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False Flag Technology: Paris False Flag – Nikolai Starikov (ENG subs)

LADA RAY Recommends series. Russian, with English subs.

Poignant analysis of the False Flag Technology: Paris False Flag – from Nikolai Starikov, Russian geopolitical analyst, author and rising politician. I’m posting this piece to coincide with the anniversary of the Paris Charlie Hebdo attack – at the time, I wrote about it in detail on FuturisTrendcast. Thought it was useful to recall what happened and how, since false flags will continue under different guises and we need to be prepared.

As my readers/listeners know, Nikolai Starikov is one of my top recommended Russian analysts. I happen to agree with Starikov on many of his points. We had discussed the Paris attacks, Marine Le Pen, Hollande, Sarkozy and the French elections in various articles here, on FuturisTrendcast.

Disclaimer: This piece provides ample food for thought for the awakened truth seekers and is posted for the purposes of information, education and mind expansion. The opinions expressed here may not always coincide with Lada Ray’s and FuturisTrendcast views.


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Ukraine Supplied Weapons to ISIL via Turkey

This is one of the unfolding scandals, based on Putin’s announcement at G20 that 40 countries financed ISIL. More here: ISIL financed from 40 countries, including G20 members – Putin.

According to Kuwait, Ukrainian Kiev junta supplied Chinese-made defence systems (it’s unclear if Chinese knew about this) to ISIL using Turkey as intermediary. You will recall that last year I wrote how Ukraine sold arms and hardware to Syria, supplied by US/UK/Canada/EU for Kiev’s war against Donbass.

This new revelation is just the tip of the iceberg and the scandal is bound to get bigger, unless Kiev junta’s Transatlantic bosses manage to successfully hush it up. However, the Paris attacks did more to make Europeans distrust US policies than most imagine. Therefore, hushing the truth now will likely not work.

The scandal is likely to broaden and involve more countries, now that Europeans and some Americans are finally paying attention. It will give black mark to this Kiev regime and it’s already clear that Europeans will be gradually withdrawing their support for Kiev, while getting closer to Russia.

As I said in Perfect Storm? Will NATO mobilize in Wake of Paris Attacks?, Russia so far is successful in diffusing the dangerous possibility of NATO mobilization and consolidation. Certainly, Russia is successful so far in getting France on their side. After the attacks, France and Russia cooperation in Syria is on the rise, while US is doing everything to sabotage it and get in the way.

For as long as France says no (and Germany isn’t too keen either), NATO consolidation won’t occur. If NATO is again proven superfluous, then eventually it will lose its grip on the EU. I think we are still very far from the disbanding of this organization, but its weakening due to a rift between its members is in the cards.

The danger here is, of course, that all kinds of intimidation tactics and false flags will continue being used against NATO members, especially Germany and France, to toe the line. Whether they cave in or not will depend on how firm the leaders of these countries stand. But another factor should not be underestimated: the people of Germany and France are pushing their governments harder and harder away from subservience to NATO/ US and towards a more balanced, sovereign policies. Again, it’s early to declare that EU is changing, but certain first, timid shoots of some new thinking are peeking through.


On another note, a jesture of good will from Russia to France.

Russia sends a puppy to France to replace a service dog that died in the anti-terrorist raid. This sweetie’s name is Dobrynya – named after ancient Russian knight, legendary Dobrynya Nikitich, known for courage and his brave, kind heart. The name itself means ‘full of goodness.’

I hope the French treat Dobrynya as well as he deserves!


I think it’s a nice gesture, although I would personally prefer that dogs not be used for dangerous operations such as these. Humans create their own problems, and they should solve them on their own, without dragging other beings into their messes.

That said, it’s clear that Russia is trying to reach out to France in solidarity to what happened in Paris. Russians brought mountains of flowers to the French embassy in Moscow after the Paris attacks. Russia has just experienced an even more terrible terrorist act when Russian plane was blown up in Sinai, Egypt with all 224 people dead, including innocent children returing home from vacation.

