Final Results of Lada Ray’s FuturisTrendcast Reader Poll

FuturisTrendcast Reader Poll:

What topics do you want Lada Ray to cover in 2017?

 Poll by   Feb 09-15, 2017                    GRAND TOTAL: 1898 votes

Answer Votes Percent
True history vs. forbidden and falsified history of mankind 125 7%  
More Predictions by Lada Ray 123 7%  
More Geopolitical Analysis by Lada Ray 110 6%  
More about the matrix, consciousness and humanity’s future 108 6%  
More about Vladimir Putin 103 5%  
Do you want me to continue talking about big changes in the EU in 2017-2018? 103 5%  
More about petrodollar and the future of the USA/West 95 5%  
Aliens, ETs, reptilians, dragons 93 5%  
More about Earth Shift and Russia – the Great Balancer theories 90 5%  
Earth Angels, Empaths, Earth Shifters, Earth Keepers (walk-ins, shared consciousness) 85 5%  
Are you interested in more Earth Shift Reports? 85 5%  
Are you interested in learning how to protect yourself from harmful effects of Chemtrails and Geoengineering? 84 4%  
Are you interested in continuing to hear about the situation in Ukraine, as well as post-Soviet space, including Belarus, Moldova and Pridnestrovie? 80 4%  
Lada Ray’s Multidimensional Universe and 3rd Dimension theory 74 4%  
Are you interested in participation in FREE or low cost Live Lada Ray Webinars 72 4%  
More Quantum Calibrations by Lada Ray 70 4%  
Do you want to see more Lada Ray videos on YouTube? 70 4%  
About global relocation and various countries to move to 67 4%  
Are you interested in the upcoming LADA RAY BOOKS 52 3%  
More about Russian culture and how to move to Russia 47 3%  
Other: 42 2%  
Are you interested in purchasing Pre-Recorded Lada Ray Webinars? 41 2%  
Are you interested in participating in future Live Lada Ray Webinars (face time (ft.) with Lada Ray + live Q&A)? 31 2%  
Are you interested in volunteering as part of the focus group for Lada Ray’s upcoming book THE PUTIN ENIGMA 31 2%  
Other Answer Votes
Mexico being attacked by DT. Please about Latinamerica 1
Thank You! 1
money and how to invest. gold and silver too 1
More please! 1
War on Cash 1
Financial sistem reset, Full disclosure of space programs and hidden technologie 1
I’m interessted in all Lada has to say 🙂 , Being foreigner I prefer in writing 1
maybe best places to live usa 1
all subjects are interesting 1
What happens when we die? 1
1) Exoplanetary (Nemesis/Nibiru impact/influence/timing/preparation) 1
half of 2016 6/16 and eclipse solar on February 26, 2017; Maurice Cotterell 1
insights into Trump’s personality and behavior 1
Continued information on what you see for the US 1
Truth about angels, helpers and guides. Or are we just talking to ourselves? 1
love the feng shui, medicine buddha,Lada’s mojo manifestation helps!!! 1
Full Disclosure 1
Climate change and the future 1
Also interested in interdimensional travel and telepathic mind projection techni 1
Flat Earth, Scientism, NASA Lies and the fact that nothing has gone to “space” 1
More about EU leaders and upcoming EU elections 1
shifts in the EU 1
Many crucial events in Ukraine, a problem with Belarus and Lukashenko, plus 1
Ascension 1
The Event: Will it happen soon or in forever? Will TRUTH ever wake up people?? 1
Spell out loud & clear the US role in Ukraine takedown. 1
Interested in knowing about this flat earth, and how the moon is not a reflectio 1
Just want to be able to find where the information is and how much it costs. 1
Dolphins & Whales 1
NO WEBINARS, unless translated — I retain better with the written word 1
Anything about new Russian energy tech, like, Directed Energy systems 1
especially true history,,,I done think this is you but teaching methods to heal 1
Future of Western Europe 1
Society and culture in the future e.g. LBGT, transgenderism 1
You could speak out on the Boer’s stolen country to make more people aware. 1
The situation in Middle East, Turkey and immigration 1
talk about the power of love, i.e. what is the answer? love…. 1
The revaluation of World currencies 1
Dear Lada ray, yours is a unique voice and I appreciate you in the highest way. 1
1 1
Bitcoin, precious metals 1
Europe’s future political events 1


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  1. Percentage-wise it seems like your readers are interested in nearly all your topics, there’s no overwhelming favorite. I’m looking forward to True History exposed, and of course more predictions. Thanks for all you do Lada!

