‘Dance Russia and Cry Europe’ ~ Hit Clips About Putin and Russia

Remember I recently introduced you to a hit pop song Такого как Путин, Eng: “A Man Like Putin.” To listen to it (with Eng subs) go to Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Putin’s 65th Anniversary Around the World.

Today, in the run-up to the centennial of the 1917 Russian Revolution and as an intro to the upcoming EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA, allow me to introduce you to several other contemporary clips with hit songs about Russia and Putin.

This is for those who really want to FULLY understand what it means to be The Great Balancer and how Russia is able to pull it off… HINT: by having a huge sense of humor in the face of adversity and balancing between serious stuff and laughter.

This is a small piece of the big puzzle, a little brick in the construction of the Great Earth Shift. Note that in this medley all songs are contemporary, written in the 2000s.

Натали: Володя, Володя

Volodia, Volodia by Natali (Volodia is endearing version of the full name Vladimir)

Translated just a few lines, so you know what it’s about:

Volodia, Volodia, 

Don’t believe the bad weather,

Don’t believe the fogs and rains,

Volodia, Volodia, 

The rains will pass 

And the sun will smile at us again.

A seemingly light dance song about a girl having a crush on Volodia, it reveals a much deeper meaning for those who know the truth… referring to the many character assassination attacks Putin had to endure, and of course, the hybrid war against Russia:

Танцуй Россия и плачь Европа

A very famous hit song, Dance Russia and Cry Europe. Sorry, dear Europeans. Incidentally, there is nothing derogatory or bad about the EU or Europe in it. It’s a seemingly light, and even frivolous pop song about a simple but very pretty Russian girl, which nevertheless has a clear political undercurrent, expressed via indirect hints.

The video below, showcasing the amazing art of Russian artistic gymnastics (sometimes referred to as ‘rhythmics’), set to the aforementioned song, is entitled, Don’t cry, the washed-out Europe. Clever reference to Ukraine’s Poroshenko recently declaring, after EU authorized 90-day visa-free travel for Ukrainians, ‘Goodbye unwashed Russia, hello clean Europe.’ Of course, that generated a million sarcastic jokes, this clip being a satire, very well understood by Russians. The song + very cool footage are well worth the watch.

Two songs below are also contemporary, but very different in tone — patriotic and uplifting:

Олег Газманов – Вперед, Россия!

Go, Russia! by Oleg Gazmanov

Great reminder clip showcasing Russia’s multi-cultural, military, historic and contemporary footage.

Translated just a few lines for you:

It was like this in Russia since olden days:

The higher the pressure, the stronger the rock.

If danger arrives at our doorstep,

The motherland turns into one single monolith.

Мы – Армия Страны! Мы – Армия Народа!

We are the army of the people! (by Alexandrov Red Army Choir and Russian Army at the Red Square Victory Day Parade)





Vladimir Putin

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  1. An excellent, strong collection, Lada! From mischievous to powerful. Have not hear “Volodja, Volodja” song before, but “Dance Russia, Cry Europe” did cross my path (and as you say, nothing bad is spoken about Europe in that song).
    Gasmanov’s “Onward, Russia” is really powerful! It is worth noting that the song starts with and incorporates the music from Glinka’s patriotic opera “Life for the Tzar” about the Time of Trouble in the beginning of 1600 – it’s finale with people’s rejoicing.

    Ironically, during the modern Time of Trouble of the Wild 90’s, this opera song was for a short period considered to be used as the Russian anthem.

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  2. Here is my translation of song “We are the people’s army”. It is interesting to note how the self-perception expressed in the second verse resonates with Lada’s Great Balancer view.

    We’re standing at the post, by companies and platoons
    Immortal, like the fire. Calm as a granite.
    We are the country’s army. We are the people’s army.
    Our great heroics are written into history.

    Not in vain a banner flares red in fate.
    Not in vain does the country lay its hope on us.
    Sacred words “Moscow is behind us!”
    We remember from the time of Borodino.

    Sacred words “Moscow is behind us!”
    We remember from the time of Borodino.

    Our fathers handed us an all-powerful weapon.
    We took an oath to our Motherland.
    In life we are given a single purpose:
    To shield the future of the Earth from death.


    Do not frighten us, do not boast haughtily,
    Bad idea to threaten us and play once more with fire.
    After all, if the enemy dares to test our strength,
    We’ll forever teach it not to test us again.


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  3. And my translation for “Onward, Russia!”

    This was so in Russia since ancient times
    The higher the pressure, the stronger cement
    And if danger threatens the state
    The Motherland turns into a single monolith

    In the crucible of victory — today, as of old —
    Our Motherland’s steel gets tempered once more

    Russia, Russia — this word hold the fire and power
    This word holds the victory flame
    We’re raising the Russian banner


    Let the time carry us over violent rapids
    For Russia is behind us, the people are behind us
    The traditions are Holy, and for thousands of years
    Will the chronicle of our victories go on
    And if the enemies will fly at us like crows
    They’ll again be repelled by my Fatherland


    In this word is the fountain of strength
    We repeat – Onward, Russia!


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