It is sad that Russia is doing everything to reach out to France and other countries, while none of these countries found it in their hearts to express any sympathy or condolences to Russia over the Egypt tragedy.


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PERFECT STORM (German version) Eine perfekte Gelegenheit? Wird die NATO im Gefolge der Pariser Anschläge den Bündnisfall erklären?

For our German-speaking readers, here is a German version of Lada Ray’s recent article: Perfect Storm? Will NATO mobilize in Wake of Paris Attacks? (Go to this link for Paris maps, video, sites/timeline of the attacks).

Many thanks to our long-time supporter Ralph Netzker for the translation!


Eine perfekte Gelegenheit? Wird die NATO im Gefolge der Pariser Anschläge den Bündnisfall erklären?

14. November 2015 – von Lada Ray

Zuerst einmal: Mein herzlichstes Beileid an die Familien. Mögen die Opfer in Frieden ruhen.

Unglücklicherweise sind die Pariser Ereignisse eine direkte und vorhersagbare Konsequenz der Aktionen und Einmischungen der NATO, der USA und des Westens im Irak, in Afghanistan, Libyen, Syrien und überall sonst im Mittleren Osten. ISIL (alias Daesh oder IS) besteht zu weiten Teilen aus ehemaligen Offizieren von Saddam Hussein, welche Sunniten sind und von den USA entlassen wurden, nachdem diese den Irak erobert hatten. Der Rest setzt sich aus der bewaffneten Opposition zusammen, die übrig blieb, nachdem Libyen von der NATO (einschließlich Frankreich) zerstört worden war, außerdem Teilen von Al-Qaida und anderen islamistischen Rebellen, die von den USA, den Saudis und Katar finanziert werden.

Außerdem hatte ich bis jetzt noch keine Gelegenheit, den Familien der 224 Opfer des russischen Kogalymavia Airbus 320 aus dem Sinai, Ägypten mein Beileid auszusprechen. Ich habe ernst zu nehmende Informationen darüber, wer von diesem Anschlag profitierte. Ein Artikel wird erscheinen, wenn ich einen Moment erübrigen kann.

Die Anschläge in Paris und die russisch-ägyptische Flugzeugkatastrophe stehen in direkter Beziehung zu Assads und Russlands erfolgreicher anti-IS Operation.

Frankreich hat den Ausnahmezustand erklärt, und den Flughafen Orly und die Grenzen geschlossen. Dies könnte eine Kehrtwende in der EU-Politik der offenen Grenzen und der Politik gegenüber den Flüchtlingen signalisieren, welche gerade Europa fluten.

Die Anschläge in Paris, die bereits dem IS und den Flüchtlingen angelastet wurden, könnten eine robuste Antwort der französischen Regierung auslösen. Die Schließung der Grenzen anderer EU-Staaten ist ebenfalls möglich.

Besonders besorgniserregend wäre es, wenn die Anschläge als ein Angriff auf ein NATO- Mitglied eingestuft würden, was das Signal für eine Mobilisierung der NATO werden könnte. Wir alle wissen, wie viel Kritik die NATO in den letzten Jahren auf sich gezogen hat, wobei manche nach der Auflösung einer Organisation rufen, die nicht mehr gebraucht wird. Dies ist eine perfekte Gelegenheit für die NATO. Eine solche Situation könnte ihre Nützlichkeit untermauern und eine Rechtfertigung für ihr Fortbestehen liefern.

In Anbetracht all dessen könnten die Anschläge in Paris eine Operation unter falscher Flagge gewesen sein, dazu bestimmt, die Erklärung des NATO-Bündnisfalles zu provozieren.

Solche Vorfälle sollen häufig mehrere Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen. Es könnte sich auch um eine Warnung an Hollande gehandelt haben, sich der NATO-Linie unterzuordnen. Zur Zeit der Anschläge sah Hollande im Stadium ein Fußballspiel in unmittelbarer Nähe zu den Explosionen. Mir fällt auf, dass es ein Spiel zwischen Frankreich und Deutschland war. Das bedeutet praktisch, dass die Warnung bei der Stange zu bleiben, auch für Deutschland gilt.

