Forbidden History: Are Scandinavians Slavs?

I found this question by a follower to be very interesting and decided to respond in detail.

Avimun 4h

“Thank you for the answer about impatience. I have another vital question, that you maybe prefer to write/explain about in a separate article. Are Russian culture associated with Scandinavian culture? All Scandinavians originate from Finland. Now I read that Scandinavians are Slavs on this link

#A small Slavic state was organized in 820 A.D. on the south shore of the Gulf of Finland where it flows into the Baltic Sea. This small state was organized by a small group of Varangians from the Scandinavian peninsula on the opposite shore of the Baltic Sea. The native population of this newly formed state consisted of nomad Slavs who had made their home in this area from earliest recorded history.# Has this relation effect in today situation?”

Lada’s response:

Yes, Scandinavians are Slavs or Rus, if you prefer, and have a very ancient history together with the rest of the Slavs. Another technical term for this ancient culture is Slavyano-Arians, Russia being the most prominent and best-preserved representative of this massive culture.

The ‘Varangians’ are called Varyags in Russian. They are basically nomadic Baltic Slavs. Everyone in Russia knows this old song: “Vragu ne sdaetsia nash slavny Varyag”: “Our slavny (glorious) Varyag doesn’t surrender.”

The history of Slavs (and Scandinavians) is certainly much longer than a mere 1000 years. The official Russian calendar was westernized by Peter I (the Great) in 1700. While I believe that Peter did do some useful things during his reign, the calendar conversion was probably a huge mistake. The calendar change was supposed to create a better environment for easier trade and integration with Europe. In retrospect, I don’t know if this was such a good idea. Again, Russia had to play out her karmic role of the Global Balancer, and perhaps that was part of it (see Predictions for more). However in the final analysis, it created a massive identity confusion that perpetuated for over three centuries, stole at least 5,000 plus years of Russian, and generally Slavic, history, and created fertile ground for the massive re-write and falsification of the global history. Without that event, the history of the 20th century and today’s world may have looked very differently.

Before this happened, there was a very different Russian calendar, presently used only by the Starovery (old believers) and preserved on monuments and ancient churches in Russia and other Slavic countries, such as Serbia. According to this calendar, today would be the year 7,522 from the ‘creation of the peace treaty signed in the Star Temple with the Dragon,’ meaning with China. Obviously there was also plenty of history before that event.

Therefore, world history was falsified to such a degree that white has been turned black and vice versa.

In fact, most of the population of Europe was Slavic/Rus. If you look at the Scandinavians and Russians, you’ll see how similar they usually look (light skin, hair and eyes, similar body type – oftentimes tall, broad-shouldered, muscular males, and tall females with pretty features).

But at one point, starting about 1000 years ago, and even more so as of the 17th century, Europe splintered into many small states. The reason was that local lords of those days wanted to assert their independence based on their own lust for power. The Vatican and religion played a very prominent role in this struggle for power as well. The further from the center was the location, the more likely it was to splinter off.

This same thing is happening in today’s Ukraine: denying their common origin with Russians and attempting to invent the ancient Ukrs from whom they supposedly descended, saying that Ukrainian language is unrelated to Russian, while actually speaking Russian. Some of the Ukrainian pearls: Adam and Eve were ancient Ukrs; Jesus was Ukrainian, etc.

To assert their local power Ukraine oligarchs and politicians needed to create a history that was very different from the common history with Russia. Something similar happened in Europe 1000-300 years ago, albeit on a much grander scale. This also concerns Italy and Germany, as well as many other countries.

Linguistics, archeology, mathematics, as well as genetics, are those sciences that can reveal the truth no matter how much it’s been hidden. Among many other things, I am a linguist as you may know; therefore, I use the wonderful science of linguistics to reveal the truth.

Since I was a child I put the 2 and 2 together such as: Scandinavian god of all (in other words, the One) is called Odin. I bet no Scandinavian knows the real origin of this word. The reason is simple – the moment it has to be admitted that it’s a Russian word, you have too many unpleasant questions to answer.

In fact: ‘odin’ means ‘one’ in Russian.

Another interesting bit. Everyone knows the word Azgard, thanks to the beautiful film “Thor.”


Chris Hemsworth as Thor

rus bogatyr

Russian Vityaz – Bogatyr (mystical strongman, warrior, protector).

rus bogatyr 2

The legendary medieval Russian Bogatyr & protector Ilya Murometz (a real historic figure, often depicted with his companion protectors: Dobrynia Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich)

The chosen Bogatyrs (the enlightened warrior-protectors) and their highest level, called Vityaz’s, were real warriors charged with protecting Rus (Russia) – their Motherland. They were said to possess immense mystical powers that terrified the enemy, allowing a few of them to successfully deflect the overwhelming attacks of many.

And this is a link to the old Russian fairytale film Sadko (with English subs). Check out what Sadko looks like at 2:50. (Film adaptation of the Russian Opera, “Sadko”, by Rimsky-Korsakov, based on Russian folklore. A beautiful recreation of the medieval city, the Holy Novgorod.)

Azgard is a Scandinavian word, right? If it is, can you dissect this word to show how it was created? If you know ANCIENT RUSSIAN, you can. Azgard means ‘I guard’ in ancient Russian. Another way of saying this is ‘The One Guard,’ (which later became ‘vanguard’) or ‘The One Community (city).’ ‘Az’ means ‘I’ in ancient Russian. It is also the first letter of the ancient Russian alphabet. Therefore, the god Odin – the One, is also Az – first letter. ‘Gard’ means ‘guard’ but it’s a later meaning. The original Slavyano-Arian mother language meaning of this word was much more all-encompassing and signified ‘living together, unified on Mother Earth.’

Another word known to some: ‘Midgard’ was the original name given by Slavs to their Mother Earth eons ago, when they first arrived to Earth. Midgard = Mother Earth.

Remember Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings? He talks about defending ‘the Middle Earth.’ This in fact is a direct translation of ‘Midgard.’ Tolkien was a linguist and very good at history. This information was hidden from the masses but apparently available to those who knew where to look. Remember ‘The White City’ from Lord of the Rings so beautifully depicted in the movie? The White City is written from Moscow and Novgorod. Take a look again at the beginning of the film Sadko above. The ancient Novgorod is on it – here is your ‘White City.’

Everyone in Russia knows another name for Moscow: ‘Belokamennaya’ (Rus transliteration), which means ‘The White Stone City.’ Any more questions?

What is ‘Prussia’? A part of Germany? In fact it’s ‘Po-Russia’ or ‘Pole-Russia.’ Meaning ‘flat Russia,’ ‘Russia in the fields.’

Scandinavian Runes: in Russian ‘rune’ is ‘runa.’ Compare these words: Ru-na – Ru-s. Runa is composed of Ru + una. Una means undivided, or again ‘one.’ The English word ‘one,’ Spanish/Latin ‘uno’ etc., etc.

Russian word for ‘she’ is ‘ona.’ Compare ‘ona’ and ‘una.’

In English ‘ona’ – she (for female) and ‘on’ – he (for male) becomes ‘one.’

People of many parts of Europe spoke the same language, or very similar dialects. Basically, they spoke ancient Russian. As differences, barriers, power lust and greed grew, language differences grew as well. It was necessary to divide people so they would forget their brotherly ties, so they would think they were different. Differences breed distrust and suspicion in un-evolved humans; and it’s so much easier to rule and manipulate those who are divided.


