Hello, EDITED BRIGHT Lada Sau lgeMy name is Lada Ray. I am a linguist, financial consultant, Feng Shui Master, shaman, futurist and author of several books. You may know me from my popular blog LadaRay.wordpress.com or from my books: Amazon bestselling thriller Gold Train (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) and the top-rated metaphysical thriller  The Earth Shifter, set in Moscow, Lake Baikal, NYC, and mystical realms of Heaven and Earth.

I am thrilled to introduce my exciting new project, Futurist Trendcast!  I designed this blog for all those who are interested in understanding our past, present and future – beyond the obvious.  My written posts will be featured here, on Futuristrendcast.wordpress.com and very soon, my video posts will be posted on Lada Ray channel on Youtube.

I’ve been making successful and accurate predictions about politics, economy and investments since the early 2000s, and Video call snapshot 78 it’s time to share them with my fellow citizens of planet Earth. These are just some of my predictions: the real estate crash, gold/silver boom, George Bush re-election in 2004, both elections of Obama, re-election of Vladimir Putin in Russia in 2012 with the exact percentage of votes he’d received, Nicolas Sarkozy’s loss and Francois Hollande’s win in the French elections 2012. You can check my various predictions at LadaRay.wordpress.com.

A word about me: I was born in Russia to a Russian father and Ukrainian mother, and grew up in Odessa, presently Ukraine. Growing up, I observed the collapse of the Soviet Union. I also lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents, including Cuba, where I interviewed Fidel Castro. By the ripe age of 38, I managed to have 3 successful careers on 3 different continents, first as a linguist and translator, and second as financial consultant with AIG and Smith Barney/Citigroup. I witnessed first hand behind the scenes manipulations at these major financial institutions; I observed how small clients were sacrificed to the interests of large institutional clients, and how derivatives became the buzz word. At some point, I couldn’t stand it any more and quit, and although I felt sorry to leave my clients, I needed to do things that were in line with my spiritual growth and soul development.


I went to Asia, where I studied Feng Shui, becoming one of the first Internationally Certified Western Feng Shui Masters with successful global practice. I was privileged to study various spiritual and metaphysical disciplines, including evolution of consciousness, kinesiology, Zen/Buddhism, face & aura reading, Chinese & Western astrology, and shamanism, with some of the world’s most prominent teachers & visionaries. I also found out that I was a highly developed empath and intellect shifter, and on top of that, that I possessed a gift of clairvoyance/claircognizance. Coupled with my creative, analytical and observant nature, as well as my background, all these gifts allowed me to make predictions, which usually came true.

My books include THE EARTH SHIFTER – latest release, this is a spectacular cosmic fantasy thriller, including a world conspiracy, Russian oligarchs, secret agencies,  a NWO secret society, psychic spies, shifters, different realms of existence, and so much more! Both ebook an paperback are now available on Amazon and BN, as well as ebook  at Sony, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords. I also write a companion new series, EARTH KEEPERS CHRONICLES – book 1, Catharsis (Legend of the Lemurians is now available). In addition, I write mystery/thrillers, most notably GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). An Amazon/Kindle bestseller, it is a rip-roaring thrill ride across Russia, which is based on true historic events. It’s about the disappearance of the entire Gold Reserve of the Russian Empire during the 1918 civil war and the present day conspiracy to start a new civil war, while shifting the global balance of power. More about my books.

In addition to writing and public speaking, I also intend to expand on my predictions, sharing them with the public, and that’s why I’m starting this new blog and expanding my YouTube channel. If you check my 2012 predictions at LadaRay.wordpress.com, you’ll notice that they’ve all come true. Moreover, I want to emphasize that while we live in crucial times, the times when anything old, outmoded and rotten is being destroyed and the shoots of the new start coming up everywhere, when anything that’s not anchored or solidly built is swept away by the hurricane of change, I’m not given to fear mongering, unlike some others. My predictions and analysis are for those who want to know, and for those who want to see – the truth exactly as it is. They are to help my fellow earthlings to orient themselves better in the sea of change and to prepare accordingly. Strange and quickly changing times are upon us, but as always, every cloud has its silver lining, if you know where to look.
LADA 2In conclusion, all this information is being made available for free, so support my blog and Lada Ray Youtube channel by subscribing, liking and commenting! To understand my message deeper, you may consider reading my books. More about my books here.

