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US/Ukraine Plot Thickens! Miss Ukraine 2019 Refuses to Speak Ukrainian, Confesses She Thinks in Russian (Plus: Trump, Biden, Soros & New Ukraine Disasters)

So, this is now official! Unlike Russia, whose supposed ‘interference’ is fake news, UKRAINE did INTERFERE IN US ELECTIONS 2016 and IS NOW INTERFERING IN US ELECTIONS 2020! I am releasing this post quickly on an urgency basis – the big report I promised you is to come in several days – stay tuned!

I have promised you revelations on how Trump’s or Biden’s chances at 2020 Elections now may depend on Ukraine. It turned out to be a good thing I waited till October; the scandal is growing, Zelensky is in hot waters with Trump, Democrats and Ukrainian people as well, after meeting with Trump in NYC and making unwise statements regarding Biden investigation. I’ll tell you what happened during his talk with Trump at the UN assembly: he was star-struck and unable to hold his own, thus proving to his country and the whole world what I’ve been saying all along: Ukraine is NOT a sovereign country.

Zelensky is also now in deep trouble with Merkel and the EU, after his leaked call with Trump, where he squealed on her and others. German MSM is livid – and serves them right, that’s the price for betrayal and Russophobia.

The scandal is deepening by the minute, as Democrats try to impeach Trump. PER 2016-17 PREDICTIONS: THIS WON’T HAPPEN!


The fact that Russophobia is only to their detriment will eventually be discovered in Ukraine, as well.

This is already happening. The most unlikely people are fed up and making public political statements. Earlier in the year the completely apolitical winner of Ukraine Eurovision refused to sign slavery agreement according to which she was forced by Kiev to forfeit her singing gigs in Russia, and withdrew her bid to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2019. They sent some obscure ‘Ukrainian patriot’ instead, who of course lost the competition. Meantime, Ukraine usually was near or at the top of the Eurvision standings, and with rare exceptions all the singers from Ukraine were Russian-speaking.

The new one is even better: Miss Ukraine 2019 has refused to give interview in Ukrainian, saying that she thinks and speaks Russian and has the right to speak what language she prefers. She challenged to show her the law that states she cannot speak any language she likes. In response Ukraine TV 1+1 announced they would not air her interview, which amounts to sensorship and the denial of free speech, which by the way is against Ukrainian constitution. Of course since 2014 they are trampling over that constitution on daily basis. Later Miss Ukraine got a bit scared and wrote on her Instagram that she refused not because she didn’t know Ukrainian, but because she was tired… I bet now millions of Russian-speaking Ukrainians can claim the same. To remind you, the current draconian law of Ukraine mandates everybody to speak only Ukrainian in schools, while shopping, in courts, clinics, hospitals and government locations. Just imagine the surgeon during operation trying to remember what scalpel sounds like in Ukrainian… Or a defense attorney forgetting a word and costing his client a life in jail… Not pretty. Can you imagine how bonkers they are in that place that once used to be ok, and actually pretty talented.

(You all know my theory why Ukraine has gone berserk after 1991. But I actually have an additional new theory of why specifically Kiev and central Ukraine went nuts in the past 30+ years… It’s a heavy duty revelation – will share at a future point! – EXCLUSIVELY FOR MY PATRONS!

The pretend president of Ukraine Zelensky is also Russian-speaking and he constantly makes bloopers, forgetting under pressure he has to speak Ukrainian.

He met with Tom Cruise who was in Kiev because ‘he wanted to use a Ukraine location for one of his films.’ Cruise was curious because Zelensky in the US was promoting Ukraine as a film location bonanza. As with Trump, with Cruise Zelensky also looked star-struck and unable to contain himself. He bragged to Cruize about his own ‘career in films.’ But Zelensky forgot to mention that all the big films he’s ever been in were also RUSSIAN!

Just look at the mesmerized and adoring face of the ‘president of Ukraine’ and his people in the back… Trying too hard? Can you imagine president of any other country openly kissing ass like this?

Much talent left Ukraine since 1980s – 90s, and even more since 2014. But for what it’s worth, any talent still left all comes from the Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine, as proven by these stories. That alone tells you that Ukraine really is a part of Russia, splintered off and confused.