Eine ähnliche Warnung hatte zuvor stattgefunden, als ein Germanwings-Flugzeug in Frankreich abstürzte. Dies geschah unmittelbar nachdem Hollande und Merkel es gewagt hatten, sich der Vorgehensweise der USA in der Ukraine-Krise entgegenzustellen, indem sie mit Russland zusammenarbeiteten um zu versuchen, den Krieg im Donbass zu stoppen. Es ist ebenfalls zu erwähnen, dass das über dem Sinai gesprengte russische Flugzeug von dem französischen Hersteller Airbus stammte.

Dies bedeutet praktisch: Nach Russlands erfolgreichem Bombeneinsatz in Syrien war bewiesen, wie wirkungslos (oder korrupt) die Bombardierungen des Westens und der USA waren. Dank der russischen Luftunterstützung marschiert die syrische Armee nunmehr gleichzeitig in vier Richtungen und hat die Kontrolle über die Hälfte des Territoriums wieder- gewonnen, das seither vom IS gehalten wurde. Solch ein wundersamer Umschwung war vor nur wenigen Wochen, bevor die Russen nach Syrien gingen, absolut unvorstellbar.

Wenn dies so weiter geht, ist Syrien in ein paar Monaten IS-frei. Ich schrieb im Earth Shift Report 5: SYRIA GAME CHANGER, dass russische Kampfflugzeuge die US- und NATO- Maschinen aus dem syrischen Luftraum verdrängen würden, da diese es nicht riskieren wollen, direkt mit den Russen zusammen zu stoßen – und es geschah genau wie vorhergesagt.

Alles was die Russen brauchen, ist, dass die USA und der Westen aus dem Weg gehen, um sie ihren Job machen zu lassen. Dies begann anscheinend damit, dass Obama und Kerry ihre Rhetorik änderten, Verhandlungen zuließen und Informationen austauschten. Ich fürchte allerdings, dass man das eine Lavrov ins Gesicht sagt, und etwas völlig anderes hinter verschlossenen Türen. Ich habe nie erwartet, dass USA, NATO und Pentagon einfach die Blamage, in Syrien an die Wand gespielt und auf Eis gelegt zu werden, akzeptieren würden. Sie würden alles in ihrer Macht stehende tun, um Russlands Job so schwierig wie möglich zu machen.

Diese Möglichkeit könnte sich aus den Pariser Anschlägen ergeben. Wenn die NATO-Länder mobil machen, könnten NATO-Flugzeuge in den selben Luftraum drängen wie die russischen Flugzeuge und damit gefährliche und explosive Situationen herbeiführen. Um Zusammen-stöße zu vermeiden, könnten sie auf Flugverbotszonen bestehen (erinnert sich noch jemand an die libysche Flugverbotszone, die zur Zerstörung des Landes führte?). Die NATO- Luftwaffe ist – verglichen mit der russischen – in einer Kampfsituation völlig wirkungslos. Allerdings befürchte ich, dass sie sehr wirksam darin ist, die Russen daran zu hindern, ihren Job zu machen.

Und sollte irgendein Land, wie etwa Frankreich oder Deutschland, beabsichtigen, eine eigenständige Politik zu führen, dann wird man ihm eine Mahnung zukommen lassen…

Meine größte Befürchtung besteht darin, dass sie in der Lage sein könnten, Russland in Syrien die Hände zu binden, wie sie es in der Ukraine gemacht haben, und damit einen dauerhaften Konflikt zu schaffen und Russland daran zu hindern ihn zu lösen. Das würde russische Ressourcen binden, und das ist zweifellos eines der Ziele.

