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12/15/14. Lada Ray Interview with Cat’s Eye on the Future

Part 1: Earth Karma and 3D World of Yin and Yang

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Part 2: Understanding Calibration and Chi; Earth Shifters and Earth Keepers

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Interview with The Plane Truth: Earth Shifters, Feng Shui and Global Predictions

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3/7/14. Lada Ray’s interview with the Plane Truth analysing the events in Ukraine; Russia, US and EU’s roles and aims; Ukraine and Russia’s history and how Ukraine became the artificial entity that it is today. At 40:00 we talk about striking geopolitical similarities between Georgia war/Beijing Olympics and Ukraine coup/Sochi Olympics. In the second part of the interview: Lada’s long-ranging predictions for Ukraine, Russia, US, EU, and more.

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Video call snapshot 78


Author interview by Irish musician/blogger Rohan Healy:

Feng Shui, Fidel Castro and Fascinating Predictions: Interview with Lada Ray

Author interview by author/blogger Jason Sullivan:

The Earth Shifter, New Earth & Alternative Economy: Thought-provoking Interview with Lada Ray

Cool and spunky interview by spiritual and cosmic consciousness blogger/model Maddie Walsh at 1EarthUnited Blog:

Interview with Author Lada Ray

Interview by author/blogger Jason Sullivan

GOLD TRAIN Book Tour Centerpiece: May Day Interview


For more read new page Predictions

Check out Lada Ray’s books that take place in Russia: The Earth Shifter and Gold Train, as well as other cool writes. 

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