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  2. Quite a full programme for you Lada!! Looking forward to more info from you!! Best regards, Robert

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  3. First one is spot on — especially Russia’s TRUE history in detail, most lied about and maligned history than any other countries’ history. For instance, communism was foisted on Russia with a Bolshevik coupd’état and from that time onward to this day, the west sell the fairy story, that communism originated in Russia!!! — when it was a Bolshevik plot from beginning to end. I stumbled on a site yesterday, which asked:- “Should we punish for justification of Stalin?” — that was the heading and here is the link…..

    I post it here, because after registering commenting and submitting my comment, it went blank … Comments are subjected to moderation, so I returned there today, but it had not been published…. I had mentioned the 1917 Bolshevik takeover and the horrific period which followed– I then thought that perhaps its one of those sites not very enamoured with Putin … but what an interesting question….

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    • You are dead wrong about bolsheviks and what you call ‘communism’. The site you are referring to is just as dead wrong – but theirs is the opposite of your wrong. This is why there is a karmic loop on Earth. Humans will continue spinning in this loop until they stop lying to themselves and each other.

      The truth is completely different from what either you or that site imagine.
      This is why I don’t know if I CAN tell any of you the real truth. It seems most want one lie to be replaced with another.

      I won’t delete your comment, but I will not allow this link.

      I know that most of you have been brainwashed most of your lives with the crap either from MSM or from the so-called alternative media and books, who aren’t any better. I also know you are a good follower and mean well – so I don’t have hard feelings. But I am shaking my head. And unfortunately, I have heard similar things from other readers posting comments on my site.

      How do you all, having never been to Russia, having never been in the USSR, could ever know what the REAL TRUTH is? Because you read it in some book written by someone who either has never been there either, or who had some sort of a grudge? The truth is: you have no idea what you are talking about, but most of you, my dear readers, talk about the USSR in such confident way as if you know.

      How do you think someone like me should feel about it? Do you not understand that this is insulting that a layer of lie on top of another layer of lie is being told about my country, then all that gets covered with another 100 layers of lies? And all these lies get perpetuated in the West. And then all that gets repeated by those who are supposed to be MY FOLLOWERS.

      I’ll have the entire truth about the USSR and how I see the USSR in my book, coming in the end of 2017. My forbidden history theories will also be published in my book – and they will explain everything. I’ll also have a webinar about that.

      I have asked this question before here on FT.

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      • P.S. Getting really sick and tired of hearing crap about my country oozing from all directions in the West! But it seems no matter how much I try to explain and educate, it all falls on deaf ears.

        My own blog is where I draw the line on the lies being spread about Russia. Going forward, I will reinforce my old BLOG RULES I let slip out of respect and consideration for my followers, knowing many of them have been brainwashed throughout their lives.

        I also wonder if my respect and consideration towards others is a one-way street?

        ORIGINAL FT BLOG RULES: 1. if a comment contains an untruth/ lie, whether deliberate or not, it gets deleted with no second glance; 2. external links to be limited to a bare minimum, and only highly reputable ones. I do not guarantee links being published and may ban external links altogether if this privilege gets abused.
        See BLOG RULES on top bar for more.

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      • Dear Lada.