US/Ukraine Plot Thickens! Miss Ukraine 2019 Refuses to Speak Ukrainian, Confesses She Thinks in Russian (Plus: Trump, Biden, Soros & New Ukraine Disasters)





4 Main Reasons Trump Recognized Golan Heights as Part of Israel

Golan Heights Israel Syria Conflicts

I am posting this update mainly to tell you why Trump made this globally unpopular move now. I see four somewhat related reasons, working in unison. 

Some Facts  

Trump made a move to recognize the disputed Golan Heights as part of Israel. This generated a storm of protests all over the world, including from the US vassals and allies in Europe. This decision violates the UN resolution, but Bibi and Israel are happy.

Russian reaction – brief Vesti video report: “There Will Be Consequences” – Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov Laments Golan Heights Decision

Note that Golan Heights, a seemingly small and inconsequential piece of arid rocky land, has significant strategic importance for both Israel and Syria. For Syria: it’s located a mere 60 miles away from capital Damascus, and in clear weather one can easily observe the movements all over Damascus and much of southern Syria from the Golan Heights. This has helped Israel to spy on Syria for a long period of time. For Israel, the Golan Heights supply 1/3 of the fresh water from the mountain runoffs, and the nearby See of Galilee is the main reservoir of fresh water, hard to come by in this desert region.

I won’t describe the whole spread related to Golan Heights. I’ll just say that the dispute over this small but strategically very important area has been ongoing between Syria and Israel since the very formation of Israel in 1949. For some dates relating to the ongoing saga of conflicts you may want to check out this BBC post (sorry); it has some bias, but facts seem to align:

My Multidimensional Approach

In a higher-dimensional reality these two countries should make an effort to cooperate and manage this important region together. But higher consciousness is hard to come by; conflict, greed, fear, distrust and other lower energies dominate the mentality.

As you know, and I want to emphasize this yet again, I am non-partisan and I am neutral to any political persuasions. I look at all world’s politicians, geopolitical developments and social events from the following points of view: 1. How good is it for the Earth Shift and the development of human consciousness; 2. Does it lead to a better future and outcome, or not, for everyone involved; 3. Does a person/country have the best or worst intentions; 4. What calibrations are involved.

Why did Trump do it? Why now?

I am posting this update to tell you why Trump made this globally unpopular move now. I see four main reasons:

1. Netanyahu has elections soon. To be re-elected he needs some good news, and he also needs to have support of the ‘Big Brother’ across the big pond. Trump is happy to provide it.

2. The US elections are in 2020, but make no mistake! Trump is already rallying the troops! He needs to convince the GOP that he is the best candidate. This also makes it easier to survive the rest of the first term unharmed, despite all allegations and scandals. GOP and neocons are in complete agreement with Trump’s approach. This is how he earns stripes with them: in other words, as predicted in ESR16 and ESW1, Trump has become a good team player and part of the establishment. He makes deals left and right that benefit HIM, and he has gotten all cozy and comfy with his ‘straitjacket.’ Who said anything about draining the ‘swamp?’

HOWEVER! Trump appears to know he needs to continue throwing crumbs to his original electoral base: this is why all this talk about the Mexican wall, ban on certain immigration, annulling NAFTA/TTIP, demands for more money from allies and bigger NATO contributions from EU, etc. He learned to maneuver around the Washington minefield – he’s a natural.

He also throws major bones to the Pentagon and US military – just look at the ballooning budget! He knows he needs the military in his corner.

I have told you this before, and I’ll say it again: I see striking parallels with the pre-collapse USSR, and all this reeks of desperation. Trump is the US Gorby.





DIRECT LINK TO FULL REPORT – it’s all in there!

4 Main Reasons Trump Recognized Golan Heights as Part of Israel


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Want to Support the Trump Electors? DNC Leak Source Angry Bernie Supporter, not Russia! Plus Aleppo Intel

Thanks to our contributors: KP of Kauilapele Blog and Maddie of 1EearthUnited Blog for this material!

From KP: Want to Support the Trump Electors?

They (Hillary supporters, celebrities, etc.) are trying to convince state electors who are elected for Trump, into switching their vote to Hillary.

The video ( shows a Michigan Trump elector who has been threatened, and thus who started the website in the subject line:

Although it may not affect every state, I would say there’s no harm in sending any elector encouragement to follow their “duty” to vote for whom they were elected. There’s a general email where you can email the creator of this website:

Also here’s a direct link to the list of electors they have assembled.

Not for everyone to do, but wanted to pass along. A way to support the Trump electors.