Abgesehen davon wollen die USA immer noch Assad absetzen und sie sind verärgert darüber, dass sich Syriens ‚moderate‘ Opposition in Moskau trifft, und über friedliche Wahlen, eine neue Verfassung und eine Übereinkunft mit Assad diskutiert. Die syrische Opposition begann, Informationen über IS-Standorte mit Russland zu teilen, und sich Assads Streit-kräften anzuschließen, um die Islamisten zu bekämpfen. Mit anderen Worten: Moskau erreichte in zwei Monaten, was die USA und der Westen im Verlaufe von Jahren nicht erreichen konnten (oder vielmehr wollten).

Es gibt noch eine weitere Überlegung, weshalb die USA und ihre NATO-Vasallen verzweifelt eine Rückkehr auf den Kriegsschauplatz versuchen müssen. Die USA sind dabei, ihren Zugriff auf den Mittleren Osten zu verlieren, und dies einschließlich des Iraks, wo sie immer noch Truppen stehen haben. Die irakische Regierung, die sie selbst eingesetzt haben, hat in Baghdad ein gemeinsames russisch-iranisch-irakisches anti-IS-Zentrum eingerichtet. Irgendwie haben das die USA zuerst nicht bemerkt. Aber als der irakische Präsident und das Parlament versuchten, die Russen um Hilfe bei der Bombardierung des IS auf irakischem Territorium zu bitten, reagierten die USA hysterisch. Meine Vorhersage war, dass die USA dies nicht zulassen würden (nachzulesen in ESR5: Syria Game Changer). Die Iraker sind frustriert darüber, dass die USA nicht einmal versuchen, den IS zu bekämpfen. Die USA müssen sie in ihre Schranken weisen, und die Mobilisierung der NATO könnte indirekt diesem Ziel dienen.

Der größtmögliche Unfall: Sollten die Führer der USA und der NATO sich als komplett verrückt erweisen (und soweit ich sehe, ist das nicht auszuschließen), so könnte dies in eine ausweglose Situation – den neuen Weltkrieg – führen.

Ich dachte, ich sollte diese Warnung aussprechen. In Wahrheit glaube ich, dass Putin und Lavrov in der Lage sein werden, diese Situation zu entschärfen, und eine gemeinsame Lösung für alle herbei zu führen. Unglücklicherweise sind diese beiden die einzigen Er-wachsenen im Raum – während die westlichen ‚Führer‘ der Aufgabe nicht gewachsen sind. Wie dem auch sei: Hoffentlich ist der Selbsterhaltungstrieb der Europäer stark genug, um sie auf der Seite der Vernunft zu halten.

Auf einer anderen Ebene finden persönliche Angriffe auf den russischen Verteidigungs-minister Sergey Shoygu und den Sportminister Vitaliy Mutko und den gesamten russischen Sport statt. All diese gleichzeitigen Angriffe dienen einerseits dazu, Verwirrung und Instabilität zu schaffen und die Russen zu beschäftigen, andererseits dazu, von den wirklichen Problemen des Westens, des Mittleren Ostens und der Ukraine abzulenken. Ich werde darüber in einem folgenden Artikel sprechen.


Perfect Storm? Will NATO mobilize in Wake of Paris Attacks?

paris terror attacks 11 13 15

Paris attack sites:

Bataclan concert venue, 50 boulevard Voltaire, 11th district – gun and suicide bomb attacks

Stade de France, St Denis, just north of Paris – explosions near venue as France played Germany in football friendly

Le Carillon bar, 18 rue Alibert, 10th district – gun attack

Le Petit Cambodge restaurant, 20 rue Alibert, 10th district – gun attack

La Belle Equipe, 92 rue de Charonne, 11th district – gun attack

La Casa Nostra restaurant, 2 rue de la Fontaine au roi, 11th district – gun attack

What we know

From BBC: Busiest time

The attack on the 1,500-seat Bataclan hall was by far the deadliest of Friday night’s attacks. Gunmen opened fire on concert-goers watching US rock group Eagles of Death Metal. The event had been sold out.

The series of attacks not far from the Place de la Republique and the Place de la Bastille struck at the heart of the capital when cafes, bars and restaurants were at their busiest. Customers were singled out at venues including a pizza restaurant and a Cambodian restaurant.