**1/14/23 Attention: this is what has been happening in Ukraine between 1991 and 2022, progressively getting worse!


It is a replay of the old divide and conquer of the 2nd dimension-low 3rd dimension consciousness! But this time is different! The new, higher-energy, higher-dimension forces are rising, to help usher in the new era for humanity through the 2000-year EARTH SHIFT! This time, the old will be purged and new truth will emerge!


Russian scientists believe that plague and scurvy that overtook Europe in medieval times, but didn’t touch Russia, caused languages to separate completely. People who had suffered from these illnesses lost teeth, had bleeding gums, swollen tongues, and all that affected greatly their ability to speak.

It has to be noted that Germanic languages spoken in parts of Scandinavia, Germany and most of the northern Europe are a part of what we call the Indo-European family of languages. English is also a Germanic language. Slavic languages are classified as one of the Indo-European groups as well. However, Finnish language spoken in Finland belongs to the different Finno-Ugric family of languages. This is the traditional classification. However, the time will come when old classifications will be thrown out as people re-discover their true history. At that point the old brotherly ties between those people who had been artificially separated, will re-emerge. It won’t happen tomorrow, but it will happen.

By the way, all the above explains best the un-dying animosity towards Russia by the West. The powers that be either know the true history and are afraid it will come out, or they feel it subconsciously. Certainly the Vatican has enough documents hidden – they were some of the main instigators of the massive re-writing of history in the 17th century.

The pathological fear of Russia is also well-explained by the above theory.

Generally, we are all sitting on false history. Going back to what I said before, until humans learn their true history, until we make peace with the past, we cannot move into the future. This is one of the main reasons we are stuck. But people in the West stubbornly refuse to open their minds, preferring to hold on to the old image of their enemy. The enemy meanwhile, is their own prejudices and fears, as well as all those who manipulate them.

Russian scientists have made some very profound discoveries that are pretty mind-boggling. I have lots more material about that. To be honest, I’ve been hesitant to talk as this is a very convoluted and controversial story. I can see certain people not taking it the right way. But if enough of my readers are truly interested, I will put together a report. I need to know if there is enough interest to warrant my work, so please leave comments if you want to hear more!




There seem to be a lot of guesses and interpretations floating around in regards to the etymology of the words Bogatyr and Vityaz, most of them entirely incorrect. I get regularly asked by my followers to explain the real origin and underlying meaning of these talking words, which happen to reflect directly the true nature of those who were awarded these honorable ancient designations.

Here’s where you can find the RIGHT info and unique forbidden history:


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  1. Lada,

    I would definitely like to hear more about the profound
    discoveries of Russian scientists.

    Jai Gurudev,

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  2. Finnish, Estonian and Hungarian are Ugrofinian nation as well as Laponian who lives in north Norway and Sweden. Slavs live in Poland, Slovakia, Russia, all Balkan accept Greece, etc. So looks like we don’t have same pedigree tree, I reckon. We will probably never know for sure who we are and from where.

    Kind regard from Slovenia… Vilko


    • You are basing your comment on the language classification, which by the way I mentioned in the article. You cannot assume people are genetically different based on language difference – language flip-flops happened all the time in history. Genetic haplogroups help to determine the real roots better, although it’s also not 100%.

      By the way, we already know where we are from, it’s just most humans don’t know how to listen…

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  3. yes, they are Slavs! I am publishing here this article by my late Slovenian friend Dr. Josko Savli, who passed away a couple of years ago and did an extensive research on Slavic origins in Europe. I have translated some of his studies, such as this one:

    WENDS IN SCANDINAVIA – by Dr. Josko Savli

    “Franz Jeza, the writer and journalist, introduced on Radio Trieste in 1967 a book he had published, establishing the history of Scandinavian Slovenes. These Slovenians/Wends were supposed to have originated in Scandinavia at the beginning of the Middle Ages with the name of Vandals. To substantiate his theory, “The Slavic origins in Scandinavia”, he based his arguments on numerous examples in of ethnology and vocabulary, which are common to Swedes and Slovenes.

    There was no reasonable critique put forward about Franz Jeza conclusions, but a lot of mockery and ridicule from so some called professionals, who rushed to condemn it as a misinterpretation. Nonetheless the above-mentioned writer was the very first person that had looked into the origins of the Slovenians beyond the frames of Southern Slavs. And that, for those times, was more then courageous.

    The theory of Slovenian origins in Scandinavia, on the basis of comparisons of culture and language of Slovenians and Swedes, was impossible to substantiate, but the discovered details were creating a question, which would call for an explanation sooner or later.

    In 1982, I wrote about the linden tree that was widely spread in village life and the connection of the names Veneti, Wends or Windische, and I also discovered evidence of the early Wends. I then remembered the papers that were published by Franz Jeza. From these studies it was evolving that one of the migratory groups, the bearers of the Urn-field culture, Wends, also reached Scandinavia after 1200 BC.

    In my study “Wends, Our Remote Ancestors”, which was published in ‘Glas Korotana’, No. 10 (Vienna 1985), I could not find sufficient proof in any archaeological literature. To these days we still have insufficient data and I don’t know if anyone has researched any further in this field. Nonetheless there are enough indirect examples that the Wends also migrated to Scandinavia. The rich culture had followed and flourished there, but the climate was becoming colder (Subatlanticum ca. 700 B.C. – ca.800 B.C.)

    Where is the evidence to substantiate this theory?

    Besides the above mentioned proofs established by Franz Jeza, here are some Wendish names, e.g. Vendsyssel, at the extreme end of the peninsula Jutland, and the name in the middle of Sweden, which is still called Svealand; it comes from the name Sved, shortened from Slovendt, that is evident in the adjective “svensk” (slovens-ki, sveds-ki)…. This followed in the Latin as Veneti, and in Greek as Heneti or Eneti.

    Some hundreds of years before Christ more migration of the Germanic tribes followed to Scandinavia, which were commonly known as Goths. After them the Southern area of this country was called Götaland. The German language had totally prevailed among Slo-vends (Sveds) and the whole community has adopted it.

    But not only the names are significant. The society organisation shows the early village communities, such as are found among Slovenians, are likewise the descendants of the old Slo-vends, Wends or Venets, besides the already mentioned compatibily in vocabulary and community culture. Typically, the Swedes, likewise Karantanians, elected their leaders and honoured them on a stone throne. This leader is still called “The King of The Wends and Goths”…”

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  4. Sure Im with you on that one 🙂



  5. Here one more, from the Western part of Europe! 😉

    Again, an excellent and very interesting article! As a matter of fact while I was reading the part, where you mention “Midgard”, “Middle Earth” immediately came up in my mind and I was stunned to read a bit further you made a connection with Tolkien! This man had so much knowledge, his stories are fantasies they say, but I wonder…..

    I have been very interested in the culture of the Scandinavians! We have travelled to Norway a couple of times and on one of those visits we went to see the ancient Viking-ships in the “Vikingskipet” museum! It felt like I was reunited with objects from my past… simple but effective these ships were, with their beautiful carvings. I really did not want to leave that place!

    My Grandfather spoke and taught many languages, two of them being Russian and Icelandic, but he also spoke the Scandinavian languages and, if I remember correctly, also Finnish! I was to young to appreciate that when he was still alive but I do have his genes, so I inherited the feeling for languages from him.

