by Lada Ray


✍️ QUOTE OF THE WEEK! 11/2/2022

Dear Friends, 

Always remember that all that I write and speak about is interconnected, whether it’s happening in Russia or Ukraine; North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa or Australia/NZ! 

These are all pieces of the same puzzle of our existence here on Earth! 


~ Yours, Lada Ray


“Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it; those who don’t look into the future are simply doomed” ~ Lada Ray 2021

“Shaman is a spiritual shuttle between three realms of existence: Heaven, Mankind and Earth. He pierces through inter-dimensional veils in order to heal the parts and unite the whole.” ~ Lada Ray

“Quantum calibrations open up a new dimension of understanding for ourselves & the world around us.
They serve as a multidimensional window into the giant universe, which we can safely open up, to observe and be a part of the fascinating dance of creation.”
~ Lada Ray, 2018

“Our 3D reality is built as a contrast, but simultaneously as a dream of re-uniting our yin and yang powers.”

“Among many other things, Russia is here to teach us how to naturally integrate that coveted balance between yin and yang, that unattainable, it appears for those who live in the West, seamless blend of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.”

“Sacred Feminine constitutes the highest and most harmonious manifestation of the yin on our planet. But it’s not just any yin. It’s the fully self-aware and balanced yin, the one that confidently and organically incorporates just enough yang to be complete and harmonious.”

“Thus begins the process of manifestation in 3D of something that was born in higher dimensions!”   ~Lada Ray Patreon

“Higher energy always wins and the light always drowns out the darkness.” ~Lada Ray

“In it’s highest and purest form, good feng shui signifies perfect alighnment between inner and outer worlds.”  ~Lada Ray

From someone’s Instagram page (not mine):



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