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Before Putin-Trump Summit, Russians are Convinced More Than Ever Americans Cannot Be Trusted

This is why: “Russia is Ruled by the Mafia, there is no freedom of speech, and talking to Putin is like feeding a shark” – says US Senator Kennedy, who just visited Russia together with other pro-Trump members of the Senate. The US Senators visiting Russian Duma were met with standing applause during a Duma session. Much more warmly and hospitably than they ever deserved. But having come back to the US, at least some of them began trashing Russia.

The episode below from one of Russia’s talk shows just the opposite. Dmitry Nekrasov is one of the tough oppositioners to Putin, a staunch pro-West neoliberal, who is constantly on Russian TV shows, who himself has a 1-2% rating, but who criticizes Putin, with a rating around 80%. Nevertheless, he is still given a podium to voice his minority opinion, and his opinion usually is that Russia can do no right. Those standing next to him are: one of old-time Russian neoliberals, who worked with Yelstin, but who is much more reasonable; another is a Ukrainian pro-junta Russophobe. I would seriously like to see such tough opposition on US TV, or UK TV, or anywhere in the ‘democratic’ West.


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