    So please Lada, I am very interested in learning more about the links between our peoples! Maybe you can also put us in the direction of some books that we can read as well, that tell about this ancient history. I have always thought that something was missing and/or terribly wrong….
    So, keep it coming Lada! Thank you very much for all you do!


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    • Christa, you and your people are of the same heritage as described in my article, as most (most likely all) Europeans. This is why you feel a connection with what I describe. It’s just that some people are more in tune with the energy of the time and space, with the Earth and Cosmos, than others. You are one of them, and so are my other readers.
      But most humans will start coming around when enough of us, those who are in tune, project the energy of the Shift. We are all connected psychically of course, it’s just that most humans are cut off from this precious connection, or use it for evil.

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  6. Lada, the link in the “Forbidden Linguistics” section post one, to the article by Sergei Glazyev is not working, so I did a search on “LaRouche” and here it is, one can download the pdf to the article:

    Click to access 12-19_4126.pdf


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  7. I have great interest in more information. Thanks.

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  8. Verrry interesting article, Lada! Your telling from the linguistic point of view sheds much light on and corroborates what I have learned so far in bits and pieces from historical and other perspectives. Another big reason for Russo-phobia in the West, I believe, has been the schism that was created and purposefully promoted between the Eastern Orthodox (Gnostic) and Roman (Pauline) branches of the Catholic church. It is the Eastern branch whose roots are far older and, I believe, much closer to the truth both spiritually and factually. (There is a reason why that branch is called “orthodox” and the other is not.) You have already touched on that subject briefly, so I am sure you could shed more Light there also. By the way, for anyone who is interested, I am not Catholic therefore have no dog in that race.

    What I am is a Spiritual Being having an Earthly experience. Therefore, spirituality is the essential core of who I am and it holds sacred space at the center of my life. I steer clear of all religious belief systems except as a subject of historical and philosophical interest. As a lifelong student of history and seeker after truth I discovered long ago that losing objectivity, for any reason whatsoever, is a luxury I am unwilling to indulge. As my search continues there is always great gratitude and rejoicing when I discern truths, no matter where I may find them or what they may turn out to be. Willing to brave anything and go most anywhere to find truth, I have found it in some highly unlikely places and had my mind blown countless times. *Grins* ~ I never tire of having my mind blown! Please, please tell us more Lada!! :o)

    P.S. I am really enjoying “Earth Shifter”!

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    • You hit the nail on the head: Orthodox Christianity was of course original (duh…), and Catholicism was a later branch, splintered off for the same reason as described in my article – for power. But what the West always did so well was aggression and substitution. So, as I said, in the 17th century all books were re-written to make Catholicism seem the original…

      Thank you for buying my book! Glad you enjoy it!

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  9. Yes ,please Lada Ray ,tell us more on Russian scientific discoveries.We in the West never hear about any such things.
    Warm regards.

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  10. I also would like to hear about Russian scientific discoveries. I enjoy all of your information tremendously, and feel you are doing a real service to share what is hidden or not commonly known. (in my country US) I find the vastness and richness of Russia and her peoples to be so interesting. I have an open mind about Russia and desire to be friend, not foe. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and far-sightedness.

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  11. Like you say, Lada, we cannot move forward until we know the truth of our past.

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  12. Make that three – love your work and being able to find out more about things we didn’t learn in school and aren’t going to learn any time soon from the main stream media – or even most of the alternative media (particularly because in most cases they don’t know any more about the things you write about than we do). Thanks for what you do!

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  13. Absolutely, Lada, would love to hear the discoveries of the Russian scientists. It is important to put the truth out regardless. People will come around sooner or later

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  14. I would like to hear more.
    Lada, I do not know if you can read Slovak Language, but there is a translation of a book
    written by Mavro Orbinini about Slavic history. Here are some links:
    there are some parts in English but it is fully translated to Slovak.
    Maybe you can get the Russian translation.

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  15. I would also love to know more of the Russian discoveries. I’ve always felt they were more than willing and fully capable of exploring the areas of science most in North America consider esoteric/magic/unknowable/freaky.

    There are many great examples. I’m sure there will be more forthcoming as we continue to share and expand.
    Mirrors: Breaking the Future (44m) (
    Financial Tyranny (2h 16m) (
    Cabal Defeat is Looming (2h 22m) (

    And as an innoculation to the insanity that seems so prevalent:
    Wild Russia (
    A Park for All Seasons (Canada –

    And finally, thanks Lada for so many balanced articles (Feng Shui Master… ooh! Right!) I’ve always enjoyed what you’ve written, both in regards to world events, and the lessons on language itself. I’m always delighted to see your blog update!

    Thanks again!

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  16. Ahhh Lada,

    Your sooo bang on the buck… I’ve been raised in Scandinavia (Sweden) but born in former Eastern Germany. I’m very familiar with the gods here Odin, Tor, Loke etc and the horse Sleipner etc etc.. and the two crows Hugin and Mumin who actually are drones as I see it namely the all seeing eyes for Odin.

    Yes almost everything we know has been distorted even our whole origin. Russian scientist are far ahead concerning bio-resonance and healing among other cool tech.

    You simply can’t make this stuff up… and again we are getting there I would love to open the vaults at the Vatican cause they’ve been lying their teeth of for EONS..

    Hugs Ollie

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  17. Dear Lada:
    David Wilcock has been bringing forth a lot of discoveries by Russian Scientists in his series “Wisdom Teachings” of videos on GaiamTV. He thinks there is interest – maybe you should talk to him and perhaps collaborate.
    Your work s invaluable!
    James Cook

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    • Thanks, James. I’ll look into that 🙂

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    • Yes!! I would love to see that collaboration!

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    • Hi James,
      I agree that David Wilcock is great. He talks a lot about Russian scientist Nikolai Kozyrev. Lada maybe can tell us the balance of forces in the Russian scientific community regarding materialists versus scientists that work outside of the physical world in addition to the physical one. Are non materialist scientists in Russia treated with more respect from their mainstream more than in the US.

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  18. You just hit my inner nerve – what a pure feeling.

    Look for your later update on this item. Somebody have to brake the falsehood covering our real roots.

    I just wonder why all interests escape Scandinavian peninsula in to days political dialog. Even Russia bypass it carefully. As you say: People are not taking it the right way – my comment: at the moment.
    But I am sure Russia have the courage to present who worlds people really are. One important condition must be in place, and that is secure information / mediation system be at hand – so no sabotage interrupt it.

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  19. Lada,

    Your diligent efforts to place the actual history of Russia on a banquet table of truth before us, your readers, undoubtedly from around the world, are to be applauded !! We live within the CONfines of hiss-tory, and a CONvoluted and CONtroversial story, indeed. Please continue to plate these delightful dishes of non-GMO (Government Manipulated Offal) before us to digest — and sometimes not without difficulty — for we hunger within our souls for reconnection — with one another, with our Mother Earth/Father One, and with the story of our noble roots. Only the false history control frequency has “artificially separated” our Family and attempted to uproot us and sever us from our Tree of Life. We are left to hunger and yearn for that which resonates within our very own DNA — the truth that will set us free from the darkest downward spiraling vortex of unnatural fear which uncreates love and deconstructs unity, to release us into the upward dimensional expansion into Love and Light. You are building us a bridge of truth information which we may choose to cross over, or not — the hypnotic somnolent frequency of the normalcy bias lulling us back to sleep, or the trumpet call to ready for battle — for our very survival. Thank you. Please continue to ready us as we turn towards the truth Lighting our way !!