        Unfortunately, these misconceptions and lies are so deep-seated, that people would state them without a second thought, because they would not know what to look out for. I get that all the time in my personal communications with people. Most just repeat what they get from the media and the official history books. Few would even want to listen to the view someone, who’s been and lived there, preferring the comfort of the media-feed, that already formed in their heads. I stopped feeling insulted by such attitude a while back, I now just feel sad during such encounters, yet try to at least show people a direction to follow…

        Alas, this also applies to the generation of Russians, who were through the liberal schooling program of the 90’s-00’s. I am going to write a few articles/translations on that topic.

        Lada, I think the best course of action, is actually to allow such comments (as long as they are questioning or honestly misguided, and not toxic), and to reply to them. That’s the only way get the message over. And often it has to be repeated many times to get across the iron curtain that most have in their minds. Even a short reply of “this is a historic lie” would go a long way.


        I think, I can answer ‘yes’ for all your blog followers. That is also the reason why the true history is at the top of the poll answers.

        But as you say, there are many layers of lies, and one would often not know where or how to start peeling them off. Not allowing such comments, would only mean that people would go on with the same ideas in their heads, without getting an answer.

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        • You are right about the lies absorbed with mother’s milk.
          However, if I am ever to get my biggest and most important messages across to as many people as possible I simply have no physical time to reply to every comment, which will reach may be a few people. Or none.
          To reply properly one has to go into deep explanations, which can only be done as part of a big book, as a Webinar or Earth Shift Report. Otherwise, you will be adding another confusion and unresolved issue on top of a million others for these people. This will result in even more falsified history in the long run.
          Do you understand what I am saying?

          Now, just look back at the poll. You don’t see anything wrong with it? I do – plenty. Too much to explain, and this is why I just published it as is. Perhaps some who are more in tune will figure it out too. And perhaps, some who are in tune, will also now understand why I’ve been so upset since this poll began.
          As just one example:
          HIGHIEST interest in ‘True vs Falsified history,’ but they are highly DISINTERESTED in everything to do with Russia. They are also NOT very interested in my books, including the upcoming book THE PUTIN ENIGMA, which is supposed to explain all this. Same goes for Webinars and even Earth Shift Reports.

          To put it mildly, the topic of falsified history is NOT connected in people’s minds with the actual motherload of the falsified history, that of Russia and USSR. But it gets even worse than that… Not much interest in my most important work and my offerings, you see. But very interested in many topics I propose. Anyone see any contradiction in all this, by any chance?

          If you had to deal with what I am dealing with, you’d understand how I feel.

          But don’t worry, I won’t quit. I’ll keep teaching, revealing, writing and speaking in order to help others see the light.

          However, it will have to be on MY terms, not on anyone else’s.

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          • For a long time all I had to go on was the smoke and mirrors employed by the West to further their satanic agenda. Then Lada stepped into the ring and the fog began to clear. Now it seems that a tangible gauntlet has been thrown-down by Russia, delivered in a speech given at the Munich Conference by Sergei Lavrov. This is the real clear part:

            “Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, we are told that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov “called Saturday for an end to a world order dominated by the West and said Moscow wanted to establish a ‘pragmatic’ relationship with the United States.”

            “This is certainly a devastating blow on New World Order agents like John McCain and the Neoconservatives, who never get tired of drinking other people’s blood in the Middle East and elsewhere. And this is just the beginning:

            “Lavrov said that the time when the West called the shots was over and, dismissing NATO as a relic of the Cold War, added: ‘I hope that (the world) will choose a democratic world order — a post-West one — in which each country is defined by its sovereignty.’ Lavrov said Moscow wanted to build relations with Washington which would be ‘pragmatic with mutual respect and acknowledgement of our responsibility for global stability.’”

            Now the psychopaths have a declared “enemy” for all the world to see. People can choose sides now based on the quality of their souls. To me, this is a sea change in how it’s going to be from now on. As to Lada’s poll, being a simple-minded individual, I didn’t see it as a test. I just had to answer it as it was presented and I enjoy a range of topics and disciplines. But Sergei Lavrov just told us what’s most important and that’s what Lada has always been about. So, first thing first.

            The source for Mr. Lavrov’s comments came from Jonas E. Alexis writing for, or quoted by, Covert Geopolitics.