Thank you for your support!

Lada Ray

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  1. You are special. Thank you for sharing with us.

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  2. Dear Lada,

    maybe you don’t know, you bear the name of one of the greatest mediums the world has ever seen.
    When I ran across your wonderful blog I thought you were the same person, and as she used to help people find where their life and spirit came from, you can imagine my amazement in discovering you make predictions about future events yourself !
    That is definitely something you have in common, perhaps you should make up a team and work together ! 

    Browsing through the blog I found lots of interesting things that could concern me as well.
    You are the creative equivalent of six people !
    How do you manage to talk about such a number of topics ??
    And by the way, have you ever taken in consideration making a prognosis about the future of Italy ?

    Perhaps Russia has something to teach to our hopeless politicians (I’m not joking): here people have started to kill themselves because they can’t get to the end of the month with their money !
    “There is no dignity without work” they say, and while poverty spreads over in streets our “ruling class” has still money to burn to buy war-items like helicopters and fighters from India !
    That, remembering of course that war is against our constitutional principles, even if hidden under the name of “peace mission”.

    If I had to guess, I’d say Italy will collapse much before the end of this planet !

    Moving to less disheartening topics, I took a cursory look at the section of music…
    Have you ever listened to any song by Enya (Eithne Ní Bhraonáin) ?
    I think her kind of music might be so inspiring for a writer like you, and it is often about travelling by train or it describes nature…

    You may want to have a look at this link (this is a song called “Wild Child”):

    Lots of luck with your books !


    P.S.: Apologies for possible oddities in my message ! I’m no native speaker !

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    • Hello, Mildir. Thank you for your wonderful message. I didn’t know I shared my name with a famous psychic, but I am flattered. I also share my name with the ancient Russian goddess of harmony, prosperity and smooth sailing – Lada. Actually, the English word “lady” is the derivative of the ancient Russian “Lada.” So, when people call me Lady Ray, it’s not too far off.

      I will be doing a documentary series on the real history and roots of the Russian civilization soon, and I’ll talk more about these fascinating things.
      I am familiar with Enya, and thank you for including her video. Perhaps I should listen more to her songs. 🙂

      Italy: I have very warm memories from my long stay in Italy and I love Italian people. My sister also lived in Italy for years. I will tell you briefly that I see a lot of hard and confusing times ahead for at least 8 years, possibly longer. Sorry about that. It will happen gradually.
      The way for Italy to end this stalemate is to either exit EU and join Eurasian Union with Russia, or for the entire EU to decouple from the US and re-orient themselves to Russia, Eurasian Union and Asia. Both are very difficult, nearly impossible things to do at this point, as US and global elites won’t allow it. There is lots more I could say. I may do a separate article on that as Italy is a very telling example.

      On a brighter note, as mentioned before, I am planning a series on the suppressed real Russian history. Part of it the Russian connection to Italy. I think Italians always had a warm place in their hearts towards Russia, and Russians always loved Italy, because they are more connected then they consciously realize.
      More to come.

      Take care.

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      • “Part of it the Russian connection to Italy. I think Italians always had a warm place in their hearts towards Russia, and Russians always loved Italy, because they are more connected then they consciously realize.” you wrote.

        Sorry, I should have replied to this earlier – it may be too late now. But, I too would be interested in learning of any Russian/Italian connection. Because my mother is Italian, born in Rome. 🙂

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  3. Lady Ray :)…

    Your comment about the entire EU leaving the west and joining with Mother Russia is exactly what is going to happen… after much time and travail… but I can ‘see’ it. Looking forward to everything you have to say. You are a bright light in a dark place.