The other target was the Stade de France, on the northern fringe of Paris, where President Hollande and 80,000 other spectators were watching a friendly international between France and Germany, with a TV audience of millions more. The president was whisked to safety after the first of three explosions just outside the venue to convene an emergency cabinet meeting. Three attackers were reportedly killed there.

As the extent of the bloodshed became clear, Mr Hollande went on national TV to announce a state of emergency for the first time in France since 2005. The decree enables the authorities to close public places and impose curfews and restrictions on the movement of traffic and people. Within an hour, security forces had stormed the concert hall and all four attackers there were dead. Three had blown themselves up and a fourth was shot dead by police. Another attacker was killed in a street in eastern Paris, reports said.

Speaking after arriving at the concert hall, President Hollande said the attackers would be fought “without mercy”. US President Barack Obama spoke of “an outrageous attempt to terrorise innocent civilians”. UK PM David Cameron said he was shocked and pledged to do “whatever we can to help”. Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo announced that all schools, museums, libraries, gyms, swimming pools and markets would be shut on Saturday.

Image below: Spectators flooded the pitch of the Stade de France after the France v Germany football match as news of the attacks spread.

paris attacks 11 13 15 stadium


As of this hour, it appears there are at least 150 people dead in several coordinated Paris terror attacks. Western media already pinned it on ISIL and it was reported that at least one of the attackers supposedly yelled, ‘for Syria.’

Related RT interview and video analysis:

First of all, RIP all the victims and deepest condolences to their families.

Unfortunately, the Paris events are a direct and easily predictable consequence of the NATO/US/West’s actions and meddling in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, as well as elsewhere in the Middle East. ISIL (aka, Daesh or ISIS) is staffed in big part by former Saddam Hussein’s officers, who are Sunnis and who had been dismissed by the US after they took over Iraq. The rest of ISIL is formed from the armed opposition left over after Libya was destroyed by NATO (including French) strikes, parts of Al Qaeda, and other Islamist rebels financed by US, Saudis and Qatar.

Also, we never had the chance to officially say RIP to the 224 victims of the Russian Kogalymavia Airbus320 flight from Sinai, Egypt. From my FT team and myself personally: our most sincere condolences to the families of all victims.

I have some serious intel about who benefitted from blowing up the Russian Airbus320 in Sinai. An article is coming as soon as I get the chance.

The attacks in Paris and the Russian Egypt flight catastrophe are directly related to Syria, Assad and Russia’s successful anti-ISIL operation.

France has declared a state of emergency, closed down the airport and borders. This may signal the turnaround in the EU’s policy of open borders. This also may signal a turnaround of the EU policies towards refugees and migrants that are flooding Europe.

The attacks in Paris, already blamed on ISIL and refugees, may trigger a tough response from the French government. The closure of other EU countries’ borders is also possible.

The most worrisome is that if it is classified as an attack on one of the NATO members, this may become the signal for NATO mobilization. We all know how much criticism NATO has drawn in recent years, some calling for its disbanding as an organisation that has outlived its usefulness. This is a perfect storm for NATO. Such situation may confirm their usefulness and provide justification for their existence. It appears that there is already a groundwork for such NATO mobilization being prepared by MSM and Obama.

Considering the above, the attacks in Paris may have been a false flag designed to provoke NATO mobilization. The attack on the Russian Airbus320 in Egypt may have been orchestrated for the same purpose, among others: to make NATO countries agree to mobilization and intensification of bombings of ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

These things are often designed to be multi-prong. This may have also been a warning to Hollande to toe the line.  At the time of the attacks Hollande was at the stadium watching a match in close proximity to the explosions. Another thing that strikes me is that the match was between France and Germany. This effectively means that the warning was a hint to Germany to toe the line as well.

A similar warning took place previously when German plane Germanwings crashed in France. This happened immediately after Hollande and Merkel dared to defy the US in how they approached the Ukraine crisis, working with Russia on trying to stop war in Donbass. It also has to be noted that Russian plane blown up over Sinai was of the French manufacturer Airbus.

