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Read&Review Gift Program runs between April 8 and June 8, 2019

It’s for my new book


This is my new exclusive program for those who have enjoyed my new book and want to contribute a review. I want to reward my first reviewers! Your reader reviews are very important in helping potential readers and future seekers of the truth to make the decision to buy my book!

I ask you to write a review for my new book and post it in at least three places (or more, if possible). In exchange, to thank you for your effort and enthusiasm, I will personally sign and mail to you a THANK YOU note on my exclusive author stationary (collectible). And I’ll mail you 3 of my exclusive bookmarks (while supplies last). This is NOT virtual! You will receive a physical envelope with my stationary and bookmarks, and it’s open worldwide! I’ll mail my thank you gifts to you, wherever you are around the globe!

All you have to do is buy my ebook or paperback, read it and write an honest review. The review must be posted at 3 or more retailers listed below. Choose among these preferred places in order of importance (these are direct links to my book):


Apple Store



IN ADDITION! You get 1st Priority seating at my upcoming LIVE Q&A & VIRTUAL BOOK SIGNING! (Announcement coming Thursd, Apr 11)

My book is for sale in other places, as well, such as Google Play, Scribd, Alibris, etc.

Click on these icons to see where else you can find 



Book buy links are posted in BOOKSTORE

And explore more on author site, including reviews:



Frankly, if you bought the book (ebook or paperback) from Amazon, I prefer that you post on Amazon first, as this is the largest market. But Amazon recently changed the rules and now only those who purchased at least $50 of merchandise of any kind for the previous calendar year, can post their reviews. Therefore, I’ve added several other platforms where reviews do matter.

If you purchase from Amazon sometimes or regularly and/or if you spent $50 or more in one year, please post your review on Amazon first.

TIP: If you don’t qualify now, but in the following 11 months after purchasing my book you’ll spend $50 or more on Amazon, you can always copy and add your review later.

It’s most important to post on (main site, US/international distribution), because it’s visible in all international Amazon markets. If you don’t live in the US or purchased the book from a country-specific Amazon site, and if you are able to, it would be great if you also reposted your review in your domestic Amazon sites. All Amazon and other sellers’ links are HERE.


Goodreads is not a book distributor. It is a book reader community. It used to be independent, but Amazon bought it several years ago, and some things have changed. The thing that remains the same, thank goodness, is that any reader can post a review there. Unlike on Amazon, on Goodreads you can post reviews freely so far (just sign up and post), so please use this opportunity to add yours, before they decide to make it difficult. Some online sellers don’t allow review posting, and they use Goodreads reviews. A good example is BookDepository, so anyone buying from that seller actually sees Goodreads reviews. My paperbackis also sold on BookDepository.

All my books are listed on Goodreads, so I really appreciate your review posted there as well! (If you’ve written or intend to write reviews for my fiction, please post them there as well, while this venue is available). It’s very easy to post your review, just sign up – NO PURCHASE REQUIRED!


Kobo is a popular ebook seller, recently purchased by Walmart. Posting reviews is easy: just sign up, copy your review and post. They’ll take a day or two to review your post and if it’s a normal, legitimate review, it’ll go up soon. To post review – NO PURCHASE REQUIRED!


This is a monopoly. Only those who have Mac computers can purchase books and post reviews on Apple store site. I don’t use Mac – only iPad, and that seems not enough to get in. I don’t know their rules for review posting, but if you own a Mac, I’d appreciate your trying to post a review to see whether it gets accepted without a purchase. Or, if you buy my ebook from Apple iBooks store, I will greatly appreciate your posting a review on my book page!

**I’ll be re-listing my fiction on Apple, Kobo and more as well (very soon)!


The biggest and most popular in the US brick and mortar bookstore/cafe chain. They now also sell online. Also now in the UK. For now my new book is available as an ebook there (read through NOOK). My novels are available as paperbacks on BN.

It’s easy to post on BN: just copy your review from Amazon, etc., and post. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED!

I also have my book listed with various other online retailers, and you can see some of their link icons here:


If you could also add your review to some of these, it would be smashing! All you need to do is copy and paste! Also, make sure you post your review in the comment section of FT and LRPatreon. And of course, email the text of your review to me, along with links where it’s posted to reap these rewards:


GIFTS: To thank my wonderful reviewers, I will mail each of you:

1. A signed Lada Ray Thank You Note, on my exclusive author letterhead (collectible):

View examples of my unique 8.5x11inch Lada Ray letterheads! You get my personally signed THANK YOU note on one of these!

