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Found by Accident on Amazon! Laminated Poster: ‘Beautiful Russia: Moscow’s Many Faces’ from Lada Ray Blog!

Reblog from LRBlog: Found this by accident on Amazon – very funny, check it out!
I don’t mind it, as long as this is legit. This in innocuous and for as long as they sell a good product and it shows the good of Russia, I say why not!
BUT! Stay tuned for another post (coming March 29) about how YT manipulates subscriptions and how it unsubbed me from RT, subbing me without my knowledge to Fox channel. That’s not cool.
Same can happen to me any time, so it’s a great idea to stay in touch by subbing to my multiple sites and visiting them regularly, in case someone decides to manipulate settings. See list of my sites at the bottom of the original post on LRBlog – link below!

Lada Ray Blog

This has nothing to do with me and I do not sell nor promote it. Found it by accident when looking for a link to my books. This is the Amazon product page.

They are referencing a popular 2013 Lada Ray Blog post:

Beautiful Russia 3: Moscow’s Many Faces

This is one of the pics from the above post:

Moscow poster sold on Amazon fr LRBlog post

Dozens of other beautiful images I have collected – inside the post!

This is what the Amazon description says:

  • Laminated durable tear resistant 36×24 HD Poster. Bold & vivid colors.
  • Printed on high quality 24lb photo gloss paper. Heat sealed Lamination for years of protection.
  • Ships same day it is purchased (weekdays)
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or full money back refund
  • Poster Tags: Beautiful Russia 3: Moscow’s Many Faces, Lada Ray Blog

New (1) from $13.99 + $4.00 shipping

**Disclaimer: This is not a promo and I have nothing to do with this…

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