Doggie-gate! Putin gets new puppy from Turkmenistan. Watch what happens!

I just thought this short video demonstrated the true character of the men in it. Putin is presented with a gift of a rare breed of dogs from Turkmenistan. Watch how Turkmenistan president handles the poor puppy by the scruff of his neck, showcasing him to cameras like a trophy.

Then watch as Putin rushes to ‘save’ the puppy from an impending strangulation. Watch how Putin takes the puppy gently from the Turkmenistan president, hugs him, and gives him a kiss, before gently setting him down. For Putin, dogs are not trophies, but friends.

Putin’s new puppy’s name is Verniy, which translates as ‘Faithful.’ It is said that this breed of dogs grows very large and makes especially faithful companions.

To be sure, Turkmenistan president meant well, and this gift is clearly a sign of special closeness and benevolence. Putin continues making huge strides in both Middle East and Central Asia. More on that in upcoming articles!

Just couldn’t resist posting this for desert! Meanwhile the anti-Putin / anti-Russia hysteria in the US continues, taking on the most bizzarre forms…

Presenting Doggie-gate: Putin Manipulates American Pet Lovers – according to NY Times. LOL:

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  1. Heartwarming! ❤

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  2. badparentingweb

    That’s a hilarious video. As terrifying as V.P. is, he can still kiss an adorable little puppy on the head in front of a group of grown men and on national television. Hmmm… maybe this was just planned to humanize him a bit. Either way, a nice break from the rest of reality, which is doing it’s best to force me to drink… all of the time.

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    • I can’t say what I want to say about this post except to note that VV doesn’t need any PR to help “humanize” him as he already has his humanity operating at a higher level than a lot of us will ever hope to achieve. Watch that booze, it will kill what’s left of you.

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      • Your post was so cryptic that I can’t tell if it was an insult or not. Should I be offended? Just curious. Not worked up or anything.

        To clarify: are you defending Putin? Do you mean “humanity” in a good way, or a negative way. I’ve always understood him to be a cold-blooded killer, so I thought he could use a little humanizing (beyond shirtless photos on horseback).


        • badparentingweb

          I guess I should have said “I’ve always been led to believe that he is a…”, rather than “I’ve always understood him to be a….” No offense was intended to anyone on this blog post, it’s just a perception a lot of folks have in America. I say this as a liberal (more or less) who does not subscribe to conspiracy theories.


          • Totally understandable, for some inexplicable reason Liberals in this country are programmed to hate Russia. I doubt you have ever done any independent research about President Putin, Russia/ history, and just consume whatever the media tells you.

            No offense, but you are known in the political world as a pablum puker, simply regurgitating whatever MSM spews. You do realize that most US news stories are lies, esp about anything Russian.

            Ironically the real conspiracy is the West trying to destroy Russia by any means necessary. US can’t do it militarily, so russophobic propaganda and negative infowar campaign bashing Putin is de rigueur.

            I highly recommend a balanced perspective… are you not an animal lover?

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          • I think your soul is crying out for help, dear. Instead of listening to the cries of your soul, you are drowning her voice out in booze. And this is why you are so confused.

            Sad to say you have just about everything in the world backwards, but then as you said, so do ‘a lot of folks in America,’ who are drunk on US propaganda and on that other stuff you partake.

            Here on FuturisTrendcast we reveal and discuss THE TRUTH, beyond any agenda, be it liberal, conservative or any such crap.
            Want to truly learn? Stick around — who knows, it might clear your mind, if it’s not too late.
            BTW, here on FT we do have some very intelligent and awake Americans, Europeans, Canadians, Australians, Asians, Africans and Latin Americans. You might learn something from them.

            Or don’t and don’t.

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            • Thank you Lada Ray for saying it so well.Popped in today to check out your forum discussion and glad I did.Another puppy for Vladimir .He does love them so and it shows his humanity in beautiful colors.
              Cheers to all .

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            • badparentingweb

              I appreciate the thoughtful response, it need to say that the remark about the bottle was merely a figure of speech. My wide is pregnant and I am staying sober. Anyway… I’ll keep reading.