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            • Every poll is a test, each breath you take in this existence is a test, each comment you post is a test.

              Every time I publish or record something is a test for me, and I am being tested and judged for everything I do every day, every moment of the day.

              Everything is a test, if that’s how you want to put it. And yes, the world always gets divided (bad) and defined (good) by the quality of each person’s soul. The collective consciousness of all these souls together creates the dance of life. Collectively, we all shape up our reality.

              I can do a lot less in helping shape up a better reality when I don’t see eye to eye with my own followers, who are supposed to support me.

              The only thing I have asked so far is that those who tell me how much they love and appreciate me for everything I do would also be on the same page with me, or, if they don’t know something, at least TRUST ME, my work and my judgement.

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              • Wise words. I fail many tests each day but am at least aware of it now…I try to look at life more and more as a test and everything you do matters even if it seems inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. I feel like a life review is waiting for me after I die.

                Also I have given up on other alternative sources as I really only need your input. It is clear that you have a gift that I have not encountered before in anyone else.

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      • Whoa Lada! Jeez my girl, I had searched for Stalin’s history, apropos to what dear Putin said about Russia’s history and Lenin and Stalin’s roles in it.

        Growing up, I knew nothing about Russia’s history but was always curious about it. However, very little was available on South African library shelves and from a small town, even less. In actual fact, enquiring about any book related to Russian history, was actually viewed with suspicion– and one laid oneself open to be labelled a communist. My father told me from an early age not to believe virtually a word of western history we were taught at school, which he said was a fairy story based on a pack of lies, to make the west appear a the saviours of the planet, when in fact, exploitation and global domination was their aim.

        Please take into consideration that the Internet only came to my country in the late ‘Nineties and working full time, I got my first little secondhand computer in late 2000. SA’s bandwidth very limited at the time, internet bundles allowed only for so many megabytes per month, severely limiting surfing.

        Only in 2004 could I really continue my research into climate and earth changes, which included Russia’s and NASA’s Space endeavours and general skewed news about Russia– our reading matter mainly from National Geographic Magazine and Life Magazine– other bits of political news my father’s Danish friend, married to a Russian woman, had throughout the years brought with him when he spent his annual holidays with us. She had come on many visits with him, but he lost her in the late ‘Fifties, I think — I was a kid then, but remember her deep sweetness.

        My father and me had been into this subject since 1980 and when he died in Feb 1991, I continued watching the skies through his old ‘scope. My father had always said, Cayce was right and that Russia would again return a world spinning ever more out of control, to sanity. When the Berlin Wall came down, I began to follow Russian news, due to the situation in South Africa, but again only local news and many things did not add up for me, which is a story for another time. I was very close to my teenage children and enjoyed them to the full, so it was not until it became apparent that George Bush was no friend of Russia’s and had again stabbed Russia in the back, that I began to take interest in Russia’s president, as it was clear to me he wouldn’t take anymore nonsense from the US and the West.

        When I posted my comment above, it was 100% in support of Russia and her people. The site on which I had stumbled, I soon understood was anti-Putin and that’s why I mentioned it to you, as from what I can see, Russia has many enemies within her borders, sympathetic to the western globalist cabal. I never meant to offend you or any readers here. Yet, I apologise for my ignorance and hope you will forgive me.

        Just so you understand where I come from– What bit of Russian history I had managed to find, I’d gleaned from reading Count Spiridovich’s “The Secret Government of the Hidden Hand” and Juri Lina’s film, “In the Shadow of Hermes” — I finally managed to download his e-book “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” because his writings appeared genuine to me. I had read about Russian history on RT, but found it pretty brief- not in depth. Furthermore, I managed only the other day to get most of the chapters of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together” and may I add, that the publisher emphasises that translations from Russian to English, left much to be desired and lots of paragraphs were unworkable translations, as those who committed to translating his work in English, were not professionals and actually did this work free and gratis as time allowed.

