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Hilarious! Macron & ‘Ukraine President Zelensky’ Agree: Poroshenko Bad; Better Relations with Russia Good; War in Donbass Must End!

This is hilarious! Thinking he was talking to the real president-elect of Ukraine Zelensky, who supposedly called him, president of France Macron agreed with all the points proposed in said phone conversation. Yes, said Macron, Poroshenko is not the right person to negotiate peace in Donbass and a good thing he’s out. Yes, the improvement of relations with Russia is needed and war in Donbass must stop. Macron said he’d do everything to help the peace process. And did we mention that Poroshenko was bad news?

Famous Russian pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov played a joke on President of France Emmanuel Macron. They called him in the name of Vladimir Zelensky, who won the presidential election in Ukraine. On behalf of Zelensky, the pranksters declared that they would like to improve relations with Russia. Macron approved of the idea.

They call them prank-masters, but I think these two are the great revealers and awakeners – in my multidimensional terminology. They managed to get the dirt on who’s who of the international politics and revealed secrets some tried very much to hide. These two were featured in my past articles on FT and in ESR6. The Macron prank is their newest achievement. What it revealed is the truth of how Europe really feels about Ukraine, Russia and the war in Donbass.

Believe it or not, Europe is really tired of Poroshenko’s lies and Kiev’s madness, but afraid and embarrassed to admit it publicly. Well, shouldn’t have supported Maidan and the Kiev coup in 2014, and later, shouldn’t have supported anti-Russian sanctions. Then the situation in Ukraine would’ve been different and there would’ve been nothing to be embarrassed about. But the overriding drive to keep Russia down is what gets Europe into hot waters every time.

Zelensky is being forced into the same straitjacket as Trump was, per my ESW1 and ESR16 predictions. But there is some hopeful silver lining with Ukraine… I’ll talk about it soon…

Listen to the recorded real conversation between Russian prankster impersonating Vladimir Zelensky and Macron:




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Ukrainian Intelligence in Panic: Too Many Ukrainians Cheer on Russian Soccer Team at World Cup

I’ve told you about this phenomenon in my previous post on the Calibrations of Ukraine. And here’s a confirmation. People in Ukraine watching Russia2018 World Cup and cheering for Russia broke all records. It is especially striking since Kiev junta/Poroshenko announced the ‘boycott’ of the Russian World Cup. Pay attention to the cheering for the Russian team scene in Odessa at 3:20.


**Per Kiev’s intelligence (SBU), Odessa is next to secede. More here: QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS: Ukraine, Poroshenko and Ukrainian Army (with many important updates & predictions)

We also have this advanced Multidimensional post regarding Poroshenko and Ukraine: Multidimensional Method of ‘Defeating’ the Energy Vampire And Another Timeline Correction

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