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              • Most excellent that you are staying sober for your wife and child. I have just gotten of maryjane from years of abuse and going through psychosis 5-6 times. Now Im going back 2 study so I can get of the free corn (government benefits but who benefits?) Thats what you use to catch wild pigs. Put out corn for a day the pigs see it are apprehensive til they are used to it and they eat it then the next day you put up a fence side repeat til you have a gate and then slam the gate shut. They whine about it for a while then they go back and eat the free corn.

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        • badparentingweb said: ‘I’ve always understood him to be a cold-blooded killer’

          Have to ask: who did Putin cold-bloodedly kill? Solid proof please. Otherwise it sounds like defamation of character, libel and slander — in other words, everything US is so famous for in regards to Russia and Russians.

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  3. President Putin does not mind keeping his coat full of dog hair even on an official visit. He loves dogs and we can see it. And it’s not the first time he does this. It’s just lovely!

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  4. Its magical hu(e)mans like Putin that bring out the magic in humans.

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  5. It was tanya markul of (warning: she has sassy wisdom!) who came up with that quote. I just added hueman to it.


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    Heartwarming that President Putin is an animal lover, mark of a great leader! ❤

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  7. Hi Lada,

    Though this is not related to the thread, I wanted to say your predictions about the impending collapse of Hollywood are quite interesting, especially since you made them before the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal.

    Hollyweird will get the tag of a sleazy place where actresses have sex to get roles in other words they are high-class prostitutes, this lessens respect for these actresses/actors and probably affects ticket sales.
    Weinstein was so powerful that he was even called “God” in one notorious Oscar speech by the supposedly ever-so squeaky clean, sanctimonious “Liberal”, Meryl Streep.
    It also affects the Democratic establishment which Weinstein was either a part of or closely connected to. Since Trump has got in to power, apparently thousands of arrests have been made related to paedophile networks.

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  8. Thanks Lada,

    I hope you don’t mind me carrying on with this, as this is the biggest news in the US (I live in London though) it seems at the moment, the Weinstein scandal that is.

    Entertainment serves an important function in being able to sedate, pacify, please the masses et la the “bread and circuses” phrase of the Romans.

    For many people, the 9-5 humdrum of modern existence would be unbearable without things such as TV and films. These alleviate some of the pain or boredom of modern life with an outlet for escapism and relief. Hollywood is in effect in some ways the de facto entertainment ministry of the American Reich. Though not officially part of the government, we all know here (the types of readers that frequent your blog who are far more well-informed and less indoctrinated with the MSM [mainstream media] narrative) that it is – even if you use “mainstream sources – closely interwoven with the power structures in the US.

    Even with a somewhat strong film and TV industry, parts of the US have a huge drugs problem, with the entertainment industry not able to provide the sort of emotional relief some seek.

    Hollyweird, arguably the American Reich’s unofficial ministry of entertainment has huge soft power in that even during the cold war people in Romania for example would see episodes of Dallas and believe that the capitalist US was the land of milk and honey with the wealth evident in that program. Even in Hollywood movies people see large semi-detached houses, big gardens with green lawns, luxurious kitchens adorned with all the most expensive mod cons. For a lot of people in the west these things are so irrelevant that they do not even register, but for many in the “3rd world”, it represents the Utopian west they aspire to either live in or emulate. In short it shows the success of the west/US and makes others want to be like them.

    3.Even in the west including the US, many people idolized and revered these actors. Buying their books, buying posters of them, some wearing clothes like them etc.There are even incidents when people committed suicide when a pop group disbanded. Now this quasi-religion of Hollywood with its pantheon of deities is now being tarnished and crumbling this is something very significant.

    The related music industry (some Hollyweird actors were originally singers and then did acting e.g. Will Smith, Madonna etc) is now also being exposed with a Pussycat Doll singer revealing they were essentially a more group of prostitutes rather than singers who had to sleep with those who were they were commanded to, bordering on a form of slavery. This led to the suicide of one.

    Outside of the MSM, many people in the US know about the corrupt nature of Hollyweird anyway and talk of the “Illuminati” or awareness of belief in this theory is so prevalent that even MSM reference it.

    I believe that the collective emotional energy generated by mass awareness of this, even if it’s e.g. only 20% of the US (60 million) population in the form of disgust, revulsion, a “prayer” (be it an internal plea to the divine for justice) may be so strong that this could be the main reason why Hollyweird and other US entertainment industries are collapsing.

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