        When I’d read Count Spiridovich and watched Juri Lina’ films, the outrage and loathing and disgust to my soul, which filled me at the unspeakable deeds perpetrated against your nation and its peoples, can never be expressed in words. I am not anti-Semitic– I am anti-Marxist and of those who perpetuate his evil ideology. Unfortunately for me, I am not a person of means and therefore has not been able to enlighten myself with books — maybe a blessing in disguise! Still my desire to know Russia’s full and unadulterated true history, has not waned. I generally burn the midnight oil on my PC, to try and stay up to date with Russian news and learning more about Russian history, as throughout the week I work and only over weekends able to catch up a bit more.

        Reading your reply brought me to tears– not for myself, but for you, as it is clear that it is your life’s mission to expose the truth about your beloved Motherland. All over the world people are struggling financially and those like you, dedicated to bring the truth to us, do so at huge personal cost and need support to do so. So whatever material you have to set me on the path of truth I have sought for so long, I would appreciate if you would make the time in your frenetic schedule to point me to such documentation.

        As always from my heart.

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        • In the book I am writing, THE PUTIN ENIGMA, I will definitely present my view of how I see the role of the USSR, as well as Lenin and communism, for mankind. The opposite of what English-speakers usually think is true. You will be able to glean the whole picture there.

          In the past on FT I also had articles about golodomor, WWII/Stalin/Roosevelt/US films about Russia circa WWII, Russian Victory Day, and various aspects of the Russian culture – that will give you more idea of the truth. Go under Category RUSSIA.

          Finally, I plan to publish on YT a few good US documentaries about the USSR circa WWII. All this should give you a good background. Look for my YT future videos and for past articles on FT.

          Re Marx – food for thought for you! You’ve described yourself as the one working hard and struggling financially. Therefore, it never stops amazing me how the working people in (arguably) the West, or at least in English-speaking countries have been swindled and duped. Do you even know that Marx dedicated his whole life to fighting and developing theories to help free – as he thought – poor people around the world from oppression by the rich and to allow them to make enough money to live with dignity? Do you know at all that in the USSR this was almost achieved and proven to the world that life without poverty, without banksters and oligarchs is possible? So, why do you hate all that – you should love it. If you hate Lenin, Marx, USSR you are in fact supporting banksters, petrodollar, colonialism and all that other not very good stuff. As yourself – Is that what you really want?
          I am not even going to go into who liberated the entire world from fascism and colonialism – ask yourself what would the world look like if Russia didn’t step in all the time.

          I’ve made peace with that past situation we had discussed.
          And I’ve no slightest idea who are those sources you’ve mentioned. Still, it’s amazing to me how well the propaganda machine works and how easy it is to brainwash people.

          This is not to say that Marx was right, or that he wasn’t compromised by MI5/UK – there is a strong suspicion he was. But his ideas were in fact a sign of times, regardless of who used them to advance their anti-Russian agenda.

          Much more in The Putin Enigma.

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          • Thank your very much for your reply– greatly appreciated. I did not so much grow up in the western world, as that my country was influenced by it– as were most countries around the world– by global colonial imperialism. I look forward to The Putin Enigma. God Bless.

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    • Hi kznwatch,

      I hesitate to wonder into this discussion as my own history education is pretty lacking, but I will tell you my current understanding after reading Lada’s blog. I believe there are Western groups that either look for violent people or train them to be violent and send them out to participate in violent events. These violent individuals and groups often call themselves ‘communist’ or ‘leftist’ with the purpose of smearing Eastern philosophy, collectivism, true communism, China, Russia etc. in people’s minds. The West also tries to undermine all of these things or countries directly. I would guess the purpose of this tactic is to keep in place the extreme form of capitalism and power that benefits a small number of people in the West.

      If you want more information about the Stalin era I would recommend an article called ‘The Real Truth about USSR: Golodomor and Collectivization in Ukraine’ written by Lada back in 2014. It discusses and explains a lot of what happened during golodomor (holodomor).

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      • Thanks so much, Brenda. I appreciate very much your balanced and reasonable view.