FROM Maddie @ 1EearthUnited Blog: DNC Leak Source: Angry Bernie Supporter, not Russia!

(NaturalNews) And now the total hoax of the left-wing delusional conspiracy theory begins to unravel. After days of witnessing the left-wing media hyperventilate over completely fabricated claims that “the Russians” hacked the DNC emails and turned them over to Wikileaks, it turns out the emails were actually leaked by a DNC insider who was angry about the orchestrated elimination of Bernie Sanders by Clinton operatives.

The UK Daily Mail is now reporting that Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, personally met the email leaker who handed him the emails files later released by Wikileaks. The email leaker, a Bernie Sanders insider, was reportedly motivated by “disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders,” reports the Daily Mail.

The hand-off took place in Washington D.C. in a wooded area near American University, Murray explained. Via the Daily Mail:

Murray insisted that the DNC and Podesta emails published by Wikileaks did not come from the Russians, and were given to the whistleblowing group by Americans who had authorized access to the information.

“Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,”  Murray said. “The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.”

Lada’s 2 cents:

But wait! It WAS Putin personally who hacked into DNC emails, so he could personally influence the results of US election because he has ‘personal beef’ against Clinton – as was so ‘elegantly’ put by Hillary herself. The whole ‘civilized’ world knows he did!

After all, Putin is their new deity. He is omniscient, he hides under every bed and spies on every American and European – and every Ukrainian too! In short, he’s devil incarnate, and then some! Don’t believe me? Read this:

FROM RT: Revealed! Putin personally hacked DNC from surveillance aircraft with bear on board

Want to know ALL ABOUT how this BS works? Read my eternally relevant

Earth Shift Report 1: IS PUTIN PART OF NWO?



FROM Lou at Tales from the Conspiratum &

BREAKING: At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Forces in East Aleppo Bunker

DAMASCUS – According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at least 14 US Coalition military officers were captured this morning in an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

This story was quietly leaked by, who announced, “The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.” 

Lada Ray’s intel on US coalition instructors in E. Aleppo & bombing of the Russian hospital:

After the bombing of the Russian hospital in Aleppo, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman came out and said point blank that intel and exact coordinates for the location of the makeshift mobile hospital were provided to ISIS terrorists by the US/ NATO forces.

To remind everyone: as a result of the improbably precise, considering the ISIS capability, bombing of the Russian mobile hospital, which only moved to that area a few hours prior, 2 Russian nurses were killed and 1 doctor wounded. Plus, at least 10 Syrians were killed, many of them children waiting to see a doctor, and dozens wounded.

The unusual precision with which the main tent of the hospital was hit – the only one filled with people at the tie – and the fact that the enemy fire was precision-corrected on the second strike, speak of the fact that advanced intel from NATO/US coalition was given to the terrorists.  

Before the bombing of the Russian hospital Russians were willing to negotiate safe passage of what may amount to hundreds of US, UK, French and other Western instructors and special troops, locked up in E. Aleppo together with ISIS militants. After the bombing of the hospital, performed as a result of direct interference of the West, the decision was made NOT to allow any of them out. Instead it was decided that they would be captured and held by Syrian forces. If necessary, they would be publicly shown on TV to demonstrate to the world who was really behind the Syrian war.

BREAKING! Trump Prepares to Drop Ukraine: Operation Poroshenko Dump


My Ukraine predictions are beginning to spectacularly come true!

As my followers know, I have predicted since the very beginning of 2014 that between 2016 and 2018 US and EU will dump Ukraine, albeit slowly. More than once I used the words ‘they’ll throw Ukraine out as a squeezed-out lemon.’ I also predicted that between 2016 and 2018 Ukraine will turn back to Russia, but only after Ukraine’s economy is destroyed.

The economy has been destroyed by the Kiev junta’s actions and by those oligarchs and ukro-nazis who have been stealing what little is left of Ukraine’s former riches.

The ongoing “Russian World” song flash mobs is rolling through Ukraine like wildfire. In these flash mobs, organized at the train and bus stations, people sing their favorite Russian songs. The song flash mob has spread to Russia, where people sing Ukrainian songs, to show their love and solidarity, and to Kishinev, Moldova, where people have beautifully sang famous Soviet songs, chanting “Moldova, Ukraine, Russia – together.” The Kishinev flash mob so far has been the largest and longest, with a true mini-concert organized at the train station. You can find several first song flash mobs here:

The song flash mob marathon continues, and it has already come to Siberia, Crimea, Nikolaev and Donbass. More former Soviet republics are expected to join in soon. The idea of this flash mob is simply spectacular. In fact, I like it so much that I decided to re-post some of the videos of the song flash mobs on my YT channel. Stay tuned for that.

