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Russia to Build Own Space Station?

Interview with Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemiev: ‘Why Russia needs own space station? The present ISS has a peculiar trajectory. When we fly over the US, our American brother-astronauts can observe their entire country. However, when we fly over Russia, the ISS trajectory is such that it doesn’t allow us to see anything north of Voronezh (city in south-western Russia). When my fans on Twitter and Instagram ask why I don’t post pictures of their city or area, what can I say? This happens because we never fly over most of our country. We can only see the southern stretch. Of course, Russia needs her own station so we could observe our own land in its entirety. Observing and monitoring our Earth is a big part of our work up there. As a Russian cosmonaut I am very sad I can’t see my country from Space.’

Космонавт-испытатель Олег Артемьев заявил, что из-за того, что траектория движения станции МКС не поднимается севернее определенных широт, российские космонавты имеют возможность наблюдать из космоса только южную часть своей родины. Поэтому, по словам Артемьева, для наблюдения за своей землей России необходима собственная космическая станция.

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