    “It was necessary to divide people so they would forget their brotherly ties, so that they would think they were different.” Perhaps think they were “exceptional” ?? Divide and CONquer. Uproot the Tree of Life and the family branches die off; eventually the Tree dies. Well, our Family Tree is rooted in Eternity and Love, and the Families of Humankind are die-hards. So a united Humankind has a remaining task — to CUT OFF the artificially grafted parasites !!


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    • Thanks for the nice comment 🙂

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    • LMAO… Government Manipulated Offal…loved that! May I borrow it?

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    • aeyrie ~ Of course !! Run with it !!

      Here’s something that might interest you:

      And, the “Anastasia books” Ringing Cedars series by Vladimir Megre available online. Great for mind blowing expansion if you haven’t already discovered this less-traveled ancient spiritual path rooted in the “harsh frozen wasteland of Siberia” (ha ha, that’s GMO at its most ignorant !!). IMO the mystical beauty and traditions kept mostly secret in Siberia represent the last frontier of spiritual discovery, as well as her pristine natural wonders. The Trans-Siberian Railway beckons . . .

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  20. I am very much interested in what you have to tell us about linguistics and history as you know them. For now, I have specific interest in the harmonious unity of rule in Europe until 1,000 years ago. I believe that after the fall of Rome, Europe fell into lands of tribal, primitive, and barbaric people. Further, what I see in history is unbroken chapters of humanity in continuing desire for power. To bring us to the present and near future, I fear that we may witness the consequences of such evil before long. I know, prevention of such disaster is at least one reason you are carrying out your work. Thank you for your blog.

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  21. I’m not going to reinvent what others have said – I’m with Jai Gurudev and others 🙂
    And thanks for the great work.

    But I have a problem with:
    Notify me of new comments via email.
    Notify me of new posts via email.
    What’s the difference?

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  22. Lada, Have you looked into the question of whether Homer’s stories came out of Scandinavia? There is a bit of evidence for this, and the geography near Greece doesn’t seem to work at all. Some of the names and even current names for locations in Greece have a strong Scandinavian flavor, or so some argue.

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    • You might find this study interested? “Veneti (V-Eneti, Wends or Slo-veni…) and Macedonians”

      Venets and Macedonians

      The distinguished linguist Charles Briant-Abraham (San Jose, Calif. USA) published, in the organ of the society ‘The Augustan’, a very commendatory review of the published book about Venets. At the same time called on the Slovenian venetologists that they should also, on the basis of the Slovenian dialects, commence to solve the Macedonian inscriptions, that can not possibly be deciphered on the basis of the Greek language.

      The hypothesis of Prof. Briant-Abraham was unintentionally confirmed by dr. Anthony Ambrozic in his book “Adieu to Brittany” (Toronto 1999) in which we also find the solution to six of The Venetian inscriptions from Dura-Europos along the river Efrat in Syria. The script is supposed to testify that at this place, during Roman times, the crew was composed of Venets. Prof. Bryant deliberates differently.

      Dura-Europos was a port in Efrat where the ships with goods arrived from the sea and up the river. Here the goods were unloaded and transported to the coast of the Mediterranean. Dura-Europos was eventually taken by the Romans in 165 B.C. and in 256 A.C. it was destroyed by the Sasanids.

      Actually, it as a very important location during the time of the Macedonian-Greek king, Alexander the Great, whose kingdom reached as far as India. Because of the strategic importance of this place it is quite possible that the crew was composed of Macedonians, being the king’s compatriots, whom he felt he could trust the most. Macedonians therefore spoke a language that was practically the same as the language of the Venets.

      This poses the question if ethnically the ancient Macedonians were also a part of Venets? The Greek writer Herodotus (480 B.C. – 420 B.C.) mentions that Venets also lived in Illirium (I, 196). His reference could be in connection to later Macedonians. The question is, how far to the South did ancient Macedonia reach? It is not necessarily so that the borders of the Macedonian and Greek kingdoms coincided with the ethnic borders. In any case, it is surprising that in the center of the Greek peninsula, even today, we encounter Slavic names, that most likely must be Venetian or Macedonian. Among them, ‘Zagora’ East of city Volos in Tesalia, above the Aegean coast and North of it, the city Veneton.

      This supposition, that Macedonians, as an ancient nation, along with their language, ethnically could probably be acceptable. In any case, every research in this direction, up till now, was blocked by the ‘Grand Serbian’ and the ‘Grand Greek’ ideology.

      Dr. Jozko Savli

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  23. Lada I would love to hear your findings on the history of Russia. I’m open to anything. Growing up here in the US we have been told so many lies that I don’t believe almost anything we learn. Here are some of the things that I’m sure that goes against the mainstream education and establishment here.

    – 911 was an inside job
    – The apollo missions to the moon were a complete fake
    – Christopher Colombus was a mercenary killer and not a heroic discoverer
    – United States role in World War 2 was miniscule compared to the Soviet Union’s
    – The nazis never were completely defeated. They ended up in the US influencing policy just like the Roman empire never really collapsed and morped into the Catholic Church (Holy Roman Empire)
    – Ruins on Mars shows that there was a type 3 civilization possibly millions of years ago and we are the descendents of that civilization
    – Possibly over 100,000 years ago there was a civilization on the earth that was even more technologically advanced than ours now and it could have been Atlantis
    – Human bones have been found that go back at least 100,000’s of years

    So as you can see from my non mainstream list that I’m open to anything. I’m looking forward to your next Russia history lesson.

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  24. Lada, please help us get the word out to the world. It would be great to have the communications channels blocked with millions of tweets, faxes, and e-mails to Washington, D.C. requesting US Congressional Hearing for Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence with us! This concerns all world citizens!


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  25. This makes up very interesting reading.
    What can I say.
    Thanks agair.

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  26. I agree with you, Carel, this is one of the most interesting blogs I know of!

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    • I agree also! Lada’s interesting blog and all of her perceptive, intelligent and high vibration readers are such a breath of fresh air. I read a lot of blogs, but this is the one that regularly inspires me to be actively involved. Thank you, and love to you all!

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  27. Thanks Lada for such an interesting commentary.
    Funny, just a few days ago I was mulling over the history of Prussia and wondering if my ancestors were Prussian. I am Australian and have 4 main bloodlines, Irish, Cornish, Scottish and German. We call that Heinz vegetable soup here, which equals pure Aussies!! (This does not include the Originals who have been here for approximately 60,000 years) My German ancestors harken from Mecklenburg and are not teutonic but have slavic origins hence the possible Prussian connection. On checking the maps it seems that Mecklenburg most certainly could have been part of Prussia. Hence my great interest in this subject!
    Also our Scottish bloodline name ‘Tainsh’ was very hard to track. Due to old family photos showing purely Scandinavian features we suspected that this bloodline was originally Scandinavian. Most of my life I have been mistaken for being Finnish.
    I have an interest in world music and love the Saami folk music. Can you comment on the Laplanders and Saami? It seems they have an interesting ancient heritage.
    One can’t get enough of this subject Lada so, I for one would be very pleased if you were to extrapolate on this and share your knowledge.
    On the subject of Russians and there medical knowledge I would like to add that I worked for a Doctor here in Aus who bought a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber from Russia which was made by the Russian Space Research Institute. A lovely Russian doctor, Larissa, came out to help set the chamber up and teach us how to use it. She told us about the wonderful things they were doing. She said they put their pregnant women in HBOT and have the healthiest babies! They also have theatres big enough to do surgery in!! Wow! Not forgetting that the Russians were the pioneers in Phage therapy, although it was a British doctors discovery, it was the Russians who pioneered it, due to lack of restrictions in researching different methods of healing. The results were phenomenal!
    Looking forward to more on this fascinating and important subject Lada.