This effectively means the following:

After Russia’s successful bombing campaign in Syria, it was proven how ineffective (or how corrupt) the US/West’s bombings were. Thanks to Russian air support, Syrian army is now advancing on four directions at the same time, having gained control over half of the territory previously controlled by ISIL, with attack on their capital planned in the near future. Such miraculous turnaround was absolutely impossible to imagine just a few short weeks ago, before Russians went to Syria.

If it keeps up, Syria will be ISIL-free in a few months. I wrote in Earth Shift Report 5: SYRIA GAME CHANGER that Russian jets would squeeze US and NATO airforce planes out of Syrian airspace because they wouldn’t risk colliding directly with the Russians. And it has happened in the exact way predicted.

All Russia needs is for the US and West to get out of the way and let them do their job. This seemingly started happening with Obama/Kerry changing their rhetoric, talking negotiations and intel sharing. However, I fear that one thing is being said to Lavrov’s face and something entirely different behind the closed doors. I never thought that US/NATO/Pentagon would just accept the humiliation of being outplayed and sidetracked in Syria. They would do everything in their power to make Russia’s job as difficult as possible.

This possibility could arise out of Paris attacks. If NATO countries mobilize, NATO planes may crowd into the same air space as Russian planes, creating dangerous and volatile situations. To avoid collisions, they may insist on no-fly zones (remember Libya no-fly zone that led to the destruction of the country?). NATO airforce is completely ineffectual compared to the Russian airforce in a combat situation. However, I’m afraid they may be very effective at interfering/getting in the way of Russia doing her job.

And should any countries, such as France or Germany, attempt to conduct their own independent policies, they will be sent reminders.

The biggest concern of mine is that they may be able to tie up Russia’s hands in Syria, like they did in Ukraine, creating a zone of permanent frozen conflict and preventing Russia from resolving it. This will tie up Russian resources. It is undoubtedly one of the goals.

Besides, US still wants to unseat Assad and they are peeved that Syrian ‘moderate’ opposition is meeting in Moscow, discussing peaceful elections, new constitution and power sharing with Assad. Syrian opposition started sharing intel on ISIL locations with Russia and joining Assad’s army to fight the Islamists. In other words, Moscow managed to achieve in two months what the US/West couldn’t (or rather wouldn’t) in years.

There is another consideration why US and their NATO vassals desperately need to orchestrate a return. US is losing its grip on the Middle East, including Iraq, where they still have troops. Iraq government they themselves had brought to power, had created a joint Russia-Iran-Iraq anti-ISIL center in Baghdad. Somehow, US didn’t notice that at first. But when Iraq president and parliament tried to ask Russia for help in bombing ISIL on Iraq territory, US had a hysterical response. My prediction was that US wouldn’t let Iraqis ask for Russian help (read more in ESR5: Syria Game Changer). Iraqis are frustrated with the fact that US is not even trying to fight ISIL. US has to put them in their place. Mobilizing NATO could indirectly serve this purpose.

Worst case scenario: should US/NATO leaders turn out to be complete maniacs (and from what I am seeing, they may be), this can generate a situation of no return, leading to the new World War.

I thought I’d publish this warning. In truth, I believe that Putin and Lavrov will be able to defuse the situation and to create a more cooperative solution for all. Unfortunately, these two are the only adults in the room, with Western ‘leaders’ being not up to the task. However, hopefully, the sense of self-preservation of the Europeans will be enough to keep them on the side of reason.

On another note, personal attacks are taking place on Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu and Sports Minister Vitaliy Mutko, together with the entire Russian sport. All these simultaneous attacks are designed to disorient, destabilize and tie up Russian resources, as well as to distract from real problems in the West, Middle East and Ukraine. I will talk about the latter attacks in the upcoming article.

Read full analysis in ESR 5: SYRIA GAME CHANGER!

ESR5 Syria Game Changer 2









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