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We are pleased to announce that the inaugural episode of my new show, Lada Ray Live, is finally here! Watch on YT in HD!

LadaRayLive 1. Crimea’s Scythian Gold; MH17; Russian Sanctions – Global Consequences

We discuss several closely related topics that all have common players: Russia, USA, Ukraine, EU and Holland. What happened to the Scythian gold from Kiev that was shipped off by Yatsenyuk to the US? Why is Holland refusing to give the Crimean Scythian gold back to the rightful owners – the Crimean museums? MH17 false flag with pictures. Global shift as a result of the Russian agriculture/food sanctions. In conjunction with the above, my co-host Az and I also touch upon the situation in Caucasus, including the Nagorny Karabakh Donbass-like conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and how Putin managed to defuse it using peaceful diplomacy. We talk about the history and geopolitics of the Crimea, its aspiration to reunite with Russia, anti-NATO movement in Sevastopol and more. We discuss why the largest in Europe, new American embassy was built in… Kiev. We also talk about how Ukrainian gold was shipped off by Yatsenyuk to the US from the Kiev Borispol Airport.

We also talk about the two poster boys of the Western anti-Russian propaganda: Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel Prize winner and author of Archipelago GULAG, and his experiences in the US, as well as the fate of Boris Pasternak, the Nobel Prize winner and author of Doctor Zhivago.

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  1. Lada, it would be great if it could be possible to download your shows in MP3 format to listen to them in “dead time”.

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