As per my 2014 prediction, the people are awakening, they are slowly but surely losing their fear of ukro-nazis and violent Ukraine oligarchs. They are remembering their true roots, despite the mass brainwashing attempts of the past 20, and especially last 3, years.

The soft and peaceful song flash mob protests have shown where the affinities and allegiances of the population residing in Ukraine and Moldova really lie. These flash mobs bring hope and confidence that there is a better tomorrow. And this is just the beginning!

It is happening per my other original prediction: Ukraine citizens have to wake up and start acting themselves. Waiting for someone else to come and save them won’t work.

The Kiev regime, installed in 2014 by the US and EU, is on its last legs. By 2017 we will see HUGE, HUGE changes beginning to manifest in Ukraine. As I also predicted, Russia has been doing everything to keep Ukraine intact. But the trick is that it has to be a Russia-friendly territory. I also predicted that whether it would end up as a very loose confederation or federation, or whether it will simply become a part of Russia, the word ‘Ukraine’ won’t be used in 10 years time (or less). The territory that will emerge out of this chaos will bear a different name(s).

Also, per my original 2014 prediction: Putin’s slow, purposeful and peaceful remolding of the situation is succeeding. After the US/EU successfully subverted Ukraine, the plan was to turn the situation around carefully and peacefully, in such a way as not to antagonize the masses of the population, preserving as many Ukrainian lives and as much Ukrainian industry as possible.

The key to success is the remolding done asymmetrically and internationally. In this delicate and volatile situation, it is the butterfly effect that works wonders. Every seemingly unrelated global move by Russia has influenced the outcome in Ukraine. It is a masterful surgical intervention, which is subtle and delicate, yet effective.

Every peace of the puzzle has to fall into place. US and EU neo-con/neo-liberal NWO agenda has failed. They overshot and overestimated their capability. You can’t go point-blank against Russia – The Great Balancer, and expect to get away with it. Napoleon and Hitler tried…

This hybrid 4D war isn’t like any war fought before. But it’s still a war and the result will be the same. Every Russian move in Syria and the Middle East; Putin’s recent BRICS, Japan, China, India and Central Asia deals; Turkish Stream and Nord Stream 2; the Crimean Kerch Bridge and the railroad to bypass Ukraine; new pro-Russian presidents in Moldova and Bulgaria and anti-establishment revolts in the EU – all these have worked towards the shift in Ukraine. The election of Trump and Democrats suffering a staggering defeat in these US elections seal the deal.


Please recall that in 2014 I also said that only Russia will be able to restore the territory we now call Ukraine. Only Russia can resurrect its industry and economy. Neither EU nor US are either capable or interested in doing so.

This prediction of mine is also materializing. US can’t wait to dump Ukraine. The only thing both EU and US need is a way to save face.

Trump’s election made it natural and logical to shift the foreign policy of the US in such a way as to save face and get out of the rotten Ukraine deal. But additional push was required. That’s how “Operation Poroshenko Dump” was born. Incidentally, this is my own title no idea what the US calls it.

Here’s the scoop. A Ukraine Rada deputy turned whistleblower, Alexandr Onischenko, escaped to London. In his pocket he carried damning evidence against Ukraine president and oligarch Petr Poroshenko. Below is Onischenko’s exclusive live interview with Russia24 channel during talk show 60 Minutes.

Audio in Russian:


Per Onischenko, he was recently recruited by US to record compromising conversations within Ukraine’s corridors of power.

(LR: Please note that Onischenko is far from being above board: he himself got rich assisting Poroshenko’s corruption and illegal schemes.)

On Poroshenko’s behalf, he delivered cash to buy votes of Rada deputies. This was done routinely, as a matter of course. Onischenko says that there were many laws and government appointments which passed Rada only because Poroshenko bought votes. Each deputy was paid amounts commensurate with their weight and popularity. The votes were bought to remove from important state posts anyone who wasn’t Poroshenko’s men and to install those Poroshenko had in his pocket. This included the posts of Prime Minister, Attorney General and Rada Speaker.


