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New Russian Film “The Balkan Line” Premieres In US! Film Focuses on Despicable NATO Action in Serbia

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So many lies have been told over the years by the US/Western politicians, news and film makers about what really happened in Serbia/Balkans in the ’90s, especially the bombing of Serbia. For a change, it’s time for the truth!

A nice 70th Birthday present for NATO – can’t wish it a happy b-day, sorry.

Did you know they bombed civilian targets in Serbia with depleted uranium? The leads in these strikes were… Germany and USA.






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Largest since 1991 NATO drills in Norway – What do Russians Think?



US Makes Threatening Moves Towards China While Russia-China Relations Rise

During a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov pointed out that US does everything to ‘contain’ (I would say ‘sabotage’ – LR) Russia’s good relations with all other countries.

Meanwhile, China is calling on US to stop its saber-rattling and threatening rhetoric, and to start supporting peace. US new strategy in Asia is to supply the newest and most sophisticated weapons to its allies in the region to counter China’s rise.

China warns US against escalating tensions and urges US to take a cooperative and peaceful approach to bi-lateral relations, considering that China holds sway over trillion+ in US debt and is an important trade partner.

US has been trying to pressure China to take a less friendly to Russia position on the world stage. The Chinese response basically is that Russia is China’s most important strategic partner, sharing borders, cultural, geopolitical and economic interests in Eurasia, and their relations are none of the USA’s business. USA can think whatever it wants, but the truth is, Russia-China relations will only grow and strengthen.



My new extensive interview with Time Monk Radio’s The Plane Truth, which resonates with the above material, is here!

In it I unveil the real reasons for Putin’s disappearance in March, we talk about all things Eurasia, discuss China’s ambitious project of the New Silk Road, in cooperation with Russia and other countries, and much more…

Click to listen: Putin’s Disappearance and the New Silk Road



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Who is really pulling the strings?
The difference between Russian, Ukrainian and Western oligarchs.
Poroshenko vs Kolomoysky – who won, who lost?
Who are Ukraine’s most powerful oligarchs?
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“Benya” Kolomoysky: rare videos out of the horse’s mouth.
What next? Lada’s predictions.




Why attacks on the ruble expedite dollar demise? 
The real truth behind Putin’s disappearance in March 2015. 
Why Russia isn’t that concerned about the ruble.
What is Russia really up to?
Russia’s new shadow power revealed.
Lada’s Predictions: Russia as the Great Balancer
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American Tanks Roll Through Latvia; US Tests Lazer Weapon in Persian Gulf; Russian Graves desacrated in Australia; Open Season on Undesirables in Ukraine

These are items of interest and I decided to unite them in one post for the sake of space economy. I’m not going to say much. These short videos are self-explanatory – watch and make your own conclusions.


I am not an American hardware specialist – to me these seem like older designs. Still, so much US weaponry traveling openly (it’s not even covered) through Latvia in broad daylight is very worrying. Where did it end up? No one knows. How many such trains zoomed through Latvia unnoticed? Much has been said about the US Congress pushing for the supply of arms to Ukraine – and not older designs either.

The most disturbing thing for me in this video is that these ….. are using Russian-made train to move their lethal hardware, directed obviously against Russia, unless Latvia is planning a war with Sweden. The locomotive you see is a typical Russian-made item that I grew up with. This is either the train Latvia inherited from the USSR, or it was built for them in the past 20 years in Russia – Latvia hardly has any industry of its own, and what they had was demolished during 23 years of independence to suit the West. But they are NATO members. As some of my readers may know, both of my parents worked for Russian Railways. No further comment, but just picture for a moment how Russians feel.


US Navy’s laser cannon to blow up boats, drones in Persian Gulf? RT: “The US Navy’s fully operational LaWS laser uses six commercial welding lasers to obliterate aerial and seaborne targets. Each shot costs as little as $1; tens of thousands less than conventional weapons.” Is US preparing for a new round of escalation in the Persian Gulf?

Here is what I hear people say so far: 1. This is the 70s Soviet technology; 2. Not effective and doesn’t work in foggy weather; 3. Either they have to paint the item they are trying to blow up black or red, or it has to be directed at a weapon for the lazer to work.

Compare that to the khibiny Russians so effectively demonstrated to USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea on April 12, 2014. Also Soviet technology, but how different. 100% Effective; NOT offensive – defensive in nature. Khibiny can disable the entire US Navy fleet. Read my article: Mystery Revealed: What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?


Open season on Undesirables – Nazi-style Lustration (Hitler would be proud). Ukraine law declares open season on former officials. The law talks about ‘humane lustration’ when an accused ‘has the right to defence.’ But ukro-nazi street thugs don’t wait – they have developed their own ‘trash bin’ lustration, when undesirables are thrown into trash bins and humiliated; personal injuries and beatings are common; there were attempts to splash people with gasoline and set them on fire.

The EU commission declared this law a violation of human rights. EU should remember they helped create this monster.


HATE CRIME: Australia, OLD Russian Orthodox Cemetery: 76 graves of Russians buried there vandalized – next to the Russian Orthodox church. I want to point out that judging by the nature of the cemetery, most likely the people buried there are religious, law-abiding citizens. It is most likely that these are from the old Russian emigration – post-1917 Bolshevik revolution, who therefore have nothing to do with the contemporary Russia, nor the USSR.

Who did that? Fingers are pointing at the ukro-nazi-inclined Ukrainian immigrants living in Australia. I hear there are lots of those. Since there are no monuments to Lenin, Russian Army that freed Europe from fascism, or Russian historic figures to desacrate in Australia, the only target for them would have been innocent, completely unrelated people and their memories. Just like in Donbass.

But then again, Australian president has been promising to ‘rudely tackle to the ground and beat up President Putin’ = ‘shirtfront’ in Australia. Is this the manifestation of that promise? Or are those who did it angry the shirtfronting never came to pass? See more here: Koala to Putin: Now I see what all those other animals have been raving about!

Recently, the Head of Putin’s Administration, Sergey Ivanov, announced that over 60 attacks on Russian Orthodox churches and direct physical attacks on priests in Ukraine have been registered.

Ukro-nazis, while celebrating their anniversary, intended to destroy/take over two UNESCO World Hearitage sites: monuments to Catherine the Great and Pushkin in Odessa, and one of the main Orthodox monasteries, Kiev-Pechorskaya Lavra in Kiev. Fortunately, both sites were protected and their plans didn’t materialize.

See my articles:

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