2. Three (while supplies last) exclusive author bookmarks

View my exclusive fiction bookmarks! (very pretty, reversible and two-sided)

I’ll mail THE ​GIFTS to you personally, to wherever you live around the globe! (PLUS, you get automatically invited to my Virtual Book Signing & Live Q&A!

Besides, my reviewers get priority seating at the upcoming LIVE Q&A AND VIRTUAL BOOK SIGNING (stay tuned for Apr 11 announcement!)

Last but not least! The best reviews, or their excerpts, will be featured on REVIEWS page, and possibly in other venues!

To qualify for the gift and priority seating:

  1. Please post your review in three (or more) of the main venues listed above
  2. Please email me the links to all three (or more) review postings, name under which they are posted, and a copy of your review. Use CONTACT or email directly, if you know my email!
  3. In your email, please provide your full name and address so I can mail you your gift!

**Make sure you save the review you’ve written for possible future postings!

I greatly appreciate your posting the reviews in at least three, or more, of the top venues linked above! The more places we cover, the better potential readers will be able to make a buying decision.

If you know any other booksellers or sites where your review can be posted, I’d love to get the links with your reviews posted elsewhere, too. Your review can also be added to your blog or site, as another example. Please send me all the links – I’d love to hear from you and I’ll try to feature some of the links on my author site!



This special program will run between April 8 and June 8, 2019.

Your Reader reviews can be posted any time, during, before and after this program. But to take advantage of my special signed thank you note and bookmarks mailed to you, please post your review in 3 or more places before June 8!

To be invited to Virtual Book Signings & Live Q&A, please post reviews early! We plan 2 live events and they will be in early to mid May! All those who purchased new book by Lada Ray will be invited, but reviewers get priority seating. Note that space is limited. Only the live event participants can ask Lada questions. Stay tuned for Special Announcement and details on Thursday, April 11!



VISIT AUTHOR SITE – and come back again soon, the site is being expanded:


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You can send this COMPLETE BOOK INFO PACKAGE to your library, fave bookshop, a friend or local book club!  



GO HERE to download INFO PACKAGE PDF or get Email Link!




#1 New Release in Prophecies!


​A new revolutionary tool for in-depth understanding of our world
From the creator of Earth Shift Theory and Quantum Calibrations


Available as ebook and paperback; 328 print pages; paperback size 8×5.25 inches
Published by: EARTH SHIFT, 1st edition, February 22-28, 2019
On Amazon worldwide, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Apple, IndieBound, Scribd, etc.
Available for independent shop & library distribution via IndieBound, Baker&Taylor, Bibliotheca

New revolutionary tool for in-depth understanding of our world, from the creator of FuturisTrendcast, Earth Shift System and Quantum Calibrations! Nearly 1000 unique Calibrations, peer group comparisons, analysis and acclaimed Lada Ray Predictions!

Encompassing: 94 countries & territories; 10 global organizations; 7 leading business/corporate worlds; leaders, armies, economies, finances, solvency and sovereignty! Plus: one-of-a-kind index of the world’s most powerful people, and created especially for this book new Power Scale: 4 superpowers, 11 great & regional powers!

What makes this book stand out is Lada Ray’s trademark fusion of geopolitical analysis, economics, predictions and higher-consciousness knowledge. Written in clear, concise, easy to understand manner, it is a seamless blend of practical knowledge and reason, compassionate heart and prophetic predictions. The book has promising academic and practical applications for politicians, leaders, business people, researchers, scholars and ordinary citizens alike. During the Great Earth Shift, as our whole world changes rapidly, Lada Ray theories and practices will help you acquire the much needed clarity, understanding and peace of mind. This book will become a handy reference tool to help you plan for the future with confidence and success. ​






~Surprising and very useful…and a proven track record of accuracy

~A Gift for Truth Seekers on what is going on in the world

~Great investment in yourself – this knowledge / truth is not found elsewhere

~A Brilliant Vision of Our Future on This Planet. How to Keep Your Family & Assets Safe…

~A fascinating planetary tour by the hand of a special guide…countries, their leaders and people,   secrets behind façades, and potentials to come. Quite an experience! Success!