Onischenko confirmed that if Poroshenko really wanted to stop the war in Donbass, he could do so very easily, by ordering Rada to vote in a specific way. But Poroshenko wants war in Donbass because he is a ‘greedy bastard’ (there were a few strong words used throughout). He makes huge profit from the war and confrontation.

(LR: Poroshenko owns the heavy industry brand Lenin’s Forge. He kept the name of this globally recognised plant, built by the USSR, despite ban on Soviet symbolism in Ukraine. The plant makes much of the tanks and weapons that kill the people of Donetsk and Lugansk. Poroshenko made a killing during this civil war: his fortune exploded by 7-fold and more during the period between 2014 and 2016, making him a billionaire.)


Onischenko said that IMF, US and EU loans were stolen and split up between Poroshenko and those in power, as soon as they were disbursed.

Onischenko described how Poroshenko, abusing his post as president of Ukraine, engaged in racketeering and mafia tactics to squeeze other oligarchs. The example given is that of Renat Akhmetov. Poroshenko gave order to start a media smear campaign against Akhmetov’s company. Armed thugs were sent to his plants, where they intimidated and beat up managers; several deaths were reported. Then Poroshenko demanded money. Akhmetov ended up paying him $200 million. After that, smear campaigns and attacks against Akhmetov properties ended.

(LR: Renat Akhmetov once was the richest oligarch in Ukraine, who was Yanukovich’s handler. Akhmetov, much like the rest of Ukraine oligarchs, lost a lot after 2014 coup. Poroshenko is the only oligarch who made a killing. Same is true for ex-PM Yatsenyuk, who simply stole a cool billion dollars. Per data I received, Yatsenyuk now resides in the US. He purchased two dosen (24) luxury condos and mansions throughout the US. More in EARTH SHIFT REPORT 3: OLIGARCH WARS).

Poroshenko did similar numbers on other oligarchs. Alexandr Onischenko recorded a number of such secret negotiations and conversations conducted in Poroshenko’s office.

Spy stuff: the recorder was located in his wrist watch. He passed all the recordings and his additional testimony to the US Department of Justice. It has been announced that the official investigation into Poroshenko and Rada has begun.

Lada Ray: Poroshenko and his cronies immediately branded Alexandr Onischenko ‘Putin’s agent.’ Onischenko has taken this very badly and got nervous, indignantly responding to the effect that he is an ‘honest crook’ and, if anything, ‘he is a US agent’ (lol).

Incidentally, Onischenko mentioned that he has been friendly with Donald Trump. Whether it’s true or just his fantasy is another story.

Again, let me stress that Onischenko is just as guilty as the rest of them. He was the one who participated in many of these schemes and who personally delivered million dollar bribes to Rada deputies. Just like the rest of these criminals, he got rich off Ukraine people’s misfortune.

But he has been a good Trojan Horse inside Ukraine junta, fulfilling his role admirably. The fact that he was recruited as a spy means that US is getting ready to dump Poroshenko. In fact, in Ukraine there is more and more talk that Poroshenko should be hung for his crimes.

Trump and the new people who come with him need solid evidence to save the US face and justify what Trump is preparing to do in 2017: dump Ukraine as a bad dream. Trump will make a deal with Putin. The release of Ukraine out of USA’s clutches will be Trump’s peace offering to Russia.

One of the reasons to do so is to get on a better side of Russia. But there is another: USA is financially in a much worse situation than being admitted; militarily and politically it is stretched too thin. US needs to consolidate its resources. USA under Trump is gearing towards dropping the non-performing ‘assets’ such as Ukraine. Hence dropping the Kiev junta and Poroshenko after supposedly finding out how corrupt he and his regime are (as if it wasn’t clear from the start). After all, Ukraine failed to fulfill its purpose: it didn’t become a convincing anti-Russia, as Soros, Nuland and the rest intended.

Ukraine events are starting to come to a head, per my 2014 predictions. 2017 will make everything I’ve talked about in 2014-2016 even more relevant. In order to form a full picture, read more in these ESRs:



EARTH SHIFT REPORT 6: Ukraine – NEW KHAZARIAN KHAGANATE? Chabad, American Zionism & the NWO Agenda


Interview (March 7, 2014), where I made some of my first Ukraine and Russia related predictions: The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev — with Lada Ray ~ PTS3093TimeMonkRadioNetwork

More interviews on Lada Ray YT channel and Also read: Predictions.

Added 12/5/16: Video of the Onischenko interview by Russia 24:



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