    (loving your koala avatar Vilko!)

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  28. This interview/lecture is the most fascinating I’ve heard–ever!

    Tom Clearwater, funder of Citizens Hearing on ET Disclosure, introduces Scalar Humanity

    VANCOUVER, BC – “In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Tom Clearwater, the philanthropist and lawyer who funded the Citizen Hearing on ET Disclosure with a grant of $1 million, describes his model of Scalar Humanity, derived from the insight that the human being is a walking Tesla coil whose dual (polarized) configuration allows individualized access to creative power.”

    Webre, the interviewer, was a stutterer. He still has some problems, but became an attorney, court judge, law professor, author, and Exopolitics TV anchor. He is known as the “Father of Exopolitics.”

    Clearwater repeatedly uses Russia & the US to illustrate his ideas.

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  29. Не устаю Вас БлагоДарить, Лада! Вы – неутомимый и последовательный подвижник, несущий Свет Правды и Истины о России, ее истории, ее культуре, ее языке и ее народе англоязычным читателям! Низкий Вам поклон за Ваш труд от себя лично и, думаю, от многих русских, кто владеет английским и читает Ваши статьи на моих страницах в соцсетях интернета! Читая ссылку, приведенную Вами о Хазарском Каганате,удивлялась тому, что читала. Воистину, вопрос “История – наука или вымысел?”( есть такая тематическая серия видео в ютубе на русском языке) для меня уже звучит риторически! Вымысла и откровенной лжи в описании даже современных исторических событий очень много! Что уж говорить о событиях седой древности? В замечательном научном труде Льва Николаевича Гумилева “Древняя Русь и Великая Степь”, содержащем список литературы из почти 400 наименований, алфафитные указатели исторических лиц (на 11 страницах) и указатель географических названий (на 10 страницах), очень подробно описывается появление евреев в Хазарском ханстве, в дельте Волги,(где действительно жили тюркские народы) и постепенный захват этого ханства евреями, пришедшими с северного Кавказа, и превращение его в Хазарский каганат под управлением уже еврейского царя, а также о том, когда и по каким причинам евреи поселились в Европе. Безусловно, история Руси более древняя, чем она описана и у Л.Н. Гумилева, но источники, содержащие описания этой древней истории, были злонамеренно уничтожены теми, кому она не нравилась, в том числе и Российским царем, Петром I. Непременно продолжайте свой труд по донесению правды о Руси и русских от древнейших времен. Позвольте привести выдержку их предисловия к киге Н. Левашова “Россия в кривых зеркалах”, которую Вы, возможно, читали, где даются примеры того, как скрывают артефакты, свидетельствующие об очень древней истории Руси:

    “Прошлое скрыто от нас сплошным туманом реальности событий, которые не доступны большинству людей, и для воссоздания картины оного приходится опираться на дошедшие до наших дней следы этого прошлого. К сожалению, реальных артефактов прошлого сохра-нилось не так уж и много. Многие из них сознательно уничтожались в прошлом социальными паразитами, особенно в последнюю тысячу лет. Вполне возможно, что ещё будут найде-ны неизвестные ранее артефакты, которые не успеют уничтожить, как, например, произошло с найденной профессором А.Н. Чувыровым объёмной рельефной картой Западной Сибири. Да и с этой находкой произошёл «казус».
    После того, как эту карту тщательно изучили, используя самые современные научные технологии и получили невероятные данные при этом анализе, профессор А.Н. Чувыров передал найденную рельефную карту московскому университету, но «странным» образом эта рельефная карта «потерялась» в хранилищах университета, да так, что до сих пор никто найти её не может и даже все «вдруг» получили амнезию — потерю памяти о какой-то карте, которую якобы им передавали. Особенно становится всё понятно о причинах подобной «амнезии» о «какой-то» карте, если учесть, что оная рельефная карта Западной Сибири нанесена неизвестными на сегодняшний день технологиями на каменную плиту с размерами 148 сантиметров высотой, 106 сантиметров шириной и 16 сантиметров толщиной и вес которой около тонны! Учитывая размеры рельефной карты и её вес, становится предельно ясно, каким образом и почему «потерялась» эта карта.
    Но перед тем, как «потерять», эту карту довольно-таки детально изучали и обнаружили на ней следы деятельности высокоразвитой цивилизации, уровень развития которой значительно превышает уровень развития современной. Эту объёмную карту изучали с большим энтузиазмом и сообщали о ней в средствах массовой информации и в России, и за рубежом. Скорее всего, сначала не видели в ней опасности существующей на сегодня официально принятой «исторической» доктрине. Видно, социальных паразитов сбила с толку информация о возрасте этой объёмной карты. Ведь рельефная карта нанесена на основу из прочнейшего доломита в 16 сантиметров толщиной. Возраст этой основы — сто двадцать миллионов лет, что и послужило основанием заявлять о том, что возраст и самой объёмной карты равен ста двадцати миллионам лет!
    С моей точки зрения — это абсурд! Если подходить ко всему с такой же позиции, то на любом кладбище возраст надгробных камней из мрамора и особенно гранита составит сотни миллионов лет! Означает ли это, что и сами надгробные камни сделаны сотни миллионов лет назад!? Конечно же, нет! Ввели в заблуждение социальных паразитов и надписи на этой плите. Изначально было предположено, что надписи сделаны древнекитайскими иероглифами. А это, как раз-то и не подтвердилось.
    Как только социальные паразиты поняли, что создателями этой карты были предки Славяно-Ариев и что надписи на ней сделаны Славяно-Арийскими рунами — рельефная карта «почему-то» потерялась в «лабиринтах» московского университета! Ну, никак не хочется социальным паразитам допустить, чтобы информация о том, что рельефную карту около ста тысяч лет тому назад создали предки «примитивных» славян, стала достоянием гласности! Они готовы признать, что цивилизация Мидгард-Земли зародилась в Китае, в Африке, в Америке — где угодно, только чтобы это не была Россия.
    Но на этот раз они спохватились поздно — благодаря Интернету и снятым видеофильмам, информация об этой рельефной карте распространилась по миру.
    Бесследно исчезла в хранилищах и не менее сенсационная тисульская находка. В начале сентября 1969 года, при разработке угольного пласта недалеко от села Ржавчик Тисульского района Кемеровской области, рабочими на глубине семьдесят метров был обнаружен саркофаг, в котором было обнаружено тело высокой молодой, необычайно красивой женщины без каких-либо признаков разложения. Тело женщины было погружено в какую-то прозрачную жидкость…
    После того как находка была изучена, было сообщено, что материал платья спящей красавицы сделан по неизвестной технологии и из неизвестного материала. А генетический анализ женщины из мраморного саркофага показал её 100% ИДЕНТИЧНОСТЬ С СО-ВРЕМЕННЫМ РУССКИМ ЧЕЛОВЕКОМ!!! Тогда, в уже далёком 1969 году, не было Интернета, не было видеокамер и возможности мгновенного распространения информации и… поэтому практически все свидетели и участники этих событий «почему-то» или погибли в тех или иных авариях, или «внезапно» умерли от сердечных приступов или других «неожиданных» смертельных неполадок со здоровьем, и об этой невероятной находке так нигде и не сообщили. Видно не понравилось власть держащим того времени русская генетика находки. Кстати, найденный саркофаг со спящей красавицей был не единственной подобной находкой в этом месте. После того, как шум по поводу этой находки был погашен уничтожением всех искателей правды, в 1973 году на берегах и островах озера Берчикуль, что в шести километ-рах от первой находки, в обстановке строжайшей секретности производились крупномасштабные раскопки, на месте которых местные жители потом обнаружили несколько сотен раскопанных и засыпанных могил, содержание которых постоянно вывозили военные вертолёты. Хочется только надеяться, что спящая красавица и другие находки не были уничтожены и хранятся в одном из секретных хранилищ, и в один прекрасный день о них узнают наши современники, далёкие потомки тех, кто был захоронен в тех осквернённых могилах…
    Это только два примера и примера, неопровержимо доказывающих существование на территории современной России высокоразвитой цивилизации русов, цивилизации, которая существовала, по крайней мере, более ста тысяч лет в пределах современной территории России. Точнее, современная территория России является только частью того государства, империи или социальной организации, которое было в древности. И совершенно не важно, как эта социальная организация называлась на всём промежутке времени её существования — государство, империя, Ведическая империя, Великая Тартария, Расея или Россия!
    Важно то, что всё это время русский народ на протяжении этой сотни тысячи лет был фундаментом, объединяющей основой, вокруг которой объединялись все остальные малые народы для того, чтобы строить счастливое будущее для своих потомков, где каждый человек был свободным и где человека ценили по его делам! И пускай эта самая древняя цивилизация не носила названия русской цивилизации на всём протяжении своего существования.
    Дело не в названии, а в сути. Эту цивилизацию создали люди, которые были носителями той же генетики, что и современный русский человек. А носители этой генетики в своём большинстве выступали на стороне Света, Светлых Сил и несли этот Свет всем другим народам. Это не значит, что среди носителей русской генетики всегда были только светлые люди, несущие другим Свет. Были и есть, к сожалению, среди русских людей и мерзавцы, и подонки, и откровенные выродки. Процент таких людей с русской генетикой в разные эпохи менялся. Но в своей основе, русский народ всегда был на стороне Сил Света!
    Для меня выродок остаётся выродком, вне зависимости от того, какая у него генетика — русская, иудейская, китайская или какая-нибудь другая. Социальный паразит для меня всегда — социальный паразит, несмотря на то, какой у него цвет кожи, и какой он национальности! Это для тех, кто попытается обвинить меня или в национализме, или в шовиниз-ме.
    Интересно получается, что иудей может гордиться своим народом и его прошлым, может гордиться и англичанин, и француз, и немец, и папуас, и догонец, и китаец, и даже американец! И их всех называют патриотами своей Родины. Но стоит только русскому человеку заявить, что он любит свой народ, гордится Великим Прошлым своего народа, так на него тут же вешают ярлык националиста, шовиниста или даже фашиста!”

