simply lost there to Russia and couldn’t unseat Assad? And only after Trump tried and failed to bomb Syria several times!

OR NOT pulling out and continuing to turn Ukraine against Russia?

OR preparing an invasion of Venezuela, which Trump cannot do only because Venezuelan army and Russia/ China won’t let him? That’s your ‘man of peace’?

OR, what about Trump announcing the biggest ever Pentagon budget?



Man of peace? Really?


Considering the dire state of the US I would be glad to get out with just the shirt on my back and abundantly good health.


A question or so, Robert. Why do you hate the U.S.? What is your problem? You’re free to leave anytime to want to. No one is holding you back. What is the DIRE state you are referring to? I’m not seeing anything like that, and I’m 69 years old. I’m happy that Trump is doing what he’s doing…finally…someone to clean up everyone’s dirty mess. He’s literally finishing up the plans that John F. Kennedy was trying to do. If you’re into drugs, get help. Want money for school because you don’t have it, Apply for a Pell Grant. I used that as well. If you need a job, then go apply. There’s 300,000 new ones available. What is so horrible other than N.Y. with the new Infanticide Law? That’s what’s horrible. Murdering innocent babies when they’re literally born! Trump is writing the NO Partial Birth Abortion Law…and Democrats don’t want that. These are the things that make a lifestyle horrible.

He’s done totally amazing things in 2 years. He’s busting his hump on Trade Deals that are fair. He’s creating Peace in other nations…or trying to. He got China to stop stealing our intellectual property rights…and created 4 million new jobs total. The Employment Rate is record setting; Tax cut first was corporations, to bring them back to the US. For 2018 was for individuals…remember, the Crumbs?

We’re the #1 Oil Producers/exporters now. Trump is rebuilding this country as it was meant to be, and that’s a Republic. We are NOT a socialist nation, Robert and we never will be. Socialism doesn’t work. The LEADERS get it all, and dish out to the masses Crumbs. Look at what happened in Venezuela. People are starving…and he kept all the money that the U.S. gave them. You have ALL the Constitutional rights in tact.

Robert…plainly stated? Our lives are what WE make them. WE are the sole OWNERS of our Lives, and our lives are the sum total of OUR own decisions. No one can live our lives for us. But you wanna know what I do when I slip out of my good mood? I look at other people who’s image of reality is not as good as it could be. And every single one of us are in charge of that. Sometimes I dwell too much on the bad things. Then I pick up my bible, or read another book, or watch a video about a subject I’m interested in. I make this escape for a little while, and then reach inside to get those answers.

No matter what side of the political fence you’re on…it doesn’t matter. I could not stand Obama…so you know what I did? I pleased myself…I looked inside then had a silent conversation with myself and I found more answers about me, and that made me happy.

Our lives is not about money, position, power…it’s about what it means to us to be here. We can experience a Heaven on Earth…but we need to choose and desire it to happen for us. Everything else is just external baggage, that has no place running our lives. We need to focus on our needs, and greatest desires, then look for very creative ways to fulfill those. And sometimes, we can have more literal ‘fun’ with that than anything else.

On my own…I’m a very poor woman. Yet…I have many things that I want in my life that make me much happier than glorious wealth. I go outside and look at the wonders of the sky above, the vibrant colors that I’m so blessed to see. The simple things in this life mount up, and after awhile…a lot time I wasted on feeling sad just evaporates. Try that. Think about you…and the things you love the most. Come spring, take a very long walk in the woods and look how simple things are for life there. Life is easy, if we choose to make it that way.

Much love kiddo…and I pray you find what you’re looking for, because the way I see it at my age?…every single day that we live and draw breaths from the air, we have been blessed by heaven. Take care, kiddo. :)…and always remember…we are ‘not’ our politics. If we stand with that?…then your life will be lost in the world that you were pushed into, by trying to figure it all out.

Just think and care about you…and those you care about. I walk away from ALL of it many days. I’ve literally thrown my phone on the floor because I’m sick and tired of hearing the same stuff from the same people all the time..Always remember…it’s all about you, and no one else. I suggest you read “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield…and if you can, purchase the CD…they made a movie from the book. It’s THE most beautiful representation of learning to feel hope and fulfillment. And when I’m down…I just pick up that movie at night and watch it. How many times doesn’t matter…it’s all about ‘taking care of ourselves and our future’…and creating our own ‘heaven on earth.’

Lada Ray 

‘it’s all about ‘taking care of ourselves and our future’…and creating our own ‘heaven on earth.’

Pearl, what if you see that something is wrong with the country around you? Would you still ‘take care of yourself and care about your own future, as long as you live well…’ And who cares what’s happening around you? This is what the marvelous book you are recommending is about, isn’t it? Sure, it’s great for individual personal growth and for your personal peace of mind too. And for your internal energy the peace of mind and inspiration is a must. Each of us has to take care of our inner world.

But it doesn’t help with the situation in the country or the world at large, as bad things happen when good people are silent. I can tell you that caring about your happiness alone and not caring about the world around you will eventually lead to a complete disaster, as is proven by the example of Ukraine.

What if some people see what’s happening around them as wrong, in their best consciousness? Are they bad people in your judgment?

What if they are right and you are wrong?

Or what if there is no right or wrong and everyone has their own karma and destiny to experience?

Lada Ray 

Pearl wrote: “We’re the #1 Oil Producers/exporters now”

This is a complete nonsense and it’s apparently based on untruthful data circulated by Trump and/or republicans to make the sheeple feel good. Good thing the world doesn’t listen to the US any more.

US is very far from being ‘the number one exporter of oil.’ Producer, maybe, but strongly debatable. Most of oil produced in the US, so you know, Pearl, is consumed BY THE US, and only a little exported. Moreover, US still imports oil, by the way, from hated by you Venezuela.

Don’t even get me started on the terribly harmful for the environment fracking process, which is mostly used for natural gas in the US, but a little for oil, too.

Not to mention how bad oil is for the environment, about which you seem to forget, Pearl.

And don’t get me started on the US gas wars in order to grab, like a highway bandit, the share of other countries, while subduing EU in the process.

Nothing to be proud of, Pearl!

Lada Ray

Interesting discussion. Any other opinions?



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