      • Thank you– I think you are right– across the world these people have their dirty fingers in all the pies– ordinary people working for their corporations none the wiser … do not know what happens in shareholders’ meetings … Ja, a few only definitely virtually owns the planet and Soros and his OpenSocietyFoundation is their most powerful regime change, murder and mayhem asset!


  4. There are indeed a lot of interesting and important topics to cover. Let us just remember that Lada is only one human with the limited time, so we should not expect “everything, at once, and in depth” 😉

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  5. Kauilapele in his blog today says “THE SHIFT HAS HIT THE FAN, BABY!! If this is true, I would expect you to feel it too, and this should be of considerable assistance to you in your work. Yes,no?
    As Jesus said to his followers (in the Bible) “You can expect the same treatment I received”
    But we all love you.

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  6. Hi Lada,

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to vote in your poll and give you an idea of what we’d like to know more about. 😀

    1) Yes, I was quite intrigued a while back (perhaps on an ESR, can’t remember) when you said the real history of the world is far different to what we read now. I think you also said on that ESR that most “elections” are rigged. That would make sense. Most people in power want to be at the top because they are *power hungry* and will lie and cheat. Often good people by nature are not *power hungry* and do not seek to boss people around so won’t be in positions of power.

    2) I think a few years ago you said that in 2017 Greece may dump the Euro, well there’s been a recent article on how Greece may even opt for the dollar (everyone can Google for this!).

    3) Europe is moving more to the right as you predicted and so is the West in general.

    – Shaf

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    • Thanks, Shaf. Big Shift in EU is coming 2017-18. Yes, Greece did threaten to adopt the USD. Interesting, right? This confirms the relative attractiveness of the dollar, compared to other currencies.
      Again goes with my prediction from our February Trump Webinar that USD will not collapse yet – got 2-3 years to go, and then some slow changes. Total opposite of what the ‘gurus’ have been predicting!

      Incidentally, for all my serious people, I am preparing a BIG live webinar on the timeline and complete predictions on the West/US/EU collapse and USD/Euro currencies’ future. We’ll cover what we can in one webinar. If not enough time – I’ll do more webinars on this important topic.

      This event is expected in May or June. More details to follow.

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  7. Hi Lada,
    I was really happy to see the list of topics you were thinking of covering in 2017 because I am really interested in all of them. When I filled out the poll I thought it wouldn’t be useful if I just checked every topic so I checked off many of the new topics thinking you would probably continue to write articles on your usual topics of geopolitics, Russian culture etc. anyway. Actually one of my favorite posts of yours from last year was the post on Soviet era movies right before the holidays so I am very interested in Russian culture, but I’m sorry to say that I don’t think I checked it on the poll. It would be like if a good friend usually feeds me really delicious gourmet food when I visit, but then one time when I visit the friend asks if I would like gourmet food, some cake or both. Since I don’t want to sound greedy I would probably just ask for cake since I have not had the cake before. But honestly I really want both the cake and the gourmet food and am just hoping the friend will serve both. Sorry to be greedy. Please just write about whatever pleases you at the moment and I will be happy with that.

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  8. No problem Lada, you’re welcome. 🙂 I really enjoy your webinairs, ESRs and appreciate all the hard work you put in!! 😀

    1) I was told if the US dollar goes down then the whole world goes in to an economic crisis maybe even on the scale of the 1929 crisis.

    2) If Trump leaves office before the end of his tenure, then who will replace him, Pence? Hillary already seems to want to replace him if somehow she can call his elections invalid and there’s reports she may run for office in 2020.

    Hillary is a war-hawk and very anti-Russian/Russophobic, I just hope that the Trumpist faction stays in power after Trump himself leaves.

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    • Fortunately for the “civilized” world, Hillary’s health (as determined by her soul contract) will continue to deteriorate since she cannot feed on external (false) political power anymore. She will not be a factor in 2020 or anytime thereafter.
      The next US president will depend upon how well trump drains the swamp. To paraphrase Lada – we all deserve our “presidents”.


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