    Благодарю Вас, Лада, еще раз!
    Всех благ Вам и близким!
    С уважением,

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  30. Lada, could this article please be a Guest Article? I would greatly appreciate it! I don’t mean to take over your blog; it’s just that we are now in such important times and I don’t have to tell you that whatever the US does affects the world. Republicans will assume total control of the US Congress in January 2015 and will continue their pledge to block anything Obama tries to do for Americans and the world. Without the Senate to act as a balance, it is likely we have seen nothing yet!



    • Nancy, for now I approved your comment so others could read it and decide for themselves. A lot of people do read the comment section. I’ll see what I can do with the guest post. Have a huge backlog of posts at this point.
      Best and Hugs 🙂

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  31. This is certainly the most rare information, important information, you have made available to us yet.


  32. That’s fine, Lada! I’m busy contacting the US Congressional members regarding a Disclosure Hearing, but can’t wait to finish reading your article on Ukraine. I love learning about Russia from a Russian and feel that it is very valuable to have insights from natives of the country being discussed. I plan to re-blog your Ukraine article as soon as I can finish reading it! Again, I say this is the most valuable blog I have found. I’m viewing it as “Let’s get together and understand” the viewpoints of other nations–like walking in each other’s shoes for awhile. I greatly appreciate your work! May Love & Light enfold you!

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  33. Parkour Freerunning

    I m from Serbia,greetings brothers Russians!!We have particularly same or similar theories here in Serbia!!If u want 2 know about it,contact me…


  34. What a great interest from people about our relations – 52 comments.

    I hope you get this informations too
    – remark that it consist of 3 pages. It tells about latest investigation in Nordic mythology and history. I am sure it add up your knowledge. Please enjoy!

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    • Cf. also the book by Anton Perdih, 2013, Izvor Slovencev in drugih Evropejcev (Origin of Slovenes and other Europeans), Založništvo Jutro, Ljubljana, Slovenia,,
      and some data and developments will appear more clear.


  35. Lada, regarding the Varyags. In M. Zadornov’s documentary, “Rus, the Lost Chronicles”, he presents a theory that the name of Varyags comes from the occupation of these Slavic people (and at the same time implies that they were not nomads, but well-settled). The origin that he traces is to the word “varit'” – “to cook”, arguing that these people cooked/evaporated salt and lived off trading with salt. Interestingly I saw a different indication to the theory that occupation gives rise to the name of people in another source, explaining the name of Poland. “Poljakovat'” is apparently an old-slavic verb meaning “to rob/plunder” stemming from “pole” – “field”.

    Back to “Varyag”. You mention the song, saying it’s an old one. It’s actually translated from German to Russian in 1904, and was written by an Austrian poet Rudolf Greinz following the heroic stand-off the the Russian cruiser “Varyag” in Rusian-Japanese war, but the Austrian origin was hushed up when Russia entered WWI. I first learnt about the fact from a Russian documentary about a German head of police, who was Soviet informant before WWII and informed USSR about the exact date and time of the invasion. He, just like many Austrians and Germans of his age held Russia in great esteem, especially after witnessing the heroism of the “Varyag” crew.

    More info here:


    • Zadornov is right about Varyags – the name comes from Rus/Slavic for cooking; they were salt-traders, which was a very valuable commodity and currency in those days thus giving Varyags great political power – I think I mentioned it in one of my prior articles.

      Poland: initial name ‘poliane’ – from the flatlands. P-russia comes from the same root ‘po.’ I wrote about that in my previous linguistical articles about names, etc. Poliakovat is a later word. In the time dimension it’s all relative. Dates are very imprecise, but we are talking maybe hundreds of thousands of years for the mother-word ‘po’ and close to that for ‘po-le,’ while the clear even to a layman derivative = slang word ‘pol-iak-ov-at’ (several suffixes) can’t be any more that a few thousand years old.

      Didn’t know about the song’s Austrian origin. Why not. Austians and Germans in fact are ‘onemechinnie’ Slavs = Slaviane. They do feel a pull of the mother-culture, although some are in denial. But how does it make the song new? Anything created in 1904 is pretty old from today’s perspective.