Nancy Chester: What I see as invaluable is the connection of an individual sovereign human being contributing to the calibrations, along with people in other cities, countries, regions and cultures. It’s an awesome thought to realize just how much power we really have to shape the world around us.

George: Lada’s QC and GC provide detailed and unambiguous insights into our past, present and future at the personal, society, world and cosmic levels. Coupled with Lada’s wise counsel, I have found them to be invaluable tools in making better decisions about relationships, parenting, career, finances and even purchasing a house!

Teresa: Quantum and Geo calibrations to me are the key-notes of major and minor excerpts of the music of life and of the earth.They are voices of the Universal Mind… realities and potentials. In short, they are the breath of the Universe and of Humanity, intermingled in endless co-creation…

Paul Eric: The Quantum and Geo Calibrations show with a lot of clarity what is really going on in the world – behind the facade of public declarations and media propaganda. It is especially helpful to understand the approximate timeline of the Earth Shift as it relates to different parts of the world, eg. the Inverted Collapse of the US. This can help with personal decisions as well, such as where you choose to live or which long-term careers or investments you pursue. Lada has been spot-on in her predictions of future events, including the election of Donald Trump, as well as his subsequent inability to change anything significant!

NadiaH: To me, the value of Quantum and Geo Calibrations is the at-a-glance understanding of where a person, country, event, etc., is. For me it provides an independent truth.
Leanne: That is amazing, you describe our Country Australia so well! You have gotten to the heart of our problems and you are so correct: the majority do not see the US/UK for what they really are.​




Lada Ray is the creator of Quantum Calibrations, Earth Shift and Multidimensional Universe Systems

To date, Lada authored over two thousand articles, podcasts, Earth Shift Reports and Webinars. Born in Russia, she is Multidimensional Futurist and Geopolitical Author, currently residing in the West. She is acclaimed for her uncanny predictions, unique analysis and global forecasts. Her Futurist Trendcast blog since 2014 has been visited by 1.2 million readers. Lada also is the author of three novels and two novelette shorts.

Official Site:

Twitter @LadaTweets

Author Site:

Help crowdfund Lada’s books & get exclusive content:






(best used with short synopsis on p1)

​What makes this book stand out is Lada Ray’s trademark fusion of geopolitical analysis, economics, predictions and higher-consciousness knowledge. Some may believe these things separate and non-combine-able. However, as proven by Lada’s work, both practical and spiritual us are ONE. In our era it becomes paramount to understand our world in its totality, to heal past karma and to move forward.

Helping humanity accomplish both is the reason for this book. Written in clear, concise, easy to understand manner, it is a seamless blend of practical knowledge and reason, compassionate heart and prophetic predictions. This seamless multidimensional blend is the basis for creation and it is THE FUTURE! Reading this book will help you get there!

Lada Ray’s New Quantum Calibration System is based on the ground-breaking Calibrations of Human Consciousness introduced by David Hawkins, Ph.D., in his book, Power vs. Force. Between 2002-2018 Lada developed her own advanced Quantum and Geo Calibrations. This breakthrough system goes well beyond the original, introducing a more targeted, refined and high-consciousness result. The system has for years been successfully applied in her writings, webinars and private consultations, with vast majority of Lada Ray’s clients remaining her return clients for life.

Years of development and application confirm that Quantum and Geo Calibration System is the most efficient, all-encompassing and profound tool for revealing the fundamental energetic, structural and spiritual truth about our world, currently in existence. The truths that have been hidden will come to light. Where there previously was confusion and chaos, the realization, clarity and structure will emerge. A new, deeper and higher understanding will take place, allowing us to see forward and to act in the best and most beneficial way.

The smart politicians, economists, companies and governments can apply Quantum Calibrations productively on global, regional and local levels. Individuals can use this book to compare countries, leaders, economies, armies, and to make decisions on relocation. The book has promising practical and academic applications for researchers, scholars and ordinary citizens alike. Use it to project into the future and plan your next steps on the journey through our fast-shifting world. The GREAT EARTH SHIFT is manifesting in all areas of life, from nature and environment to social, geopolitical, financial and economic changes. Our mentality and consciousness are changing rapidly.

If you have been confused, scared or curious of all the changes, Lada Ray theories and practices will help you acquire the much needed clarity, understanding and peace of mind.


Click for more new book info


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