    New Mexico High Desert

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  4. Dear Lada Ray

    You are very much on the same prediction line as I am. May be we are soul twins. I do not know your source, but I think I feel it. My source is the cosmic mind, which I prefer to call ‘the flow’.
    Because my consciousness are within the ‘stream’ of the flow and I am aware of it, events makes effect, when I focus on them. So I am carefull ( like Putin ), where I direct my thoughts. To write books, as you do, would tip the world, so, that is not the right way to act the life by me. It has happen to other acters before in the flow. “Do not turn the helm when the boat knows the way”.

    The flow is like the sea and have just taken a new direction, and are about to build op the next wave, while the old wave are stranded on the cost – figuratively said. This means, we are just beginning a new move threw the sea.
    I find signs of this accumulation in peoples growing awareness about the world situation, and to make help view it I make a matrix of the starting 3 years. May be you can get use of it too? Here is the link and the matrix
    day sub mast dd/mm/year
    0 21/12/2012
    37 37 27/01/2013
    74 74 5/03/2013
    111 111 11/04/2013
    148 148 18/05/2013
    185 185 24/06/2013
    222 222 31/07/2013
    259 259 6/09/2013
    296 296 13/10/2013
    333 333 19/11/2013
    370 370 26/12/2013
    407 407 1/02/2014
    444 444 10/03/2014
    481 481 16/04/2014
    518 518 23/05/2014
    555 555 29/06/2014
    592 592 5/08/2014
    629 629 11/09/2014
    666 666 18/10/2014
    703 703 24/11/2014
    740 740 31/12/2014
    777 777 6/02/2015
    814 814 15/03/2015
    851 851 21/04/2015
    888 888 28/05/2015
    925 925 4/07/2015
    962 962 10/08/2015
    999 999 16/09/2015
    1036 1036 23/10/2015
    1073 1073 29/11/2015
    1111 5/01/2016

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  5. Lada is a Ray of Light and Truth in the Kingdom of darkness and lies! )))

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  6. fascinating blog and you are a very interesting blogger. #blogaces indeed. Will thank Sally for the tweet grouping.

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  7. Hi Lada, I see you have loyal readers who have trouble subscribing to your blog and receiving blog post notifications. I find the easiest way is to click “Follow” on the top WP bar, IF you are logged on! Then you can “Like” and leave comments if you wish. Be sure to check the little box below your comment – “Notify me of new comments via email”. That also ensures that you will receive future post notices.
    If you haven’t done so already, just leave your e-mail via subscription on the widget bar at the top left corner. It will confirm if you are actively following this blog or not.
    If you need further instructions to subscribe, just google this topic, it’s easy!
    Keep up the great work Lada, and keep shining your light on the truth. 🙂

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  8. I find your work truly amazing, very informative and inspiring. I’m also intrigued by your many
    metaphysical disciplines. Could you recommend places or books that would help me develop metaphysically.

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    • Thank you very much Cindy. So nice of you. 🙂
      Metaphysics is an enormous and diverse subject and people’s interests differ. It’s hard to recommend something for everyone. You can try Wayne Dyer and perhaps Doreen Virtue as a start. I am sure you’ll find more you like as you go.

      Incidentally, this may interest you. I am starting a new series of videos on Lada Ray Live YouTube channel. I will be covering a wide range of cutting edge New Thought / consciousness / spirituality subjects as elements of my EARTH SHIFT system. I will also be talking about many best teachers/teachings of metaphysics within these videos. You may want to subscribe to my channel to keep up with the new vids as they come out. Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/LadaRay

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  9. Hi,nice web site! 🙂

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  10. Hello! I just stumbled onto your website as I was researching more about the Russian Altyn. I am fascinated by your background and am looking forward to reading your books soon. After going through your blogs etc., I would be curious to hear your thoughts on Switzerland. Many years ago they removed themselves from the gold standard. Many people didn’t realize the significance of that. More recently the SNB have announced that they will no longer be pegged to the Euro. Perhaps you could shed some light on the subject?

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