      • FIRST WENDS (Slavic “Germans”) IN AUSTRALIA (and US)

        “A little group of strangers in this very strange land”
        (by Jozica Gerden)
        Across this vast and remote land of North Western and Eastern Victoria, to the well known Barossa Valley and other country areas of South Australia, there is a strong representation of the group of people who identify themselves as Wends from Silesia and Lusatia; although Australians rather describe them as the ‘old German immigrants’, whose anccestors arrived to Australia over 150 years ago. I have met a number of them and upon learning their names and their Windish background, they tell me they are not really German, but rather Windish or Wends or Veneti from Germany or Austria. At once there is a warmth between us, perhaps due to our historical connection.
        Last year I met with Fr. Ivan Tomazic at the Slovenian World Congress meeting in Tinje, Austria, who is the co-author of the books on history:- “Veneti – First Builders of European Community”. Since then I have read the book on Slovenian Venetic background and studied this well documented theory about ‘Veneti’ with great interest.
        Fr. Ivan Tomazic states: “My intention is to present in a clear and accessible manner, important evidence showing that we Slovenians are a people rooted in central Europe since time immemorable. We created our own social system, and the first form of statehood before the Roman times (Noric Kingdom). We re-established them in the Middle Ages, and we have maintained the same foundation of social and judicial organisation in the tradition of our village community up to modern times…”
        The Veneti – In the region extending from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic, the Po River region and further south into Apennines, numerous Slovene or Slavic names aroused the attention of linguists and other researchers during the last century…archaeologists have shown that the bearers of the Urnfield culture came from Lusatia and were, according to research, Proto-Slavic Veneti or Wends. (*3, page 72)
        …Polish science gives its attention in further studies predominantly to the area of present Poland and neighbour regions…. and have confirmed two fundamental points:
        Lusatian culture is to be regarded as the foundation on which the development of Proto-Slavs or Veneti took place; and
        the Veneti or Wends are to be regarded as bearers of the ensuing Urnfield culture, which spread outward into different areas of Europe, including the Mediterranean region;
        The ruins of the fortified settlements in the area of Lusatian culture show that its bearers possessed a strong military organisation and often battled with neighbouring Scythian and Germanic tribes….” (*3, page 78)
        I came across many more articles and also met such people as a living example of our common history. But, this well proven theory has been ignored and even denied by the official Slovenian and European historians. One must understand that no current nation in Europe would like to acknowledge that within their borders, their population does not consist entirely of their original indigenous people. Many European countries hold a large population of old Venetic culture.
        “…The School of Gustav Kossinna “lex kossinna” has a profound influence not only on ensuing German historiography, but on European history-writing in general. According to Kossinna school, “Ancestors of the Germans were the Indo-Germanic people from Indo-European background. Only the Celts, Romans, and Germanic people were seen as bearers of European culture. Slavs, on the other hand, who came out of the Pripyat swamps in the 6th century, and consequently were at a low level of civilisation, could have adopted their culture only from the central-European culture-bearers. Under the pretext of bringing culture and progress to the “unhistorical, primitive” Slavs, the Germans justified their nationalistic eastward expansion and the so-called bridge to the Adriatic…(*3, page 73)
        * * *
        Recently I shared the book “Veneti” with a local and a much respected pastor Mr. Noel Uebergang, who displayed great interest about the Wendish history. He introduced me to the Holy Bible “Nowy Zakon” in their original Sorbian/Venetic language and also to his well documented family history which was compiled in detail in the following books: “Mirtschin (Mercin) Family in Australia from 1851 – 1990” and “A Little Leaven The Peucker History” from 1853 – 1984. These great and well known families have openly and proudly professed the cultural and historical background of their Wendish culture. Such historical texts have inspired and amazed me as I have developed an awareness of these “little group of strangers in this very strange land”.
        Noel’s great great grandfather, Johann Mirtschin, with his family was one of the vast number of pioneer families from Tabor and Gnadenthal in Western Victoria who were considered to be German, but who were in fact Wendish of the Slavic race, also called Sorbs (So-erbe – people of the same land?). Johann was born into a very different community, in the village of Steindorfel in 1809 in what was the Kingdom of Saxony, who married Maria Gude in Saxony. They made their home in Doehlen by the river Spree, the ancient hiding ground of the Wends in times of war. The political turmoil throughout Europe had an impact on Saxony during the occupation of Napoleon and his forces. The instability of the political scene lasted into 1840’s and combined with some dissatisfaction with the church scene, poor harvests over successive drought seasons and subsequent lack of sufficient food and depression times, all led to the longing for a more peaceful existence in Australia.
        Saxony was a kingdom with everything officially done in German. The Sorbs-Wends were an ethnic minority and not all could speak German well. Place names had their official German names but also their Wendish names. Johann Mirtschin was known back home as Jan Mercin.
        Wends were a superstitious and God fearing people who prized personal freedom. Crimes against the individual, family or tribe were severely punished. The marriage bond was held sacred among them. Often called ‘stubborn’ the Wends were tenacious people who defended themselves at all costs. Once converted to Christianity, they displayed a warm hearted faith and intense religious feeling, persevering and imparting their faith to their children regardless of cost or effort. The Wends were hardy, stocky and strong-boned people. Most have wavy brown hair. They have a great capacity to endure pain and hardship. They were not easily discouraged and their determination grew in the face of opposition. They loved trees, art and singing. A deep-feeling people, their loyalty was not lightly withdrawn once given. They were energetic and ambitious; a mystical people, they leaned readily towards spiritualism and prophesies. They raised large families and lived long lives…
        In 1848 there were political uprisings throughout the German States. The Wends rejoiced when they saw the end of the feudal system. Their flag was shown for the first time at the pan-Slavic congress, which was held in 1848 in Prague. In Saxony, the Wends presented a petition to the Royal Saxon Assembly. These requests for recognition did not get a very favourable reaction and only a few were met. Their joy was short-lived when they found that the land they wished to till was expensive. Unemployment was wide spread. In 1849 there was an uprising in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, and Prussian troops were to be brought in.
        Jan and Maria Mercin had good reasons to emigrate to Australia. The barge ‘Helene’ with a group of Sorbs finally left Hamburg on 19 August 1851. There was a strong bond within their culture and against the Germans. Together the travellers found comfort in singing their precious hymns when they needed to be reminded of God’s sustaining grace. The barge ‘Helene’ arrived in Port Adelaide on Christmas Eve 1851 after being on board for some 16 weeks. Johann and Maria with their three surviving children (two died at sea) travelled to Rosenthal where there were other Sorbs and Wends living around Lyndoch in Barossa Valley. A year later they had moved to Portland with enthusiasm after the exploration party had returned. Portland was a desirable place for newly arrived immigrants of any nationality to settle, for the town economy was severely depressed. The paper ‘Guardian’ reported: “Come, good Germans, come and cultivate our lands and grind our corn… They were in fact expecting 300 German families, but were disappointed at the arrival of 11 wagons and families only. The Mercin family finally established themselves and built their home in Gnadenthal in the times of the gold rush in Victoria around Ballarat area. “Gnadenthal”, meaning “The Valley of Grace” was the name given to their new little community in Australia. The early years at Gnadenthal were busy and most difficult for Johann and Maria’s families and their neighbours. But this Sorb-Wendish community was close-knit. Most of the families had known each other before emigrating, some were even related. They were bound together by their cultural identity, which gradually disappeared, their longing for a better life and their old Lutheran faith. Jan and Maria Mercin had 13 children and of their seven surviving children, five married Sorbs. The Mirtschin family could look back over an incredible journey through life across continents, through joys and sorrows in the company of faithful friends and fellow-believers…
        The words “Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord” which appeared in the death notice for Johann in 1878, apply equally to the matriarch and patriarch of the Mirtschin family in Australia… (*1,pages 10-12)
        …The origin of the Peucker family also reaches back to Silesia (Prussia), where Edward was born in the year 1791 in Kowary and died 1876 in Berlin. Name Peuker means ‘baker’ in English (in Slovenian ‘Pekar’) and is a Wendish name. When the first of the Peukers arrived in Australia, gold mining was in full swing in the Victorian Ballarat area. The Wendish group from South Australia travelled via Mount Gambier to Portland, then further to Tabor, Gnadental and Penhurst. The Victorian government welcomed the influx of these good-working ‘Germans’ and gave them financial assistance for land, for their churches and schools and even paid allowances for pastors and teachers. In 1871 the Wimmera was opened up for settlement and many immigrants took advantage of this Victorian Selection Act. The Peuker story in Australia has its cradle around Warrnambool and it spread throughout Western district of Victoria, Wimmera, to north eastern Victoria and the Riverina and, even further, to Perth and Qld.
        Life wasn’t all rosy for the New Australians. Apart from the long hours of toil, the primitive equipment and the lack of education, it was still better then back in Prussia. They reminded themselves again and again of the hardship they faced in the old country. They put their backs behind the plough, built churches and thanked God for their new lot in life…(*2, pages 10 -11)
        “By the singleness of purpose, their hard work, and perhaps most of all the revealing of God’s grace in their lives, this Sorbian/Wendish families had flourished. A little group of strangers in a very strange land.” (*1,page 16)
        Reference: Information in this article was collected, and some transcripts were taken from the following books:
        1. “Mirtschin Family in Australia from 1851 – 1990”;
        2. “A Little Leaven The Peucker History” from 1853 – 1984.) published in Australia, 1990;
        3. “Veneti – First Builders of European Community” by Jozko Savli, Matej Bor and Ivan Tomazic, published in 1996 in Austria.


