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Bulgaria Returning to Native Shores: ‘Thank you Russia – 1878 and 1945’

Bulgaria returning home

Once, Bulgaria was called the 16th republic of the Soviet Union. It was a reference to the fact that Bulgaria was probably the closest to Russia of all Eastern European countries.

Although, who knows. I personally met Albanians, who lived for years in the US, and when they found out I was Russian they were ecstatic, saying how much they loved Russia and the Russian language. And mind you, on government and ideological levels Albania and the USSR were at odds since Khrushchev carelessly damaged the system of friendships constructed by his predecessors. Still, despite having lived for years in the US these people retained warm feelings towards Russia. I met Greeks, also living in the US, who were just as in love with Russia and grateful that Russia liberated Greece from the Ottoman Empire.

By 1991, when USSR stopped existing, Gorbachev, and later Yeltsin, surrendered Russia’s spheres of influence to the US and EU. Promptly, US-trained russophobes were installed at the helm of every country formerly friendly to Russia. Bulgaria was seduced by all kinds of imaginary riches and dragged into the EU. Of course Bulgarians realized years later that their economy was destroyed as a result of joining the EU.

US stooges and russophobes were put in charge of this, formerly most pro-Russian, Eastern European country. Western-trained and financed MSM began spewing dirt about Russia, history was re-written to diminish or silence Russia’s role in liberating Bulgaria from the Turkish Ottoman Empire in 1878 and from German Nazis in 1945.

But no matter how much they tried, Bulgarian people never stopped loving Russia. In Ukraine, ukro-nazi ideology combined with post-USSR confusion, extreme poverty and $5 billion spent by Victoria Nuland and USA to subvert the country did something wicked to the population. By contrast, russophobia never really took in Bulgaria. Yes, some forgot their own history, but the majority never did.

Last year the puppet Bulgarian government refused to host South Stream on its territory after pressure from US senator McCain. The South Stream deal, if executed, would have brought Bulgaria a very nice income and gas discounts. The actions of Bulgarian government were clearly against the interests of the country.

It seems that this event, plus the ukro-nazi takeover of Ukraine, woke up Bulgarians. Protests against NATO, US, ukro-nazis, and in favor of closer ties with Russia began last year, and they continue.

Bulgarians are peaceful, friendly people, who don’t like to fight. They hope that their peaceful protests can change the situation. This remains to be seen. One thing for certain: discontent with NATO, US dictate and the direction of the country is growing every day. The memory is also returning, and it’s only a matter of time until total recall happens.

Millenia ago Bulgarians lived on the shores of the mighty Russian river Volga, having later migrated to the Balkans. Russian and Bulgarian are very close languages; separation between Russian and Bulgarian languages may have occurred later than some think, possibly as late as 16th century. Because of their Volga origins, they were called ‘Volgari,’ which later became ‘Bolgari, ‘ – Bulgarians. Incidentally, to this day people residing around Volga are called in Russian ‘volgari’ – emphasis on ‘i.’

This is a short video clip about the 2015 Bulgarian Russophil Sobor, aka, Conference of the Friends of Russia in Bulgaria. The nice song sung by a Bulgarian singer in Russian is about Crimea, Sevastopol, and the Russian fleet returning to native shores, finally home after a long voyage. I think the metaphor should be clear.

The posters people carry say: “Thank you Russia – 1878, 1945,” “Russia and Bulgaria together,” “Stop madness,” “Stop USA terrorism,” “No NATO – Yankee go home.”

Check out the Putin and Russia T-shirts people are wearing!

Watch this cool video:

Asia Ivanova from Varna, Bulgaria, is the spokesperson for ‘Bulgaria for Peace’ protests. She says that many activists have received threats and some fear for their lives. She talks about the dates of weekly anti-NATO, pro-Russia protests in various cities. These take place every single week for over a year – pretty amazing consistency, if you ask me!

If anyone is in Bulgaria, these protests take place every Sunday in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Dobrich. Asia says that if they are being silenced, this means they are on the right track and they must continue doing it so the entire world would hear them. On Saturday 10/10/15 at 10 am they are also doing an automotive event in Varna to culminate at the city’s central Cathedral in support of Russian anti-terrorist activities. Similar event will also take place in Sofia.

Asia says:

“Bulgarians are proud people and we do not appreciate being told what to do. All of EU is now experiencing tremendous pressure. We do not like it that Bulgaria is not taken seriously. We want to return Bulgaria’s good name. Russians should know we are not traitors and we are trying to prove it (referring to the fact that some in Russia consider Bulgarians traitors since despite all Russia has done for Bulgaria, Bulgarian puppet government sided with US and Brussels against Russia).

It’s unfair that people are dying from civil war in Ukraine while UN and West ignore it. Meanwhile, Russia does everything to preserve peace, and it’s being labeled aggressor. The whole world now understands that this is a shameless lie.”

More in the video:


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