    • Thank you for the reply, Lada. I greatly value your linguistic insight, so my statements should mostly be treated as a question. 🙂

      As for the song being new. Maybe I live on a different timescale, but for me anything that happened in the last couple of hundred years feels like something new, recent… I can’t really explain it. It’s when I start looking at pre-Peter events that they start getting the feel of old.

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      • Right, got it ;). For me it all depends on what time perspective I take in any given piece I write.
        Time is, after all, a holographic construct we can bend any way we want. For the general view, even 1000-2000 years should now seem like recent history we can touch. We as humans are moving into 4th dimension and higher, this is why time feels differently. I will speak about that in upcoming YT vids. Sub!


    • P.S. Sorry, it appeas I wasn’t clear that the Varyag song was related to the Russo-Japanese war of 1904. Reason: often when I write I choose not to clutter the article with the info that isn’t directly related to the topic so not to confuse people who don’t know the story. If I don’t make choices, I’ll never get to the point.

      Addl info such as yours in comments is always welcome. 🙂


  36. Again, thank you for bringing this topic up. There are more similarities between Scandinavian and Russian words. Here are a few off the top of my head:

    Norwegian “jar” (“j” is pronounced as the last sound in English “boy”) meaning edge or riverbank and Russian “яр” (pronounced the same) meaning ravine

    “holmen” and “холм” (pronounced [holm]). In Norwegian it means a small island, in Russian – a hill. You can imagine how a hill in a wheat field can be perceived as an island.

    “gård” (“å” is pronounced as [o], so: [gord]) and “город” (pronounced [gorod]). Norwegian meaning: yard (by the way, also related semantically), farm; Russian meaning: town. In other words, something fenced in, guarded. (You already mentioned this relation to “guard” in the article)

    “tallerken” and “тарелка” (pronounced [tarelka]). The meaning is the same both places: a plate you eat from.

    Some additional note about the old Russian alphabet and its letters’ mnemonic meanings.
    If all the letters are read in sequence with their meanings intact, you get a message.

    Here are the first few letters of the alphabet:

    Азъ буки веде. Глаголь добро есте, Живите зело, земля, и, иже како люди, мыслите нашь онъ покои.

    Az buki vede glagol’ dobro est’ zhivete zelo zemlja i izhe kako ljudi myslite nash’ on pokoi…

    Adjusting for the older meanings an putting some punctuation, but still keeping the order of the words, here is the translation: “I letters know. Writing good is (meaning: writing is a privilege). Live (work) hard, (people of) earth (or: (on) earth), and, as (intelligent) people, think of our one creation (or: world).”

    More here:

    About Tolkien, I think you are spot on. He once said that he is bringing to British people the myths and legends, replacing those that they had lost. I think he set out to do much more: to revive them. I wonder how many people, outside of Russia, notice Russian names of some of Tolkien’s characters, specifically, the ones coming from Gondor, the White City. 🙂


    • PS: I find linguistics so fascinating that I can read/talk about it for hours! 🙂

      Take, for example, the mnemonic second letter of the Russian alphabet: Buki, meaning letter or something that gets written down. We see it in German “buch”, Norwegian “bok” (pronouned [buk]), English “book”.

      Even such an everyday word as English “cow” and its Russian counterpart “корова” (pronounced as [karoua] in Moscow variant of speech). Drop or de-accentuate the “ro”, and there you go. 🙂

      Interestingly the mnemonics in the Russian alphabet were dropped after the 1917 coup d’etat in Russia, and live only in the name of the alphabet – “azbuka”. Around the same time, Lenin pushed for switching Russian over to Latin, abandoning Cyrillic, erasing the roots. Luckily that didn’t happen. We see the same agenda is being pushed by the dark forces in Ukraine now. And this fate befell all Western-Slavic languages, except for Serbian and Bulgarian.

      What baffles me is the name of Germany, Германия (in Russian) and Alemania (in Spanish) have similarities. But where the German own Deutschland or Norwegian Tyskland come from?


      • Ancient Rus mnemonic alphabet was really a prayer and testament to future generations. A Vedic wisdom passed on. There were 4 alphabets in fact, used for different purposes. The one we use now in Russian is the much simplified version of Bukvitsa. The original had over 150 letters.

        Buk-vit-s-a: Buk gave birth to English/Germanic word book. Vit – from ved (vedat’) = Slavic Vedas – to know, higher wisdom. English words descended from it: wit and wisdom, as well as wizard and witch.

        Bukvitsa = higher wisdom materialized in written form (in word)

        So much more to say here. One day I’ll do a report.

        German and Norwegian names came much later. They came from the names of local leaders most likely, and were needed for said local leaders to emphasize their difference from the main center of power. Same as today’s Ukraine. We are re-living it now in Ukraine.

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    • Yes, please, Lada, such a report would be greatly valued!

      Two more comments:

      joy2cha wrote following earlier:
      “You might find this study interested? “Veneti (V-Eneti, Wends or Slo-veni…) and Macedonians”
      Venets and Macedonians”

      It just hit me! Everyone knows the name of the Northern Italian city – Venice. The Norwegian and German name for it is Venedig! There must be a connection there as well!

      Regarding “vit” in “bokvitsa”. This root remained in Norwegian in an unaltered form. “Vit” means “know” in imperative form. The base verb is “å vite” – “to know”. Also related are “vitenskap” – “science” and “vits” – “joke/anecdote”


  37. Please Lada Ray publish as much as you can as it is fascinating! I want to know as much as possible about Russia and particularly her people.
    Love from an old English/Irish woman.Xx


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